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Yang Yes soul floated in the air above his body, and Ku Zhuyis eyes were filled with shock.

Yang Ye asked, “Whats impossible”

She gazed at him for a long time and replied, “Your soul is very strong.

Have you been devouring the souls of others”

Devouring the souls of others Yang Ye frowned.

He was about to shake his head when he suddenly thought of the Primordial Pagoda!

He hadnt devoured anyones soul.

However, the Primordial Pagoda frequently did things like that.

After all, numerous had tried to seize control of his body, and the Primordial Pagoda had killed all of them.

After it killed them, the energy from their souls had definitely been absorbed by him.

So, that was why his soul was so strong!

Meanwhile, Ku Zhuyi said, “Souls are divided into ranks as well.

Your soul is at the Heaven Rank right now.

The Zenith Rank is above it, and the True Rank is above the Zenith Rank.”

She paused for a moment and continued, “My soul is at the Heaven Rank right now, and its because I frequently cultivate my soul!”

The Heaven Rank! Yang Ye smiled, “No matter what, its good news.”

She nodded and said, “Actually, sword soul techniques arent that difficult.

At the very least, they arent difficult for you because your attainments in the Sword Dao are formidable, and your soul is sufficiently strong as well.”

Yang Ye nodded, “I hope so.”

She walked over to Yang Ye, “Ill teach you a Soul Technique first.

A soul technique is a mental cultivation technique.

Once you learn it, every sword technique you possess can be executed with the soul.”

Yang Yes eyes lit up when he heard this.

What did that represent It represented that he could execute the Sword of Rebirth as a sword soul technique!

Ku Zhuyi suddenly asked, “Do you know why sword soul techniques are stronger than ordinary sword techniques”

Yang Ye gazed at her and asked, “Why”

She said, “Actually, thats not right.

Sword soul techniques have their own unique traits, but sword techniques are extremely strong as well.

Even sword soul techniques arent able to resist some formidable sword techniques.

In the end, it depends on the user and the level of technique.

The reason your sword technique isnt as strong as my sword soul technique is because my sword soul technique is at the Zenith Rank.

If your sword technique is at the Zenith Rank, then the outcome of our battle might be different.”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “Whats special about sword soul techniques”

Ku Zhuyi didnt speak.

She just casually waved her bamboo splint.

An ethereal ray of light flashed, and it didnt take long for it to vanish from their fields of vision.

Meanwhile, Ku Zhuyi said, “See that Space doesnt fluctuate while they pass.

Its Soul Energy, a different method of cultivation.

Its unique trait is being ethereal.

It moves in parallel with space, and it doesnt reside within space.

Besides that, it strikes directly at the mind and soul.

As for destroying it, there are only two ways.

The first is to use Soul Energy to destroy it, and the second is to destroy it by force!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “By force”

Ku Zhuyi nodded, “Actually, you were very strong while within that black hole, but your strength wasnt sufficient to stop my sword soul technique because it wasnt strong enough.

Only a force thats strong enough to affect a parallel point in space can destroy it.”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I dont really understand what you mean by parallel position.”

Suddenly, Ku Zhuyi started walking towards him.

Yang Ye glanced at her and didnt move away.

It didnt take long for her to arrive where he stood, and then her figure had overlapped with his soul.

A short while passed before Ku Zhuyi moved back and said, “See that If I dont use any energy, I can be overlapped with your soul.

Why Because my body and your soul arent in the same parallel space.

Thats the unique characteristic of the soul!”

Yang Ye immediately understood what she meant when she explained it like that.

Meanwhile, Ku Zhuyi said, “However, when a sword technique or cultivator attains a certain level of strength, even soul techniques cant resist them.

So, while soul techniques have their own unique traits, normal techniques are strong as well.

Thus, there is no truly strong sword technique or soul technique, and it all depends on the users strength.”

Yang Ye nodded.

He really agreed with what shed just said.

Regardless of what soul technique or sword technique it was, they depended on the user.

Meanwhile, Ku Zhuyi flicked a ray of light into Yang Yes forehead.

At the same time, numerous strands of information appeared in his mind.

The sword techniques mental cultivation method!

The mental cultivation method of a Zenith Rank soul technique!

Yang Ye closed his eyes, and it took him around 15 minutes to fully absorb everything.

After that, Yang Ye started training with Ku Zhuyi while she taught him the sword soul technique.

Time passed quickly.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed.

Yang Yes eyes were closed slightly, and he seemed to be in a meditative state.

Meanwhile, Ku Zhuyi wasnt too far away from him, and she was watching him in silence.

15 minutes later, Yang Yes soul suddenly flashed out from his body, and then he pressed his sword against the center of his forehead.

A moment later, his soul transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot.

The Sword of Rebirth!

The soul version of the Sword of Rebirth!

It was swift! Absolutely swift!

It could be said that the soul version was at least two times faster than the normal version of the Sword of Rebirth.

As for its strength, it could be said to have undergone a qualitative transformation.

Because the soul version of the Sword of Rebirth was at the Zenith Rank!

In the past, the Sword of Rebirth posed no threat to Half-Step True Realm experts.

Yet now, the soul version of the Sword of Rebirth could kill Half-Step True Realm experts.

As for True Realm experts, it was still slightly insufficient against them.

Unless the wooden sword was willing to work together with him, then perhaps it would be able to pose a threat to a True Realm expert.

His current realm of cultivation was too far apart from the True Realm, and that gap was difficult to close with just the help of treasures and other external sources of strength.

It was complete suppression due to the gap in their realms of cultivation!

It didnt take long for Yang Yes soul to return to where his body was, and then it entered his body.

Two breaths of time later, Yang Ye opened his eyes and gazed at Ku Zhuyi, “Thank you!”

The reason his soul version of the Sword of Rebirth had attained the Zenith Rank was that cultivation technique that Ku Zhuyi had given him!

It could be said that the soul mental cultivation technique had improved his Sword of Rebirth to the Zenith Realm, so it was obvious how precious that technique was.

Of course, Ku Zhuyi had gained quite a bit too.

During this period, Yang Ye hadnt held back at all, and hed shared all his experience with her.

Moreover, he frequently activated the Sword Domain for her to observe it.

In short, both of them had improved quite a bit.

Ku Zhuyi glanced at Yang Ye and said, “We dont owe each other anything now!”

Yang Ye chuckled, “Dont be like that.

Were friends now.”

She glanced indifferently at him, and then she turned around and walked away.

Yang Ye hurriedly followed after her, “Sister Zhuyi, about the Soul Nurturing Wood….”

She stopped, fell silent for quite some time, and said, “The Soul Nurturing Tree is a precious treasure of my Ku Clan.

Not to mention an outsider, its even difficult for a member of the Ku Clan to obtain a piece of Soul Nurturing Wood.”

Yang Ye listened in silence.

She continued, “However, theres a way to obtain a piece of Soul Nurturing Wood.”

Yang Ye hurriedly asked, “How”

She replied, “The Soul Nurturing Tree was in a heavily injured state when my clan obtained it all those years ago.

Even though weve been using all sorts of methods to treat it over the years, we havent been able to heal it.

Its injuries have been worsening over the years, and its especially so for its roots.

Its starting to wither.”

She paused for a moment and continued, “Weve been constantly searching for a method to heal it.

If youre able to heal it or alleviate its injuries, then obtaining a piece of Soul Nurturing Wood wont be a problem.”

Heal it! Yang Ye was stunned for a moment, and then he quickly said, “Im skilled in that!”

He had Primordial Violet Energy, so what couldnt he heal

Ku Zhuyi glanced at him and was slightly doubtful, “Youre skilled at it”

Yang Ye quickly nodded, “Im serious.

Im very skilled at that.

Sister Zhuyi, if Im to be honest, if even I cant heal it, then its impossible to save your Soul Nurturing Tree.”

She glanced at him in silence, but her eyes were filled with doubt!

Yang Ye laughed bitterly and said, “How about you take me over there and let me try.


She thought for a moment and nodded, “Come with me to see the Grand Elder.”

As she spoke, she turned around and vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye immediately followed her.

Around 15 minutes later, Ku Zhuyi had brought him to a hall.

They were about to head in when a young man suddenly obstructed their path.

The young man sized up Yang Ye and Ku Zhuyi, and then he said, “The Grand Elder is entertaining important guests.

Hes not to be disturbed.”

Ku Zhuyi pointed at Yang Ye, “He can treat the Soul Nurturing Tree.”

The young man immediately gazed at Yang Ye.

He sized up Yang Ye and asked, “Him”

His tone carried a trace of doubt.

Yang Ye nodded, “Let me try.”

The man shook his head and spoke indifferently, “The Rebirth Realm….

I think theres no need to waste time.

No, I mean you shouldnt waste the Grand Elders time.


Suddenly, Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

He was in front of the young man when his figure appeared again, and then he swiftly drew his sword and swung it.

The young mans expression changed drastically.

He hadnt expected that Yang Ye would attack abruptly, and it caught him off guard.

So, he could only hurriedly slam both his fists forward.


An explosion resounded, and the young man was blasted extremely far away.

Meanwhile, Ku Zhuyi hurriedly obstructed Yang Yes path and spoke angrily, “What are you doing”

Yang Ye sheathed his sword and spoke indifferently, “Nothing.

My hands were itchy.

I felt like hitting someone!”


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