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Chapter 1741 – You’re Full Of Tricks!

After Ying Mu’s group left, Yang Ye shrugged and gazed at Ku Zhuyi.

At this moment, she was looking at him too.

But her gaze was quite unusual.

Yang Ye waved his left hand, “I’m sure you saw that I didn’t lie to them.


What a pity! They didn’t believe me and insisted on going down there!”

Ku Zhuyi glanced indifferently at Yang Ye and said, “You’re full of tricks!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Ku Zhuyi asked, “Will they die”

Yang Ye shrugged, “Who knows Right, we can’t stay here! Let’s go!”

Actually, so long as that woman in a red dress didn’t look for trouble with him, he was safe in the city.

However, she wasn’t the only expert here, there were other humans here.

He naturally didn’t fear them, but he didn’t want trouble.

Ku Zhuyi nodded to display that she had no objections.

Just like that, they left the hall.

Right when they were about to leave the city….


A shrill and miserable cry resounded from their right.

After that shrill cry resounded, a few other shrill cries resounded in succession.

One of them was very familiar to them! It belonged to Ying Mu!

Ku Zhuyi shook her head, “I never expected the successor of the Ying Clan, the expert at the 2nd position on the Milky Way Rankings, to actually die in such a manner.”

Yang Ye nodded, “So, this tells us something.

Our brains are a good thing, and we should always use it.”

Ku Zhuyi replied indifferently, “It wasn’t that they weren’t using it, it’s that they didn’t have any!”

Yang Ye gave her a thumbs up in response, “Brilliant!”

“Let’s go!” She walked off once she finished speaking.

Yang Ye shrugged and left with her.

A day later.


Moment Mountain suddenly started to tremble, and the trembling increased in frequency.

In the end, it was like an earthquake was surging through it.

Everyone in Moment Mountain was shocked!

As for the experts of the eight clans who were guarding Moment Mountain, they didn’t know what had happened within Moment Mountain.

Just like that, the trembling continued for almost two hours.


Suddenly, a loud explosion resounded in the sky above the mountain, and then everyone watched as countless fragments of energy floated down from the sky.

The formation was broken!

At the entrance of Moment Mountain.

Yang Ye gazed at Ku Zhuyi and said, “Miss Ku, farewell.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was about to leave.

But Ku Zhuyi suddenly said, “Be careful.

Based on the information I received, the Yang Clan seems to be planning something.

It’s a plan with you as its target.”

Yang Ye stopped and gazed at her, “You recognized me”

She spoke indifferently, “I recognized you a long time ago.”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “How”

She replied, “There were too many questionable things about you.

For example, your physical strength, the fact that you’re a sword cultivator, the fact that I sense a familiar soul aura coming from you, and how shameless you are!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

She spoke softly, “While you’re an extraordinary genius, there’s no room for reconciliation between you and the Yang Clan.

Under such circumstances, they will absolutely stop at nothing to kill you.

So, you must be careful.”

Yang Ye nodded, “You said they’re planning something”

She nodded slightly, “I don’t know the details, but it’s definitely aimed at you.

Because the Yang Clan’s patriarch personally paid a visit to my Ku Clan.

His objective was to gain my Ku Clan’s help.

As for whether my clan agreed, I don’t know.”

She paused for a moment and continued, “The Ku Clan should have immediately refused something like this, but Yang Xiao stayed in my clan for an entire three days this time.

In other words, even if my clan didn’t agree, it probably didn’t refuse! Moreover, the Yang Clan may have sought help from more than just the Ku Clan!”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Forget it.” He hesitated for a moment, and then he waved his left hand.

The Soul Nurturing Tree which Snowy tricked and obtained that day appeared before Ku Zhuyi, “Snowy tricked it to come with us that day.

Now, it’s back in the hands of its rightful owner.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and vanished on the spot.

Ku Zhuyi gazed at the Soul Nurturing Tree for a long time, and then she waved her right hand and took it.

Once she left Moment Mountain, an old man from the Ku Clan immediately appeared in front of her, “What happened in Moment Mountain”

Ku Zhuyi shook her head, “Fifth Uncle, it’s not advisable to stay here! Let’s go!”

The old man frowned, “What are you trying to say”

She spoke solemnly, “There’s a living ancient cultivator in there.”

The old man’s expression immediately changed.

15 minutes later, all the members of the Ku Clan left Moment Mountain.

Even though the other clans didn’t understand why the Ku Clan had suddenly left and gave up on Moment Mountain, as far as they were concerned, it was a good thing.

If the Ku Clan left, it represented that it gave up its claim on Moment Mountain, so they were naturally able to gain even more.

After he left Moment Mountain, Yang Ye hid himself in space and entered the primordial Pagoda.


Cultivate like a madman!

He’d taken a look at the sword formation within the Sword Chest he obtained, and it was extremely strong.

It was absolutely stronger than the Stellar Sword Diagram.

His sword technique specialized in one on one battles, and he only had the Stellar Sword Diagram for group battles.

However, the Stellar Sword Diagram didn’t pose much of a threat to True Realm experts!


The core of the sword formation was obliteration.

There could be no kindness left in the heart as its user killed.

He had to be utterly ruthless.

That wasn’t a problem for him.

After all, he never pitied his opponents while he killed them!

Besides the sword formation, Yang Ye trained in another move, and it could be considered a technique he created himself.

The Sword Control Technique!

Actually, every sword cultivator knew that technique.

However, very few could use it well.

Now, he intended to train in it from the very beginning.

The Sword Control Technique!

Control the sword with the heart.

Where the heart is, so is the sword!

He intended to use his heart to control six swords.

That meant he had to split his attention into six.

Needless to say, it was extremely difficult.

In the beginning, controlling six swords was utterly chaotic for him.

However, he didn’t give up and trained slowly.

He trained bit by bit!

Yang Ye started training like a madman again.

As he trained, he grew more and more excited.

In the beginning, splitting his focus was only just a thought, but after he started training, he noticed that it would be absolutely terrifying if he succeeded!

Once he succeeded, he could split his focus onto six swords, and it meant that there would be six of him!

Of course, those six swords were absolutely not comparable to six of him.

However, if he really became skilled in it, then he could use the energy of the Laws he possessed with those swords.

Perhaps they wouldn’t be as strong as him, but their speed would definitely not be much slower than him!


Train to the death!

There were no shortcuts when it came to training.

Practice made perfect.

That was no joke!

Something worth mentioning was that while he trained like a madman, Snowy came to the cultivation room with the wooden sword.

She didn’t disturb Yang Ye and just started training just like he was! She was imitating him, and she did everything he did.

In the end, she was actually able to make the wooden sword fly without swinging her claw.

Of course, it was mainly because of the wooden sword.

It had its own consciousness, and it was fully cooperating with Snowy.

So, Snowy couldn’t be considered to be controlling it with her will.

Of course, its results were much better than Yang Ye.

Because she just had to think it, and the wooden sword would do it.

Snowy naturally thought she’d successfully learned Yang Ye’s method of controlling swords with her mind, and she was absolutely delighted.

After that, she took the wooden sword with her and went to challenge Qiong Qi!

From some point in time, Snowy had learned to train through live combat, and her opponent was Qiong Qi.

Qiong Qi had an absolute headache because of that.

Snowy was no threat to him, but the wooden sword was! Even though he was confident in his physical defenses, he didn’t dare to let the wooden sword strike him.

Even then, he didn’t refuse Snowy.

Of course, he couldn’t refuse her anyway!

Because every single time Snowy went to seek a spar with him, she wouldn’t say a word and just swing the wooden sword at him.

But Snowy was sensible, and she would give Qiong Qi ten Energy Pearls once the training was over.

Qiong Qi didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry whenever he saw those ten Energy Pearls being given to him.

Just like that, a month passed in the blink of an eye.

In the world on the 1st level.

Yang Ye stood on a huge rock with his eyes closed.

He seemed like he was in a meditative state.

Around ten breaths of time later, he suddenly opened his eyes.


As soon as he opened his eyes, six sword howls resounded abruptly, and then six swords appeared 3km away from Yang Ye in all directions.

They’d surrounded him.

Suddenly, the six swords moved.

One stabbed, one slashed, one flicked upwards….

In short, all of them performed different attacks!

It was like six people were training with the sword!

A short while later, Yang Ye issued a command in his heart.

In an instant, the six swords returned to him.

A smile curled up on the corners of his mouth as he gazed at the swords.

They weren’t just able to attack, they could be used defensively as well.

So, he could leave unharmed even if he faced ten True Realm experts now!

Besides that, he had the Obliteration Sword Formation too!

It could be said that even if he faced ten 3rd stage True Realm experts, he wouldn’t fear them at all and could even kill them instead!

Suddenly, Yang Ye frowned, and then he returned to the outside world.

After that, the scroll Yang Lianshuang gave him appeared before him.

There were only a few words on it, and Yang Ye slowly clenched his left fist when he read through them.

Because one of the two ancestors of the Yang Clan had emerged from his closed door cultivation!

That ancestor had emerged from his closed door cultivation because of Yang Ye!

A 6th stage True Realm expert!


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