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Li Tianjiu was stunned when he heard Yang Ye, and then a ferocious expression appeared on his face, “The Yang Clan Yang Yan Do I look like Im scared of him Ill kill you today and see if Yang Yan can annihilate my Li Clan!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he charged at Yang Ye.

An imperceptible arc appeared on the corners of Yang Yes mouth when he saw Li Tianjiu charge at him.

He was wearing a black robe and had the Sword Domain around him, so Li Tianjiu couldnt see his true appearance at all.

Thus, he didnt have to worry about being exposed.

If Li Tianjiu really went to look for trouble with Yang Yan, then it would be exactly what he wanted.

Conversely, if Li Tianjiu doubted his identity and didnt look for trouble with Yang Yan, then it didnt matter because he wouldnt lose anything.

Meanwhile, a spear had arrived before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didnt dare act carelessly.

He immediately clenched his fist and slammed it forward.


An explosion resounded, and then both Yang Ye and Li Tianjiu were pushed backwards.

Li Tianjiu had moved around 150m back before he stopped himself.

As for Yang Ye, hed been pushed over 300m back.

Moreover, his which had just healed had been cracked open again, and scarlet red blood instantly covered his fist!

Even though Yang Yes physical defenses were formidable, if he relied solely on his body, then not to mention surmounting his realm of cultivation to fight Li Tianjiu, he couldnt even defeat ordinary Rebirth Realm experts.

Even though he could use the Blood Puppets in the Primordial Pagoda, if he did that, then pretending to be someone from Yang Yans side would be pointless.

So, Yang Ye intended to flee.

However, Li Tianjiu didnt give him the chance and appeared in front of him again.

After that, he grabbed his spear with both hands and swung it at Yang Ye.


Space was instantly torn open as the spear passed through it.

Moreover, the powerful energy it carried caused the space in a huge area to crack apart.

Yang Yes face fell when he sensed this.

He was about to activate the Demon God energy when Lu Lige suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye, and then he drew his saber and swung it.


The spear and saber had just collided when the space in a huge area around them collapsed.

The surroundings turned pitch black.

Explosions resounded incessantly within the black hole, and it caused the black hole to expand incessantly towards the surroundings.

Around 15 minutes later, the area suddenly fell silent.

A short while passed, and then space returned to normal.

“Lu Lige!” Li Tianjiu stared at Lu Lige, “Ill give you one last chance.

Fuck off right now! Or….”

“Or what Youll bite me” Lu Lige laughed coldly, “Li Tianjiu, stop trying to threaten me.

Not to mention you, even your older brother can dream of being able to kill me.

As for you, thats impossible.”

Li Tianjius face had a ferocious expression on it.

He was about to attack when a terrifying aura suddenly came from afar.

It was extremely swift and instantly enveloped Yang Ye and the others.

Yang Ye felt suffocated by the aura, and it felt like his entire body was being crushed.

It was extremely painful.

Yang Ye wasnt the only one in such a state.

Li Tianjiu and Lu Lige felt the same too.

All three of them were shocked.

Meanwhile, Lu Lige swiftly swung his saber, and a ray of light flashed.


The aura instantly had a hole slashed open on it.

As soon as the gap was created, Lu Lige intended to flee.

However, Yang Ye was even faster than him and instantly transformed into a black thread that vanished into the distance.

Lu Lige was stunned, “So fast….”

As he spoke, his figure transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the distance.

At the same moment that he vanished; Li Tianjiu had vanished as well.


Flee as quickly as possible!

That aura wasnt the only reason that their first reaction was to flee.

Even though that aura was strong, it wasnt sufficient to make them lose their composure.

Theyd fled because theyd sensed three more auras, and those auras belonged to Zenith Realm experts!

Four Zenith Realm experts!

They had to flee!

Even though Yang Ye was fleeing, Lu Lige and Li Tianjiu gradually caught up to him.

It couldnt be helped.

Unless he used his sword, both his strength and speed were greatly reduced.

Suddenly, Yang Yes expression changed, and then he turned around and swung his fist forward.

As soon as he did that, a spear struck his fist.


An explosion resounded.

Yang Ye was pushed almost 1km back.

Meanwhile, Li Tianjius voice resounded, “Hand it over or Ill kill you even if Yang Yan comes!”

“Dont!” Meanwhile, Lu Lige suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye, “He can dream of killing you while Im here!”

Yang Ye patted Lu Lige on the shoulder, “Thanks, Brother! Stop him while I escape!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Yes figure flickered and vanished into the distance.

Lu Lige was stunned, “What the….”

At this moment, curses were shooting through his heart.

Suddenly, Li Tianjiu transformed into a ray of light in pursuit of Yang Ye.

Lu Liges face turned cold at the sight of this, and he immediately stomped his right foot down and shot off in pursuit of Li Tianjiu.

Because of the delay just now, the four Zenith Realm experts behind Yang Ye and the others were growing closer and closer.

They were just around 100km away.

Such a distance took less than a breath of time to traverse for Zenith Realm experts.

So, if the three of them stopped again, their pursuers would catch up in an instant.

Yang Yes face grew more and more gloomy when he sensed that the pursuers behind them were getting closer and closer.

Suddenly, Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something, and his eyes lit up.

After that, he stopped moving.

Once he stopped moving, Li Tianjiu immediately stopped as well, and surprise filled Li Tianjius eyes.

Obviously, he didnt understand why Yang Ye had stopped.

Suddenly, Yang Ye turned around and gazed at Li Tianjiu, and then he shouted with fury, “Hand over the Earth Spirit or we wont stop until we kill you!”

Li Tianjiu was stunned, even Lu Lige was stunned.

Meanwhile, four old men appeared not too far away from Yang Yes group.

As soon as they appeared here, their gazes instantly descended onto Li Tianjiu, and their gazes were filled with hostility.

Moreover, their auras had locked onto him.

Li Tianjius face instantly became extremely unsightly!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye shot a glance at Lu Lige.

The latter blinked, and it didnt take long for him to understand Yang Yes intentions.

He immediately drew his saber and shouted furiously at Li Tianjiu who was about to speak, “Hand over the Earth Spirit or well fight you to the death!”

“What nonsense!” Li Tianjiu cursed, “Lu Lige, how shameless are you”

Lu Lige was quite embarrassed.

Obviously, hed never done this in the past.

He was about to speak when Yang Ye hurriedly spoke, “Li Tianjiu, if youre a man, then admit to what youve done.

You spent over a year trying to steal their Earth Spirit.

What You dare not admit it when theyve come for you Is your Li Clan so full of cowards”

“Thats bull**!” Li Tianjiu was furious, “You bastard from the Yang Clan! Its in your possession….”

Suddenly, Yang Ye spoke with fury, “Li Tianjiu, do you dare to swear on your soul that you didnt steal their Earth Spirit Do you dare”

Li Tianjiu stared at Yang Ye while the intent to kill in his eyes seemed almost material.

However, Yang Ye wasnt afraid at all because Lu Lige was in front of him.

So, Li Tianjiu would have to deal with Lu Lige in order to get to him!

“Li Tianjiu!” Suddenly, one of the old men who wore a violet robe stepped forward, “While my Wang Clan isnt on friendly terms with your Li Clan, theres no enmity between our clans.

Yet you went to great lengths to steal the Earth Spirit that my Wang Clan fostered.

Thats not right.

I dont want to speak further.

Just hand it over and Ill let you leave.”

Li Tianjiu glanced coldly at the old man, “I dont have the Earth Spirit.”

The old man frowned, “If you dont have it, then who does”

Li Tianjiu pointed at Yang Ye, “He does.

If you want it, then kill him to get it.”

“How dare you slander me!” Suddenly, Yang Ye pointed at Li Tianjiu and roared angrily, “Li Tianjiu! You stole the Earth Spirit, yet you slander me now! You… youre shameless! Ill kill you!”

Yang Ye charged at Li Tianjiu while he spoke.

Lu Lige was stunned by this scene. So people can be that shameless….

As for Li Tianjiu, he was livid.

At this moment, he was cursing inwardly.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye had arrived in front of Li Tianjiu.

At the same time, he slammed his fist towards Li Tianjius head.

A wisp of ferocity flashed through Li Tianjius eyes.

His profound energy surged violently, and then he swung his spear at Yang Ye!


An explosion resounded, and then Yang Ye was blasted around 1km away.

Li Tianjiu was about to attack again, but the violet robed old man suddenly appeared in front of Li Tianjiu, “Li Tianjiu, Ill give you one last chance.

Hand it over or Ill kill you.


“Fuck you!” Li Tianjiu roared, “I dont have the Earth Spirit! How am I supposed to give it back to you”

The old mans face fell while the intent to kill flashed through his eyes, “Since you refuse to be sensible, then dont blame me.” As soon as he finished speaking, he pressed his right palm down in Li Tianjius direction.

In an instant, a terrifying aura enveloped down towards Li Tianjiu.

Suddenly, Yang Ye spoke, “Senior, that fellow called for help earlier.

If Im not wrong, the experts of the Li Clan are rushing here.

So… Im sure you get what I mean.”

The old mans eyes narrowed slightly when he heard Yang Ye, and then he waved his right hand.

The other three experts who stood behind him immediately charged at Li Tianjiu.

At this moment, Li Tianjiu was on the verge of going mad with rage.


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