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A ferocious expression instantly covered Yang Xings face when he heard Yang Ye, “Yang Ye, you should ask yourself if you prepared a coffin for yourself before coming here!”

Yang Ye!

Countless people gazed at Yang Ye.

They didnt know much about Yang Ye.

After all, he hadnt been in Milky Way System in the past.

However, they knew that he was one of the Yang Clans young masters.

It was a battle between young masters of the Yang Clan.

Yang Ye stopped and looked up at Lu Liges figure on the city wall, and his face instantly fell when he saw Lu Lige, “Its all my fault.”

Lu Lige looked at Yang Ye and shook his head slightly, “What are friends for They are there to be dragged down by each other.

Would we still be friends if we didnt drag each other down like this Just look at the current situation, havent I dragged you down with me too So, dont spout such nonsense.

Just hurry up and deal with them, and then get me down from here.

It feels **ing horrible to be hung up here!”

Yang Ye grinned, “Ill do my best!”

As he spoke, he turned to gaze at Yang Xing, “Didnt you want me here Come, Im here now.

Do you want to fight me one on one Or do you plan to summon the people who back you and gang up on me”

Yang Xing was about to speak when Yang Ye waved his hand and said, “You look like a coward who wouldnt dare to fight me one on one.

Come! Summon everyone you have.

Lets not waste time.”

“I dare not fight you one on one” A wisp of ferocity flashed through Yang Xings eyes, “Yang Ye, you think youre matchless If it wasnt for that woman, you would have died at the hands of Yang Xu and Yang Yan.

The laughable thing is that you think youre very formidable.

As far as Im concerned, youre just a piece of trash who relies on a woman.”

Yang Ye shrugged, “Being able to rely on a woman is a form of ability.

Why dont you do it too, if you can!”

Ridicule curled up on the corners of Yang Xings mouth, “Trash!”

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and gazed at Yang Xing, “Can you not be so noisy like a woman Do you want to fight one to one or gang up on me If its a one on one battle, then come! Lets begin right now and fight to the death! If you dare not, then summon everyone you have, and Ill fight all of you on my own! Alright”

All on his own!

It was absolutely overbearing!

Everyone gazed at Yang Ye.

No matter how strong he was, Yang Xing had completely lost when it came to being imposing!

“One on one” Yang Xing laughed fiercely, “Alright! Since you want that, Ill fight you one on one!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he flipped his palm, and a violet wheel appeared in his grasp.

Right when he was about to attack, an old man appeared here.

There was a small戒 embroidered on the old mans left chest.

An elder from the Discipline Hall!

The old man glanced at Yang Ye and Yang Xing, “The fight for succession hasnt begun.

Both of you….”

Meanwhile, Yang Xing suddenly said, “Its a private matter between us.

Well deal with it ourselves, and the heavens will decide who survives.”

Yang Ye nodded, “Hes absolutely right.

Its our own private business, so the Discipline Hall doesnt have to interfere.

No matter who dies, your Discipline Hall wont be blamed for it!”

The old man glanced at Yang Ye, fell silent for quite some time, and then nodded, “Do as you wish!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure vanished on the spot.

Once the old man vanished, Yang Xing gazed at Yang Ye, “Today, Ill allow you to realize that youre nothing without that woman.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the wheel in his grasp shot forward like a bolt of lightning, and space trembled in its wake.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly, and then he drew his sword and swung it!

15 overlapped Heavenrends!

After his cultivation of the body was improved to the Zenith Realm, he was able to overlap 15 Heavenrends.

The space around him instantly shook as his sword energy shot forward, and then Yang Xings wheel was blasted away.

However, three smaller fist-sized wheels suddenly flashed out from it, and they instantly swept towards Yang Ye!

They were fast! Extremely fast!

Yang Yes expression remained the same.

He moved his wrist slightly and three rays of sword energy instantly shot forward.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three explosions resounded and those smaller wheels were blasted away as well.

Suddenly, Yang Yes expression changed, and then he raised his right hand and slashed.


A clear and resounding sound of collision arose, and then Yang Ye was pushed 300m back.

Right when he stopped himself, a ray of cold light flashed.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly, and he raised his sword and swung it once more.


A clear and resounding sound of collision arose once more, and then Yang Ye was pushed another 300m back.

A hidden weapon!

Yang Ye was surprised.

He hadnt expected that Yang Xing would actually use a hidden weapon, and Yang Xings skill in utilizing one was actually so outstanding!

Suddenly, a few rays of silver light flashed.

Every one of them was thin like the hair on an ox, and they were utterly impossible to notice with the naked eye!

Sense them!

He had no choice but to sense them instead!

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment, and then a wave of terrifying intent surged out explosively from within him.


As soon as it swept out, it was blasted apart by three rays of silver light, but those rays of silver light were dispersed as well.

After that, three fine silver needles fell from midair.

Suddenly, Yang Xing vanished on the spot, and then a ray of cold light appeared before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didnt hesitate to draw his sword and slash!


A black shadow was instantly blasted 300m away!

It was Yang Xings figure.

However, right when Yang Xings figure was moving backwards, a few more rays of silver light flashed like fine bolts of lightning.

This time, Yang Ye didnt swing his sword.

He stomped his right foot down and transformed into a ray of light that shot forward.

Bang! Bang!

The rays of silver light were blasted apart, and it only took a moment for Yang Ye to arrive before Yang Xing.

A ruthless glow flashed through Yang Xings eyes as he waved both his hands.

In an instant, countless rays of silver light surged out from his palm and instantly enveloped Yang Ye.

At the same time that those rays of silver light appeared, a sword howl had resounded, and then countless rays of sword energy pierced through the silver light.


Numerous explosions resounded incessantly.

Suddenly, a beam of light tore its way out and arrived before Yang Xing.

Yang Xings eyes narrowed slightly.

Obviously, hed underestimated Yang Yes strength.

He didnt dare act carelessly, and he immediately waved his right hand, causing a wheel to flash out from his palm.


The sword energy and wheel collided.

The space there shook violently while Yang Xings figure was blasted over a kilometer away.

As soon as Yang Xings figure stopped moving, another ray of light instantly arrived before him.


Yang Xing was blasted over 1km away again!

But this time, Yang Ye didnt continue his assault, and he turned around and shot off in Lu Liges direction instead.

He wasnt here to kill, and his main objective was to save Lu Lige.

Killing was just something he intended to do at the same time!

However, he hadnt even arrived in front of Lu Lige when a beam of blue light shot towards him from the left.

A wisp of ferocity flashed through Yang Yes eyes when he noticed this, and then he turned around and swung his sword.


The blue beam of light shattered into bits, and Yang Ye was pushed over 30m away by the force from the collision.

Yang Ye turned to look, and he saw a man had appeared not too far away from him.

It was Lu Yuanzhan!

Lu Yuanzhan chuckled, “Young Master Ye, your battle with Brother Xing isnt over yet!”

Yang Ye glanced at Lu Yuanzhan, “And you are”

Lu Yuanzhan smiled, “The successor of the Lu Clan, Lu Yuanzhan!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, “Youre the one who crippled his Dantian, right”

Lu Yuanzhan nodded, “Indeed.

What You want to avenge him”

Yang Ye started walking slowly in Lu Yuanzhans direction, “Thats what I want to do, and its what Im thinking of doing.

No, Im not thinking of doing it, Im going to do it right now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure vanished on the spot.

A cold smile curled up on the corners of Lu Yuanzhans mouth, and then he clenched his fist.

Blue light flickered on his fist as he slammed it forward.


An explosion resounded, and then Yang Ye was pushed 300m back.

As for Lu Yuanzhan, he only pushed less than 30m away.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye transformed into a ray of light that shot forward.

A cold glow flashed through Lu Yuanzhans eyes, and he was about to attack.

However, Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot, and then Yang Xings expression changed drastically.

Because the shadow behind him had suddenly wriggled, and then a ray of light appeared behind him!

At this moment, everyone came to an understanding.

Yang Ye had merely used Lu Yuanzhan as a diversion, and his target was Yang Xing!


Suddenly, an explosion resounded, and then the ray of light behind Yang Xing was dispersed.

At the same time, a figure was pushed backwards from behind Yang Xing, and the figure was pushed over 300m before it stopped!

It was Yang Ye!

Yang Ye looked up at Yang Xing, and there was a black shadow by Yang Xings side.

Yang Xing suddenly started laughing, “Yang Ye, your Laws of Darkness was absolutely shocking that day.

So, how could I not take precautions against it Now, do you have any other moves”

“Bro!” Meanwhile, Lu Lige suddenly said, “Can you do it or not If you cant, just flee.

Just avenge me in the future”

“Flee” A wisp of ridicule curled up on the corners of Yang Xings mouth, “He wont be able to leave today.” As he spoke, Yang Xing waved his right hand, and then three Blood Puppets appeared around him.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed when he saw the Blood Puppets.

They were unlike the Blood Puppets that Yang Ye possessed.

They were much stronger, and they were comparable to Half-Step True Realm experts, at least!

Moreover, they were superior to ordinary Half-Step True Realm experts!

Suddenly, An Nanjing appeared by Yang Yes side.

As soon as she appeared, a ray of silver light shot out like a bolt of lightning from within the city, and it instantly arrived before her.

An Nanjing flipped her palm, withdrew Skysplit, and then swiftly stabbed it forward.


An ear piercing explosion resounded, and then An Nanjing was pushed 300m back!

Meanwhile, someone exclaimed, “He… hes the 10th on the Milky Way Rankings! Ming Mo, the young spear god!”


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