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Split Second!

Actually, Yang Ye hadn’t been standing still all the time.

It was just that he’d been too fast.

At the moment he opened his eyes, his figure was 3km away.

However, because he was too swift, he seemed like he hadn’t moved at all even after attacking and returning to where he’d been standing!

Speed! Strength!

His attack wasn’t flashy at all, and it only stressed on two points — speed and strength!

He didn’t use the Spatial Laws to modify space or condense it, and he just simply used the Spatial Laws to increase his speed.

Modifying the structure of space or using space to form spatial walls were actually useless.

Because many experts could shatter space with ease.

Unless it was a place with extraordinarily strong space, then perhaps he could use the space there to do something.

However, controlling space at a place where space was easily shattered was utterly useless.

It wasn’t his attainments in the Spatial Laws that were weak, and it was space’s own characteristics that made it like that.

For example, no matter how one used mud, it wouldn’t transform into a sharp sword!

So, he had no choice but to use space’s strong points.

It was the same for the Laws of Speed!


He used everything to improve his speed.

When speed was at a certain level, it could create force.

When the force created through speed was combined with his own physical strength, Unrivaled Strength, and overlapped attacks, it made his attack’s speed and explosive force extremely terrifying!

It could be said that while his cultivation wasn’t at the Zenith Realm, the might of his attacks had fully surpassed the Zenith Realm and arrived at the True Realm.

Not the type of ordinary and weak True Realm experts but real True Realm experts!

His attack was very pure and focused!

However, it had a huge flaw.

Actually, it couldn’t be considered to be a flaw, it could only be considered as a drawback, and it was that it consumed too much profound energy.

Executing that attack earlier had completely exhausted all the profound energy within him!

Not even a drop remained!

If his body wasn’t strong, he probably wouldn’t even have the strength to stand right now!

Yang Ye didn’t make a fuss about it because it was very normal.

Simultaneously utilizing five types of Laws and overlapping his attacks was a huge burden on his profound energy.

However, it allowed Yang Ye to realize that his cultivation was too low.

He’d understood what the zenith represented and what was true.

However, he was still at the Rebirth Realm.

It was naturally because he didn’t have time to cultivate.

A person’s cultivation wouldn’t just rise for no reason.

Moreover, he’d been stuck in the vortex that was the Yang Clan, so he hadn’t had any time to cultivate.

Yet now, he could.


Yang Ye returned to the 3rd level and started cultivating.

At a corner of the 1st level in the Primordial Pagoda, Qiong Qi who was lying there on the ground and recuperating had suddenly opened his eyes.

There was a small flame in front of him.

It was the Divine Yin Flame.

Qiong Qi glanced at the Divine Yin Flame and remained silent.

The Divine Yin Flame said, “As far as I know, ancient ferocious beasts aren’t this weak.”

Qiong Qi remained silent.

The Divine Yin Flame continued, “You appeared in that small world with a group of defiant cultivators all those years ago.

That was definitely not a coincidence.

If I’m not wrong, you were there for this pagoda, right”

Qiong Qi still remained silent.

The Divine Yin Flame continued, “When this pagoda was lost all those years ago, it was no secret in the upper dimension.

If I’m not wrong, you were there in that small world for this pagoda, right”

Qiong Qi glanced at the Divine Yin Flame, “So what if I was”

The Divine Yin Flame fell silent for a short while before he said, “I don’t know why Master chose him.

But I’m sure you’re aware that since Master has acknowledged him and allowed him to take control of this pagoda, it represents that Master is willing to form a link of karma with him.

So, you understand what I mean, right”

Qiong Qi replied, “You’re afraid that I’ll take it by force Or notify those experts of the Demon Dimension”

The Divine Yin Flame replied, “Yes!”

Qiong Qi said, “Then why don’t you notify your master first”

The Divine Yin Flame fell silent.

Meanwhile, Qiong Qi suddenly said, “That kid is in Milky Way System.

Based on your master’s strength, he should be able to notice the pagoda’s arrival.

However, he hasn’t shown himself.

There are two possible explanations for that.

Firstly, he’d in closed door cultivation.

Secondly, he’s testing that kid, and he wants that kid to rely on himself to get to the upper dimension.”

Qiong Qi paused for a moment and continued, “If it’s the latter, then it would naturally not be a problem.

He’ll have someone to protect him once he heads up there.

But if it’s the former, then that kid will probably be obliterated once he heads up there!”

The Divine Yin Flame spoke solemnly, “If it’s the former, then he will be obliterated if you expose the presence of this pagoda once he gets up there.

Because it isn’t just the demon race that wants this pagoda, the shaman race, and even others may want it!”

“The human race!” Qiong Qi spoke abruptly, “The human race covets it too, right”

The Divine Yin Flame fell silent.

Qiong Qi remained silent for a long time before he said, “Instead of worrying about that, you should worry about how to make that kid grow swiftly.

Once he has sufficient strength, he would naturally have no need to fear that others would try to take this pagoda from him.”

The Divine Yin Flame said, “What about you I refuse to believe that you’re just following him because of that so-called agreement from that day.

Moreover, three years have passed.


Qiong Qi didn’t say anything.

The Divine Yin Flame said, “I hope you make the right choice!”

The Divine Yin Flame vanished after saying that.

Qiong Qi remained silent for a long time, and then he closed his eyes slowly.

It seemed like he’d fallen asleep!

On the 3rd level.

Yang Ye was still cultivating.

Time trickled by.

In the blink of an eye, three months had passed.

One morning, Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes, and then an aura swept out from him.

However, it only took a moment for it to surge back into Yang Ye’s body!


Yang Ye let out a mouthful of foul air, and then he took up.

The Zenith Realm!

After months of bitter cultivation, he’d finally stepped foot into the Zenith Realm! The current volume of profound energy he possessed was sufficient to execute Split Second twice!

Actually, he could even charge into the True Realm.

Because he’d understood what ‘True’ represented.

However, he didn’t do that.

It was best to steadily rise up in the realms of cultivation.

If he charged into the True Realm now, it would definitely not be stable even if he succeeded.

After all, he’d just attained the Zenith Realm.

He hadn’t even gotten used to the Zenith Realm, so immediately charging into the True Realm was too hasty, and it would leave tremendous potential issues behind.

When it came to cultivating, one couldn’t only focus on speed! The best way was to rise steadily, level by level!

Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something at this moment.

He flipped his palm, and a scroll appeared in his grasp.

It was the scroll that Li Taibai had given him that day, and it contained Li Taibai’s inheritance.

Yang Ye gazed at it for a long time, and then he put it away.

He didn’t need Li Taibai’s inheritance!

He knew that it definitely contained powerful sword techniques and Li Taibai’s beliefs in the Sword Dao.

If he took a look, he would definitely gain a lot.

However, he didn’t open it, and he refused to.

Because he had his own beliefs and ideas now, and he had his own perception of the Sword Dao.

He didn’t want to take Li Taibai’s path, and he refused to take the Unfettered One’s path too.

He just wanted to take his own path!

Yang Ye put the scroll away and glanced at Xiao Yuxi.

She was still cultivating.

Or it should be said that she was always cultivating.

Affection arose in Yang Ye’s heart as he gazed at her.

Throughout these years, Xiao Yuxi, Su Qingshi, and all the others had definitely been living lives filled with worry.

He felt guilty!

He’d always felt guilty towards them!

The Unfettered One took a path towards the Sword Dao that was without emotion, and only the sword remained in his heart.

So, the Unfettered One’s attainments were formidable.

Because his Sword Dao was the purest! It was truly pure! But Yang Ye didn’t want to take such a path.

In his heart, Xiao Yuxi and the others were much more important than the Sword Dao.

He wanted to grow strong so that he could protect those he cared about.

It could be said that Xiao Yuxi and the others were his motivation.

If the Unfettered One took a path towards the Sword Dao that was without emotion, then he sought a path that used emotion.

If a heart was without emotion, it would naturally be free and unbound.

Such a Sword Dao was pure to the extreme, and it would be strong to the extreme.

If there was emotion in the heart, it represented that the sword would be bound by threads of emotion.

Even though Yang Ye had used it to become his motivation to grow stronger, it was still a form of restraint.

Just like when he intended to draw his sword, he would consider Xiao Yuxi and the others, and he would worry about them.

His heart was bound, so his sword was bound.

A bound sword could never be absolutely pure.

However, it was absolutely impossible for him to sever his emotions and abandon them.

If he didn’t have the people he loved the most, then what was the point of becoming unparalleled through the world

At the very least, it was meaningless to him.

He could abandon the Sword Dao for them, but he would absolutely not abandon them for the Sword Dao.

Yang Ye remained silent on the spot for a while, and then he walked over to Xiao Yuxi.

He kissed her gently on the forehead and spoke softly, “Wait for the day I put down my sword!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished on the spot.

Right after Yang Ye vanished, Xiao Yuxi suddenly opened her eyes and looked ahead for a long time before she spoke softly, “Alright….”

Yang Ye didn’t leave the Primordial Pagoda immediately.

Because Snowy asked him to play with her.

Yang Ye naturally wouldn’t refuse her request.

He’d been cultivating every day for the last few months, and Snowy was extremely displeased by that!

After playing with Snowy for two days and satisfying her, Yang Ye left the Primordial Pagoda.

He was stunned when he returned to the outside world.

It was because numerous eyes were staring at him!


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