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It represented the rebirth of the mental state.

A person was like a piece of iron, and it had to be tempered thousands of times to become extraordinary.

The heart was the core of a person.

A rise in the mental state would allow one to undergo a transformation from inside out, a qualitative transformation!

The difference between the Dualism and Rebirth realms was in ones mental state.

The only method to improve ones mental state was via experience.

Experiencing life….

Simply speaking, it was the fortification of the Dao Heart.

Everyone had their own Dao Heart.

But as time passed, it would silently undergo changes.

It was like how many wanted to be sword cultivators in the beginning, but as they grew, they may not want to be sword cultivators anymore, and they may become saber cultivators instead.

Stay true to the heart and strengthen it!

That was the Rebirth Realm!

The reason many failed to advance into the Rebirth Realm was because they couldnt stay true to their hearts.

Their hearts had been shaken, and it represented that their beliefs had collapsed.

The blow something like that struck against a person was absolutely crushing.

It was like after raiding a child for 20 years, a man is told by his wife that the child isnt his….

At this moment, Yang Ye had entered the cycle of reincarnation.

The world of rebirth had worldly experiences, emotions, all sorts of temptation, all manners of death and eternal farewells….

However, as far as Yang Ye was concerned, it was nothing to him.

Because he possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart!

No matter what he encountered, his heart was completely clear, and his beliefs werent shaken at all!

Just like that, time trickled by.

Two days later.

Milky Way System.

Yanqing Continent.


Yanqing Continent was a subordinate world of the Yang Clan, and it was the Yang Clans Second Young Master Yang Yans territory.

It could be said to be the continent given to Yang Yan to manage and rule over.

Yanqing City.

A man in a green robe suddenly arrived before the gates of Yanqing City, and there were three old men behind him.

The man gazed at the city walls for a long time, and then he suddenly slapped his palm forward.

The space before him immediately started to ripple.


The huge city walls of Yanqing City instantly crumbled.

Dust and dirt surged up into the air, and it covered the entire city for some time.

“How presumptuous!” Suddenly, a furious shout resounded from within the city, and then a huge palm capable of holding up the sky pressed down from above the green robed mans group.

In an instant, the ground beneath their feet started to collapse.

The mans expression remained calm, and he just raised his hand and slapped it upwards!


The huge palm exploded in midair, and then the green robed man took a step forward and slammed his fist forward.


A huge area of the ground before him cracked open.

Besides that, the city before him had been split into two.

“How dare you!” Suddenly, a furious shout resounded, and then numerous powerful auras flashed out from the city.

It didnt take long for three old men to appear before the green robed mans group.

Their expressions changed when they saw the green robed mans appearance.

The black robed old man who led the ground spoke in a low voice, “Seventh Young Master, whats the meaning of this!”

The green robed man was the Yang Clans seventh young master, Yang Xing!

Yang Xing glanced indifferently at the old man, “Cut the crap and tell your master to come here.”

The old man spoke in a low voice, “Seventh Young Master, our young master isnt here.

May I know why youre here I….”

“He isnt here” Yang Xing laughed coldly, and then he took a step forward before smashing his fist forward again.


Yanqing City was instantly thrown into chaos.

The city shook like an earthquake was quaking through it, and countless shrill cries resounded from within while innumerable people fled madly out of the city.

The black robed old mans face turned cold, “Seventh Young Master, this is Second Young Masters territory, not yours.


Suddenly, Yang Xing slammed his fist forward.


Over two thirds of the city was instantly obliterated! His punch was that powerful!

The black robed old mans face turned cold, and a wisp of ghastly coldness flashed through his eyes.

Meanwhile, Yang Xing suddenly gazed at the old man, “What You want to kill me”

The black robed old man stared at Yang Xing and replied, “I dare not!”

Yang Xing laughed coldly, “Ill count to three.

If your master still refuses to show himself, then Ill destroy his territory.


The black robed old mans fists were slowly clenched together, “Seventh Young Master, I have orders to protect this world.

If you attack, then I may have to raise my hand against someone whos my superior.”

“You” A wisp of ridicule curled up on the corners of Yang Xings mouth.

A moment later, he vanished on the spot.

The black robed old mans expression had immediately changed when Yang Xings figure vanished.


A moment later, the black robed old man was blasted almost 10km away.

As soon as he stopped himself, numerous mouthfuls of blood sprayed from his mouth.

Moreover, if one looked carefully, one would notice that his body had actually cracked open!

“Two!” Meanwhile, Yang Xing suddenly spoke again, “If your master refuses to show himself, then you can vanish with this continent.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was about to attack.

However, a voice suddenly resounded, “Seventh Brother, have you taken the wrong medicine Why are you acting like this!”

Yang Xing looked towards the distance.

A woman in a green dress had suddenly appeared there.

She seemed to be a little over twenty years of age.

She had a slender figure, a beautiful appearance, yet oppressive coldness on her face.

She was the Yang Clans Third Young Miss, Yang Danqing!

Yang Xing spoke indifferently, “Wheres Yang Yan”

Yang Danqing walked over to Yang Xing, “It doesnt make a difference if you tell him or me.” A strange yet icy cold smile curled up on her lips as she finished speaking, and then she continued, “Seventh Brother, if you dont give me a reasonable explanation, then perhaps you may not be able to leave Yanqing Continent today.”

Yang Xing laughed coldly, “Third Sister, allow me to be frank.

You dont have the ability to do that.”

Yang Danqing suddenly waved her right hand.

In an instant, five old men appeared behind her.

Five Zenith Realm experts!

Yang Danqing chuckled, “Of course, I know how strong you are.

Not to mention five Zenith Realm experts, even five more will definitely be unable to kill you.

However, what about those whore standing behind you right now Can they escape”

Yang Xings eyes narrowed slightly, “Why dont we give it a try”

“Of course!” Yang Danqing continued, “However, I want to figure out something before that.

Seventh Brother, theres no enmity between us, but youve suddenly come here and slaughtered this city.

I really want to know why.”

“Why” Yang Xings face was suddenly covered in ferocity, “Yang Danqing, do you still intend to keep on acting”

He waved his right hand, and then two heads shot over to Yang Danqing, “Dont tell me that they arent your subordinates.”

Yang Danqings face fell when she saw those heads, “Yang Xing, whats the meaning of this”

“Youre asking me” Yang Xing spoke coldly, “Yang Danqing, even though weve all become enemies because of the fight for succession, Ive never offended both of you.

But what about you You actually waited to launch a surprise attack and reap the benefits of my hard work.

Allow me to tell you that if Yang Yan doesnt return what belongs to me, then Im going to kill him before the competition!”

Yang Danqings eyes narrowed slightly, “Yang Xing, we did send these two, but we only sent them to investigate and not to do anything.

I believe that based on their strength, they arent able to do anything to you, right”

“How laughable!” Yang Xing continued, “Yang Danqing, are you still going to continue acting All I want to know is if youre going to return what belongs to me!”

Yang Danqing replied, “Let me repeat myself one last time.

We dont have anything that belongs to you.

Besides that, allow me to give you a word of warning.

Dont be used by someone else!”

“So you refuse, huh” Yang Xing nodded, and then he vanished on the spot.

At the same time that he vanished, Yang Danqings figure vanished as well.


Suddenly, a deafening explosion resounded like a thunderclap, and it caused the space in a huge area to ripple.


Another explosion resounded, and then both Yang Xing and Yang Danqing were each pushed almost 10km back.

As soon as he stopped moving, Yang Xing intended to attack again.

However, a voice suddenly came from the sky, “The competition hasnt begun! Leave!”

The corners of Yang Xings eyes twitched when he heard this.

He shot a glance up into the sky, and then he gazed at Yang Danqing, “Just wait.

Ill kill both of you first when the competition begins.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished into the sky with the other three old men whod come with him.

Yang Danqings beautiful brows were pressed tightly together.

Meanwhile, one of the old men behind her said, “Young Miss, someone might be framing us.”

Yang Danqing ordered, “Investigate it!”

The old man nodded and left.

Around an hour later, the old man appeared behind Yang Danqing, “Young Miss, we really have been framed.”

As he spoke, he passed a scroll over to her.

Yang Danqing took the scroll, glanced at its contents, and then her gaze instantly became cold.

A moment later, she pressed down forcefully.


The scroll exploded apart and was obliterated.

The desire to kill flickered in her eyes as she said, “Lu Lige….

A black robed figure….

The Wu Clan….”

Suddenly, a figure shot down from the sky, and then a grey robed man appeared not too far away from Yang Danqing.

Yang Danqing frowned slightly, “Wang Yan!”

It was one of the Wang Clans young masters, Wang Yan!

The grey robed man called Wang Yan gazed at Yang Danqing, and then he asked, “Wheres the Earth Spirit”


Its the combination of Yang Yan and Yang Danqing.


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