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Yang Ye and Ning Xiu had just stepped foot into the association building when a petite figure suddenly ran down from upstairs, and Ning Xius expression instantly became unsightly when he saw this figure.

This figure belonged to none other than Baoer! Moreover, that woman who had entered into conflict with Yang Ye earlier was by Baoers side.

Ning Xiu was about to run yet he was too late in the end because Baoer had already noticed Yang Ye and Ning Xiu.

When Baoer saw Yang Ye, she was first stunned, and then she made a face at him.

After that, her eyes narrowed when she looked at Ning Xiu who stood by Yang Yes side with an unsightly expression, and then she revealed a brilliant smile.

Yang Ye noticed that Ning Xius expression had grown even more unsightly.

Baoer ran over to Ning Xiu, bowed respectfully to him, and then spoke in a very polite manner.

“Baoer greets Grandpa Ning.

Hi Grandpa Ning!”

Yang Ye was dumbstruck by this scene.

When did Baoer become so polite Is she still that little she-devil that caused the members of the Sword Sect to flee upon hearing her nameAt this moment, Yang Ye who was astounded hadnt noticed that Ning Xius face was twitching fiercely when Baoer called him grandpa….

Ning Xiu revealed a smile that looked even worse than a crying expression, and he said, “Baoer is such a good girl.

Baoer has just greeted Grandpa in the morning, so theres no need for that now.

Right, even you are aware that Grandpa Ning has been short of talismans lately.

So….” As he spoke, Ning Xiu suddenly stopped speaking.

Because the brilliant smile on Baoers face had vanished, and most importantly, shed stretched her hands into the pouch she carried in front of her.

At this moment, Yang Ye noticed something was off as well.

Because Ning Xius current expression was really off!

The woman at the side shook her head, and a wisp of tender affection flashed in her eyes as she gazed at Baoer!

“Grandpa said that Baoer must be polite, otherwise, Baoer would be scolded by Grandpa!” Baoer revealed a smile again.

The corners of Ning Xius mouth twitched while he said in his heart, What a joke! Would your grandpa dare to scold you He would rather scold the Master of the Origin School than scold you!

Of course, he didnt dare speak this out aloud.

Ning Xiu smiled bitterly and said, “Baoer, Grandpa Ning is really very short of money now, Grandpa Ning doesnt even have the money to purchase the materials to craft an ordinary Technique Talismans.


Baoers gaze became slightly hostile as she interrupted him and said, “Could it be that Grandpa Ning hates Baoer” When she spoke up to here, she suddenly scooped up a bunch of Technique Talismans from within her pouch.

Yang Yes eyelids twitched when he saw these Technique Talismans because he noticed that at least three were high-rank Technique Talismans….

Ning Xiu was on the verge of crying.

Even though the might of three high-rank Technique Talismans was terrifying, he would rather suffer them if the little she-devil would give up on targeting him after that.

But the problem was that even if he suffered these three high-rank Technique Talismans, the little she-devil before him wouldnt let him go, and she would even get Technique Talismans of a higher quality….

When he thought up to here, Ning Xiu took a deep breath before he flipped his palm, and then two Technique Talismans appeared in his hand.

He said, “Baoer, this is everything Grandpa Ning has.

Its all yours!”

Yang Yes eyelids twitched while he felt both shocked and envious in his heart.

Because the Technique Talismans in Ning Xius hand were actually high-rank Technique Talismans!

Two such talismans were equivalent to two Earth Rank techniques that could be utilized a single time! He felt that Ning Xiu was truly too generous, and it was to the point even he wanted to address Ning Xiu as Grandpa Ning….

Baoer shook her head when she saw the two Technique Talismans in Ning Xius hand.

She said, “Grandpa told me that there are no gains without pains.

Baoer cant just take someone that belongs to someone else.

Grandpa Ning, quickly put it away!”

Yang Ye was astounded to the point his jaw almost hit the floor.

Baoer actually rejected it Is this a joke Baoer who specializes and loves to plunder the treasures of others actually refused two high-rank Technique Treasures

The corners of Ning Xius mouth twitched fiercely while the smile on his face became even more unsightly as he said, “Your grandpa is right.

But these two Technique Talismans are just something Grandpa Ning gave Baoer to play with, so its nothing worth mentioning.

If your grandpa intends to punish you, then tell him Grandpa Ning forced you to accept it.

In that way, he wouldnt punish you anymore!”

Ning Xiu was naturally not a foolish fellow.

If he really listened to Baoer and put those talismans away, then he dared guarantee numerous Technique Talismans would fly towards him in the next moment….

Baoer blinked, and then she said, “Will that really be alright”

“Of course!” The corners of Ning Xius mouth were on the verge of becoming crooked from the twitching.

Baoers eyes narrowed into two crescents as she smiled, and then she stretched out her little hand and placed it on those two talismans in Ning Xius palm.

She touched them lightly before she suddenly looked at Ning Xiu and said, “Grandpa Ning, these are talismans that you insisted on giving Baoer, so you have to bear witness for Baoer if my grandpa asks about it!”

Ning Xiu.


Yang Ye was slightly unable to watch any longer.

Its not right to act like that after benefitting!

He stretched out his hand to take those Technique Talismans in Ning Xius hand, and then he pushed them into Baoers little pouch before he patted her on the head.

“Let your Grandpa Ning off, alright Didnt you notice that hes on the verge of tears”

Baoer blinked, and then she looked at Ning Xiu and said, “Is Grandpa Ning unwilling Since its like that, then Baoer will return it to Grandpa Ning.” As she spoke, she stretched her hand into her little pouch.

Right at this moment, Ning Xius figure suddenly flashed and vanished on the spot….

What a joke! Can what that little she-devil is about to do be considered as returning Thats called blasting….

Baoer grunted with displeasure when she saw Ning Xiu flee, and then she withdrew one of the two Technique Talismans Ning Xiu had given her, and then she passed it to Yang Ye and said, “That old geezer is really stingy.

He only gave me two high-rank Technique Talismans.

Oh, I can only give one to you then!”

Yang Ye felt warmth arise in his heart when he saw the talisman that Baoer passed towards him, and then he shook his head and said, “Keep that for yourself, I have no need of it!” Baoer got into trouble frequently and had a low cultivation as well.

So, if she didnt possess high-rank Technique Talismans in her pouch, then not to mention Lin Shan, even he himself would be worried.

Baoer glared at Yang Ye and said, “What do you mean by that Im clearly aware that you havent just offended that fellow, the Second Prince, theres even enmity between you and the Flower Palace.

If you encounter them while you dont possess any high-rank Technique Talismans in your possession, then youll be at a huge disadvantage.

Just like yesterday.

Unfortunately, Baoer can only obtain high-rank Technique Talismans.

Grandpa Bai has legend-rank Technique Talismans, but unfortunately, he refuses to give Baoer any!

Yang Ye smiled, stopped refusing it, and put the high-rank Technique Talisman away.

With Baoers identity, there would probably be no one in the Imperial Capital that dared to offend her.

Most importantly, hed caught a glimpse of the scene within Baoers little pouch, and it was filled with Technique Talismans….

Meanwhile, the woman shook her head and said, “How could Grandpa dare to give them to you If he did, then would any of the associations elders dare to come to the association anymore”

Yang Ye shook his head as well.

What a joke! Legend-rank Technique Talismans are equivalent to Heaven Rank techniques.

Even an Exalt Realm expert would probably be heavily injured after suffering one of those, right If Baoer were to possess legend-rank Technique Talismans, then it would be just like that woman said.

All the elders of the association would definitely not dare to come to the association anymore!Because Baoer wasnt reasonable at all….

Baoer stuck out her tongue, and then she pulled the womans hand as she looked at Yang Ye and said, “Little Laborer, this is Senior Sister Bai Qing.

Right, you have to address her as senior sister as well.

Shes very formidable, and shes an Earth Talisman Master now.”

Yang Ye glanced at the woman called Bai Qing yet didnt say anything.

“You possessed gold element profound energy” Meanwhile, Bai Qing suddenly asked this question.

It was as if a conflict had never arisen between her and Yang Ye just now.

“You knew I was Masters disciple since the beginning, right” asked Yang Ye.

Bai Qing nodded.

Yang Ye smiled lightly as he said, “Since you did, then why did you use me Are you aware that if I didnt possess some strength, then I would have died beneath that young mans pile of Technique Talismans Are you going to give me an explanation” He originally had no intention to pay any attention to this woman.

But based on the intimate relationship Baoer had with her, it was truly inadvisable for him to make the relationship between them become too bad.

Of course, he wouldnt make it very good as well.

“Arent you still alive” said Bai Qing in a flat voice.

Yang Ye chuckled when he heard this, and then he said, “But what if I did”

“The problem is you didnt!” Bai Qing continued speaking in a flat tone.

Yang Ye smiled and stopped wasting his breath with this woman.

He glanced at Baoer who stood at the side with a puzzled expression, and then he said, “Baoer, take me to see Master!”

Baoer glanced at Bai Qing, and then she glanced at Yang Ye.

She seemed to want to ask something yet didnt in the end.

She nodded, and then she led Yang Ye upstairs.


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