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Chapter 1793 – The Undertaker!

The man was around the age of 30, had hair that hung down to his shoulders, and wore a linen robe.

Even though his expression was calm, he had a dignified and overbearing aura.

A 6th stage True Realm expert!

The middle aged man was a 6th stage True Realm expert!

Ying Qing and the others were about to attack when Ying Yu suddenly waved his hand and stopped them.

Ying Yu gazed at the middle aged man and said, “Youre from Heaven Pillar Mountain!”

Surprise flashed through the middle aged mans eyes, “How did you know!”

A smile appeared on Ying Yus mouth, and he replied, “Youre too late.

Yang Ye has fled.”

“Fled” The middle aged man frowned, “Do you know where he is”

Ying Yu shook his head slightly, “I dont.

However, we can help you find him.”

The middle aged man glanced at Ying Yu and asked, “What do you want in return”

Ying Yu replied, “Nothing.

Because we have enmity with him.”

The middle aged man nodded, “Alright!”

Ying Yu hesitated for a moment and asked, “May I know your name”

The middle aged man looked up at Ying Yu and replied, “A very long time ago, they called me the Undertaker!”

The Undertaker!

Ying Yu glanced at the middle aged man and said, “Yang Yes skill in concealment is outstanding.

If he hides and refuses to show himself, then well probably be unable to find him.

However, I have a way thatll definitely be able to force him to show himself.

However, its a little risky.”

The middle aged man closed his eyes slowly, “Tell me!”

Ying Yus smile grew even wider when he heard the middle aged man.

The ancient city.

After they left Heaven Desolation Continent, Yang Yes group returned to the ancient city, and Nether Maiden and the others returned here with him.

In the Primordial Pagoda, Yang Ye started recuperating like a madman.

Healing his injuries!

Even though hed gained the upper hand at the end of the battle with Ying Yu, it had exhausted a tremendous amount of his strength.

That battle allowed him to realize that while he could fight 6th stage True Realm experts, it was quite difficult for him to kill them.

If the battle between them continued, then his chances of winning would only be 50% if he didnt use external sources of strength like the Divine Yin Flame and the Wargods arm!

In other words, it was likely that he would be killed!

As for the woman in a red dress.

Even though she was at the 6th stage of the True Realm too, she couldnt be judged based on convention.

Her strength absolutely surpassed the 6th stage of the True Realm by a huge amount.

In short, his strength was far from sufficient!

The main reason was that his opponents were extremely old existences.

As for the younger generation, it was very rare to find anyone in the younger generation who was capable of fighting him.

Suddenly, a voice resounded in Yang Yes ears, “Kid! Let me out! I can fight 10 existences like that old geezer from before!”

Yang Ye turned around and saw the head had suddenly appeared not too far away from him.

After the head yielded that day, hed remained within the Primordial Pagoda, and the Primordial Pagoda didnt attack him again.

However, Yang Ye didnt let him leave either.

It was mainly because Yang Ye didnt dare to do so.

After all, the head was a terrifying existence.

Once the head was released, it was obvious that he would be the first to be killed by the head!

At that time, he wouldnt be a match for the head without the Primordial Pagoda to help suppress the head!

Yang Ye glanced at the head and said, “Can you deal with that woman in a red dress”

The head frowned, “Shes an Evil Cultivator, and she isnt ordinary.

But whats she doing here”

“She was sealed!” Yang Ye continued, “She was sealed by someone.”

Actually, it was probably the old man in a Daoists robe who had sealed her.

Since hed sealed her himself, how could she be an ordinary person

“She was sealed!” The head pondered deeply for a moment and replied, “I can sense that her strength hasnt recovered to its peak.

However, I have nothing to fear even if her strength returns to its peak! Kid, let me out and Ill help you deal with her!”

Meanwhile, Qiong Qi suddenly appeared not too far away from Yang Ye.

He glanced at the head and said, “Hou Qing, will you die if you stop bragging for a second”

“Im bragging” Hou Qing spoke angrily, “Qiong Qi, you think Im no match for that woman”

Qiong Qi replied indifferently, “Youll definitely be able to defeat her in her current state if you were at your peak.

But youre absolutely not a match for her now.

Just look at yourself.

Youre just a head.

How will you even fight her”

Fury instantly covered Hou Qings face, “Its all that damnable Sovereign of Mans fault!”

Qiong Qi suddenly asked, “How did you offend him”

“Why the heck would I offend him Do I have nothing better to do” Hou Qing spoke angrily, “I just had a sudden desire to make a trip to the human races territory.

But I actually bumped into him, and then he hunted me down for nine days and nights.

In the end, I had no other choice but to tear open the barrier and flee to this lower dimension.

Fortunately, he didnt dare to come down with me.

Otherwise, I would be dead!”

“The Sovereign of Man” Yang Ye gazed at Hou Qing, “Whos that”

Hou Qing glanced at Yang Ye and said, “The original owner of that sword.”

Yang Ye asked, “Is he strong”

Hou Qings eyelids twitched, “Hes the sovereign of your human race.

What do you think”

Yang Ye asked, “The sovereign of the human race Hes the strongest in the human race”

Hou Qing shook his head, “Ignorance is truly terrifying!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Qiong Qi suddenly said, “He isnt the strongest in the human race, but his status in the human race is extremely high, and his strength is extraordinary as well.

The human race has its Sovereign of Man, Sovereign of Earth, Sovereign of Sky, and Sovereign Emperor.

The Sovereign of Man manages the human race, the Sovereign of Earth manages the nine hells, the Sovereign of Sky manages the heavens.

As for the Sovereign Emperor, hes very mysterious and rarely shows himself.”

Qiong Qi paused for a moment and continued, “Kid, I suddenly realized that the Sovereign of Man and the Sovereign of Sky are linked to you!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “What do you mean!”

Qiong Qi said, “The Sovereign of Man is the wooden swords owner.

So, hell definitely come looking for you.

As for the Sovereign of Sky, hell definitely come for you.”

Yang Ye felt even more puzzled, “Why would the Sovereign of Sky come for me”

Qiong Qi replied, “Because his daughter is with you!”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he spoke with astonishment, “Xiao Qi is the Sovereign of Skys daughter”

Qiong Qi nodded.

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “Perhaps its a good thing!”

Qiong Qi asked, “What do you mean”

Yang Ye was quite excited, “Look, while I havent gone up there, I have so many people to rely on up there.

As for you, Brother Qiong Qi, youll definitely be able to let me roam freely through the demon race! Besides that, based on my relationship with Xiao Qi, Ill have the Sovereign of Skys protection in the human races territory, so Ill be able to roam freely there too!”

He gazed at Hou Qing when he spoke up to this point.

He was just about to speak when Hou Qing suddenly said, “If you go to the Shaman Races territory, youll die before you realize youre dead.”

Yang Ye asked, “Why”

Qiong Qi said, “Because the shaman race is on very bad terms with the human race.

Thats why he was reduced to such a state after making a trip to the human races territory.”

Hou Qing glanced coldly at Qiong Qi, “Do you think you wouldnt suffer if you go there”

Qiong Qi spoke indifferently, “I know, so I wouldnt go there.

Unlike someone whos so courageous and went there on his own!”

Hou Qing ignored Qiong Qi and gazed at Yang Ye, “Kid, let me go, and Ill deal with those enemies of yours.

What do you think”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Im afraid youll deal with me first!”

Hou Qing was at a loss for words.

Yang Ye didnt waste his breath on them and continued his recuperation.

Hou Qing glanced at the surroundings and said, “I know what this place is.”

Qiong Qi replied, “It took you so long”

Hou Qing spoke in a low voice, “I didnt expect that the treasure my shaman race is searching for would actually be in this kids possession.”

Qiong Qi fell silent for a moment and said, “I didnt expect it either!”

Hou Qing glanced at Yang Ye and said, “That kid has great fortune!”

Qiong Qi shook his head, “But he faces great danger too.”

Hou Qing said, “Fortune has always been accompanied by danger!”

Qiong Qi nodded, “Thats true!”

A moment of silence ensued, and then Hou Qing spoke abruptly, “What will you do if he goes to the large universe Dont tell me that you wont act against him.

If this treasure returns to the hands of the human race, then it wont just be a huge threat to my shaman race, itll be a huge threat to your demon race too.”

Qiong Qi fell silent for a long time, and then he replied, “I dont know.”

Yang Yes injuries were completely healed with the help of the primordial Pagoda.

He was lucky to have the Primordial Pagoda, or those injuries would have taken a few months to heal.

He didnt leave the Primordial Pagoda.

After playing with Snowy for a while, he went to the 3rd level.


As far as he was concerned, the most important thing was improving his strength.

After all, many people were coming to look for trouble with him, and all of them were extremely old experts.

His current strength was clearly quite insufficient to face them!

Moreover, while he had the Martial Envoys help this time, would she help him again

It was best to rely on himself!

Time trickled by.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed.

Suddenly, Yang Ye stopped cultivating and returned to the outside world.

In a hall, Yang Ye gazed at Yang Lianshuang and asked, “What happened” Hed stopped cultivating because Yang Lianshuang wanted to see him.

Yang Lianshuang remained silent for a moment and said, “The Ying Clans coalition has gone to the Wu Clan, and they want the Wu Clan to hand over An Nanjing to them.

The Wu Clan may be unable to refuse their request.”

Yang Yes eyes instantly turned icy cold when he heard this.

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