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Everyone here was stunned by this sudden turn of events.

Meanwhile, Yang Yes figure flashed off over 30m away.

In just a moment, hed vanished from their fields of vision.

Hed fled!

All of them were speechless.

“Get him!” Meanwhile, the grey robed old man suddenly ordered, and then the violet robed old man and two other Zenith Realm experts instantly went after Yang Ye.

Once they went after Yang Ye, the grey robed old mans gaze instantly descended onto Lu Lige.

He was about to speak when Lu Lige raised his hands, “I surrender!”

The old man gazed coldly at Lu Lige in silence.

Even though he didnt speak, his aura was locked onto Lu Lige.

Lu Lige smiled embarrassedly, “I… I really surrender.”

The grey robed old man walked over to Lu Lige, “Even though youve been abandoned by the Lu Clan, I still admire you a little.

After all, you relied on yourself to unblock your meridians.

That required extraordinary willpower.

Moreover, you attained your current strength without the Lu Clans resources.

Youre quite outstanding in the younger generation.

So, hand over my Wang Clans Earth Spirit, and I wont kill you.”

Lu Lige shrugged, “Would you believe me if I said that I dont have it”

“Then come with me to my Wang Clan!” As soon as he finished speaking, he clawed at Lu Lige.

The space around Lu Lige instantly became a void, and a powerful wave of energy seemed to be on the verge of tearing Lu Lige into pieces!

Lu Lige restrained his smile, and then a ferocious expression flashed through his eyes.

A moment later, a terrifying wave of saber intent surged out explosively from within him, and then he drew his saber and swung it!

Around 15 minutes later, Yang Ye suddenly stopped.

As soon as he did, the violet robed old man and the others appeared in front of him.

They instantly became vigilant when they saw Yang Ye stop abruptly.

They hadnt forgotten that Yang Ye had killed a Zenith Realm expert in a short while.

Yang Ye glanced at them, and then he vanished on the spot.

A wisp of disdain flashed through the violet robed old mans eyes when he saw Yang Ye attack.

He raised his right hand slightly with the intention of attacking.

However, his expression suddenly changed.

He wasnt the only one, the expressions of the other two Zenith Realm experts had changed as well.

Because Yang Ye was in front of them.

Of course, that wasnt the main reason.

The main reason was that two black robed figures had suddenly appeared by Yang Yes side!

They sensed danger!

Extreme danger!

The violet robed old man and the others were astounded.

They were about to retreat, but a strand of intent and two powerful aura of blood suddenly enveloped down upon them.

After that, a ray of light flashed before their eyes.


The violet robed old mans figure stiffened on the spot.

He looked ahead with a blank gaze, “Sword intent… slaughter intent….”

As soon as he finished speaking.


A string of blood sprayed from the center of his forehead, and the color in his eyes vanished.

After he killed the violet robed old man in an instant, Yang Ye didnt attack again.

He just flashed 3km backwards.

Meanwhile, the Blood Puppets retreated to his side.

As for the two Zenith Realm experts, theyd been obliterated.

Even though they were both at the Zenith Realm as well, the Blood Puppets combat strength far surpassed ordinary Zenith Realm experts.

Coupled with the fact that theyd taken their opponents off guard, and their opponents were suppressed by both slaughter sword intent and slaughter intent, the violet robed old mans group had been annihilated in an instant!

The reason Yang Ye had been able to kill the violet robed old man without relying on the Laws of Darkness was mainly because of the two Blood Puppets.

Their auras combined with his dual intents caused the violet robed old man and the others to be unable to move for a moment, and just that moment was enough for him and the two Blood Puppets.

Of course, it was also because the violet robed old mans group hadnt expected Yang Ye to have two Zenith Realm experts by his side.

Otherwise, they would still have a chance to flee even if they were no match for Yang Yes forces.

Yang Ye didnt keep the corpses intact.

Because just controlling two Blood Puppets was the limit of his ability.

Moreover, experts killed with the Sword of Rebirth couldnt be refined into Sword Servants.

Besides that, his sword intent wasnt sufficient to be used to refine Zenith Realm Sword Servants!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts, glanced at the surroundings, and then vanished on the spot.

Meanwhile, on the other side.


A muffled explosion resounded, and then a figure was blasted flying.

The figure flew for over 10km before finally stopping.

It was Lu Liges figure!

“Even though youre not bad, as far as Im concerned, youre far too weak!” The grey robed old man started walking slowly towards Lu Lige, “The Earth Spirit was fostered by my clans young master, and its of the utmost importance to him.

Even though it isnt in your possession, Im sure you know who has it.

Ill give you one last chance.

Tell me who it is, and perhaps Ill let you live.


“Its in Li Tianjius possession!” Lu Lige wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth, “Li Tianjiu has taken it back to the Li Clan.

You should go to the Li Clan to get it back.”

“Youre courting death!” The grey robed old man grunted coldly, “I met Li Tianjiu before coming here.

However, it wasnt in his possession.

Yet you….”

“Its in my young masters possession!” Suddenly, a voice resounded from afar.

The grey robed old mans eyes narrowed slightly as he turned to look towards the source of the voice.

It didnt take long for a black robed figure to appear there.

It was Yang Ye.

The grey robed old man clenched his fists when he saw Yang Ye.

He gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he said, “Theyre dead!”

Yang Ye nodded, “My young master asked me to give you a message.

The Earth Spirit is with him.

If you have the ability, then come to the Yang Clan and look for him.”

“Yang Yan” The old man nodded, “As expected of the Yang Clan.

Even stealing is done in such an arrogant manner.

Very good.

Give him a message for my young master too.

My young master will remember this.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished on the spot with the last Zenith Realm expert.

Lu Lige was astounded, “They left just like that”

“What else” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.

He naturally knew that the old man wanted to kill both of them.

However, the grey robed old man didnt dare to do it right now.

Because those three Zenith Realm experts from before were dead.

So, the grey robed old man was afraid that the experts of the Yang Clan were here!

Actually, as far as the old man was concerned, he wasnt just afraid that they were here, he felt that they were definitely here.

That was why hed chosen to leave immediately!

Yang Ye glanced at Lu Lige, “Are you alright”

Lu Lige shook his head, “Even though Im no match for him, it isnt so easy for him to kill me.”

He sized up Yang Ye and continued, “How did you deal with those three fellows”

Yang Ye replied, “Its a secret!”

Lu Lige shrugged and didnt pursue an answer, “So, is there enmity between you and Yang Yan”

Yang Ye nodded, “Either he dies, or he dies!”

Lu Lige was stunned, and then he shook his head, “He has my condolences!”

Yang Ye said, “Come, lets go to the Wu Clan.”

Lu Lige nodded, “Lets recuperate first!”

An hour later, they departed for the Wu Clan.

All along the way, Yang Ye ceaselessly inquired about Milky Way System, and he gained a rough understanding of it from Lu Lige.

In the medium universe of Milky Way System, there were eight clans — the Ying Clan, Wu Clan, Yang Clan, Li Clan, Wang Clan, Lu Clan, Ku Clan, and Qin Clan.

They reigned supreme over the medium universe.

Even though there were other races of living beings here like the demon race and many others, the human race was the strongest!

The human race was the strongest in the medium universe!

The strongest amongst these eight clans was the Ying Clan, and then it was the Wu Clan and Yang Clan.

As for the most mysterious, it was the Ku Clan.

Lu Lige didnt say why it was mysterious.

All he knew was that it was very mysterious.

The Ku Clan was the most mysterious and kept the lowest profile.

Its members never caused trouble in the outside world.

However, regardless of whether it was the Ying Clan or the Yang Clan, which was called a clan of madmen, none of them would rashly offend the Ku Clan.

Moreover, all the clans including the Ying Clan and Yang Clan had given the order that their members were not to offend the Ku Clans members.

If it was possible, it was best to give them special treatment.

Because of that order, the Ku Clan seemed even more mysterious.

Besides the Ying Clan, the Wu Clan, the Yang Clan, and the mysterious Ku Clan, the other four clans were equals.

Actually, it should be said that the strength of all eight clans wasnt much different.

Even if it was the strongest Ying Clan, it couldnt be said to be capable of annihilating any other clan at will.

That was exactly why the eight clans were able to live in peace.

Because no one dared to rashly cause war!

Of course, it was also because the benefits of the war weren\'t sufficient! Once the benefits of the war were greater than the price of it, the medium universe of Milky Way System wouldnt be peaceful anymore.

Something worth mentioning was that the medium universe of Milky Way System was very huge, extremely even.

No one knew how huge it was.

In any case, up until now, even the eight clans were ceaselessly exploring the unknown parts of it.

Moreover, they werent just exploring Milky Way System, some had even headed to other systems.

Actually, that couldnt be considered as exploration anymore, they were there to conquer and plunder!

Conquer and plunder!

That was the common aim of all eight clans in Milky Way System!

Suddenly, Lu Lige said, “Martial Origin System is up ahead!”


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