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Chapter 1805 – Peerless Hegemon Body!

“Stop! Stop!” Suddenly, Hou Qing said, “Kid, just stop that.”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why”

Hou Qing glanced at him, “Because I dont think I can trust an oath like that!

Yang Ye was speechless.

Suddenly, Qiong Qi appeared in front of Hou Qing, “Actually, you should just stop hesitating.

Allowing this kid to learn your shaman races techniques may be a good thing for your race.”

“A good thing” Hou Qing gazed at Qiong Qi, “Qiong Qi, dont tell me you dont know about the relationship between my shaman race and the human race!”

Qiong Qi replied, “Of course I do.

But this kid doesnt care about all of that.

If your shaman race doesnt look for trouble with him, he wont look for trouble with your race.

Moreover, hell definitely remember the kindness you show him, and thats a good thing for you.”

Suddenly, Yang Ye said, “Err, I have to ask.

Is the shaman races shaman techniques and that body refinement technique very formidable”

“What do you think!” Hou Qing spoke with displeasure, “It instills horror in the hearts of countless throughout the large universe.”

“Oh….” Yang Ye dragged thatoh out.

Even though he didnt say anything, his gaze clearly displayed that he didnt believe Hou Qing.

Hou Qing was furious when he noticed Yang Yes gaze, “Kid, you want to give it a try”

Yang Ye glanced at Hou Qing and said, “Your body refinement technique is definitely not weak, or you wouldnt still be alive after being reduced to such a state.

As for those shaman techniques….”

Qiong Qi suddenly said, “The strongest technique in the shaman race isnt its body refinement technique but its shaman techniques!”

“Is that so” Yang Ye gazed at Hou Qing, “Then let me experience it for myself!”

“Then I will!” As soon as Hou Qing finished speaking, he suddenly floated over to Yang Ye, and then a ray of red light appeared in his eyes.

A moment later, Yang Yes expression changed drastically, and he noticed that he was actually unable to control himself!

Yang Ye was astounded.

He was about to utilize his sword intent, but he suddenly noticed to his astonishment that his soul and body had been separated!

At this moment, his soul had left his body on its own!

Once his soul left his body, he noticed that numerous fine red threads had appeared on his soul.

It was these red threads which made him unable to move at all.

Hou Qing gazed at Yang Yes soul, and his gaze gradually became icy cold.

Suddenly, Qiong Qi spoke, “This pagoda… Its so huge!”

Hou Qings eyelids twitched.

He fell silent for a moment, and then the red threads which bound Yang Yes soul vanished.

Once his soul returned to his body, Yang Ye gazed at Hou Qing while a trace of fear and seriousness could be seen in his eyes.

Actually, that technique wasnt impossible to defend against, but if one was caught off guard, even he couldnt resist it.

Because once his soul was separated from his body, his strength was at its weakest.

After all, he didnt cultivate his soul.

Moreover, even cultivating his soul wouldnt make a difference because the technique targeted the soul.

The soul was extremely weak once it didnt have the support of a body.

Meanwhile, Hou Qing suddenly said, “Its called Soul Extraction.

Its one of the top shaman techniques in my race.

Its used for dealing with humans, and its a shaman technique that humans are really afraid of.

Because most humans possess extremely weak souls.

So, when the experts of my shaman race fight the experts of the human race, many human experts are annihilated because they even see the experts of my shaman race.”

Yang Ye asked, “Amongst the shaman race, demon race, and human race in the large universe, which one is strongest”

Hou Qing spoke solemnly, “None of them!”

Yang Ye was astounded, “Theres a race of beings stronger than all three races”

Hou Qing nodded.

Yang Ye asked, “Which race is that”

Hou Qing glanced at Yang Ye, “Why ask about all of that Wouldnt you find out for yourself once you get there”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Meanwhile, Hou Qing said, “Kid, I can teach you the shaman techniques and body refinement technique of my race, but I have a request.

You cant use it against the shaman race.”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and replied, “Im a man who doesnt offend unless offended.

So long as the shaman race doesnt come looking for trouble with me, I wont look for trouble with them.

But if they want to kill me, then Ill kill them!”

He gazed at Hou Qing and continued, “If Im being honest, I really want to learn your shaman technique and body refinement technique, but its not a necessity to me.

If youre willing to help me, then I promise that Ill let you leave this pagoda in ten years!”

Ten years!

He was confident that he wouldnt have to fear Hou Qing in ten years from now.

Even if Hou Qing was at his prime, he still wouldnt have to fear Hou Qing!

Hou Qing looked Yang Ye in the eyes and asked, “Are you serious”

Actually, he didnt hold much hope about leaving.

Because if he was in Yang Yes place, he wouldnt release himself either.

After all, if he was allowed to leave, it represented that this treasure Yang Ye had would be exposed.

If the people in the large universe knew that the human races number one treasure was in Yang Yes possession, Yang Ye would definitely die!

However, he hadnt expected Yang Ye to actually be willing to let him go.

Even though it was ten years from now, such a period was like a nap to an expert in his realm of cultivation!

Yang Ye nodded, “Of course!”

Hou Qing gazed at Yang Ye for a long time.

When he noticed that Yang Ye didnt seem to be lying, he said, “Alright, its a promise!”

Qiong Qi shook his head slightly.

He has fallen into that kids trap.

Hed promised to follow Yang Ye for three years, but during those three years, hed almost lost his life on many occasions.

But Hou Qing had promised to stay with Yang Ye for ten years, so he could imagine howmiserable Hou Qings future life would be.

“Your physique isnt bad, so Ill teach you the body refinement technique first!” As soon as he said that, a ray of cold light shot out from the center of his forehead and instantly entered Yang Yes forehead.

A moment later, a huge amount of information appeared in Yang Yes mind.

“The Undying Hegemon Technique.

The supreme body refinement technique of the shaman race.

If cultivated to the advanced-stage, the user can be reborn with a single drop of blood….”

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time before he looked up at Hou Qing, “The Undying Hegemon Technique Reborn with a single drop of blood”

Hou Qing replied, “The technique I cultivate is the Undying Hegemon Technique.

If the Sovereign of Man hadnt used that wooden sword, then even if he could defeat me, it would be very difficult for him to injure me to such an extent.

Even when he used the wooden sword, he still wasnt able to kill me, and the reason is the Undying Hegemon Technique.

So long as he doesnt put an end to my vitality, I can be reborn from just a drop of blood!”

Yang Ye glanced at Hou Qing and asked, “How long will it take for you to fully recover”

“Thats quite difficult!” Hou Qing spoke solemnly, “If I dont have the help of any external forces, then it may take a few dozen years to rebuild my body.

Because my body was damaged by that wooden sword, and that sword is a divine treasure.”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “How do I cultivate it”

Hou Qing said, “The Undying Hegemon Technique is divided into three levels.

The 1st level is called Peerless Hegemon.

Your body can enter the Hegemon Body state.

During this state, even 6th stage True Realm experts cant harm you.

But thats not even the most terrifying part.

The most terrifying part is that no matter how great the injuries you suffer are, you wont be able to feel them while in the Hegemon Body state.

During that period, youll feel like youre invincible!”

The Peerless Hegemon!

Yang Ye nodded slightly and asked, “What about the second and third levels”

Hou Qing replied, “The 2nd level is called Blood Rebirth.

So long as your soul remains, then even if your body is destroyed, your body can be rebuilt with just a single drop of blood.

Therell be no need to find another host.”

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “Then why are you looking for a host”

Hou Qing spoke solemnly, “Because if I dont find a host, I wont be able to return to the large universe.

If I succeeded at seizing control of your body, I would have relied on your body to return to the large universe.

Once I got back there, I would have abandoned your body.

Because only my own body is most suitable for myself.”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I should be able to cultivate the 1st level, Peerless Hegemon, right”

Hou Qing fell silent for a moment and said, “Your foundation is very good, so while it may be a little difficult to attain the Blood Rebirth level, it should be quite easy for you to attain the Peerless Hegemon level.

Moreover, you have that mysterious violet energy, so you can stimulate your body without any worries and allow it to be transformed from inside out!”

“Stimulate my body….” Yang Ye laughed bitterly.

As he expected, cultivating the body wasnt that easy.

“That flame of yours is very suitable for that!” Meanwhile, Hou Qing spoke abruptly, “You can make it help you and use it to stimulate your body.”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and nodded, “Alright.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he went to the cultivation room on the 3rd level.

Hou Qing and the Divine Yin Flame were in front of him within the room.

The Divine Yin Flame suddenly asked, “Are you sure”

Yang Ye nodded, “I am.”

Body refinement was the most painful method of cultivation, but no matter how painful it was, he still intended to do it.

Because it could improve his strength.

Moreover, while his bodys strength was quite good, it was useless against 6th stage True Realm experts.

Especially 6th stage True Realm experts.

They were able to pierce through his physical defenses with ease!

“Alright!” The Divine Yin Flames voice resounded abruptly, and then a strand of flames instantly enveloped Yang Ye.

Yang Yes eyes opened wide in an instant.

“AHHH!” A heartrending cry resounded through the cultivation room.

At the same time, Hou Qings anxious voice resounded, “Divine Yin Flame, have you gone mad! You actually used your full strength! Are you trying to kill him!”

A moment of silence ensued, and then the Divine Yin Flame spoke abruptly, “You should have said so sooner….”

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