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Chapter 1767 – It’s Time To Change Our Fate!

“People of extraordinary ability are born in every generation!”

Yang Xiu repeated it softly, and then he gazed at Yang Lianshuang, “That’s quite incisive!”

Yang Lianshuang chuckled and didn’t say anything.

Meanwhile, Yang Xiu said, “Every single one of the eight clans once had extraordinarily monstrous geniuses.

Like the Wu Clan’s Wu Mu, the Ying Clan’s Ying Jing, and the Ku Clan’s Ku Nitian….

All of them were leaders of their respective generations!”

Yang Lianshuang asked, “Yang Jing is still alive”

Yang Xiu nodded, “I think so.

Based on Yang Jing’s strength, there isn’t anyone in this medium universe that can kill her.

Just like that kid, Yang Ye’s, father.

Even if his cultivation vanished completely, he still escaped the Yang Clan’s pursuit, right”

Yang Lianshuang fell silent for a few breaths of time and said, “Thank you for your help, Ancestor!”

Ying Yu had intended to attack earlier, but Yang Xiu had stopped Ying Yu.

That was why they’d been playing Go just now.

Yang Xiu shook his head slightly, “Just as I said just now, the clan isn’t important to me.

But I’m still a member of the Yang Clan.

The Yang Clan was built with the blood and tears of our ancestors.

So, if it’s within the scope of my ability, I naturally wouldn’t just watch as it’s destroyed.”

He looked Yang Lianshuang in the eyes and continued, “But if all those old geezers show themselves and attack the Yang Clan, then I won’t interfere.

I can help the Yang Clan, but I won’t die with it!”

She nodded slightly, “I understand.”

Yang Xiu continued, “I won’t help if experts below the 6th stage of the True Realm attack the Yang Clan.

It’s pointless anyway.

Because if I help, then there’ll naturally be other 6th stage True Realm experts to deal with me.

In short, good luck to the both of you!”

He vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

Yang Lianshuang left the graveyard.

She looked up into the starry sky and said, “The Yang Clan won’t be destroyed!”

Heaven Desolation Continent, Heaven Desolation City.

When the Ying Clan and the other clans surrounded Heaven Void Continent, Yang Ye had gone to Heaven Desolation City.

The plan he’d discussed with Yang Lianshuang was that he would launch a surprise attack on the Ying Clan and the other clans once they attacked Heaven Void Continent!

It was a type of bet!

The reason he considered it a bet was because he wasn’t sure whether they would return.

If the Ying Clan and the other clans didn’t return to their own clans, then Heaven Void Continent would be finished.

However, based on his strength, he could annihilate Heaven Desolation City too!

Actually, he’d overlooked something.

The main targets of the alliance formed by the Ying Clan and the other clans wasn’t to crush Heaven Void Continent, it was to kill him and Yang Lianshuang.

So, even if they crush the Yang Clan, the Yang Clan wouldn’t be truly finished if Yang Lianshuang and him were alive.

Moreover, once Yang Lianshuang and him weren’t tied down by the Yang Clan anymore, they would become even more terrifying once they hid themselves completely.

So, the Ying Clan had decisively chosen to abandon the attack on the Yang Clan and return to Heaven Desolation Continent.

Yang Ye held his sword in hand as he stood outside the gates of Heaven Desolation City.

At this moment, it had been repaired quite a bit.

At the very least, the outer walls had been almost fully repaired.

Yang Ye had received word that Ying Qing and the others were on their way back to Heaven Desolation City.

Yang Ye gazed at the city walls for a long time, and then he turned around and vanished on the spot.


Five breaths of time later, an ear piercing sword howl resounded above the city, and then four rays of sword energy descended like shooting stars into the city.


The sword energy instantly sliced the city into numerous pieces.

At the same time, a few words appeared on the city walls — Continue rebuilding! I’ll be back again!

Around 15 minutes later, Ying Qing and the others were back, and their expressions became extremely unsightly when they saw those words outside the city.

One of the old men was about to erase those words, but Ying Qing stopped him, “Why erase it”

He pointed at the words and continued, “Don’t erase them.

Leave them there for all my Ying Clan’s members to see them every day.

It’s a humiliation to my Ying Clan, and it shouldn’t be eliminated until the humiliation has been washed away.”

All of them fell silent.

A humiliation!

It was a humiliation indeed!

Yang Ye had come to Heaven Desolation City twice.

Not only had he destroyed the city, he’d left such words on the city’s walls.

It was a terrible humiliation to a proud clan like the Ying Clan.

Meanwhile, Ying Qing added, “From this moment onward, Yang Ye is an irreconcilable enemy of my Ying Clan.

If he's alive, my Ying Clan shall perish; if my Ying Clan is alive, then he shall perish.

If this generation of our clan can’t kill him, then the next generation will; if the next generation can’t kill him, then the generation after that will do it.

We won’t stop until he’s dead!”

His voice was enhanced by profound energy, so it resounded like a thunderclap through the entire city.

At this moment, everyone in the city heard him.

An irreconcilable enemy!

It was the first time the Ying Clan had declared war on a person in the last hundreds of years!

Once Ying Qing spoke those words, it could be said that the enmity between Yang Ye and the Ying Clan would never end until one of them was dead!

However, Yang Ye didn’t care because the Ying Clan never had any intention to spare him, and they’d merely made it clear now!

In the end, the incident in Heaven Desolation City couldn’t be kept quiet, and it spread.

After all, the commotion had been so huge that it was impossible to conceal.

Coupled with the fact that the Yang Clan was spreading news about it, it only took a short while for the entire medium universe to find out that Yang Ye had gone to Heaven Desolation City again.

Moreover, he’d wreaked havoc there again!

Especially what he left on the wall — Continue rebuilding! I’ll be back again!

Those words could be said to have utterly humiliated the Ying Clan, and it made Yang Ye’s name reverberate through the medium universe again!

Besides that, it made the others, who intended to kill Yang Ye’s loved ones, to change their minds.

What a joke! Even the Ying Clan couldn’t do anything to Yang Ye.

If they offended Yang Ye, then they would be courting death.

However, there were some who were still hopeful.

Because they felt that once they finished killing, they could exchange those heads for treasure before going into hiding.

Once they’d hidden themselves and didn’t show themselves again, then what could Yang Ye do to them Of course, there were few people like that.

After all, not everyone had no brains.

After he chopped up Heaven Desolation City, Yang Ye didn’t stay on Heaven Desolation Continent, and he left.

He didn’t want to be surrounded and attacked.

He couldn’t fight them head-on right now.

He had to act shamelessly!

He absolutely couldn’t let himself get carried away, or it may end with his death!

Yang Ye wore a black robe as he traveled through space, and his sword was hidden.

Coupled with the fact that he’d concealed his aura, even Yang Lianshuang would probably be unable to recognize him.

Presently, he was too famous, so he had to keep a lower profile.

If someone saw him, it wouldn’t take long for countless people to find out where he was.

Right when Yang Ye was about to enter Heaven Void Continent, he noticed a young man in space.

The young man had noticed him too.

Because he hadn’t concealed himself, and he’d merely concealed his aura.

Yang Ye glanced at the young man and was about to leave, but the man appeared before him.

The young man asked, “Brother, are you heading to Heaven Void Continent”

Yang Ye nodded, “Why”

A smile curled up on the corners of the young man’s mouth, “Based on your dressing, I presume you’re here for Yang Ye”

Yang Ye was stunned, “Here for Yang Ye”

The young man replied, “Aren’t you”

Yang Ye glanced at him and said, “Yes.

Right, you’re here for him too”

The young man smiled, “Sort of.

After all, the rewards promised by the Ying Clan and those other clans is truly tempting!”

Yang Ye’s eyes instantly narrowed beneath his robe, “You’re here for Yang Ye’s family”

“Of course!” The young man chuckled, “Yang Ye’s strength is absolutely heaven defying, and I’m no match for him.

However, if it’s his wives and daughter… Hehe, I’ve heard that most of his wives are at the Zenith Realm, and some are even below the Zenith Realm.

Cultivators at the Zenith Realm are easy prey for me!”

He paused for a moment and continued, “Since you’re here for the same thing, why don’t we work together The more people we have on our side, the safer it’ll be.


Yang Ye thought for a moment and nodded, “Alright!”

The young man smiled, “Alright, let’s go.”

Yang Ye asked, “Phecda City is huge.

Do you know where his wives and daughter are”

“Of course!” The young man smiled, “I have someone in the Yang Clan, and he’s a higher-up of the Yang Clan.

I’m working together with him.

So, there won’t be any problems!”

He has someone in the Yang Clan! Yang Ye slowly clenched his left fist, “Aren’t you afraid that Yang Ye will return”

“He isn’t in Heaven Void Continent!” The young man continued, “According to my informant in the Yang Clan, he should be in Heaven Desolation City.

Moreover, he’ll be heading to the other clans too.

So, it’s an opportunity for us.”

Yang Ye nodded, “I see.

Then let’s go!”

“Alright!” As soon as he finished speaking, the young man shot down towards Heaven Void Continent, and Yang Ye followed closely behind him.

Yang Ye suddenly asked while they traveled, “Are we attacking immediately”

“No!” The young man continued, “We have to wait for a while!”

Yang Ye asked, “Why”

“Because Yang Ye’s daughter plays with another little girl at the back of Phecda City at noon, every single day.

That’s our chance.

We’ll get his daughter first!” explained the young man.

Yang Ye said, “They are probably protected!”

The young man replied, “It’s fine.

My informant will draw them away!”

Yang Ye said, “I see!”

The young man suddenly grinned, “We’ll be there in a moment.

Hehe! Brother, it’s time to change our fate.

True Rank treasures and True Spirit Fruits….

Tsk, tsk!”

It didn’t take long for them to sneak into Phecda City.


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