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Chapter 18 – Twin Wing Python

After walking for a long time in Snake Forest, the forest grew darker and darker.

Yang Ye sized up the surroundings carefully, and he noticed the surroundings were covered in towering ancient trees that rose straight into the sky and their branches and leaves were interweaved together tightly.

A few strands of sunlight were only able to pass through some places that weren’t so tightly packed with leaves.

During this period of time, some small snakes occasionally launched surprise attacks against them from the treetop.

However, these small snakes didn’t cause any trouble for them, and their group dealt with the small snakes with extreme ease.

Yang Ye didn’t fight during this period of time because Qing Hong was constantly following by his side.

Once a snake suddenly launched an attack, she would deal with them by herself, and Yang Ye didn’t have the chance to make a move at all.

It was exactly because of this that Yang Ye was constantly ridiculed by Xiu Yuan during this period of time.

Yang Ye followed this group for a few hours, and he obtained a rough understanding of the strengths of independent cultivators and disciples from a sect.

When independent cultivators were compared with disciples from a sect, the gap was slightly big.

Because disciples from a sect possessed cultivation resources like techniques and treasures, whereas, if the four independent cultivators before him were taken as an example, then besides Xiu Yuan’s weapon being a low-grade Yellow Rank sword, the weapons of the others weren’t graded at all.

Moreover, the four of them didn’t possess any proper techniques, and they mostly relied on brute force to fight.

As for Xiu Yuan’s disdain and ridicule, Yang Ye completely disregarded it.

Even though Xiu Yuan was at the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm, Yang Ye didn’t take him seriously at all.

According to Yang Ye’s estimation, even Duan Jun whom he’d crippled would be able to deal with Xiu Yuan.

The gap between the disciples of a sect and independent cultivators was truly huge!

As they went deeper into Snake Forest, the number of snakes residing on the trees grew more and more numerous in number.

In the end, they were assaulted by all sorts of snakes with every 10 plus meters of distance they covered.


Qing Hong held the dagger in her hand as it flashed past from above Yang Ye, and a small snake was instantly split into two and fell to the ground.

After she killed the small snake with a single strike, Qing Hong patted Yang Ye on the head and said, “Didn’t I say that you should always follow behind me Even though this small snake’s cultivation isn’t high, it contains venomous poison, and it’ll be extremely troublesome if you’re bitten by it.”

Yang Ye rubbed his nose when he heard this, and he was slightly amused.

Because even if he stood there and allowed those small snakes to bite him, they would probably be unable to bit through his skin.

However, Yang Ye was still moved by the woman’s concern.

They’d only met by chance, yet this woman before him had taken care of him on many occasions, and this caused his heart to feel slightly warm.


Right at this moment, a large python that had two wings on its back suddenly descended not too far ahead from them.

The body of the python was even larger than the Colossal Python King Yang Ye had killed that day, and its entire body was dark black while its body was covered in scales that seemed like Dark Iron.

Moreover, the python had a pair of pitch black wings.

This python didn’t attack Yang Ye and the others.

It just obstructed their path, and its enormous eyes stared at them while emanating a ferocious glow.

“That’s an eight rank Twin Wing Python, watch out everyone!” When he saw this Twin Wing Python suddenly appear, the Profound Energy within Man’zi’s body surged, and his expression became solemn while he immediately warned the others.

At the same time, Xiu Yuan and Xiao Hei hurriedly moved a few meters towards both sides, and they gazed at the Twin Wing Python with vigilance.

Qing Hong who stood by Yang Ye’s side had hurriedly pulled down the longbow from her shoulder and nocked an arrow before aiming it at the Twin Wing Python in the distance.

“Man’zi, kill it.

The inner core of this Twin Wing Python can be sold for 5,000 gold coins at least.

Moreover, its skin can definitely be sold for 1,000 gold coins at least.

What do you think” Meanwhile, Xiu Yuan’s eyes flickered with the glow of greed as he asked in a low voice.

Man’zi’s eyes flashed with a wisp of greed as well when he heard this, and he hesitated for a moment before he nodded and said, “The three of us will attack it jointly from three directions.

Qing Hong, you assist us with your bow and arrow.


As soon as he finished speaking, Man’zi, Xiao Hei, and Xiu Yuan instantly charged at the Twin Wing Python because a Darkbeast that was all alone by itself was their favorite.

Qing Hong who stood by Yang Ye’s side stared fixedly at the Twin Wing Python instead, yet the arrow within her hand wasn’t released.

She was waiting for an opportunity, a lethal opportunity.

Otherwise, her arrow would be utterly unable to pierce the defenses of the Twin Wing Python.

Their targets were originally those Darkbeasts at the sixth or seventh rank because they were able to deal with Darkbeasts at these ranks of cultivation.

As for a Darkbeast at the eighth rank, they usually fled immediately upon encountering one.

Because the defenses of an eighth rank Darkbeast was truly too formidable, and these Darkbeasts frequently formed groups.

However, an eight rank Darkbeast that was alone had appeared before them, and they were tempted by it.

When it saw them charge at it, the Twin Wing Python seemed to be slightly furious.

Its jade green eyes emanated a ferocious glow while its large wings suddenly flapped towards the grounds.

A gale of strong wind instantly sprayed out and enveloped down towards the three of them that were led by Man’zi.

All three of them were shocked when the gale arose, and they hurriedly circulated their Profound Energy into their weapons before slashing at the gale.

In next to no time, the three of them had broken through the gale and approached the Twin Wing Python.

They seemed to be extremely experienced, and they didn’t fight it head on.

They ceaselessly dodged the Twin Wing Python’s tail and the liquid sprayed from its mouth.

Moreover, every single time the Twin Wing Python pounced towards the three of them, an arrow that carried Profound Energy would whistle over, causing the Twin Wing Python to have no choice but to abandon its attack.

For a time, the four of them fought the Twin Wing Python equally.

As he watched the battle, Yang Ye shook his head in his heart.

Their cooperation wasn’t bad at all, but their combat strengths were truly too weak.

The three of them seemed to have occupied an advantageous position as they fought the Twin Wing Python while moving around it, but they were utterly unable to cause any injury to it.

Moreover, once the Twin Wing Python struck any one of them, then even if that person didn’t die, it would still cause a heavy injury!

Moreover, once one of them was injured, the other two would be in danger!

When he had the three of them as a point of comparison, Yang Ye finally noticed how formidable he was to be able to kill that sixth rank Darkbeast, the Colossal Python King, on that day.

Because he’d utilized his fists to break through that Darkbeast’s defenses!

This won’t do.

This Twin Wing Python’s defenses are truly too formidable.

The three of us are utterly unable to defeat it! As he gazed at the sparks caused by his sword striking the Twin Wing Python, Xiu Yuan’s eyes flickered as he contemplated in his heart.

It wasn’t just Xiu Yuan who had such thoughts at this moment, and even Man’zi and Xiao Hei had similar thoughts.

In the beginning, they thought that with their strengths, the four of them would be able to deal with this eight rank Darkbeast, but now, they noticed that the four of them were utterly unable to even break through its defenses.

Looks like it isn’t easy to be a mercenary! Yang Ye spoke in a low voice as he watched them fight bitterly.

Right when he intended to head over and lend a hand, an unexpected event occurred abruptly.

Xiu Yuan who was originally in charge of the right had seized the opportunity presented to him when the Twin Wing Python attacked Man’zi, and he suddenly retreated swiftly.

Xiu Yuan retreated extremely swiftly, and he’d left the battlefield in practically an instant.

After that, he turned around and vanished within the forest with a few leaps.

“How shameless!” Xiu Yuan’s sudden departure caused the other three to be instantly exasperated.

Qing Hong’s beautiful face flushed red from anger, and she had the intention to shoot an arrow at Xiu Yuan.

However, when she noticed the Twin Wing Python attacked Man’zi ferociously, she could only immediately abandon this thought and swiftly release numerous arrows at the Twin Wing Python.

As he watched Xiu Yuan flee, Yang Ye shook his head in secret.

He originally thought that Xiu Yuan was just slightly arrogant, yet he’d never expected that Xiu Yuan cowardly and afraid of death to the point of directly abandoning his companions and fleeing for his life!

With Xiu Yuan’s sudden departure and the loss of someone to pin the Twin Wing Python from the right, the pressure Man’zi and Xiao Hei felt instantly increased by a few times.

However, the two of them didn’t choose to retreat because once one of them did retreat, then the last remaining person would absolutely die!

“Yang Ye, leave quickly.” Meanwhile, Qing Hong turned around to roar loudly at Yang Ye.

After that, she turned around and drew her bowstring before releasing numerous arrows at the Twin Wing Python.

She was definitely unable to leave because once she did, then Man’zi and Xiao Hei would definitely perish without her pinning the Twin Wing Python down from afar.

Yang Ye’s heartfelt warm when he heard Qing Hong because even at this moment, this woman before him was still thinking about him.

Yang Ye clenched the Dark Iron Sword in his hand, and right when he was about to make a move, another unexpected event occurred.

One of the arrows Qing Hong shot whistled through the air and directly entered the Twin Wing Python’s right eye.


The intense pain it suffered from this caused the Twin Wing Python to instantly go berserk, and its enormous body twisted about madly on the ground.

It stopped paying attention to Man’zi and Xiao Hei, and its enormous wings suddenly flapped and caused an enormous gale to arise as it pounced towards Qing Hong who was still nocking arrows on her bowstring.

When she noticed the Twin Wing Python instantly pounce towards her, Qing Hong’s countenance immediately turned ghastly pale.

The Twin Wing Python was swift like a bolt of lightning, and it practically arrived before Qing Hong in less than a few breaths of time.

After that, its enormous mouth opened wide before its bloody mouth bit downwards towards Qing Hong.

“No!!” When he saw the Twin Wing Python’s mouth bite towards Qing Hong, Man’zi was utterly horrified, and he roared hysterically with rage while charging madly at the Twin Wing Python.


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