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The black robed old man didnt give Yang Ye any time.

At the same time that Yang Yes consciousness had been immersed into his body, the old mans figure had transformed into a pillar of black light that charged towards Yang Ye and An Nanjing.

An Nanjing glanced at Yang Ye, and then she stomped her right foot down and transformed into a ray of golden light that shot towards the old man.

In the Primordial Pagoda.

Yang Yes clone hurriedly woke up Snowy.

Once she woke up, Yang Ye was about to speak, but Snowy suddenly flew over to him, wrapped her claws around his neck, and then her head tilted to the side as she fell asleep again.

Yang Ye didnt know whether he should laugh or cry.

He patted her light on the butt and said, “Snowy, stop sleeping.

Hurry, lend me your sword.”

Snowy rubbed her head against his chest and started snoring again.

Yang Ye had no choice but to look at the wooden sword, and he said, “Can you let me use you”


Meanwhile, the wooden sword shook violently, and then it transformed into a ray of light that shot towards Yang Ye.

Yang Yes eyelids twitched.

He was about to defend himself when Snowy woke up.

She shuddered when she saw the wooden sword shooting towards Yang Ye, and then she flashed over to the wooden sword and held tightly onto its hilt.

In the end, it stopped just 3m away from Yang Ye.

Yang Yes face twitched. It really doesnt like me!

Yang Ye didnt want to waste more time and gazed at Snowy, “Snowy, quickly lend me your sword!”

Even though both An Nanjing and him were very strong, they werent able to fight a True Realm expert.

So, he had to ask Snowy to lend him the wooden sword.

Because if he used the wooden sword, then An Nanjing and him would have a chance against the old man!

However, up until now, the wooden sword only acknowledged Snowy, and it only played with Snowy.

It immediately attacked when others tried to touch it.

Snowy blinked when she heard him, and then she gazed at the wooden sword and started conversing with it.

A short while later, the wooden sword gradually calmed down.

However, Snowy looked up at Yang Ye and shook her head.

Yang Yes face fell because the wooden sword had refused.

A moment of silence later, Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

In the outside world.


Yang Ye had just returned to the outside world when An Nanjing was pushed back by the black robed old man, and her arm had cracked open.

A ferocious expression covered his face when he witnessed this scene.

He was about to attack when Snowy suddenly appeared in front of him, and she was holding the wooden sword in her claws.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned by this, and then he felt delighted, “It agreed”

Snowy shook her head, and then she held the wooden sword in her arms as she turned to look at the black robed man.

A moment later, she pointed her right claw at the old man.


Yang Ye watched with astonishment as the wooden sword transformed into a ray of light that shot towards the black robed old man.


An explosion resounded, and the old man was pushed over 30m back! However, the old man had slapped the wooden sword back to Snowy.

Yang Ye was stunned speechless.

A wisp of surprise flashed through An Nanjings eyes, and then she glanced at the wooden sword with a trace of curiosity in her eyes.

Snowy definitely didnt have such strength.

It was entirely the wooden swords own strength that had pushed the old man back.

The wooden sword was actually able to push a True Realm expert back on its own!

What sword is that

Not to mention An Nanjing, even Yang Ye was quite shocked. Where is that sword from Yang Ye was really quite curious.

Excitement instantly flashed through Snowys eyes when she saw the old man being pushed back, and then she hurriedly drew a circle with her claw.

The wooden sword immediately transformed into a ray of light that shot forward.

But this time, it was quite strange because it was spinning in a circle as it shot towards the old man.

It was a circling ray of light!

The black robed old man stood there silently for a moment, and then he suddenly took a step forward before stretching his palm forward.

In an instant, the space before him started to condense in layers, and it didnt take long for the wooden sword to be trapped by those layers of space.

Yang Yes face fell at the sight of this, and he was about to act.

However, Snowy suddenly raised her right claw and started drawing circles swiftly.

Meanwhile, the wooden sword suddenly started spinning on the spot.

As it spun, rays of light surged out incessantly from it, and it only took an instant for it to tear open the layers of space around it.

Yang Ye was stunned speechless by the sight of this.

After it tore the space open, Snowys eyes opened wide as she pointed at the black robed old man again.


A ray of light instantly shot forward like a bolt of lightning, and it arrived before the old man in an instant.

Meanwhile, the old man clenched his right fist and punched the ray of light.


The space in a huge area trembled violently, and then the wooden sword was blasted flying.

However, the old man was pushed over 30m back as well.

Snowy blinked, and then she pointed at the old man again.

However, the wooden sword didnt fly towards the old man, and it flew back to her instead.

After that, it shook slightly and seemed to be talking to her.

It didnt take long for Snowy to look up at Yang Ye and start waving her claws.

A short while later, Yang Ye figured out what she meant.

Snowy was telling him to attack because there was no more spirit energy within the wooden sword, so she had to replenish its reserves.

Once she finished telling him that, Snowy took the wooden sword in her arms and went behind Yang Ye, and then she opened her mouth in the wooden swords direction.

In an instant, countless strands of milk white spirit energy surged out from her mouth, and they were immediately absorbed by the wooden sword.

Yang Ye was stunned speechless by the sight of this.

“So its that sword!” Suddenly, the black robed old man spoke abruptly, “Im really surprised.

I didnt expect it to be in your possession.”

Yang Ye gazed at the old man, “You know what it is”

The old man replied with a question, “You dont”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I still dont know.”

The old man nodded, “It isnt important.

Since its in your possession, even I would probably not be a match for you once you grow a little stronger.

So, you should just die right now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he tapped his right foot against the space beneath him, and then his figure instantly transformed into a pillar of black light that shot forward.

Everywhere he passed, space collapsed and was obliterated in an instant.

Meanwhile, An Nanjing appeared by Yang Yes side.

Both of them fell silent for an instant, and then Yang Ye suddenly stomped his foot down and transformed into a ray of light that surged forward like a bolt of lightning.

The Sword of Rebirth!

Meanwhile, An Nanjing suddenly grabbed Skysplit and tossed it at the old man.

Skysplit tore through space and shot ahead, and then she suddenly appeared behind it and kicked its base.


Skysplits speed rose explosively, and it shot past Yang Ye and slammed against the black pillar of light.


An explosion resounded as soon as they came into contact.

Skysplit was blasted flying by the powerful energy within the black pillar of light.

But at the same time, the ray of light which Yang Ye had transformed into had arrived before the black pillar of light.


Another rumbling explosion resounded, and then a huge expanse of the starry sky around them shook violently.

Meanwhile, An Nanjing charged over once more with Skysplit in her grasp.

After that, countless rays of golden light and sword energy flashed.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Explosions rumbled incessantly, and the space here started to tremble violently as if it was on the verge of collapse.

Meanwhile, Snowy had stopped pouring spirit energy into the wooden sword.

She turned to look towards Yang Ye and the others, and then she blinked before quickly hugging the wooden sword in front of her.

At this moment, she had the slight desire to run.

However, Yang Ye was still there.

So, she was quite conflicted.

Because she was quite afraid, but she didnt want to abandon Yang Ye and run.

After feeling conflicted for a while, she pouted while a trace of anger arose in her eyes.

After that, she looked down at the wooden sword, and then she pointed at the pitch black expanse of space in the distance.


The wooden sword instantly shot forward like a bolt of lightning, and then it transformed into a ray of light that entered that expanse of space.


A loud explosion instantly resounded from within the black hole.

After that, the black hole started to tremble violently.

At the same time, the space in the surroundings actually started to crack apart while countless spatial rifts started expanding madly in all directions.

Snowy blinked at the sight of this, and she started to move backwards.

Suddenly, a rumbling explosion resounded from within the black hole, and then a sword was blasted out of it and shot over to Snowy.

It was the wooden sword!

Over a dozen breaths of time later, that expanse of space started to recover slowly.

In next to no time, that expanse of space had been completely repaired, and Yang Ye and the others appeared there.

A moment of silence ensued before the black robed old man spoke abruptly, “I underestimated both of you a little.

Needless to say, youre really strong.

If both of you attain the Zenith Realm….

No, if both of you get half a step away from the Zenith Realm, then even I would have to fear your joint strength.

Yet now, both of you are still too weak!”

As he spoke, he charged towards Yang Ye and An Nanjing.

Yang Ye and An Nanjing were about to attack again when the black robed old mans figure suddenly changed direction and shot towards Snowy!

Snowys eyes instantly opened wide when she witnessed this scene.

She just held tightly to the wooden sword in her arms, and she was at a loss for what to do.


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