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Chapter 1787 – Zhuang Weirans Strength!

The ancient city.

The city wasnt huge.

Or to be precise, it was very small.

It was less than 30km wide, and there were very few people in it.

Only some core figures of the Yang Clan were here.

Yang Lianshuang had only evacuated the core figures of the Yang Clan.

As for the others, she didnt have to bring them along.

Because the Ying Clan and those other clans wouldnt act against ordinary people.

It was completely meaningless.

Moreover, those people were a worlds foundation, and the Ying Clans coalition wouldnt destroy the foundation of the worlds they occupied.

It was like how an emperor may be changed frequently, but the people are always the same.

Because no matter who takes the throne, so long as that person has some brains, that person wouldnt act against the commoners.

As soon as Yang Ye entered the city, two little fellows ran over to him.

They were Lei Lin and Xueer.

Yang Ye took them in his arm and gave them a huge kiss each.

He smiled, “Xueer, Lei Lin, did you miss me”

Xueer quickly nodded, “I did!”

Lei Lin nodded as well, but she didnt say anything.

Yang Ye chuckled, and then he vanished on the spot with them in his arm.

In a room.

Su Qingshi and the others were here.

But Zhuang Weiran wasnt here.

Su Qingshi glanced at Yang Ye and spoke softly, “Youve grown stronger again!”

Yang Ye took her hand and nodded slightly, “I was a little lucky, so Im slightly stronger than before.

What about all of you How have you been”

She replied softly, “Weve doing very well.

Lianshuang is very good to us.

But we were a little worried about you.

However, it seems like our worries were unnecessary!”

Yang Ye pinched her hand gently, and then he gazed at Qin Xiyue, Lu Waner, and the others, “Do you regret being with me”

They shook their heads, and Qin Xiyue spoke with slight displeasure, “Were all a family, so why ask something like that”

Yang Ye grinned, “Alright, I wont say things like that again.”

Meanwhile, Su Qingshi suddenly said, “Right, Weiran is charging into the True Realm!”

“The True Realm” Yang Ye was stunned, “Shes charging into the True Realm right now Didnt she just attain the Zenith Realm”

Su Qingshi nodded, “Her natural talent is truly outstanding.

She immediately attained the Zenith Realm upon arriving at the Milky Way Systems medium universe.

She doesnt seem like she can stop there….”

Yang Ye thought for a moment.

Actually, it did make sense.

Zhuang Weiran wasnt just a pretty face; she was someone the old man in a Daoists robe had thought highly of.

Because of the scarcity of spirit energy, shed stopped at the Rebirth Realm in the Merak System.

Now, there werent any restrictions like that here.

So, based on her natural talent, it was very normal for her to attain the Zenith Realm and even the True Realm!

It should be said that if she was born in the medium universe of the Milky Way System, she would probably be at the 5th stage of the True Realm at least!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and gazed at Su Qingshi, “Where is she”

Su Qingshi replied, “The cultivation rooms!”

“Ill go take a look!” Yang Ye vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

There were many cultivation rooms beneath the city, and they were specially made for the disciples of the Yang Clan to cultivate in.

In a cultivation room, a woman in a beautiful robe sat cross-legged on the ground with her eyes closed.

Her hands were twisted together in a strange seal before her chest, and there was a black halberd on her right.

It was Zhuang Weiran!

Suddenly, she opened her eyes, “Youre here!”

A moment later, Yang Ye appeared in front of her.

He squatted down in front of her and said, “How did you know Im here”

“Your aura!” She gazed at him, “I sensed your aura!”

Yang Ye chuckled and sized her up.

It didnt take long for a wisp of surprise to flash through his eyes, “Youve attained the True Realm”

She nodded, “I just attained it not too long ago!” She suddenly grabbed the halberd with her right hand, “Lets spar”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and nodded, “Alright!”

A moment later, she stood up, and then her halberd slammed down in Yang Yes direction.

Yang Ye didnt dare act carelessly.

After all, her strength once overwhelmed him!

A sword appeared in his grasp, and then he flicked it upwards.


As soon as they came into contact, an explosion resounded, and then Yang Ye was blasted 30m away.

Once he stopped himself, he gazed at his left hand.

At this moment, it was trembling!

Shes strong! Yang Ye looked up at her, “Thats Unrivaled Strength.

No, wait.

Its a little different….”

Zhuang Weiran suddenly said, “Its the Brink Version of Unrivaled Strength!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “The Brink Version”

She nodded, “Its still Unrivaled Strength, but its at the Brink when released.

So, its strength multiplies.”

“I see!” Yang Ye nodded.

He hadnt imagined that Unrivaled Strength could be used like this.

“Fight seriously!” Meanwhile, she suddenly said, “Dont hold back!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he looked up at her.

As soon as he did that, her expression changed because the tip of a sword had arrived before her forehead.

Meanwhile, her head suddenly moved sideways and avoided the sword.

At the same time, she tapped her right foot against the ground and floated over 10m back.

After that, she suddenly appeared above Yang Ye, and then the halberd slammed down like a mountain towards Yang Ye.

A smile curled up on the corners of Yang Yes mouth.

He flipped his palm, and his sword stabbed upwards.

Unrivaled Strength!

Hed used Unrivaled Strength as well!


The sound of metal colliding resounded, and then Yang Ye was blasted 30m away.

As soon as he stopped himself, Zhuang Weiran appeared in front of him, and then her halberd swept towards him.

Yang Yes expression changed slightly as he hurriedly raised his sword to defend himself.


Yang Ye was blasted over 60m away.

As soon as he stopped himself, Zhuang Weiran was about to attack again, but her pupils suddenly constricted.

A moment later, a sword suddenly appeared just less than 10cm away from her forehead!

It was too fast and too sudden!

However, she was no ordinary expert.

Even though she was extremely shocked, her mind was very clear.

At the instant the sword was about to stab her forehead, her body bent backwards like it had been broken at her waist, and it allowed her to avoid Yang Yes attack.

At the same time, he tapped her foot down and floated over 100m away to create some distance between her and Yang Ye!

Suddenly, Yang Ye appeared in front of her, and then a smile curled up on the corners of his lips while his sword slashed down at her.

Zhuang Weirans eyes narrowed slightly while a trace of seriousness appeared in them.

She didnt dare act carelessly, and she took the halberd in both hands before raising it to defend herself.


Their weapons shook violently upon coming into contact with each other, and then Zhuang Weiran was pushed over 100m away.

Her figure hadnt even stopped when Yang Ye soundlessly appeared behind her, and then a sword swept at her nape.

Even though she was extremely shocked by Yang Yes speed, she remained very calm.

She stomped her right foot down and relied on the counterforce to spin on the spot.

At the same time, she waved her halberd horizontally towards her back.

Meanwhile, Yang Yes sword suddenly changed its trajectory.

It changed from a slash to a stab, and it stabbed against the halberd which swept towards Yang Ye.


An explosion resounded.

The sword and halberd shook violently, and then both of them were pushed backwards repeatedly.

But theyd only been pushed back for a moment when they charged at each other again.


A deafening explosion resounded.

The entire underground room trembled violently before Yang Ye and Zhuang Weiran split apart again.

This time, they didnt attack each other again.

Zhuang Weiran gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before she spoke softly, “I didnt expect you to be so strong.” She paused for a moment and continued, “You havent used your full strength, right”

Yang Ye nodded.

He really hadnt.

She wouldnt be able to endure his attacks if he used the Grand Teleportation Technique and his intents.

However, Zhuang Weirans strength had really shocked him.

Because while she was only at the 1st stage of the True Realm, her combat strength was absolutely not inferior to a 5th stage True Realm expert!

Zhuang Weiran shook her head when she saw Yang Ye nod, “You really grow so quickly!”

Yang Ye walked over to her and said, “Im sure youre aware of the reason Ive grown so quickly.

I have that treasure.

If you have it, youll definitely grow much faster than me!”

Actually, it was all thanks to the Primordial Pagoda that he could improve his strength to its current level in such a short amount of time.

If he didnt have it, he wouldnt have even been able to attain the True Realm quickly, let alone the Enlightened Rank.

Zhuang Weiran shook her head, “Everyone has their own fortuitous encounters.

Fortuitous encounters are one aspect, but hard work is more important.

Even though that pagoda has helped you tremendously, your hard work played a huge role.

Up until now, the suffering youve endured is definitely much greater than many have endured in their lifetimes.”

Yang Ye thought about the past, and then he shook his head and smiled.

It was true.

He really had suffered tremendously in the past.

Especially when he cultivated his body.

It was truly a horrible experience!

Yang Ye shook his head and gazed at Zhuang Weiran.

He smiled, “Lets not talk about all of this.


Suddenly, Yang Ye and Zhuang Weirans expressions changed, and then they vanished within the cultivation room.

It didnt take long for them to arrive in the sky above the city.

At this moment, Yang Lianshuang was in the air as well, and she looked up into space with a solemn expression on her face.

Yang Ye asked, “Has the Ying Clans coalition found us”

Yang Lianshuang shook her head, “It doesnt seem to be them!”

Yang Ye looked up into the starry sky above them.

A point in space there was trembling slightly, and then the space there gradually cracked open!

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