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Chapter 1727 – You Want To Play

Five times!

What did that mean

It meant that the number of rewards promised would even be painful for the Yang Clan to provide! It was a huge price to pay!

Regardless of whether it was True Rank treasures, combat techniques, or cultivation techniques, they were extremely rare even in huge clans like the Yang Clan.

Especially the True Spirit Fruits, even the True Realm experts of the Yang Clan would find it difficult to get one.

Yet now, the Yang Clan was actually giving ten as a reward for Yang Ye’s head!

Ten True Spirit Fruits!

It was enough to entice countless clans and True Realm experts, and that was exactly what the Yang Clan wanted.

They’d increased the rewards by five times with the hopes that it would attract True Realm experts and other clans.

Once those True Realm experts and clans acted against Yang Ye, Yang Ye days would be filled with trouble.

There were always brave people when enticed by abundant rewards!

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment, and then he smiled, “You want to play I’ll play until the end!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he closed his eyes slowly.

Meanwhile, over 100 heads had appeared behind him.

The woman in a blue dress suddenly carried Mo He’s corpse in her arms and walked towards the distance.

She walked for a while before suddenly stopping, and then she turned to look at Yang Ye, “You’re so strong, so why don’t you let others know If the world knew of your strength, no one would come to kill you, and so many wouldn’t have died.”

She sounded like she was complaining.

Because if she knew Yang Ye’s strength was so extraordinary, she wouldn’t have come even if her group had a hundred more experts in it.

Yang Ye opened his eyes, glanced at her, and said, “So, based on what you just said, it’s all my fault”

She fell silent for an instant before she replied, “You should let the world know of your strength!”

Yang Ye said, “Am I not doing that right now”

She said, “Killing isn’t necessary to accomplish that goal!”

Yang Ye looked her in the eyes, “Get your facts straight.

It was all of you who wanted to kill me, and it wasn’t I who went to kill all of you.

I was just defending myself.

It’s legal.


She gazed at him for a long time before she said, “Someone like you won’t live for long.”

Suddenly, a sword pressed against her forehead.

Yang Ye looked her in the eyes and said, “Since you were able to come here with others and try to kill me in exchange for treasures, it proves that you’re not a good person either.

So, cut the crap.

I spared you because of that fellow in your arms, and it wasn’t because of you.

Thank him well for the remainder of your life.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye walked away.

His voice resounded again after he took two steps away, “If I see you again in three breaths of time, then I’ll bury both of you together!”

Three breaths of time later, the woman was gone.

It was obvious that Yang Ye wasn’t someone who would show mercy to a beautiful woman.

She didn’t want to die, so she naturally wouldn’t act foolishly and try to defy Yang Ye.

Yang Ye glanced at the hundreds of heads below the city walls and fell silent.

This wasn’t the end, it was only the beginning!

The Yang Clan wouldn’t let him go that easily, and it definitely had a backup plan.

When that backup plan was used, it would be an absolute storm.

Because the Yang Clan knew his strength well, so when they did attack again, they would definitely be fully prepared, and they wouldn’t give him the slightest chance!

As for reconciliation

What a joke! The Yang Clan would never reconcile with him, and it wouldn’t dare either.

His threat to the Yang Clan was limited right now, but once he truly matured, then Yang Clan would have to tremble before him.

So, the Yang Clan would never allow him to grow.

As for Yang Ye himself, he would never accept reconciliation with the Yang Clan, and he would never forget what the Yang Clan had done to him!

A debt of blood must be repaid with blood!


The moon hung high up in the night sky, and specks of silver light rained down from above to cover the ground in a faint veil of light.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged outside the city, and he seemed like he was sleeping.

The city walls were still covered with people.

The spectators hadn’t left.

Yang Ye was waiting, and so were they.

Because the Yang Clan had increased the rewards by five times, the experts from all over the medium universe were rushing towards Sword Immortal City.

Late at night.

The surroundings were silent, and Yang Ye was still seated cross-legged on the ground while the spectators on the city walls were still there.

Suddenly, someone on the city walls said, “Someone has arrived.”

They looked up.

Under the rays of moonlight, they could see a man and a woman over 10km away.

Both of them were extremely young and seemed to be only over 20 years of age.

The man was handsome, and the woman was beautiful.

A moment later, the spectators’ expressions changed.

Because the man and woman had suddenly appeared 30m away from Yang Ye.

None of them had been able to notice how the man and woman appeared in front of Yang Ye!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye opened his eyes, glanced at the pair, and then stood up.

The man sized up Yang Ye and asked, “You’re Yang Ye”

Yang Ye nodded, “I am!”

Meanwhile, the man glanced at the heads behind Yang Ye and asked, “You killed all of them”

Yang Ye glanced at the man and woman, and he said, “If you’re here to kill me, then please make your move.

Let’s not waste our time.

If you’re not here to kill me, then see that The city gates are over there.”

The man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, and then he gazed at the woman by his side, “Senior Sister, will you, or shall I”

The woman glanced indifferently at Yang Ye, “It doesn’t matter.”

The man nodded, “Then I’ll do it.”

She said, “Be careful.”

The man chuckled, “The youths nowadays start acting arrogantly and haughtily once they have some ability.

Actually, they’re utterly unaware of how weak their ability is.

That’s what it’s like to be a frog at the bottom of a well.

They think the sky is as wide as the mouth of the well.”

When he spoke up to this point, he suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Just like you!”

Yang Ye didn’t speak, and he just vanished on the spot.

The man’s expression immediately changed when Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

Because a sword was already half an inch away from his forehead.


An explosion resounded, and then the man appeared over 1km away while Yang Ye was still standing on the spot.

Yang Ye glanced at the man.

There was a tiny golden shield on the man’s forehead, and it was exactly that shield which had stopped Yang Ye’s attack.

Meanwhile, the man and the woman revealed extremely solemn expressions on their faces.

An expert’s strength was obvious once the battle began!

Yang Ye’s attack allowed them to realize that they’d severely underestimated Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly started walking in the man’s direction.

There was no disdain left in the man’s eyes.

If he still looked down on Yang Ye, then he would really be not too far away from death.

Of course, he wasn’t very far from it now!

Suddenly, the man’s expression changed drastically.

At the same time, a ray of dazzling golden light erupted from the tiny shield on his forehead.


An explosion resounded, and then the man was blasted over 10km away.

However, Yang Ye was still walking, and it was like he hadn’t launched that attack.

The man stared at Yang Ye, “How can your speed be that swift!”

Yang Ye stopped and glanced at the man, “Give it your best guess!”

The man was about to speak when the woman suddenly said, “Watch out!”


As soon as she finished speaking, another explosion resounded, and the man was blasted 3km away.

At this moment, there were cracks on the tiny golden shield.

When the man noticed the cracks on the golden shield, his face instantly fell.

The golden shield was a True Rank treasure!

However, it had cracked open from just suffering a few attacks from Yang Ye.

The man looked up at Yang Ye.

At the moment his gaze descended upon Yang Ye, a sword had suddenly pressed against his forehead!


Another explosion resounded, and the man was blasted 3km away again.

As for the tiny golden shield on his forehead, it had cracked apart and transformed into numerous fragments that scattered all over the ground.

Suddenly, Yang Ye gazed at the man.

As soon as he noticed Yang Ye’s gaze, the man’s countenance turned ghastly pale.

How would he stop Yang Ye’s attack this time

“Please show mercy!” Suddenly, a voice resounded, and then an old man appeared not too far away from Yang Ye.

It was a True Realm expert!

The old man cupped his fist to Yang Ye and said, “Young Master Yang, I’m an elder of the Li Clan.

These two little fellows are a young master and young miss of my Li Clan.

My Li Clan wasn’t aware that they left to look for you.” He paused for a moment and continued, “Please give my Li Clan some face and spare them.”

The Li Clan!

One of the eight clans!

Yang Ye glanced at the old man, and then he glanced at the man and woman.

He said, “The youths nowadays start acting arrogantly and haughtily once they have some ability.

Actually, they’re utterly unaware of how weak their ability is.

That’s what it’s like to be a frog at the bottom of a well.

They think the sky is as wide as the mouth of the well.”

Yang Ye turned around and walked away once he finished speaking.

The man’s face became extremely unsightly.

Because Yang Ye had repeated the exact same words that he’d said to Yang Ye just now!

He’d used his mouth to convey those words, but Yang Ye had used facts!

The old man heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Yang Ye was giving the Li Clan face, and he said, “Thank you, Young Master Yang.

Feel free to visit my Li Clan when you’re free.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned to look at the man and woman, “From today onwards, both of you are not to leave the Li Clan for the next five years!”

He waved his hand once he finished speaking, and the three of them vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye was about to sit down on the ground again when he suddenly looked towards the distance.

A woman in a white dress had suddenly appeared there.

She wore a white dress, had a slender figure, and beautiful hair that hung down to her shoulders.

There was a white veil over her face, so her appearance was hidden.

There were two swords hanging on her waist.

She walked slowly towards Yang Ye, and it didn’t take long for her to arrive just 30m away from Yang Ye.

She looked him in the eyes, and then she stretched out her right hand, “Give it back to me.”

Yang Ye was stunned speechless.


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