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Merging his intents!

Merging his intents was just a spur of the moment.

If he could merge them, their strength would definitely undergo a qualitative transformation.

His sword intent and slaughter intent had been merged together in the past.

However, in the end, either his slaughter intent or sword intent was slightly stronger.

Under such circumstances, his intents couldnt merge at all.

So, in the end, his intents had split apart.

Yet now, his slaughter intent was at the Returnal Rank while his sword intent was at the Returnal Rank too.

It just happened to be able to merge!

Merging intents wasnt a simple task, and it should be said to be very dangerous.

The slightest mistake may cause him to lose his mind.

Fortunately, it wasnt that difficult for him.

Because hed constantly been bringing his sword intent to the brink, so his control of it was very good.

Even then, he still didnt dare act carelessly.

In the cultivation room, Yang Ye was slowly merging his intents.

Meanwhile, outside his room in the shuttle, Yang Xuans brows were pressed tightly together because Yang Ye had been missing for an entire month.

Yang Yes room had been empty for an entire month.

However, she was sure that Yang Ye was still in the room.

Firstly, Yang Ye had no reason to flee.

Secondly, the Divine Shuttle was flying.

So, not to mention Yang Ye, even a Zenith Realm expert wouldnt dare to leap out of a flying Divine Shuttle.

Because it was moving too swiftly.

If someone jumped out while it flew, then even a Zenith Realm expert may be minced into bits.

Besides that, it was impossible for Yang Ye to escape without making a sound while eleven Zenith Realm experts resided in the shuttle!

So, she knew that Yang Ye was still in the room.

The armored figure suddenly asked, “Should we go in and have a look”

Yang Xuan fell silent for a while before she shook her head, “Lets wait and see!”

The armored figure nodded and left.

Yang Xuan gazed at Yang Yes room, and her brows were still pressed together.

Even though she knew Yang Ye was still in the room, she couldnt sense his presence.

That was very unusual because her strength far surpassed Yang Yes strength.

She gazed at his room for a long time, and then she spoke softly, “Hes quite mysterious indeed….”

Time trickled by.

In the blink of an eye, another month passed.

But in the Primordial Pagoda, another year had passed.

This time, Yang Xuan wasnt really able to restrain herself any longer.

Right when she was about to enter his room, the door suddenly opened, and then Yang Ye walked out.

She gazed at him for a long time and said, “Your aura has grown stronger.”

Yang Ye nodded.

Hed naturally grown stronger.

During these two years of cultivating in the Primordial Pagoda, he hadnt just perfectly merged his slaughter intent and sword intent, hed consolidated and tempered his cultivation over and over again.

Even though he was still at the Dualism Realm now, he was countless times stronger than before!

This time, he realized that merely relying on battle to improve himself wasnt sufficient.

He needed to constantly meditate and perfect himself.

Moreover, he had to frequently meditate and improve his mental state.

In short, during this period, he hadnt just gained an advancement in his sword intent and strength, hed realized many things.

Yang Xuan nodded slightly when she saw Yang Ye nod, “Thats a good thing.” She turned around and walked off, “Come take a look.”

Yang Ye glanced at her and followed her.

Yang Ye went with Yang Xuan to the front of the Divine Shuttle.

There was a thin barrier of light around the shuttle, and the deep and distant starry sky was outside the barrier.

At this moment, they were traveling through the boundless starry sky.

Yang Xuan asked, “What do you think”

He glanced at the boundless ocean of stars, “The world is huge!”

Yang Xuan nodded, “Its huge, but also tiny.”

Yang Ye gazed at her, “What do you mean”

Yang Xuan said, “There are countless living beings in the boundless universe.

There are humans, and many other races.

Most of them are cultivating.

What does cultivating require It requires spirit energy.

If one desires to grow strong and live longer, it requires a huge amount of spirit energy.

Its the same for humans and all the other living beings.

However, Im sure youre aware that spirit energy isnt endless.”

She paused for a moment and continued, “Regardless of how abundant the spirit energy in a world is, a day will come when it dries up.

Now do you realize why my Yang Clan is constantly launching expeditions to conquer other worlds Its because we need even more worlds, and even more spirit energy.

Thats the only way to support even more people and nurture even more experts!”

Yang Ye asked, “What are you trying to say”

Yang Xuan said, “Dont blame the Yang Clan for having no familial love.

Because if a clan doesnt act cruelly to its disciples, extraordinary experts wouldnt be born.

If a clan doesnt have extraordinary experts, it may vanish from the world.”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Actually, I felt no connection to the Yang Clan, but I didnt hate it.

As for now….

Im weak, so I dont want to say anything.

All I will say is that I treat others how they treat me.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye\'s gaze gradually became icy cold.

If anything happened to Little Skys soul, then he would carry out a slaughter in the Yang Clan even if he couldnt annihilate it!

Yang Xuan glanced at him and didnt say anything.

Actually, she was quite satisfied with Yang Ye.

Because Yang Ye has attained such strength without awakening the Yang Clans bloodline or receiving any resources from the Yang Clan.

It was a very rare feat.

However, she was quite worried about his character.

Because of their bloodline, the disciples of the Yang Clan were quite mad.

However, Yang Ye wasnt just mad.

No, he was even more terrifying than that.

Even though they were quite mad, the disciples of the Yang Clan would consider the general situation, but Yang Ye wouldnt.

It was easy for such a person to die, but such a person was also the most terrifying kind.

For example, even though the disciples of the Yang Clan were quite mad, their goal was the position of successor.

Once it was related to that, they would become and act very normally.

However, Yang Ye didnt care about that at all.

All he wanted was to kill!

Returnal Rank slaughter intent!

Not to mention Merak System, even if it was in Milky Way System, there were few she knew of whod attained Returnal Rank slaughter intent.

However, the minds of those people were clouded by their desire to kill.

Such people were useless even if they possessed slaughter intent above the Returnal Rank.

However, Yang Yes mind was absolutely clear.

Simply speaking, he controlled his slaughter intent, and it wasnt his slaughter intent that controlled him!

Why was Yang Ye able to constantly surmount his realm of cultivation and do battle, it was by relying on his slaughter intent and sword intent.

Even though Yang Ye was no match for Zenith Realm experts right now, once he did attain the Rebirth Realm, then even Zenith Realm experts may not be a match for him.

Moreover, once he activated his bloodlines, then not to mention Zenith Realm experts….

Just thinking about this caused Yang Xuans face to gradually become solemn.

“Whats that” Yang Ye suddenly pointed ahead.

There was a huge black vortex in the distance.

It was so huge that it covered his entire field of vision.

Actually, the vortex wasnt visible to the eye at all, and the only reason he could see it was because he possessed the Laws of Darkness!

He sensed dense energy of darkness within the black vortex.

Yang Xuan restrained her thoughts and looked towards the distance, and her expression instantly changed slightly when she saw the scene there, “The black hole!”

Yang Ye gazed at her, “The black hole”

She nodded, “A black hole that can devour all things.

Actually, its a teleportation formation.

We mainly relied on it to be teleported all the way here from Milky Way System.

Otherwise, not to mention three months, even 30 years wouldnt be enough for us to get to Merak System.”

Yang Ye said, “Its dangerous, right”

“Of course!” Yang Xuan continued, “Its very dangerous.

Even Zenith Realm experts are easily minced into bits within it.

However, you dont have to worry.

We have this Divine Shuttle.

Its extremely strong and is covered in defensive formations.

Moreover, we have 11 Zenith Realm experts fortifying the defensive formations.

So, were quite safe.”

As she spoke, she waved her hand lightly, and the barrier of light around the shuttle instantly lit up.

At the same time, the Zenith Realm experts appeared in the surroundings, and the barrier grew even stronger with them fortifying it.

It didnt take long for the shuttle to enter the black hole, and it instantly started shaking violently.

Yang Xuan said, “Dont worry.

Itll take only two hours to pass through it.”

Yang Ye nodded.

He was just about to speak when Yang Xuans expression suddenly changed, “Watch out!”

As soon as she finished speaking, two Divine Shuttles suddenly appeared not too far away.

They were extremely swift, and they showed no intention of moving to the side and avoiding collision.

Yang Xuans gaze gradually became icy cold, “They still refuse to give up!”

Yang Yes face was absolutely gloomy.

Obviously, it was Yang Yan and Yang Danqing whod sent more forces for him.

Because both sides were traveling very swiftly, it was too late for Yang Yes side to move aside even if they wanted to.

“Be careful!” As soon as Yang Xuan finished speaking, she was about to attack.

However, the shuttles ahead of them suddenly sped up.

At the same time, ten black robed figures suddenly appeared on Yang Xuans Divine Shuttle, and then ten terrifying auras pressed down like mountains upon Yang Ye and the others.

Meanwhile, the two Divine Shuttles ahead of them slammed against their Divine Shuttle.


As soon as they slammed against each other, all three of them exploded apart, and the entire black hold shook violently and seemed like it was on the verge of collapse.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye was within the black hole.

His expression had changed as soon as his figure left the shuttle, and then a wave of powerful suction force instantly sucked him into a black vortex,

Yang Xuans expression changed drastically at the sight of that, “Save him….”

As she spoke, she was about to charge towards the black vortex.

However, one of the armored figures obstructed her path, “Young Miss, I cant let you do that.

He may have already been swept into an unknown expanse of space.

Going on now wont change anything.”

Yang Xuan turned to look at the armored figure, “Or he may have been minced into pieces by now, right”

The armored figure fell silent.


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