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A moment of silence ensued.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three formidable aura suddenly shot up into the air from within the ruins of Yanqing City, and then three old men appeared not too far away from Yang Ye.

Three Zenith Realm experts!

The old man in luxurious robes who led the group stared at Yang Ye, “Youre that mysterious fellow who killed our Third Young Miss!”

Yang Ye waved his hand slightly, and light flickered on his sword, “Tell your young master to show himself.”

The old man replied in a low voice, “No matter which young master you are, do you know that acting like this before the competition begins is against the rules The Hall of Elders and Disciple Hall wont….”

Suddenly, a ray of light flashed.

The old mans expression changed slightly, and he hurriedly slapped his palm forward.


The old man was blasted over 300m away.

The two other old men behind him were about to attack, but the old man in a luxurious robe stopped them.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “Ill repeat myself one last time.

Tell your young master to show himself!”

The old man in a luxurious robe gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, and then he said, “The Young Master went into closed door cultivation a month ago.

As for where hes cultivating, even we dont know that.”

Meanwhile, his eyelids twitched abruptly because Yang Ye was about to attack, and he quickly added, “Just think about it, would he not show himself if he really was in the city”

Yang Ye fell silent for a few breaths of time, and then he asked, “Then where is he”

The old man shook his head, “Were just his subordinates.

We arent qualified to be aware of his whereabouts.

However, someone definitely knows where he is.”

Yang Ye said, “Tell me!”

The old man was about to speak when he suddenly looked up towards the distant sky, “Hes here.”


The space in a huge area trembled violently, and then a black shadow appeared behind Yang Ye.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly, and then he turned around and drew his sword.

Ten overlapped Heavenrends!


Yang Ye was blasted 3km away, and the shadow was merely pushed around 1km back.

Yang Ye glanced at his slightly numb hand, and then he looked up into the distance.

There was a black robed middle aged man there.

If one looked carefully, one would realize that the middle aged mans appearance was quite similar to Yang Danqing.

It was Yang Danqing and Yang Yans father, Yang Kong!

Yang Kong stared at Yang Ye, “Which young master are you!”

Yang Ye pointed his sword towards the ground at an angle, “Why dont you guess”

Yang Kong gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and said, “Even though the Yang Clans fight for succession is brutal, we never go too far.

Not only did you kill Danqing, you didnt even give her the chance to be reincarnated”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I dont know about that.

If I wasnt lucky, I would have died at the hands of your daughter and son.

They never thought of showing any mercy to me.”

Yang Kong spoke in a low voice, “Who are you!”

Yang Ye shrugged, “Is that important”

Yang Kong fell silent for a long time, and then he said, “Its not important indeed.

No matter who you are, youre going to die today!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure vanished on the spot.


Yang Ye instantly appeared 3km away, and as soon as he stopped himself, the black shadow had appeared in front of him again!


Another explosion resounded, and Yang Ye was blasted another 3km away.

He was too swift!

Swift to the point even Yang Ye couldnt see him!

Even though Yang Kong was at the Zenith Realm too, his strength wasnt something ordinary Zenith Realm experts could compare to.

Even the Blood Puppets were far inferior to him!

If Yang Ye was still at the Dualism Realm, Yang Ye would definitely not be a match for Yang Kong.

Fortunately, he wasnt at the Dualism Realm, he was at the Rebirth Realm!

At the moment Yang Kongs figure vanished, Yang Ye slowly closed his eyes.

Earlier, hed been using his eyes to see, yet now, he was using his heart!

Yang Ye twisted his right foot slightly, and his figure moved slightly sideways towards the right before drawing his sword.


Yang Ye was blasted 3km away again.

However, Yang Kong had been blasted almost 2km away as well.

This time, Yang Kong didnt attack again, and he glanced at his palm instead.

Only half his palm remained right now, and the other half had been cut off by Yang Yes attack.

Yang Kong fell silent for a moment before he looked up at Yang Ye, “The Enlightened Sword Heart! I underestimated you!”

The other three Zenith Realm experts were about to attack, but Yang Kong waved his hand, “Ill do it myself.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he took a step forward and pressed his palms together.


A powerful aura suddenly surged out from within him, and the space in a huge area seemed like it was boiling under the effects of that aura.

The space was rippling violently, and it was a truly shocking sight.

A moment of silence ensued before Yang Kong pressed both his palms forward in Yang Yes direction, “Palm of Sorrow!”

Two huge energy palms flashed forward.

The space before them instantly collapsed, and the entire area started trembling violently like an earthquake was surging through it!

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly beneath his black robe.

He didnt dare act carelessly.

He twisted his wrist slightly, and then light started flickering on the Sword Precursor.

At the same time, Slaughter Sword Intent appeared around him.

The Slaughter Sword Intent made his sword seem like it had come to life, and it was ceaselessly emanating sword howls.

Right when Yang Ye was about to swing his sword, the energy palms suddenly overlapped over each other.


At the instant they finished overlapping, a massive expanse of space collapsed in an instant, and the entire area turned pitch black.

However, Yang Kongs expression suddenly changed at this instant!

Because when the surroundings went dark, he noticed to his astonishment that the dark matter and dark energy in the surroundings had suddenly started converging around him.

Besides that, his overlapped energy palms had been instantly obliterated by the dark energy and dark matter!

The Laws of Darkness!

Yang Kong was horrified.

His figure flashed with the intention of escaping the black hole.

However, it was still a little too late.

The black hole suddenly shrunk inwards, and then exploded apart!

That wasnt the end of it!

The other three Zenith Realm experts watched with shock as the expanse of darkness shrunk incessantly and exploded without end.

Just like that, it shrunk and exploded five times in succession.

When the final explosion resounded, a figure was blasted out of the black hole!

The expressions of those three Zenith Realm experts instantly changed at the sight of the figure!

Because it was Yang Kong!

At this moment, Yang Kong was in a very sorry state.

His entire body was covered in injuries.

Besides that, his right arm was gone.

The most striking injury was his right eye.

Because it was gone as well, and it was replaced by a horrifying blood red hole!

There was a palm-sized black talisman on his chest.

At this moment, it was ceaselessly emanating hair-thin black threads of energy.

The black energy was like a spiderweb that enveloped Yang Kong completely.

Yang Kong looked off into the distance.

Besides disbelief, there was deep fear in his left eye.

Hed almost died just now.

If it wasnt for the talisman on his chest, he would be dead.

The talisman was something the patriarch of the Yang Clan had given him many years ago, and hed always been reluctant to use it.

Because it was extraordinarily precious, and it could defend him against the joint forces of at least five Zenith Realm experts!

It was that talisman which had saved his life!

The space in the distance calmed down slowly, and it didnt take long for Yang Ye to appear before Yang Kong and the others fields of vision.

At this moment, Yang Yes face was slightly pale.

However, there was excitement in his eyes.

Yang Kong had shattered space and caused the surroundings to be transformed into a black hole.

Yang Ye had been shocked to notice that he could actually control it, just like hed controlled the black hole from that day!

It was an absolutely pleasant surprise!

Because he could control all the dark matter and dark energy within the black hole.

To put it simply, his strength would grow tremendously while he was within a black hole! Moreover, he could use the dark matter and dark energy in the black hole to protect himself!

Simply speaking, he was confident in his ability to fight five Zenith Realm experts while within a black hole!

The only depressing part was that it exhausted too much energy.

Controlling the black hole just now had instantly exhausted all his profound energy.

Moreover, hed almost been exhausted to the point of being unable to stay standing.

Otherwise, Yang Ye could have killed Yang Kong even if Yang Kong had the protection of that talisman.

Unfortunately, he didnt have the strength to do so.

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts, flipped his palm, and an Energy Pearl appeared in his grasp.

After he swallowed it, he instantly recovered almost half his profound energy.

So, he withdrew another.

Once he swallowed the second Energy Pearl, his energy was fully replenished.

“The Laws of Darkness!” Meanwhile, Yang Kong spoke abruptly, “An extraordinary form of the Laws of Darkness.

Who are you”

Yang Ye started walking slowly towards Yang Kong, “I think you definitely know where your son is, right”

Yang Kongs expression changed, and he spoke in a low voice, “The fight for succession hasnt begun.

Going after him now is against the rules.

Do you know what the consequences of going against my Yang Clans rules are”

Yang Ye shrugged, “I dont, and I dont want to know.

All I want to know is where your son is.

To be honest, Im running out of patience.

Once I run out of patience, even I dont know what Ill be capable of.”

“Is that so” Suddenly, a voice resounded, and then a white haired old man and a black robed old man appeared here.

The elders of the Discipline Hall!

The white haired old man gazed at Yang Ye, “Follow us back to the Discipline Hall.

If youre smart, youll follow us obediently.”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I refuse!”

The white haired old mans eyes narrowed slightly, “No young master has dared to offend our Discipline Hall! No one has ever dared to do that!”

Suddenly, Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

The white haired old mans expression changed, “Watch out!”

Yang Kongs pupils constricted abruptly, and then a ray of light flashed through him.


A string of blood sprayed out from the center of Yang Kongs forehead while his body stiffened on the spot.

Yang Ye sheathed his sword, and then he turned to look at the white haired old man, “Theres a first time for everything.

No one has done it in the past, but someone has now.”


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