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The black shadow was hidden in the corner like a part of the shadow there, and it was impossible to see its appearance.

The beautiful woman bowed slightly to the black shadow and said, “Dont worry.

I know how far to go.”

The black shadow fell silent for an instant and said, “Hes proud and unyielding.

Its impossible to make him willingly be a puppet.”

The beautiful woman nodded, “Then why dont we kill him now”

The black shadow shook its head, “No.

Since he cant be a puppet, well just change the plan.

All of you cant kill the other young masters, and neither can I.

However, he can kill them openly.”

The beautiful woman hesitated for a moment and said, “I understand your intentions.

However, regardless of whether it\'s his strength or natural talent, theyre both not bad.

If hes allowed to grow, Im afraid….”

“Its fine!” The black shadow continued, “If its in terms of natural talent and potential, hes nothing to me.

All of you will support him from now on and allow him to do as he pleases.


“Yes!” All three of them quickly nodded.

Meanwhile, the black shadow asked, “Yang Xuan, are you sure that your brothers old treasure is in his possession”

Yang Xuan nodded, “It should be.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to grow to such an extent while at such a low level world.”

She paused for a moment and continued, “Does Master want it”

“Im slightly curious!” The black shadow continued, “However, it isnt necessary to take it from him right now.

Leave it with him for now.”

The black shadow pondered deeply for a moment before continuing, “Is your brother dead or alive”

Yang Xuan shook her head, “I dont know.”

“What a pity!” The black shadow continued, “Throughout the history of our Yang Clan, only the ancestor and your brother were extraordinary.

The rest and especially the current young masters….

Hmph! A bunch of trash! Those stubborn old fellows in the Council of Elders are too pedantic too.

The day will come when I send all of them to hell!”

Yang Xuan and the others lowered their heads and didnt dare to say anything.

Meanwhile, the black shadow added, “Hes still quite weak.

Be careful.

Dont let him get killed.

Especially from Yang Kongs side of the clan.

They will definitely not let the matter rest.

I heard that Yang Kongs father, Yang Xu, has rushed back from outside our system.

So, dont let him leave during this time.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the black shadow shook and vanished on the spot.

Once the black shadow vanished, the beautiful woman went over to Yang Ye.

She waved her hand and a ray of pink light flashed.

Yang Yes body shuddered, and then his gaze gradually cleared up.

A short while passed before Yang Ye shook his head, and then he glanced at them, “What happened”

The beautiful woman gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before she said, “Nothing.

I was just testing your mental state.

Its still quite lacking.

Remember to temper it more.” She moved aside once she finished speaking.

Meanwhile, the middle aged man said, “Im Gu Xiu, and shes Qian Hu.

We used to be your fathers subordinates.

Now that youre back to fight for the position of successor, well help you with that.”

Yang Ye quickly cupped his fist, “Thank you.”

Gu Xiu nodded, “Weve obtained news that Yang Kongs father, Yang Xu, has rushed back from outside our system.

Hes extremely strong and absolutely isnt someone you can fight.

Besides Yang Xu, the Discipline Hall is looking for you too.

So, dont leave this place for now.

They wont be able to openly attack you once the fight for succession begins.”

Yang Ye replied, “Understood.

I won\'t cause any trouble during this time.

However, I need the location of a person.”

Gu Xiu asked, “Yang Yan”

Yang Ye nodded, “Exactly.”

Gu Xiu fell silent for a short while and replied, “You arent able to kill him right now.”

Yang Ye asked, “Is he very strong”

Gu Xiu shook his head slightly, “If its in terms of strength, hes probably inferior to you.

However, because youve killed Yang Danqing, the Discipline Hall has started to focus its attention on protecting the young masters.

With the experts of the Discipline Hall there to protect him, itll be very difficult for you to kill him.

Moreover, Yang Yan isnt weak either.

Coupled with the fact that his grandfather is back, its utterly impossible for you to kill him right now.


Yang Ye fell silent for a moment, and then he asked, “Why isnt the Discipline Hall protecting me too”

Gu Xius eyelids twitched, “You should be happy if they dont look for trouble with you.”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Meanwhile, Gu Xiu added, “Once the fight for succession begins, we wont be able to help you.

At that time, youll have to rely on yourself.

So, seize this opportunity to work hard on growing stronger.”

Yang Ye nodded, “Im sure youre all aware that Ive been living far away since I was young.

Regardless of whether it was techniques or treasures, everything in that world was quite ordinary, but those young masters of the Yang Clan definitely possess the best techniques and treasures.

So, you know….”

Gu Xiu shook his head, “We dont have sword techniques.

As for treasures, I dont have any good swords too….”

Yang Ye hurriedly said, “Other things are alright too!”

Gu Xiu was stunned speechless.

Yang Xuan and the beautiful woman had strange expressions on their faces.

Because they felt that Yang Yes skin was a little too thick.

Gu Xiu hesitated for a moment, and then he flipped his palm.

A black shoe appeared before Yang Ye, “Flash Boots.

They give you the ability to instantly move 3km.

The instant here is a tenth of a breath of time.

I relied on these boots to avoid your attack earlier.”

The beautiful woman glanced at Gu Xiu and seemed to want to say something, but she hesitated for a moment and didnt say anything in the end.

Yang Yes eyes lit up when he heard this.

What did he need the most right now Speed! If he had these boots and coupled with the speed he had, he could practically instantly kill a Zenith Realm expert before that Zenith Realm expert had the chance to react!

Suddenly, Gu Xiu said, “However, it can only be used once a day.”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned.

He asked, “Why”

Gu Xiu said, “These boots exhaust a huge amount of profound energy.

Even my profound energy isnt sufficient for a single usage.

So, I usually store profound energy within it so that I can use it at the critical moment.”

Yang Ye nodded, “I understand.

Right, what rank is it at”

Gu Xiu replied, “The Zenith Rank! Treasures above those that surpass the normal ranks of quality are known as Zenith Rank treasures.

It means theyve reached the zenith, just like Zenith Realm experts.

As for the difference between Rebirth Realm and Zenith Realm experts, Zenith Realm experts have reached their own limits in all aspects.

One is said to be at the zenith upon arriving at ones limit.

Its the same for treasures and techniques.

Besides that, if the Laws of Darkness you just used is treated as a technique, then itll be at the Zenith Rank too.

Because your Laws of Darkness has arrived at the zenith of your own potential!”

Zenith! Yang Ye nodded slightly and said, “Even intents are said to be at the Zenith Rank upon reaching their limits”

Gu Xiu nodded, “If your sword intent and slaughter intent rise a level higher, theyll be at the Zenith Rank.

However, its quite difficult to accomplish that.

Anyway, its very rare for someone to attain the Zenith Rank in a type of intent!”

Yang Ye asked, “Whats above the Zenith Rank”

Gu Xiu fell silent for a long time, and then he said, “Youll find out in the future.”

Yang Ye glanced at Gu Xiu and nodded.

After that, he gazed at Yang Xuan, “Can I have a private cultivation room”

Yang Xuan nodded, “Come with me!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around and left.

Yang Ye cupped his fist to Gu Xiu and Qian Hu, “Farewell.”

After Yang Ye and Yang Xuan left, the beautiful woman suddenly said, “Wow! If Im not wrong, thats the only Zenith Rank treasure you have, right”

Gu Xiu spoke indifferently, “If you want a horse to run, you must feed it grass.

Right Moreover, we should have a failsafe just in case, right”

She was visibly surprised, “You did something to those boots”

Gu Xiu spoke indifferently, “What do you think”

She glanced at him, “You seem so reticent, but youre actually quite sneaky!”

Gu Xiu glanced at her, “You too!”

In an underground cultivation room.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and then he entered the Primordial Pagoda.

Yang Yes gaze was icy cold, and the intent to kill flickered within his eyes.

Hed heard everything they said, of course.

That beautiful womans technique was powerful indeed, but shed far underestimated him.

He didnt just possess the Enlightened Sword Heart, he had Qiong Qi, the Divine Yin Flame, and the Primordial Pagoda within him!

So, how could she possibly affect his consciousness

He knew Yang Xuan didnt have good intentions when she made him return to the Yang Clan.

Sure enough, she was using him.

Moreover, she was planning to take the Primordial Pagoda from him as well.

Fortunately, both Yang Xuan and the mysterious figure didnt know that the treasure within him was the Primordial Pagoda, and they just knew he had a treasure.

If they knew that it was the Primordial Pagoda, or it should be said that if they knew how heaven defying the Primordial Pagoda was, then he would have been in great danger just now.

Because that mysterious figure felt extraordinarily dangerous to him!

“Trying to use me” A cold smile curled up on the corners of Yang Yes mouth, “Dream on!”

He looked down at the boots in his grasp, fell silent for an instant, and then laughed coldly, “Youre trying to play tricks with me Lets see who tricks who.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he issued a command in his heart, and the boots instantly appeared on his feet.

The profound energy within him surged madly into the boots.

Once all of his profound energy had surged into it, he issued another command in his heart.

A moment later, Yang Yes figure vanished on the spot.

In an instant, over 10,000 images of Yang Ye had appeared in the surroundings.

Besides Yang Yes actual body, the rest were afterimages, of course.

However, they seemed real.

It was because he was exceedingly swift!


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