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In less than 15 minutes of time, everything that occurred at the entrance of the city had spread throughout the entire Imperial Capital.

Moreover, the names of Wenren Yue from the Flower Palace, Murong Yao from the Sword Sect, Leng Xinran from the Snow Palace, and Yuan Hua from the Origin School had spread throughout the Imperial Capital as well.

This caused all the Profounders that came to participate in the Ascension Rankings to seethe with excitement.

The disciples of many clans and numerous independent cultivators had simultaneously headed to the entrance of the city to measure their strengths and make a name for themselves.

The Sword Sect had its own properties even in the Imperial Capital.

At the hall of an inn called Celestial Residence, all the disciples of the Sword Sect who were participating in the Ascension Rankings resided here.

All of them had solemn expressions while worry had even appeared within their eyes.

The reason they were worried was that they were usually geniuses amongst geniuses in the Sword Sect.

However, the incident today allowed them to realize that if it was in terms of the entire southern territory, then there was an extremely huge gap between them and true geniuses.

This caused their confidence to start wavering.

As she gazed at their expressions, Su Qingshi sighed in her heart.

She knew that such a situation would occur once these fellows were brought to the Imperial Capital and witnessed the strengths of those true monstrous geniuses.

Even though she was aware that this would happen, she had no way to deal with it.

However, fortunately, two people didnt reveal such expressions.

These two people were exactly Yang Ye and Murong Yao.

As she gazed at the two of them, Su Qingshis brows that were tightly knit together had eased up slowly.

With the two of them, the Sword Sect wouldnt be reduced to the extent of having no hope at all.

After a short while, Yu Heng glanced at them all and said, “I presume that all of you have a certain level of understanding of the strengths possessed by the disciples of the other powers.

Its undeniable that theres some distance between our Sword Sect and the likes of the Flower Palace, Snow Palace, and Origin School.

However, this doesnt represent that the disciples of our Sword Sect cant ascend the Ascension Rankings! However, if you lose confidence in yourselves before the Ascension Rankings even begins, then there would truly be no hope for all of you!”

“Sword Commanding Elder.

It isnt that we have no confidence, were just afraid of being targeted!” Meanwhile, Situ Rong spoke abruptly.

“Being targeted Youre talking about the Ghost Sect” Yu Heng frowned as he spoke.

Situ Rong shook his head and said, “The Ghost Sect is a sworn enemy of our Sword Sect.

Even if they dont target us, we would target them.

Disciple is speaking about the Flower Palace.

If the members of the Flower Palace and Ghost Sect join forces against the disciples of our Sword Sect, then not to mention ascending the rankings, we might not even be able to survive!” As he spoke, hed even specially shot a glance at Yang Ye.

Su Qingshi who remained silent at the side frowned.

She understood what Situ Rong meant, and everyone else here understood it as well.

Even though Situ Rong was targeting Yang Ye, it was undeniable that his words made sense.

They were bound to fight the Ghost Sect until the death, but if the Flower Sect stands on the Ghost Sects side because of Yang Ye, then all the participating disciples of the Sword Sect would be in danger.

After all, the Sword Sect didnt possess the strength to go against both the Flower Palace and Ghost Sect at the same time!

When he saw Yu Heng frown yet remain silent, Situ Rong continued.

“Sword Commanding Elder, Disciple knows that theres definitely a reason why the sect allowed Yang Ye to participate in the Ascension Rankings.

But allow Disciple to make a bold statement.

Yang Ye himself is merely at the second rank of the First Heaven Realm.

It isnt that Im underestimating him, but it would probably be impossible for him to enter the top 100 of the Ascension Rankings with his strength.

We truly shouldnt offend a colossus like the Flower Palace because of him.”

When they heard this, many disciples present here had nodded to display their agreement.

However, Murong Yao shook her head and sighed instead, whereas, Yang Ye remained silent as if he hadnt heard Situ Rong.

In Yang Yes opinion, the only reason hed represented the Sword Sect in the Ascension Rankings was for Su Qingshis sake.

So long as Su Qingshi wasnt against his participation, then he didnt care about the opinions of others at all.

“Then what do you think should be done” Su Qingshi gazed at Situ Rong as she asked this question.

Situ Rong was delighted when he heard this, and he hurriedly said, “We should naturally hand Yang Ye over to the Flower Palace.

In this way, not only would we resolve the danger we face, we would even obtain a strong ally during the Ascension Rankings.

It can be said to be like killing two birds with one stone!”

“All of you are of the same opinion” Su Qingshis gaze swept slowly past all the other disciples.

“Elder Su, I think Senior Brother Situs opinion makes sense.

If Yang Yes strength is extremely formidable and able to help our Sword Sect obtain a good rank in the Ascension Rankings, then its fine even if we must offend the Flower Palace for him.

However, just as Senior Brother Situ said, Yang Ye is merely at the second rank of the First Heaven Realm.

His strength is not bad indeed, but thats only in terms of the disciples from our Sword Sect.

After all, which genius who possesses a spot on the rankings isnt capable of surmounting ranks of cultivation to do battle With Yang Yes current realm of cultivation, its utterly impossible for him to help our Sword Sect.

So, disciple agrees with Senior Brother Situs suggestion!” said an inner court disciple behind Situ Rong.

“Disciple approves of Senior Brother Situs suggestion as well!” Another disciple stood up and said, “My Sword Sect already has a formidable enemy, the Ghost Sect.

So, offending the Flower Palace now is truly unwise!”

“Disciple approves of Senior Brother Situs suggestion as well!”

“Disciple approves as well!”

In next to no time, all the other disciples besides Murong Yao and Qin Feng had voiced their approval of Situ Rongs suggestion.

Yang Ye still remained silent.

Meanwhile, Murong Yao stood up, bowed to Yu Heng, and then said, “Sword Commanding Elder, Disciple doesnt approve of Situ Rongs suggestion.

Firstly, Yang Ye is representing our Sword Sect now, so isnt handing Yang Ye over equivalent to saying that our Sword Sect is afraid of the Flower Palace Wouldnt the disciples of our Sword Sect be inferior to the disciples of the Flower Palace when they roam the world to gain tempering in the future Perhaps Situ Rongs suggestion can allow our Sword Sect to form a good relationship with the Flower Palace, but the price of this good relationship is the dignity of our Sword Sect and the dignity of the tens of thousands of disciples in our Sword Sect! Even though our Sword Sect is comparatively weaker to the Flower Palace, it isnt to the extent of fearing the Flower Palace, right”

After she finished speaking, Murong Yao didnt even spare a glance at Situ Rong and the others who had unsightly expressions on their faces.

She didnt know what sort of enmity existed between Yang Ye and the Flower Palace, but she was clearly aware of the strength Yang Ye possessed.

Not to mention entering into the top 100, with Yang Yes strength, it was even extremely likely for him to be ranked on the Ascension Rankings itself.

Moreover, she couldnt bear the sight of the behavior of Situ Rong and the others!

Su Qingshi nodded lightly, and then she turned to look at Yu Heng and said, “Senior Brother, what is your decision”

Yu Heng glanced at Yang Ye before he said in a low voice, “No matter what enmity exists between Yang Ye and the Flower Palace, just as Murong Yao said, hes representing our Sword Sect.

Since hes representing our Sword Sect, then its impossible for our Sword Sect to hand him over.

Dont ever mention this again.” As soon as he finished speaking, Yu Heng shot a glance at Situ Rong and the others on purpose.

How could he not be aware of the tricks they were up to If Yang Ye really possessed an inferior strength as they said, then he would agree to hand Yang Ye over.

However, Yang Ye had comprehended Sword Intent, and Yang Ye himself was a member of the Talisman Masters Association.

If he played the role of villain here, then he would completely offend the Talisman Masters Association!

Compared to the Flower Palace, he was even more unwilling to offend the Talisman Masters Association.

The expressions of Situ Rong and the others became even more unsightly when they heard Yu Heng.

Situ Rong glared fiercely at Murong Yao, yet the latter directly disregarded him.

This caused Situ Rongs expression to grow unsightly to the extreme.

Yang Ye was still silent.

From the beginning until the end, he only cared about Su Qingshi.

So, he wouldnt prove anything to Situ Rong and the others.

As for Yu Heng, he didnt care about Yu Heng at all.

In any case, Yu Heng didnt have the authority to hand him over.

After all, that Master he obtained with ease was no pushover!

“Lets talk about those geniuses from the southern territory now!” Yu Heng said, “All of youve merely witnessed the tip of the iceberg today.

There are numerous monstrous geniuses in the entire southern territory For example, those three senior brothers of Yuan Huas and the geniuses of the Imperial Academy.

Besides the six great powers and the Imperial Academy, there are some geniuses amongst independent cultivators and comparatively famous disciples of various clans.”

“Do we have the information related to these people” A trace of surprise and happiness flashed through Murong Yaos eyes.

Yu Heng nodded and said, “Of course.

Our Sword Sect started to gather and organize the information of those geniuses from a few months ago.

In a moment, Ill distribute information related to those geniuses that we feel are capable of threatening all of you.

The information includes their accomplishments in battle, an evaluation of their strengths, and the method to deal with them.”

All of them were delighted upon hearing this.

It would naturally be the best if they had the information and the strength evaluations of these geniuses.

Because only by knowing ones self and ones enemy could one avoid any danger of defeat in battle!

“Now, lets talk about the geniuses from the Origin School and the Imperial Academy!” Yu Hengs expression was slightly solemn as he said, “The geniuses Im about to speak of are the true monstrous geniuses in the younger generation of the southern territory.

If you encounter them during the competition, then its best to admit defeat at once!”


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