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Chapter 1704 – Even Immortals Can Be Killed!

Everyone here gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye!

Actually, those words weren’t very well known.

Because Yang Ye’s deeds in the Yang Clan hadn’t spread.

Heaven Void Continent was the Yang Clan’s territory, so preventing information about an incident from spreading out was absolutely easy for them.

Thus, besides a few from the various large clans, many didn’t know how terrifying Yang Ye was!

Even though they didn’t know about Yang Ye’s deeds, they knew about the warrant that the Yang Clan had put out for Yang Ye’s head.

The rewards the Yang Clan promised were extremely tempting.

Many people gazed at Yang Ye, and their gazes were slightly hostile.

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment, and then he gazed at the white robed man, “I’m a little curious about how you found me.”

The white robed man grinned, and then he withdrew a portrait.

It was a portrait of Yang Ye.

Besides Yang Ye, there was a tiny little fellow holding a wooden sword.

That little fellow was Snowy, of course.

Yang Ye instantly came to an understanding.

Snowy had shown herself in the Grand Immortal Pavilion.

Obviously, his whereabouts were exposed now.

Meanwhile, the white robed man chuckled, “I heard you’re only at the Rebirth Realm”

Yang Ye nodded, “Indeed.”

The white robed man grinned and said, “I’m quite puzzled.

Since you’re at the Rebirth Realm, why is the Yang Clan paying such a huge price for your head”

Yang Ye replied, “What do you think”

The white robed man was just about to speak when he suddenly seemed to have thought of something, and his face gradually became unsightly.

Based on the Yang Clan’s strength, was it normal for them to pay such a huge price to kill a cultivator at the Rebirth Realm In other words, was a Rebirth Realm cultivator worth such a huge price A Rebirth Realm cultivator was clearly not worth that much.

When he thought up to this point, the white robed man knew that he’d been rash.

The person before him was absolutely not just a Rebirth Realm cultivator.

Yang Ye didn’t say a word.

He just turned around and walked away.

However, he hadn’t even taken two steps when the white robed man suddenly appeared not too far ahead of him.

The white robed man looked Yang Ye in the eyes, “I know that you’re not just a Rebirth Realm cultivator, but I’m really not willing to just leave like that.

So, I plan to give it a try.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he stomped his right foot down and vanished on the spot.

When he arrived around 6m away from Yang Ye, a terrifying aura swept out from him and pressed down upon Yang Ye.

The Zenith Realm!

He was a Zenith Realm expert!

Yang Ye’s expression remained calm as he took a step forward, and then a halberd appeared in his grasp.

A moment later, he swung the halberd forward with a single hand.


The white robed man’s aura was instantly smashed apart.

At the same time, his figure was blasted over 10km away, and numerous mouthfuls of blood sprayed from him when he finally stopped himself.

A woman spoke abruptly from somewhere in the crowd, “Such powerful strength!”

It was Xiao Youshui, and Xiao Jian was by her side.

Xiao Jian nodded slightly, “He doesn’t really seem like a sword cultivator!”

Xiao Youshui nodded with absolute agreement.

Yang Ye held the halberd in his grasp as he walked towards the white robed man.

The latter was just about to speak when Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

The white robed man’s expression changed at the sight of this, and he was about to flee.

But it was too late.

Because Yang Ye had appeared above him, and then Yang Ye’s halberd slammed down like a mountain.

At this moment, the white robed man’s countenance had turned ghastly white when he sensed the powerful energy carried within the halberd.

However, he didn’t just give up.

A square shield appeared in his grasp, and his profound energy surged madly into it before a powerful beam of blue light surged up into the air from within the shield.


However, as soon as it appeared, it was instantly blasted apart by Yang Ye’s halberd, and the halberd didn’t even slow down as it descended towards the white robed man.


The man was smashed into a pile of mush!

It was simple and violent!

Yang Ye didn’t say anything.

He just started walking off into the distance while still holding the halberd in his grasp.

However, he suddenly stopped after taking two steps, and he turned to look at the others here, “Does anyone else want to exchange my head for rewards If there isn’t, I’ll come back and ask again later.” Yang Ye vanished into the distance once he finished speaking.

Deathly silence filled the surroundings.

A long time passed before the sword cultivators here entered into discussion again, and they seemed to have forgotten the incident that had just occurred.

If Yang Ye was weak, then perhaps others would have stepped forward and attacked him.

However, based on the strength he just displayed, Yang Ye wasn’t weak at all, and he was extraordinarily strong instead.

Moreover, no one dared to guarantee that what they’d just witnessed was Yang Ye’s true strength!

Even though the rewards were great, they couldn’t compare with their lives!

If they lost their lives, even the best treasures would be worthless to them.

Yang Ye left Sword Immortal City, and then he immediately started walking towards Phoenix Cry Mountain.

His whereabouts had been exposed, so regardless of whether it was the Yang Clan or the others who wanted his head, they would definitely be on the way to Sword Immortal City.

So, he had to get to Phoenix Cry Mountain as soon as possible.

Besides taking a look at the Sword Immortal of legend, Yang Ye had another goal on Phoenix Cry Mountain, and it was to see if there were treasures left behind there.

Phoenix Cry wasn’t far from Sword Immortal City, and it was just behind it.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to see a mountain.

The mountain wasn’t very large, nor was it very tall, but it had quite a strange shape.

Because it was like a phoenix with its wings spread open.

Phoenix Cry Mountain!

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to tap his right foot against the ground and transform into a ray of light that shot towards the mountain.

Right when he was about to get close to the mountain, a sword howl resounded, and then a beam of green sword energy shot down from the sky like a bolt of lightning.

It was extremely swift and instantly slammed against Yang Ye.


Yang Ye was blasted back!

Someone’s there Yang Ye looked up at the top of the mountain.

Suddenly, a voice resounded, “The Green Lotus Sword Formation! You should feel lucky that it’s much weaker than it used to be.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t have just been pushed back.”

Yang Ye turned around, and he saw that Xiao Jian and Xiao Youshui had suddenly appeared not too far behind him.

“The Green Lotus Sword Formation” Yang Ye was puzzled, “The sword formation that covers the mountain”

Xiao Jian nodded, “It’s so strong that even True Realm experts dare not climb the mountain.

However, as time passed, the formation has grown far weaker than before.

But it still can’t be underestimated.”

Yang Ye nodded slightly and asked, “Aren’t both of you participating in the Sword Conference”

Xiao Jian replied, “Not anymore.

Besides our desire to catch a glimpse of the Sword Immortal, we wanted to see Li Fengyu and Qin Lincang.

Now, we’ve seen both of them, and it’s time to see the Sword Immortal.”

Yang Ye looked at Phoenix Cry Mountain and said, “Do you think he left his soul up there”

Xiao Jian gazed at the top of the mountain, fell silent for a long time, and then said, “I hope he did!”

He gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “The Green Lotus Sword Formation prohibits flying.

So, let’s walk.

However, you have to be careful even when we’re walking up! Of course, it shouldn’t be a problem for you.”

Yang Ye nodded, “Let’s go!”

As he spoke, he started walking towards the mountain.

Xiao Jian and Xiao Youshui glanced at Yang Ye, and then they followed after him.

As they traveled, Xiao Jian suddenly asked, “Brother Yang, did you really fight the Yang Clan’s patriarch”

Yang Ye stopped and gazed at them when he heard this, “Who are both of you!”

The Yang Clan had sealed off all information about the battle which occurred between him and the Yang Clan, but they actually knew about it.

Obviously, they were no ordinary people.

Xiao Jian fell silent for a long time before he replied, “Our surname is Qin.”

The Qin Clan! Yang Ye immediately realized that they were from one of the eight great clans, the Qin Clan.

Qin Jian said, “Brother Yang, we hold no ill intent towards you.

We’re just curious.

Because the Yang Clan’s patriarch is one of the strongest experts in our medium universe.”

Yang Ye continued forward in silence for some time, and then he said, “We did fight!”

Qin Jian and Qin Youshui exchanged glances, and there was a wisp of shock in both their eyes.

Yang Ye was just at the Rebirth Realm, and the Yang Clan’s patriarch was one of the strongest experts in this world!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye added, “I wasn’t a match for him!” He wasn’t lying.

Even with the Wargod’s arm, he still wasn’t a match for Yang Xiao.

The gap between them had been too huge.

It was so huge that even external sources of strength couldn’t make up for it.

Qin Jian laughed bitterly and said, “Brother Yang, all of us would die of embarrassment if you could defeat him.”

Yang Ye grinned and didn’t say another word, and he just sped up instead.

He didn’t have much time left.

He didn’t want the Yang Clan to come looking for him.

Because if the Yang Clan wanted to kill him now, it would definitely not send just a few True Realm experts.

Perhaps even the Yang Clan’s patriarch, Yang Xiao, would come himself!

Besides that, many other independent cultivators would definitely come for him as well, and there definitely were True Realm experts amongst them.

Because the rewards the Yang Clan promised to pay were truly too enticing.

Meanwhile, Qin Jian suddenly said, “Brother Yang, how about we discuss the Sword Dao if we have time later”

Yang Ye asked, “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll drag you into my problems”

Qin Jian shook his head, “What’s there to worry about We’re just discussing the Sword Dao.

It has nothing to do with the Yang Clan.”

Yang Ye nodded.

He was just about to speak when Qin Youshui pointed at a distant mountain wall, “Look at the writing there.”

Yang Ye and Qin Jian looked up.

There was a row of words on a mountain wall around 1km away from them.

Both of their expressions became solemn when they saw the writing there.

There were only a few words there — If the Sword Dao is at its initial stages, even Immortals can be killed.

Li Taibai.

Qin Youshui suddenly said, “Look! There’s more beside it!”

Yang Ye moved his gaze towards the right.

There were a few words there as well, and he was stunned when he read them.

Because the writing was very familiar to him! It was the Unfettered One’s writing!

The Unfettered One!

Yang Ye gazed for a long time at the words that the Unfettered One had left behind, and then he spoke softly, “How domineering!”

Qin Jian and Qin Youshui nodded in agreement.



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