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Kill everyone!

Their eyelids twitched when they heard Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was a member of the Yang Clan, yet he actually wanted to annihilate the Yang Clan!

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

However, it only took a moment for him to appear before Qin Youshui again.

After that, he grabbed Qin Youshui’s shoulder before vanishing on the spot with her.

Only Li Fengyu and Qin Lincang remained here.

Li Fengyu suddenly asked, “Miss Qin, are you really going to return to the Yang Clan with him”

She glanced at Li Fengyu, “I’ve taken from him, so can’t I refuse now”

Li Fengyu pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Miss Qin, allow me to be honest.

The Yang Clan isn’t that simple!”

Qin Lincang asked, “What are you trying to say”

Li Fengyu replied, “Miss Qin, the eight large clans are like kings in this medium universe of ours.

Every single one of them possesses their own secret trump cards and reserves.

These trump cards and reserves are beyond your imagination.”

Qin Lincang replied, “Then how did Yang Ye escape from the Yang Clan”

Li Fengyu glanced at her and said, “Besides the eight clans, there should be no others who are aware of that.

Miss Qin, your identity isn’t ordinary!”

Qin Lincang remained silent.

Li Fengyu added, “Yang Ye was able to escape because his trump cards kept exceeding the Yang Clan’s expectations.

Moreover, the Yang Clan hadn’t recalled its experts that were outside the clan.

Besides that, it’s as I said just now.

Every clan has trump cards that others don’t know about.

Why don’t others know about it It’s because those trump cards will only be used when it’s a moment of life and death for a clan.”

Qin Lincang said, “You’re trying to tell me that I’ll be giving my life away by going there with him”

Li Fengyu nodded, “I’m not looking down on both of you.

But both of you are really incapable of fighting the Yang Clan!”

Qin Lincang grinned, “Li Fengyu, if Yang Ye and I are still alive in a year from now, then you won’t even be able to defend yourself against three attacks from us!”

She turned around and walked away once she finished speaking.

Li Fengyu asked, “What are you trying to say!”

Qin Lincang stopped and said, “How can sword cultivators like us be fearful and hesitant when doing things The Yang Clan is extremely strong, but I’m not afraid.

If I go and we’re no match for them, then we’ll flee.

Fear is not even daring to go.”

She paused for a moment and continued, “Yang Ye said that everyone must take their own path.

Now, I understand what he meant a little.

Li Fengyu, you were born in a clan, and it has given you success and restraints.”

She transformed into a ray of light and vanished into the sky once she finished speaking.

Li Fengyu remained silent on the spot.

Over 10,000km away, Yang Ye flew swiftly on his sword while taking Qin Youshui with him.

A long time passed before Yang Ye stopped, and then he gazed at her, “Miss Qin, you said the Yang Clan has sent its forces to Merak System.

Do you know their whereabouts”

Qin Youshui fell silent for a long time before she said, “I don’t, but my clan does! You’re not going to return to Merak System”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I can’t allow the battlefield to be there!”

He’d thought of returning to Merak System, but he changed his mind in the end.

If he returned, then he would be eternally locked in a passive position.

Moreover, he couldn’t allow the battlefield to be there.

Merak System was too small, and it couldn’t endure such a large-scale battle!

So, the battlefield had to be in Milky Way System!

Qin Youshui was intelligent, so she instantly understood Yang Ye’s thoughts.

She fell silent for a moment and said, “Even though I don’t know who the Yang Clan sent or their whereabouts, my clan does.”

Yang Ye gazed at her for a long time and said, “Your clan told you to come to me!”

She glanced at him and asked, “How did you know”

Yang Ye shook his head slightly, “Tell me what the Qin Clan wants!”

Qin Youshui fell silent for a long time before she replied, “My ancestor knew you would ask me that.

So, he told me to ask you a question — what can you give the Qin Clan”

Yang Ye fell silent.

What could he give the Qin Clan He had nothing to give them right now.

Qin Youshui continued, “My ancestor said that he’s a straightforward person too, and he doesn’t like playing tricks.

Helping you is just a small matter for the Qin Clan, and his objective is that you remember our Qin Clan’s kindness.

If you don’t die, then you can return the favor if you want, and it’s fine even if you don’t return the favor.”

Yang Ye remained silent for a long time, and then he said, “I’ll remember this kindness.”

Qin Youshui nodded slightly, and then she flicked a scroll to Yang Ye, “The information you need is within it.

Don’t throw it away.

My Qin Clan will be using it to convey additional information to you if the Yang Clan takes any further action.”

Yang Ye glanced at it and said, “Thank you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and vanished on the spot.

Suddenly, Qin Youshui shouted, “The Yang Clan sent True Realm experts!”

“I can fight ten of them!” A voice came from afar.

It was Yang Ye’s voice.

Ten of them!

Qin Youshui was stunned on the spot.

In the boundless starry sky, a man was shooting through it like a shooting star.

There was a tiny ‘楊’ embroidered on his left chest.

It was the Yang Clan’s Yang Ling!

It didn’t take long for Yang Ling to arrive at the edge of the medium universe of the Milky Way System.

Suddenly, Yang Ling stopped because a man had appeared before him.

Yang Ye!

The man was Yang Ye!

“Yang Ye!” Yang Ling stared at Yang Ye, “The patriarch was right! You really have shown yourself!”

Yang Ye started walking slowly in Yang Ling’s direction, “Tell me something before you die.

Who raised the proposal to capture my family”

Yang Ling laughed coldly, “Yang Ye, if I’m not wrong, someone is definitely helping you in secret.

Let me guess, is it the Ying Clan The Wu Clan Or the Qin Clan”

Yang Ye stopped moving, “You know that someone is helping me!”

Yang Ling laughed coldly, “When a traitor like you has appeared in my Yang Clan, how could the other clans not try to use this opportunity Of course, it’s normal.

Even my Yang Clan would have done the same.”

“Traitor” Yang Ye chuckled, “I, Yang Ye, am a traitor How amusing! But it’s normal.

After all, people always like to take the moral high ground, and then push all the bad things onto others.”

Yang Ye shook his head at this point, “Since you refuse to answer me, then die.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye was about to attack.

However, the space around him suddenly trembled, and then five black robed old men swiftly appeared around him.

Five True Realm experts!

It was an ambush!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. The Qin Clan betrayed me

Such a thought had immediately appeared in Yang Ye’s mind!

Suddenly, Yang Ling said, “Yang Ye, while we don’t know who’s helping you, it doesn’t make a difference to us.

Because that’s exactly what we want!”

Yang Ye glanced at the old men around him and gazed at Yang Ling, “Five True Realm experts That doesn’t seem enough!”

Yang Ling grinned, “Just try it first.

If it isn’t enough, we have even better treatment waiting for you!”

As he spoke, Yang Ling bowed slightly to the five black robed old men, “Exalted Elders, even though he’s a member of our Yang Clan, he has become a sworn enemy of our clan.

He’s an extraordinary genius, so if he isn’t eliminated now, he’ll definitely become a calamity for our clan.

Thus, please don’t hold back!”

Meanwhile, one of the five old men, an old man who held a black cane, stepped forward.

He glanced at Yang Ye and said, “I’m Yang Shun, I watched your father grow up.”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, “Looks like you’ve lived for a very long time!”

Yang Shun nodded slightly, “All five of us have lived for a very long time.

We feel very regretful for what happened to you.

If we weren’t in closed door cultivation, we would have definitely stopped the clan from treating you in that way.”

Yang Ling’s face instantly became quite unsightly upon hearing this.

Meanwhile, Yang Shun added, “Unfortunately, it’s too late for that now.

You hold resentment towards the clan.

Based on your character, you’ll definitely take revenge on the clan.”

Yang Ye smiled, “So, I must die, right”

Yang Shun replied, “No.

I can give you a chance to live.

So long as you swear on your soul that you won’t take revenge on the clan, and hand over two strands of your soul, then we can let you live!”

“Hand over two strands of my soul” Yang Ye started laughing, “I thought that a few reasonable people had appeared in the Yang Clan.

But it seems like I was just too naïve.

Let’s just cut the crap and fight!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

At the same moment, Yang Shun and the others attacked.

They waved their hands forward.

In an instant, the space around Yang Ye suddenly started condensing in layers.

It instantly condensed into a small cage that trapped Yang Ye, and the area around the cage had transformed into a huge black hole.

The black hole stretched out for over 10,000km!

Meanwhile, Yang Ling suddenly chuckled, “Yang Ye, that’s true condensing of space.

Space has been condensed to its limits.

Coupled with the energy of five Exalted Elders, you wouldn’t be able to escape even if you’re at the True Realm right now!”

In the spatial cage, Yang Ye glanced at the cage which surrounded him, and then he tapped his sword against it.

The spatial cage didn’t even tremble.

“Haha!” Meanwhile, Yang Ling started laughing, “Yang Ye, you….”

His expression suddenly changed drastically.

At this moment, the hairs throughout his body were standing on end, and his instinct towards danger made him flash away and flee the spot that he stood on.

In next to no time, his figure had appeared 300m away.

However, as soon as he stopped there, his arm suddenly fell off his shoulder.

Everyone here gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was still on the spot, but the spatial cage around him was gone.

Yang Ye started walking slowly in Yang Ling and the others’ direction, “It’s not impossible for me to let bygones be bygones between me and the Yang Clan.

Let’s do this.

Tell the Yang Clan’s patriarch, Yang Xiao, to bring along the heads of those who ganged up on me that day, kneel before me, and then repeat these words a hundred times — Grandpa Yang, I was wrong.

Do that and I’ll let bygones be bygones.



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