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Chapter 1719 – I’m In A Bad Mood!

Yang Ye was quite stunned.

He hadn’t expected the man before him to actually kneel down and beg for mercy!

An instant later, Yang Ye’s wrist moved slightly, and then the man’s head flew up into the air.

Spare him

Yang Ye wasn’t a kind person.

The man before him had formed a group to kill him.

Had the man ever thought about Yang Ye’s family when he did that Moreover, Yang Ye was certain that if he didn’t possess sufficient strength, then the man would definitely have acted in a completely different manner.

Those who kill should be prepared to be killed!

After he killed the man, Yang Ye intended to leave, but a point in space not too far away from him trembled.

It didn’t take long for over a dozen figures to walk out from there.

Most of them were at the Zenith Realm, but there even were some at the Rebirth Realm!

A middle aged man in a luxurious robe stepped forward from the group and withdrew a portrait.

He glanced at it, and then he glanced at Yang Ye.

It didn’t take long for him to smile.

The middle aged man put the portrait away and smiled, “The Lu Clan didn’t lie to us.

The information is accurate.”

“Hehe!” Meanwhile, one of the men by the middle aged man’s side smiled, “Brother Mo Ming, we agreed that I’ll get a True Rank combat technique after we exchange Yang Ye’s head for the rewards.”

Another man said, “Me too.

I want a True Rank combat technique too!”

“I don’t want a combat technique.

I want a cultivation technique….”

“I want a True Rank weapon….”

All of them gazed at Yang Ye with burning desire.

It seemed like it wasn’t a person who stood before them, and it was True Rank combat techniques, cultivation techniques, and weapons instead!

The man called Mo Ming spoke abruptly, “Everyone, I won’t take everything for myself.

We can divide the rewards once we kill him and exchange his head for them, alright”


All of them nodded.

Mo Ming was about to attack when he suddenly seemed to have thought of something, and he immediately said, “Who’s willing to lead the assault”

“I’ll do it!” A short haired man stepped forward.

He held a large chopper with a skull at the front.

He smiled fiercely at Yang Ye and said, “I’m taking your head!”

He immediately stomped his right foot down and shot towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didn’t move at all.

Suddenly, a strange scene appeared.

The short haired man was very swift, and he instantly arrived before Yang Ye.

However, the eyes of everyone else here had opened wide, and their eyes were filled with disbelief!

It was because it had been a headless corpse that had arrived before Yang Ye!

They turned to look where the short haired man had been standing.

There was a head there, and it was just sitting there on the spot.

At this moment, their expressions became extremely unsightly.

They realized that as soon as the short haired man attacked, his head had been chopped off.

However, because Yang Ye’s attack was too swift, even the short haired man himself hadn’t realized that he’d lost his head.

So, such a scene had been created.

His figure had shot forward, but his head was gone.

The atmosphere here suddenly became heavy.

Mo Ming and the others’ faces had no smiles left on them, and there was only seriousness there.

They had extremely serious expressions on their faces.

At this moment, they knew that this deal wasn’t that easy to complete.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye started walking towards them.


Invisible pressure!

It was true pressure that didn’t require the support of any external forces.

Some people felt like the heavens just by standing there!

It was like standing within the starry sky.

When one faces the boundless universe, one would realize how tiny one was.

It was how imposing the universe was!

Now, Yang Ye had his own form of imposing aura.

Mo Ming’s face fell as he watched Yang Ye walk slowly in their direction, and then a wisp of viciousness flashed through his eyes, “No matter how strong he is, he's just a single person! Don’t be afraid! Attack!”

A single person!

Obviously, those words gave the others confidence, and they immediately charged at Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye vanished on the spot, and he was amidst the group when he appeared again.

A ray of light flashed, and a head fell to the ground.

In less than three breaths of time, only Mo Ming remained here.

As for the others, their heads had left their bodies.

They were just a rag-tag group!

As far as Yang Ye was concerned, they were a bunch of weaklings.

Most of them were at the Zenith Realm, and they were mostly ordinary Zenith Realm experts.

As for Rebirth Realm cultivators, they were even weaker.

So, as soon as the battle began, they hadn’t even been able to resist a single swing of Yang Ye’s sword.

Mo Ming’s body started to tremble.

At this moment, he realized why the Yang Clan was willing to pay such a high price for Yang Ye’s head.

It was because Yang Ye wasn’t that easy to kill!

Actually, he was aware of that before he came here.

However, the rewards the Yang Clan promised were truly too tempting.

He hadn’t been able to resist the temptation.

So, he’d come for Yang Ye.

However, he hadn’t acted that carelessly, and he hadn’t come alone.

He’d gathered a group.

But the facts proved that he’d still acted carelessly.

When he saw Yang Ye instantly annihilate his entire group, he knew that Yang Ye was a truly peerless genius, and such geniuses were existences that even True Realm experts trembled before!

He knew that he’d been tricked by the Yang Clan!

Mo Ming took a deep breath and said, “Yang Ye, I know I won’t be able to escape death.


Suddenly, Yang Ye appeared behind Mo Ming.

He didn’t turn around, and he just started walking off into the distance.

When Yang Ye vanished far away in the starry sky, Mo Ming’s head suddenly fell from his neck.

Over a dozen heads and over a dozen headless corpses descended slowly from midair.

Yang Ye suddenly stopped moving, and he turned to look towards a nearby point in space.

Suddenly, that point in space trembled, and then a young man walked out from there.

The young man hurriedly said, “Brother Yang, don’t attack me! I hold no ill intent towards you!

Yang Ye glanced at him and asked, “Who are you!”

The young man glanced at Yang Ye, and fear filled his eyes.

He’d witnessed the slaughter that Yang Ye had just carried out.

The young man thought for a moment and replied, “I was here to kill you! But… but I have no intention to do that anymore!”

Yang Ye asked, “Then why were you following me”

The young man replied, “I wasn’t following you.

You just noticed my presence.

I’ll leave right away!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the young man didn’t leave but gazed at Yang Ye instead.

If Yang Ye didn’t agree, then leaving his back to Yang Ye was no different than asking for death to take him.

Of course, even if he faced Yang Ye, he still wasn’t confident in his ability to resist a single attack from Yang Ye!

Yang Ye gazed at the young man for a long time and said, “How did all of you find me”

The young man heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

Even though he didn’t know Yang Ye, based on how Yang Ye had acted earlier, he knew that Yang Ye would definitely not say a word to him if Yang Ye intended to kill him.

He knew that he was sage!

The young man’s face eased up slightly, and he replied, “The Lu Clan.

We obtain information about you from the Lu Clan.”

Yang Ye asked, “The same Lu Clan that’s one of the eight clans”

The young man nodded, “They’re selling your whereabouts.

Moreover, it’s quite cheap.

They aren’t the only ones doing it too.

The Yang Clan seems to be providing information about your whereabouts as well.

Besides that, many other powers are doing the same.”

The Lu Clan!Lu Lige’s clan!

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment, and then he suddenly started walking off towards the distance.

“Where are you going” The young man had unconsciously asked that question.

But regret immediately filled him once he started speaking. I’m being a busybody! What if he gets displeased I’ll lose my head!

“The Lu Clan! I’m going to ask if they have nothing better to do!” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, he vanished from the young man’s field of vision.

The young man was stunned speechless.

Yang Ye wasn’t joking.

He really did go to the Lu Clan.

Even though he had a formidable enemy, the Yang Clan, and really shouldn’t offend the Lu Clan, he didn’t think like that at all.

What sort of situation was he in right now

Because of Merak System, he had no way out at all, and he couldn’t just kill and leave like the Unfettered One did.

The Unfettered One had no ties to others, but he did.

So, he couldn’t flee and avoid confrontation!

Once he tried to flee, many people would try to push their luck even further!

Because they would feel that he was easy to bully.

If he allowed others to think like that, then the trouble he faced would never end!

So, he intended to kill to stop them!

He intended to kill until no one dared to look for trouble with him! He intended to kill until the world feared him!

Madness was the way!

On his way to the Lu Clan, Yang Ye encountered many people that wanted to kill him.

But they weren’t a threat to him at all!

It didn’t take long for him to stop at a point in space.

It was because an old man was obstructing his path!

A True Realm expert!

A True Realm expert had appeared!

Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath, and neither did the old man.

Their gazes met for an instant, and then the old man’s expression changed drastically.

His figure flashed 300m away, and half his face was gone!

Right at the moment his figure stopped there, his expression changed drastically again.

This time, the remaining half of his face had turned ghastly pale.

Yang Ye had suddenly appeared over 1km behind the old man.

Yang Ye didn’t speak.

He just withdrew an Energy Pearl, consumed it, and then continued forward.

As for the old man, he stood on the spot for a while, and then his body suddenly split into two.

An instant later, his internal organs and blood splashed all over space!

Skyfire System.

Skyfire Continent.

Skyfire Continent was the main world of the Lu Clan, and it was the Lu Clan’s headquarters.

It was the center of authority for the Lu Clan!

Skyfire City.


A man in green clothes suddenly appeared in the sky above the city.

It was Yang Ye!

As soon as he appeared there, seven old men appeared before him, and all of them were True Realm experts!

Obviously, they knew he was coming!

The old man who led the group gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, and then he spoke in a low voice, “Yang Ye, you’re not welcome here!”

Yang Ye started walking towards them while holding his sword, “Your clan is selling information about me”

“Yes!” The old man looked Yang Ye in the eyes without displaying even a shred of fear.

Yang Ye asked, “Can you not”

The old man spoke coldly, “No.

Yang Ye, my Lu Clan isn’t a place that you can run wild at.

I’ll give you three breaths of time.

Immediately vanish from my sight or you’ll regret coming here!”

“Run wild” Yang Ye shook his head, “I’m in a bad mood today, so I want to make it rain.

Skyfire City looks like a nice place.

I’ll just make it rain here!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye waved his right hand.

The Stellar Sword Diagram instantly appeared before him, and then the scene around them changed.

A starry sky surrounded them, and then a dense rain of sword energy suddenly descended from the distant stars!


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