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A wisp of killing intent flashed in Commander Huangs eyes when he saw Yang Ye had actually charged over once more.

With a twist of his wrist, the silver spear shot out like a bolt of lightning.

This time, he hadnt held back, and he didnt dare to do so as well.

Hed slightly underestimated this disciple of the Sword Sect just now, but this collision allowed him to realize that if he continued underestimating this kid, then he might lose his life here.

A strand of dazzling light suddenly erupted from the silver spear when it left Commander Huangs hand.

At the same time, countless spear images shot out explosively from within the silver spear, and they enveloped down towards Yang Ye like raindrops.

There were too many spear images, and it dazzled the eyes, causing others to be unable to determine the exact position of the silver spear.

Such a terrifying attack caused the hearts of all the spectators to be filled with horror, and they hurriedly retreated as they were deeply afraid of being affected by the battle.

Yang Yes eyes closed slightly.

When the spear images were less than 1.5m away from him, he suddenly opened his eyes, drew his sword, and stabbed with it!


The clear and melodious sound of metal colliding resounded in the surroundings.

In the next moment, the spear images dispersed to reveal the actual spear, and the tip of Yang Yes sword had struck onto the tip of the silver spear.

Commander Huangs heart shook.

His Illusory Spear technique was a high-grade Profound Rank technique.

Moreover, when it was executed by him, even some King Realm Profounders might not be able to locate the true location of his spear.

However, this young man standing before him had actually accomplished that, and the young man had done it in such a casual and easy manner.

This time, hed completely stopped underestimating Yang Ye, and he took the young man before him to be a true opponent!

Yang Ye could be considered to have experienced the benefits of possessing the Enlightened Sword Heart.

When Commander Huang executed that technique earlier, he hadnt intentionally searched for the flaws in that technique, yet the flaws in it had naturally appeared in his mind.

Moreover, this sword strike he executed was something that hed practically executed by instinct.

In any case, since the moment Commander Huang executed the technique to the moment he found its flaw and stabbed with his sword, this string of actions seemed to have been conducted instinctively!

In the past, hed been indifferent when Elder Mu said a single strike of the sword could overcome all techniques.

Now, he truly understood how beneficial and terrifying the Enlightened Sword Heart was.

Yang Ye shook his head and stopped thinking about all of this.

He raised his head to look at Commander Huang, and then he didnt waste his breath at all before stomping his right foot on the ground and charged explosively.

He was determined to kill this fellow today!

At this moment, more and more people had arrived at the entrance to the city.

It wasnt just Profounders whod arrived, and there were also other Imperial Guards.

After they found out that the person fighting Commander Huang was a Talisman Master, all of them sensibly chose to watch from the sidelines and not lend a hand.

What a joke! A Talisman Master wasnt someone they could afford to offend!

“Tsk, tsk.

This young man with a sword is a disciple of the Sword Sect, right What a formidable strength.

Hes actually able to fight a King Realm expert equally.

The Sword Sect really deserves to be one of the six great powers.

Even though its gradually descending down a downward slope in the recent years, its inner court disciples are extremely monstrous!”

“His strength is formidable.

But fighting the Imperial Guard of the Grand Qin Empire in the Imperial City is slightly unwise.

Even though the Sword Sect is one of the six great powers, it isnt formidable to the extent of disregarding the Grand Qin Empire.

If a Spirit Realm expert of the Empire is alarmed by the commotion here, then he would be in trouble.”

“What trouble This young man possesses such formidable strength.

I presume hes one of the disciples that the Sword Sect dispatched to participate in the Ascension Rankings.

Do you think the Sword Sect would let the Grand Qin Empire punish him Even though the Empire rules the empire with laws and stresses that everyone is equal before the law, can it truly accomplish that”

“Alright, alright.

Dont get carried away.

Lets watch the battle properly.

A battle between experts of the First Heaven Realm and King Realm is rarely seen, and its even more interesting than the Measurement Pillar.


After a few collisions with Commander Huang, Yang Ye had obtained a rough understanding of Commander Huangs strength.

If he utilized Sword Intent, then he was confident in his ability to annihilate Commander Huang.

However, he didnt because it was his trump card, and it was something he was keeping for those monstrous geniuses during the competition.

Even though he couldnt utilize his Sword Intent, Yang Ye was still confident in his ability to annihilate Commander Huang, and it would just exhaust a bit of time.

At this moment, Commander Huangs shock grew as the battle carried on.

Up until this point in the battle with Yang Ye, he finally noticed that hed underestimated the strength of this young man from the Sword Sect.

No matter what technique he executed, the young man was actually able to instantly locate the flaws off that technique, and it had caused him to have almost suffered a heavy injury on many occasions.

If he didnt occupy an advantage in the form of his superior cultivation, then he would probably be a corpse by now.

If he knew that those three mercenaries had a friend who was a Talisman Master, and this Talisman Master was one that possessed such formidable strength, then he wouldnt help Xiu Yan deal with Qing Hongs group of three no matter what.


The sword and spear collided, causing sparks to spray towards the surroundings while the two of them split apart.

As he moved backward, Yang Ye pressed the fingers on his left palm together before utilizing them to make a sweeping motion towards Commander Huang.

A strand of golden sword qi whistled sharply as it cut through the air and shot over violently.

At the same time, his profound energy surged into the Gale Shoes, and his figure flashed.

He left a faint afterimage behind as he arrived in front of Commander Huang, and then he drew his sword and slashed.

This time, Yang Ye didnt hold back.

With the boost from his gold profound energy and the physical strength he possessed, the Violet Spirit sword in his hand sliced cleanly through the space before it and sharp whistling resounded as it sliced through the air as well.

When he sensed the terrifying might that erupted from this attack, Commander Huang was astounded.

The profound energy within his body surged madly into the silver spear, causing it to suddenly erupt with a silver glow that was dazzling to the extreme.

After that, under the astounded gazes of everyone in the surroundings, he stabbed it towards Yang Yes shocking strike of the sword.


The tip of the sword and spear collided, causing a wave of air to erupt from the point of collision.

Moreover, the ground that they stood on instantly split apart, and cracks that were as thick as arms swept swiftly towards the surroundings….

With a twist of his wrist, his sword moved past the silver spear and stabbed directly at Commander Huangs chest.

Commander Huang was delighted when he saw this.

Because the young man before him would be stabbed by his silver spear before the young mans sword could reach him.

Without any hesitation, Commander Huangs arm shook, and the silver spear was like a python that stabbed at Yang Yes chest.

A wisp of a ridiculing smile arose on the corners of Yang Yes mouth, and the sword in his hand didnt slow down at all and even sped up slightly.

“Is this young man courting death Isnt he aware of the advantage of length in battle”

“Alas, this young mans combat technique could be said to be perfect until now, so why has he actually made such a stupid move now Could it be that hes too obsessed with attaining victory in the battle Right, if hes able to defeat a King Realm expert here, then his name would definitely spread throughout the Imperial Capital and even the southern territory!”

“Based on how he fought before this, he doesnt seem like a rash and stupid fellow.

Could it be that he has some sort of trick up his sleeve”


Under the gazes of astonishment and pity from the surroundings, Commander Huangs silver spear stabbed Yang Yes chest.

At the moment it struck Yang Yes chest, the widening smile on Commander Huangs face had suddenly stiffened because he noticed that the silver spear in his hand was actually unable to move even an inch forward….

Suddenly, Commander Huang opened his eyes wide because Yang Yes Violet Spirit had pierced through his chest, and fresh blood flowed from there….

Everyone in the surroundings was dumbstruck, and they were unable to figure out why this had happened….

“Idiot! Im wearing armor!” Yang Ye withdrew his sword and spoke indifferently.

He would naturally not be stupid enough to tell everyone that his physical body was even stronger than a King Rank Darkbeast.

The spectators in the surroundings came to a sudden understanding when they heard Yang Ye.

So, he was wearing armor.

Only Commander Huang who hadnt closed his eyes still felt shocked and disbelief in his heart.

He opened his mouth and seemed to intend to say something.

Unfortunately, Yang Ye didnt give him the chance.

With a twist of his wrist, Violet Spirit swept beneath Commander Huangs neck, causing a strand of blood to spray from there….

Suddenly, Yang Ye frowned before he turned to look into the city.

At this moment, a figure was flashing over swiftly from afar, and Yang Ye tightened his grip on Violet Spirit when he saw this person.

Because this person was a Spirit Realm expert, and he was a member of the Grand Qin Empire.

Yang Ye felt warmth come from his right hand.

When he lowered his head to look, he saw a fair hand was holding tightly onto his own, and when he raised his head to look, he saw Qing Hong gazing at him with a pair of eyes that were filled with a firm expression.

Yang Yes heart felt warm, and then he smiled to her to indicate that it was fine.

Yang Ye wasnt a stupid person, nor was he an idiot that did something while completely disregarding the consequences.

The reason he dared to kill these Imperial Guards on the streets of the Imperial Capital was that he had something to rely on.

This thing he relied on was naturally that master of his.

With his master standing behind him and coupled with the fact that the Grand Qin Empire was in the wrong, Commander Huang could probably only die in vain….

When that person saw Commander Huang who laid lifelessly on the ground, his eyes instantly turned crimson red while his expression immediately became savage.

After that, he looked at Yang Ye and said with a frenzied voice, “You deserve death!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed and instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye, and then he slapped his palm down towards Yang Yes head….


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