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Yang Yes expression changed when he saw this Spirit Realm expert had immediately launched an attack against him upon arriving here, and he didnt have the time to think before he drew his sword and slashed.

The Spirit Realm expert grunted coldly and flicked Violet Spirit with his finger.

A strand of enormous force came from his sword, causing Yang Yes arm to feel numb while the sword in his hand almost escaped his grasp.

However, this wasnt the end of it!

After he flicked Yang Yes sword away, he clenched his hand into a fist and smashed it forcefully towards Yang Yes chest.

Before the fist could even arrive, the pressure of the gust created by it arrived.

It caused Yang Yes clothes to stick tightly to his body, and it was even to the extent that a few threads of blood appeared on his face.

Yang Yes pupils constricted.

This fellows strength is truly formidable.

He didnt dare be careless.

The profound energy within his body surged while he clenched his left hand into a fist, and then he smashed it towards the Spirit Realm experts fist.


An enormous bang resounded.

Yang Ye took five steps back while a wisp of fresh blood slowly seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

On the other hand, Yang Yes opponent, the Spirit Realm expert, took a step back instead!

The Spirit Realm expert didnt continue attacking.

He just gazed at Yang Ye with resentment, and besides resentment, there was a trace of surprise and fear in his eyes as well.

Earlier, he hadnt held back at all, so even though he hadnt utilized a combat technique, it wasnt something that a First Heaven Realm expert could resist head-on.

Who exactly is this young man

Right at this moment, a member of the Imperial Guard walked over to the Spirit Realm expert and said, “Head Guard Huang, hes a disciple from the Sword Sect that has come to participate in the Ascension Rankings, and hes a Talisman Master as well….”

When he heard the last few words, Head Guard Huangs eyelids twitched.

Hes actually a Talisman Master!

“Why did you kill my younger brother!” Head Guard Huang took a deep breath before he asked with a deep voice.

Even though he wished for nothing more than to kill this young man that stood before him, but reason told him that he couldnt.

Because if he killed a Talisman Master on the streets, then he would definitely suffer the revenge of the Talisman Masters Association.

The revenge of the Talisman Masters Association wasnt something that a tiny Head of the Guard like him could endure!

Right when Yang Ye intended to say something, a carriage suddenly traveled over slowly.

The expressions of everyone in the surroundings turned solemn upon laying eyes on the carries.

The horses that pulled the carriage were Wind Riders, and the carriage had four lifelike golden dragons carved on it….

IN the Imperial Capital, only the Imperial Household of the Grand Qin Empire dared to inscribe dragons on their carriages….

“What happened here!” A voice slowly sounded out from within the carriage.

Head Guard Huang went over to the carriage and bowed respectfully before he said, “Second Prince, my young brother was killed on the streets by this fellow.

Hes a Talisman Master!”

“He killed the Imperial Guards of my Empire on the streets” The door to the carriage was slowly opened, and then a young man around the age of 20 who wore a yellow robe which was embroidered with a dragon walked out from within it.

The young man glanced at the corpse of Commander Huang that laid on the ground, and then he looked at Yang Ye and said, “I heard in the past that Talisman Masters are extremely arrogant, yet I never expected I would witness it today.

Who gave you the gall and authority to kill the members of my Empires Imperial Guard”

“I heard in the past as well that the Imperial Guards of the Empire are extremely arrogant!” Yang Ye looked the young man in the eye and said, “Now Ive truly experienced it.

Who gave the Imperial Guards the authority and gall to kill a Talisman Master Was it your Imperial Household” If the young man spoke reasonably with him, then he would be reasonable as well.

Obviously, the young man wasnt prepared to do so, so he would naturally not be stupid enough to try!

“Does your gall and confidence come from the Talisman Masters Association” The young man gazed at Yang Ye and said, “If it is, then allow me to tell you that the identity of being a Talisman Master wouldnt be able to save you.

Let me see if the Talisman Masters Association would take revenge after I kill a Talisman Master today!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the young man gazed at Head Guard Huang and said, “Kill him.

Ill bear responsibility for everything!”

When they heard the young man, the gazes of all the guards in the surroundings burned with fervor as they looked at him.

These guards hadnt expected that the Second Prince would actually offend a Talisman Master for them.

Especially Head Guard Huang, his eyes were filled with gratitude….

The young man nodded slightly when he saw the gazes of the guards in the surroundings because it was really worth it to obtain their support by killing a Talisman Master.

As for the Talisman Masters Association… he had his contacts there, and those people could deal with the repercussions of killing a tiny Grade Four Talisman Master!

Head Guard Huang walked slowly towards Yang Ye, and he said as he walked, “Dont worry, I wont let you die so quickly.

Didnt you want to stand up for those lowly mercenaries Ill let you watch as I kill them.

Especially that beauty.

Dont you worry, the hundreds of brothers I have in the guard will take very goodcare of her!”

“Dont worry, youll be reunited with your younger brother very soon!” Yang Ye gazed at Head Guard Huang while the profound energy within his body surged madly, and the Pearl of Baleful Blood started circulating madly.

At this moment, hed decided that he would kill this Spirit Realm expert even if he had to expose the pearl.

“Haha!” Head Guard Huang roared with laughter and said, “Kill me You want to kill me Come, come kill me! Let me see how you kill me! Im waiting….”

Right when Yang Ye was about to withdraw the Pearl of Baleful Blood, a small and delicate figure suddenly ran out from the crowd.

The eyes of this figure lit up upon noticing Yang Ye and said, “Little Laborer, it really is you!”

It was none other than the little she-devil, Baoer.

Yang Ye immediately gave up on utilizing the Pearl of Baleful Blood when he saw Baoer, and he said directly, “Baoer, do you have any Technique Talismans The more the better”

Baoer blinked and said, “You want to blast someone”

Yang Ye nodded forcefully!

Baoer turned around and pointed at Head Guard Huang before she said, “Him”

Yang Ye nodded forcefully once more!

“Ill help you with that!” As soon as she finished speaking, she didnt wait for Yang Yes agreement before she scooped up a large bunch of talismans from the pouch in front of her, and then she tossed it at Head Guard Huang.

How could she allow Yang Ye to do something fun like blasting others Moreover, she didnt have to take any responsibility after the deed was done.

Who would have to take the responsibility It was naturally Yang Ye… because she was helping him….

There were over 10 talismans within that bunch.

As for their rank, Baoer didnt care because she just had to toss them over….

A wisp of a ridiculing smile arose on the corners of Head Guard Huangs mouth when he saw those talismans fly towards him.

You want to kill me with just a few Technique Talismans These two fellows are truly too naïve.

On the other hand, the Second Princes expression had changed violently, and he suddenly shouted.

“Watch out, there are high-rank Technique Talismans amongst them….” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed explosively backward.

However, it was still a little too late because those talismans had activated.

The talismans erupted explosively in midair, and then fireballs the size of human heads, bolts of lightning that were thick as arms, blades of wind that emanated sharp whistling through the air, a dense expanse of ice crystals….

All sorts of attacks enveloped down onto Head Guard Huang like rain was descending.

Head Guard Huangs expression changed, and the expressions of the people in the surroundings changed as well.


An enormous world shaking bang rumbled and resounded before the entrance to the city, and the ground quaked violently….

At this moment, the people in an area of a few hundred km heard this enormous bang, and countless people within the Imperial Capital were shocked.

Innumerable members of the Imperial Guard and its secret forces surged madly towards the entrance of the city….

The dust and dirt dispersed, and it revealed a deep hole that was around 60m deep and over 30m wide….

As for Head Guard Huang, he was naturally alive.

However, he wasnt in a good state.

At this moment, his entire body was covered in rags.

His hair stood on end from the blast, his face was jet black and bloody, and his body was covered in patched of red and purple….

It wasnt just Head Guard Huang, even some nearby Profounder were in extremely miserable states.

Because they werent able to dodge in time when the talismans erupted, so….

As he gazed at the enormous hole, Yang Ye gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

Even the might of an Earth Rank combat technique might not be able to create such destruction….

Second Princes eyelids suddenly twitched.

He wasnt shocked by the effect of the talismans.

He was shocked that this little girl was actually able to casually scoop up a large bunch of Technique Talismans, and there were even high-rank talismans amongst them….

High-rank Technique Talismans! Even he found it difficult to obtain such talismans!

“Little Laborer, hes really formidable.

Hes actually still alive….” Baoer gazed at Head Guard Huang and spoke with slight surprise.

“Little Bitch! Ill kill you!” Head Guard Huang roared furiously, and then he charged madly at Baoer….

When he heard this, Yang Yes gaze towards Head Guard Huang was filled with pity.

Now, this fellow is dead no matter what.

Even the Emperor of the Empire might not be able to save his life now….


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