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Chapter 1794 – Youre All Trash!

Martial Heaven Continent.

Martial Heaven City.

The atmosphere here was very tense, and it was because a group of unwelcome guests were here.

There were around 70 True Realm experts in the sky above the city, and they were the experts from the Ying Clans coalition.

Ying Yu led the group.

The Wu Clans patriarch, Wu Wen, stood before Ying Yu.

There were 20 True Realm experts behind Wu Wen, and all of them were at the 3rd stage or above.

Wu Wen glanced at Ying Yus group and said, “All of you arent here for tea right”

Ying Yu shook his head slightly, “Brother Wu, we hold no ill intent towards you.

Were only here for An Nanjing.

Well leave right away if you hand her over!”

An Nanjing! Wu Wens face became gloomy, “Ying Yu, shes a member of my Wu Clan.”

Ying Yu looked Wu Wen in the eyes, “She isnt a member of the Wu Clan, shes Yang Yes wife.”

Wu Wen replied, “Shes a disciple of my Wu Clan now.

Moreover, she didnt participate in the battle between your clans and Yang Ye.”

Ying Yu shook his head, “Wu Wen, Ill just be frank.

Yang Ye and the Yang Clans members have gone into hiding, and we cant find him.

So we have to use her to force him to show himself.” He glanced at the experts behind Wu Wen and continued, “We dont want to look for trouble with the Wu Clan, but the precondition is that the Wu Clan hands her over.

Well leave right away if you hand her over!”

Wu Wen gazed at Ying Yu for a long time, and then he chuckled, “Looks like crushing the Yang Clan wasnt enough for you, and you want to do the same to my Wu Clan too!”

Ying Yu spoke indifferently, “Brother Wu, An Nanjing isnt a member of your clan.

Why make the experts of your Wu Clan die for an outsider”

Wu Wen ignored Ying Yu.

He waved his right hand, and the entire city was suddenly covered in a huge barrier of light.

It completely covered the entire city.

A formation!

The citys protection formation!

Meanwhile, Wu Wen gazed at Ying Yu, “Thats my answer!”

Ying Yu gazed at Wu Wen for a few breaths of time and said, “Trust me, youll regret this.

Moreover, your Wu Clan wont be able to keep her safe.

Unless Wu Mu shows himself!”

As soon as he finished speaking, “He gazed at the middle aged man in a linen robe who stood by his side, “We have to capture that woman in order to force Yang Ye to show himself.

Otherwise, if he stays hidden, well never be able to find him!”

The middle aged man was the Undertaker!

The Undertaker opened his eyes slowly, and then he gazed at Wu Wen.

A moment later, he appeared before Wu Wen, and then he slammed his fist forward.

The image of a ferocious beast appeared behind the Undertaker, and numerous fist images appeared around his fist as well.

Wu Wen hadnt expected the Undertaker to attack abruptly, and he was caught off guard.

However, his reaction was extremely swift, and he similarly slammed his fist forward.


As soon as they came into contact, Wu Wens expression changed drastically.


An instant later, the sound of bones breaking resounded.

An arm flew up into the air while Wu Wens figure was blasted away.

He flew for over 3km before finally stopping himself!

As soon as he stopped, a few mouthfuls of blood sprayed from Wu Wens mouth!

The expressions of all the other experts from the Wu Clan changed drastically, and their eyes were filled with astonishment!

Wu Wen looked up at the Undertaker, “The 6th stage of the True Realm!”

At this moment, his eyes were filled with a solemn expression.

It was because this 6th stage True Realm expert before him was absolutely not an ordinary 6th stage True Realm expert.

Meanwhile, the Undertaker took a step forward and was about to attack.

However, a white haired old man suddenly appeared before the Undertaker.

The old man had a platinum spear in his grasp.

A 6th stage True Realm expert!

The experts of the Wu Clan were delighted when they saw him.

Because it was one of the Wu Clans ancestors, Wu Ye!

Wu Ye and the Undertaker exchanged glances, and then a fist and spear shot forward.


A loud explosion resounded, and then the white haired old man was blasted over 300m back while the Undertaker was pushed around 200m back.

The expressions of everyone from the Wu Clan turned gloomy at the sight of this.

Wu Ye glanced coldly at the Undertaker, “Youre not from the Ying Clan!”

Meanwhile, Ying Yu suddenly said, “Hes from Heaven Pillar Mountain!”

Wu Yes eyes narrowed, and his face became gloomy as he glanced at the Undertaker.

Meanwhile, Ying Yu suddenly said, “Brother Wu Ye, Yang Ye has a sword thats very effective against the barrier on Heaven Pillar Mountain.

So, all the experts there are targeting him.

But he has gone into hiding while his wife, An Nanjing, is in your Wu Clan.

Brother Wu Ye, if you keep her in your clan, shell bring a calamity to your clan!”

Wu Ye fell silent.

Heaven Pillar Mountain!

He naturally knew quite a bit about that place.

Because it was a place he would be going to in the future.

Similarly, he knew how terrifying it was.

Yet now, the people from there were actually targeting Yang Ye!

That wasnt the main point.

The main point was that it was very likely for them to want to use An Nanjing.

Meanwhile, Ying Yu added, “Brother Wu Ye, she isnt a member of your Wu Clan, so why fight our clans and Heaven Pillar Mountain for an outsider The Wu Clan doesnt want its years of hard work to be destroyed overnight, right”

Wu Ye slowly clenched his fists.

Suddenly, a voice resounded, “The Wu Clan doesnt have to be conflicted about this!”

As soon as the voice resounded, everyone looked towards the right and saw a woman in a white dress.

It was An Nanjing!

An Nanjing glanced at the members of the Wu Clan and said, “Im grateful for the guidance provided by the entire Wu Clan throughout this period, and Ill never forget this kindness.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned to look at the Undertaker and the others, “Arent you looking for me Im right here!”

Ying Yu glanced at her, and then he appeared before her.

He clawed at her with his right hand, and the space around her instantly warped.

An Nanjings expression remained unchanged, and she just held Skysplit with her right hand and stabbed it forward.

Ying Yu didnt really take her attack seriously.

After all, not everyone was so abnormal as Yang Ye and Yang Lianshuang.

However, his expression changed drastically when his palm came into contact with Skysplit.


Everyone watched with astonishment as Ying Yu was blasted 300m away, and An Nanjing moved no more than 150m back.

The most terrifying part was she immediately appeared in front of Ying Yu after stopping herself, and she took Skysplit in both hands before slamming it down at Ying Yu, causing the space in a huge area around him to warp.

At this moment, Ying Yu stopped underestimating her, and he didnt dare act carelessly as well.

His profound energy surged as he clenched his right fist and slammed it forward.

A wave of powerful mysterious energy surged out from his fist and instantly enveloped An Nanjing.


As soon as their attacks collided, a loud explosion resounded, and then they moved backwards repeatedly.

As soon as An Nanjings figure was pushed back, she forcefully stopped herself and stomped her right foot down.


The space in an enormous area shook violently!

Meanwhile, her figure appeared in front of Ying Yu.

She didnt execute any flashy moves, and she just stabbed her spear at him.

Ying Yu didnt try to go head-on against it again.

He flashed to the side and allowed it to brush by his chest.

However, the spear suddenly stopped, and then it shot towards the left.


Ying Yu was blasted backwards repeatedly.

An Nanjing was about to follow up with another attack when Ying Yu suddenly roared with fury, and then he slapped both his palms forward.


It collapsed the space in front of him, and the powerful energy within it instantly blasted An Nanjing over 1km away.

“Modify!” Meanwhile, Ying Yus voice resounded abruptly.

After that, the space around An Nanjing suddenly trembled.

At the same time, a wave of powerful and mysterious energy enveloped her, causing her to frown.

Because she felt like her entire body was being torn apart by a thousand horses!

An Nanjing calmed herself, flipped her palm, and swept Skysplit forward horizontally.


An explosion resounded, and the space around her, which had just repaired itself, collapsed once more.

At the same time, the mysterious energy vanished without a trace.

Ying Yus expression finally changed at the sight of this.

He hadnt expected her to be so strong!

Suddenly, An Nanjing vanished on the spot, and she was in front of Ying Yu when she appeared once more.

After that, something shocking occurred.

Everyone watched with astonishment as a 6th stage True Realm expert like Ying Yu was suppressed in battle with her!

He was suppressed!

Ying Yu was actually suppressed by An Nanjing!

But An Nanjing was only at the 2nd stage of the True Realm!

Wu Ye and the others exchanged glances, and there was undisguised shock in their eyes.

Obviously, they hadnt imagined her to be so strong!

Suddenly, Ying Qing ordered, “Attack!”

As soon as he gave the order, the other patriarchs charged at An Nanjing with him.


Their joint forces coupled with the fact that it was a surprise attack, caused An Nanjing to be blasted 3km away.

An Nanjing glanced at them after she stopped herself and said, “Allow me to be honest, all of you are trash!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she slammed her spear down.


The space in a huge area shook violently.

Meanwhile, she suddenly grabbed the ponytail behind her head and wrapped it around her neck.

In the end, she bit on its end.

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