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Chapter 1758 – They’re All Talk!

As soon as the voice finished resounding, over 20 old men appeared around Yang Ye.

All of them were True Realm experts!

The leader of the group was a middle aged man, and he was a 4th stage True Realm expert!

He was the Li Clan’s Grand Elder, Li Nianfeng!

Yang Lin and the others’ expressions became quite unsightly when they saw Li Nianfeng’s group.

After all, the group before them possessed absolute strength over their group!

Li Nianfeng smiled, “Yang Ye! Are you surprised”

Yang Ye glanced at Li Nianfeng, “A little!”

Li Nianfeng said, “There are even more surprises awaiting you.

Brother Yang Shun, come over here!”

As soon as he finished speaking, an old man behind Yang Ye vanished on the spot, and he was behind Li Nianfeng when he appeared again.

Yang Lin and the others’ expressions became extremely unsightly.

Yang Shun!

The vice hall master of the Discipline Hall.

He was someone who held real authority in the Yang Clan.

But he’d betrayed the Yang Clan!

Yang Lin stared at Yang Shun, “Why”

Yang Shun fell silent for a moment and said, “Brother Yang Lin, Patriarch Xiao died miserable, and Ancestor Xiang lost his body.

Besides that, the clan has lost countless experts.

Do you think our Yang Clan still has a future now”

He gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “Young Miss Shuang and him are extraordinary geniuses, but do you think the Ying Clan and the other clans will allow the two of them to grow They won’t! They’ll never allow the two of them to grow.

So, the Yang Clan has no future!”

Yang Lin stared at Yang Shun, “You’re a member of the Yang Clan!”

Yang Shun spoke indifferently, “The Yang Clan may cease to exist soon.”

Yang Lin wanted to say something, but Yang Ye waved his hand and gazed at Yang Shun, “No one can avoid making mistakes in their lives.

Some mistakes have no room for regret once they’re done, but some do.

You can mend your ways now.

You’ll still have a chance to live if you repent now!”

Yang Shun gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and said, “I can’t, and I don’t want to!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his eyes opened wide, and they were filled with disbelief.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “Since you can’t, then you don’t need your head!”

An instant later, a gust of wind blew by, and then Yang Shun’s head fell off his neck.

Blood sprayed out like a pillar!

Everyone here was stunned.

It didn’t take long for Li Nianfeng and the other experts of the Li Clan to reveal solemn expressions on their faces.

It was because they hadn’t been able to see that attack.

Even Li Nianfeng hadn’t been able to do so.

Actually, he’d sensed it, but it hadn’t been clear.

So, he thought he was just seeing things!

However, the facts told him that he hadn’t been seeing things!

Suddenly, Yang Ye waved his right hand.

An instant later, the space around Li Nianfeng trembled, and then ten True Realm experts appeared here.

All of them were the experts of the Yang Clan!

The expressions of the experts from the Li Clan turned even more unsightly at the sight of this.

Li Nianfeng stared at Yang Ye, “You knew Yang Shun had sided with us!”

Yang Ye shook his head, and his lips moved.

Li Nianfeng thought Yang Ye was about to say something.

However, just a moment later, his expression changed drastically, and then a terrifying aura swept out from him.

The aura caused the space around him to tremble violently.

It didn’t take long for space to return to normal.

Li Nianfeng’s body had stiffened on the spot.

A moment later, his head fell off his neck.

The expressions of the experts from the Li Clan changed drastically at the sight of this.

At this moment, the shock in their hearts was beyond extreme.

After all, two True Realm experts had been killed before the battle even started!

Moreover, one of them had even been a 4th stage True Realm expert! A 4th stage True Realm expert had been instantly annihilated like that!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye waved his right hand, “Kill them all!”

As soon as he gave the order, Yang Lin and the others immediately attacked.

Yang Ye didn’t join them.

He withdrew two Energy Pearls and consumed them.

At this moment, he wasn’t able to fight anymore.

Split Second was absolutely strong, but it exhausted a huge amount of energy too.

His profound energy was completely depleted right now!

However, he didn’t have to do anything right now.

Because just standing there caused the experts of the Li Clan to feel a wave of invisible pressure.

Even though they were fighting Yang Lin and the other experts of the Yang Clan, most of their attention was on Yang Ye.

All of them were afraid that Yang Ye would suddenly attack!

Under such circumstances, they were naturally no match for Yang Lin and the others.

In less than two hours, all 20 True Realm experts of the Li Clan were slaughtered, and the Yang Clan had lost three True Realm experts as well.

Three for 20 was a very good exchange.

It was also because Yang Ye had joined the battle upon recovering his profound energy.

Otherwise, the Yang Clan would have lost even more experts.

As he gazed at the three corpses before him, Yang Ye remained silent for a long time before he said, “Take them back to the clan and bury them.

Take good care of their descendants.”

Yang Lin nodded, and then he put the corpses away.

After that, he gazed at the corpses of those experts from the Li Clan, “What about them”

Yang Ye glanced at those corpses and replied, “Cut off their heads, string them up, and send them to the Li Clan.”

Yang Ye vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

Yang Lin and the others exchanged glances when they heard him, and then Yang Lin laughed bitterly, “Do as he said.”

Actually, he didn’t really want to do that.

Because doing that would definitely infuriate the Li Clan.

However, he knew that Yang Ye didn’t care about that.

Yang Ye wanted to deter them and terrify the Li Clan!

He didn’t just want to terrify the Li Clan, he wanted to terrify the other clans too!

Sure enough, when the Yang Clan sent that string of heads back to the Li Clan, the entire medium universe was shocked.

The Yang Clan had started its counterattack!

The clans knew that the Yang Clan would counterattack.

Because they knew that the Yang Ye wouldn’t just sit there and wait for death to arrive.

However, they hadn’t expected it to be such a fierce counterattack.

So many experts of the Li Clan had been annihilated, and their heads had even been sent back to the Li Clan.

It was a form of provocation!

Undisguised provocation!

At the same time, everyone understood something.

It was that while the Yang Clan was in a bad situation, and many clans including the Ying Clan were scheming against it, the Yang Clan had a completely fearless attitude towards it!

That was why Yang Ye had made Yang Lin send those heads back to the Yang Clan!

He wanted to tell the world that the Yang Clan wasn’t afraid!

Because of Yang Ye’s bloody methods, the other clans started to restrain themselves.

Even though they didn’t return those worlds which once belonged to the Yang Clan, they didn’t continue occupying even more worlds which belonged to the Yang Clan.

Even though the Yang Clan’s experts had retreated from those worlds, no one went to conquer them.

Yang Lianshuang was the current patriarch of the Yang Clan, and the other clans knew her quite well.

She was a bold and strong woman.

Of course, the most important factor was Yang Ye.

Yang Lianshuang was bold, capable, and strong.

But she wasn’t mad.

However, Yang Ye… Yang Ye was an utter madman!

Instead of saying that they feared the Yang Clan, it was more accurate to say they were afraid of Yang Ye!

Now, Yang Lianshuang fully trusted Yang Ye and gave him a huge amount of authority in the Yang Clan.

While the Yang Clan was much weaker after the internal strife it went through, it still had its resources and reserves.

The Yang Clan with Yang Ye in it was something that no one didn’t fear!

But while they feared it, they would never shrink back.

Yang Ye was a young mad wolf right now.

If he grew to adulthood, then the other clans would definitely have to live in fear.

Moreover, they didn’t want to give up slaughtering such a plump goat like the Yang Clan.


Besides their desire to prevent the Yang Clan’s extraordinary geniuses from growing, their second consideration was their own interests.

The Yang Clan was at its weakest state in history, so they refused to give up on taking bites out of it.

So, just four hours after Yang Ye killed the experts of the Li Clan, the Ying Clan, Li Clan, Wang Clan, Lu Clan, and Qin Clans announced a temporary alliance.

Moreover, they came to an agreement — the Security Agreement.

It was an alliance in both offensive and defensive battles!

As for its objective, it was obvious!

Besides that, the Ying Clan and the other clans started to spread rumors.

They spread rumors about the Yang Clan’s attack on the Li Clan and everything Yang Ye did, and they made it sound ten times worse.

For example, Yang Ye didn’t just kill the Li Clan’s experts in Oblivion Star Continent, he even slaughtered the main city there.

Tens of millions lost their lives in the hands of Yang Ye and the experts of the Yang Clan.

So, Yang Ye gained another nickname.

Devil Yang!

Besides that, they said Yang Ye and Yang Lianshuang wanted to take over the entire medium universe.

So, Yang Ye and the Yang Clan gradually became a common enemy of the entire medium universe.

Now, many people had an absolutely horrible impression of Yang Ye and the Yang Clan.

The Yang Clan couldn’t do anything about the slander from the Ying Clan and the other clans.

It was because the joint forces of those clans were fully capable of controlling public opinion!

Now, the Yang Clan was in an even worse situation.

Phecda Hall.

The experts of the Yang Clan were gathered here, and Yang Ye was here too.

Silence filled the hall for a long time before Yang Lianshuang gazed at Yang Ye, “What do you think about the bad opinion the people of this medium universe have towards us”

Everyone gazed at Yang Ye.

Actually, everyone here really admired Yang Ye and held him in high esteem.

When Yang Ye was an enemy of the Yang Clan, he gave them a huge headache; but when he was on their side, everything he did made them feel extremely happy!

Yang Ye grinned and gazed at Yang Lianshuang, “What do you think”

She grinned, “They’re all talk!”


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