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Chapter 1814 – It Can Crush Everything!

A middle aged man appeared not too far away from them.

He wore a luxurious robe, had hair that hung down to his shoulders, and he emanated a faint black aura.

“Ye Mo!” Someone exclaimed.

The expressions of countless instantly changed.

Ye Mo!

It was a very well-known name in Heaven Pillar Mountain.

As for why it was known well, it was because hed killed three 6th stage True Realm experts whod joined forces against him! Moreover, hed accomplished it with ease!

That battle made his name spread throughout Heaven Pillar Mountain!

Of course the most important reason was because he was from an organization called Night Assassins.

It wasnt just a mysterious organization in Heaven Pillar Mountain, it was extraordinarily terrifying.

Because every single one of its members were extremely cruel.

As soon as they saw Ye Mo arrive, some who knew him immediately chose to leave.

They werent afraid of Ye Mo because was there even anyone in Heaven Pillar Mountain who didnt have some ability They were actually afraid of the organization that stood behind Ye Mo!

Ye Mo started walking slowly in Blood Maidens direction, “You have two choices now.

The first is to bring Yang Ye to me.

Of course, his sword too.

The second is to fight me.

However, allow me to warn your that the consequence of that isnt something you want.”

Blood Maiden looked up at Ye Mo, and then a wave of monstrous blood energy rippled out from before her.

In just an instant, the blood energy enveloped Ye Mo.

Meanwhile, a black beam of light suddenly shot into the blood energy.


An explosion resounded, and then Ye Mo was pushed over 300m back!

At this moment, everyone gazed at Blood Maiden!

They realized that theyd underestimated her.

Ye Mo looked down at his chest.

There was a blood red palm print there.

He fell silent for an instant, and then he looked up at Blood Maiden, “I have to admit that I underestimated you.

You are quite strong.

Come, let me see how strong you really are!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he stretched out his right hand.

In an instant, a black vortex suddenly appeared before his palm.

A moment later, a terrifying wave of suction force caused the space around Blood Maiden to warp.

At the same time, countless threads of black energy that were fine like needles enveloped Blood Maiden like a storm.

Blood Maiden slowly clenched her fists.

An instant later, she raised them, and then two rays of blood red light surged out like torrents from her palms.


A string of deafening explosions resounded, and the people in the surroundings were instantly blasted back repeatedly.

Something worth mentioning was that when the energy arrived before Heaven Pavilion, a ray of blue light suddenly appeared around it, and the energy was instantly obliterated upon coming into contact with the blue light.

The blood red light and black light crisscrossed incessantly.


An explosion resounded, and the blood red light and black light exploded apart.

After that, both of them were pushed backwards repeatedly, and they only stopped after moving around 30m back!

Once they stopped, Blood Maiden glanced at the surroundings, and her expression became quite unsightly.

Because the current situation was very disadvantageous for her and her sisters.

There were many experts in the shadows, and they were clearly unwilling to leave without finding out where Yang Ye was!

“Youve made me quite angry!” Suddenly, Ye Mo walked towards Blood Maiden.

Every single step he took caused a black footprint to appear below him.

At the same time, a beast that seemed like a snake had appeared around him.

The beast coiled tightly around him, and it looked ferocious and ready to swallow its enemies.

Blood Maiden looked up at Ye Mo.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo suddenly vanished on the spot.


A moment later, an explosion resounded, and then everyone watched with astonishment as Blood Maiden was blasted 3km away.

Nether Maidens face fell at the sight of this.

Blood Maiden looked up at Ye Mo, and her gaze stopped on the beast around him before she said, “The soul of a beast that fled from the large universe!”

Ye Mo replied, “Yes, its a variant beast from the large universe — Ancient Spirit Python.

Its strength is capable of crushing everything.

Ive merged with its soul, so Im practically invincible.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished on the spot.

He was in front of Blood Maiden when he appeared once more, and then he slammed his right fist at her.

At the instant his fist shot forward, the python appeared on his fist, and then the space before his fist exploded apart.

At the same time, the powerful force within his punch caused the spectators in the surroundings to feel a wave of pressure pressing down upon them!

Blood Maiden had a solemn expression on her face when she sensed the energy within the attack.

She didnt dare act carelessly and twisted her right palm gently.

In an instant, a wave of blood red light coiled around her palm before she immediately slapped it forward!

The space before her instantly turned blood red!


As soon they came into contact, their attacks exploded apart.

At the same time, both of them were pushed backwards repeatedly.

Blood Maiden stopped herself after being pushed almost 6km back, but Ye Mo was merely pushed around 1km back!

A fierce smile curled up on the corners of his mouth, “Come, let me see how many punches you can take!”

He vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

Everywhere it passed, space was torn open, and the powerful aura he emanated even caused cracks to spread like spiderwebs through a huge expanse of space around him!

A vicious glow flashed through Blood Maidens eyes, and then she clenched her fists while rays of blood red mist sprayed out incessantly from her.

In just an instant, her body was enveloped by a ball of blood red mist.

A moment later, the ball of mist exploded apart!


A wave of powerful force swept out.

As soon as it collided with the force Ye Mo emanated, space in a large area shook violently.


The space there cracked open, and the cracks spread rapidly towards the surroundings!

The surroundings were in a mess!

Meanwhile, Blood Maiden and Ye Mo who were at the center of the collision were blasted away, but it didnt take long for them to charge at each other again.


Every single collision between them could be described as capable of shaking the world.

However, Blood Maiden gradually fell into a disadvantaged position.

The reason for that was mainly because of the Ancient Spirit Python.

If Ye Mos own strength was compared to Blood Maiden, then it may be slightly inferior.

However, once he had the pythons assistance, his strength was simply capable of suppressing Blood Maiden.

It could be said that Blood Maiden was fighting two opponents on her own!

If it wasnt for her powerful techniques, she may have lost a long time ago!


Suddenly, an explosion resounded, and then Blood Maiden was blasted 3km away by the joint strength of Ye Mo and the Ancient Spirit Python.

At the same time, Ye Mo shot towards Blood Maiden.

Nether Maidens expression changed at the sight of this, and she was about to lend Blood Maiden a hand.

Suddenly, a black shadow shot down from the sky and appeared before Blood Maiden.

After that, the black robed figure slammed his fist forward!


A wave of terrifying energy erupted from before the black robed man.

The black robed man was blasted 3km away, but Ye Mo was forced to a stop as well.

Everyone gazed at the black robed man!

Who is he

The spectators werent the only ones who were curious, even Nether Maiden and Blood Maiden were curious.

But it only took a moment for the bewilderment in Blood Maidens eyes to vanish.

Because shed recognized the black robed man!

It was Yang Ye!

The black robed man was Yang Ye!

Ye Mo sized up Yang Ye, “Where did this piece of trash come from”

As soon as he finished speaking, he waved his right hand, and a wave of mysterious energy rippled out from his right hand.

The energy instantly arrived before Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye took a step forward.


A terrifying wave of blood red light appeared in front of him.

As soon as it came into contact with the mysterious energy, both instantly exploded apart and were obliterated.

Everyone here was surprised by the sight of this.

Enlightened Rank slaughter intent!

If it was True Rank slaughter intent, they wouldnt have been that surprised.

After all, all of them were at the True Realm.

So, True Rank intents were too common amongst them.

However, intents above the True Rank, Enlightened Rank intents, were quite rare!

Even if it was Heaven Pillar Mountain that was covered in experts, Enlightened Rank intents were still very rare!

Even though Yang Ye had previously utilized his slaughter intent in battle, it had been outshone by his sword intent.

After all, he was a sword cultivator.

So, if others mentioned him, the first thing people thought about would be the sword, and it would be sword intent, not slaughter intent!

Yang Ye ignored the gazes coming from the surroundings and turned to look at Blood Maiden.

He flicked three Energy Pearls over to her.

Blood Maiden glanced at him, and then she took them without saying a word and swallowed them.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye turned to gaze at Ye Mo.

Or to be more precise, he was looking at the Ancient Spirit Python on Ye Mos arm.

Actually, Ye Mos physical strength wasnt comparable to his at all.

However, Ye Mo had relied on physical strength to blast him 3km back.

It was naturally because of the Ancient Spirit Python!

Yang Ye thought to himself while his eyes glowed, That thing isnt bad!

“Enlightened Rank slaughter intent! Im quite surprised!” Meanwhile, Ye Mo suddenly said, “However, youre too weak.

You cant bring forth its true strength at all! I dont care who you are! Since youve interfered, you can die!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure vanished on the spot.

An instant later, he appeared in front of Yang Ye, and then he slammed his fist towards Yang Yes chest.

Right when everyone thought Yang Ye would retaliate or dodge, Yang Ye seemed like hed been petrified on the spot, and he just stood there and allowed Ye Mos fist to slam against his chest.

Everyone here was stunned, but a smile had curled up on the corners of Yang Yes mouth.

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