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Chapter 1817 – Come Get It!


Needless to say, what Yang Ye said was extremely domineering.

However, many shook their heads.

Because they were very clearly aware who stood before Yang Ye!

Night Assassins!

They were members of the mysterious organization, Night Assassins!

There were many organizations throughout Heaven Pillar Mountain, and they were formed by extraordinary experts.

Night Assassins could be ranked in the top five amongst them.

Even though it was merely in the top five, the top three practically never showed themselves.

So, Night Assassins was extremely powerful as it ceaselessly recruited more and more experts.

Of course, not just anyone could join them.

So, the members of Night Assassins were extremely strong!

The middle aged man suddenly started chuckling, “Youre the first person in all these years who has dared to speak like that to us Night Assassins, and youll be the last!”

He flipped his palm once he finished speaking, and a spear appeared in his grasp.

A moment later, he left numerous afterimages behind as he appeared before Yang Ye, and then he stabbed the spear in Yang Yes direction!

The spear was like a flash of lightning!

Yang Ye didnt hesitate to raise his sword and swing it.


An ear piercing clang resounded, and then the middle aged man was pushed over 300m back while Yang Ye was similarly pushed around 300m back.

They were equally matched in this collision!

The middle aged man glanced at his slightly numb hand and looked up at Yang Ye, “You have some skill.

Lets continue!”

He suddenly took a step forward, and then he just appeared abruptly above Yang Ye.

After that, he grabbed the spear with both hands and stabbed it straight down at Yang Yes head.

Yang Ye didnt look up, and he just stomped his right foot down.,


The ground collapsed while he transformed into a ray of golden light that soared into the sky.

In next to no time, Yang Yes sword and the middle aged mans spear slammed against each other.


As soon as they came into contact, space shook violently and cracked open.

Actually, it should be described as having collapsed.

After all, their strength was truly too powerful, so space couldnt endure it at all.

However, as soon as space cracked open, a wave of mysterious energy repaired it in an instant.

Yang Ye and the middle aged man split apart as soon as they came into contact, but it took just a moment for the middle aged man to vanish again.

He was in front of Yang Ye when he appeared again, and then his spear swept horizontally at Yang Ye!

Rumbling resounded as it swept forward!

A cold smile curled up on the corners of Yang Yes mouth.

He didnt choose to flee or use any techniques because it was useless before absolute strength and speed.

The middle aged mans speed and strength were extremely formidable.

He had no choice but to go head-on against it!

So, that was exactly what he was doing!

Yang Ye tightened his grip on the sword, and he similarly swept it horizontally.

Everywhere it passed, space was instantly sliced open.


As soon as they came into contact, both shook violently, and the powerful energy contained within them exploded out.

Both of them were blasted backwards repeatedly, but they were merely pushed 30m back before charging at each other again.

Just like that, they entered into fierce battle!

Blind Maiden suddenly asked, “Should we help”

Blood Maiden glanced at Yang Ye and shook her head, “That kid hasnt used his full strength.

Lets wait and see where his limits are.”

Blind Maiden nodded, “Alright!”

Yang Lianshuang glanced at the surroundings and frowned, “The situation is quite bad!”

An Nanjing glanced at her and asked, “Why”

Yang Lianshuang replied, “Itll probably be difficult for us to leave this place today.”

An Nanjing glanced at the surroundings, and then she seemed to have noticed something and frowned as well.

Yang Ye and the middle aged mans battle was at its peak.

Something worth mentioning was that Yang Ye grew stronger as the battle progressed, but the middle aged man clearly showed signs of exhaustion.

Both his defense and attack were far inferior to what it has been.

Blood Maiden suddenly said, “That kids ability in close quarter combat is extraordinary!”

Blind Maiden nodded slightly, “The most formidable part about him is his recovery.

Its too strong.

So, he chooses to exchange injuries with his opponents in close quarter combat.

He can afford to suffer injuries, but how can others That black robed fellow is clearly worried about all sorts of things right now, and if this continues, itll take an hour at most for that middle aged man to lose!”

Blood Maiden shook her head slightly, “He wont continue fighting.

Prepare to join the battle!”

Blind Maiden nodded while her profound energy started circulating slowly.


Suddenly, a loud explosion resounded, and then the middle aged man was blasted over 300m away.

Yang Ye didnt stop and charged at the middle aged man.

He was fighting like a madman!

He didnt stop and just fought until his opponent couldnt take it!

This time, the middle aged man didnt attack.

He flashed over to the five black clothed figures and waved his right hand, “Attack together and reclaim the Ancient Spirit Python!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the others behind him transformed into afterimages that vanished on the spot.

Blood Maiden swiftly said, “Attack!”

All of them vanished on the spot once she gave the order!

Yang Ye didnt join the battle.

He stopped and swallowed a few Energy Pearls.

Presently, he had to maintain sufficient profound energy and a normal condition at all times.

After all, there were countless who wanted to kill him and were hiding in the shadows!

A wisp of ridicule curled up on the corners of their mouths when they saw Blood Maiden and the others attack.

As far as they were concerned, 1st stage True Realm experts like Nether Maiden and the others could be obliterated in an instant.

However, their expressions changed drastically as soon as they fought!

Especially the middle aged man.

Because his opponents were Blood Maiden and Blind Maiden.

As soon as he exchanged blows with them, he was blasted over 3km away.

As for the other five 6th stage True Realm experts, they were being pushed back repeatedly by the joint forces of Yang Lianshuang, Nether Maiden, and the others.

Actually, they werent just being pushed back, they were being completely crushed.

In less than ten breaths of time, two of them had been killed!

It was An Nanjing and Nether Maiden whod killed those two black clothed figures.

The middle aged man was visibly astounded by this, and he knew that hed underestimated his opponents!

Hed severely underestimated his opponents!

Right when Blood Maiden and Blind Maiden were about to attack again, the middle aged man crushed a scroll, and then the space in the sky above shook violently before a huge teleportation formation appeared there.

It didnt take long for the formation to start trembling.

A short while later, numerous black clothed figures flashed out from it.

Around a breath of time later, ten black clothed figures appeared there.

Amongst them were five 6th stage True Realm experts, and five other 5th stage True Realm experts.

However, the powerful auras emanated by those 5th stage True Realm experts werent inferior to the 6th stage True Realm experts!

Blood Maiden and Blind Maidens faces fell at the sight of this.

Obviously, they hadnt expected so many experts to appear abruptly.

Blind Maiden spoke softly, “Looks like weve offended quite a big organization!”

Blood Maiden nodded slightly, “It is quite big!”

Meanwhile, a black clothed figure who held a black cane walked out from amongst the new group of ten.

He sized up Blood Maiden and the others, and then he gazed at the middle aged man whom Blood Maiden and Blind Maiden had almost killed, “Ye Ming, Im sure you have a reason why you used the Emergency Summon Token! Explain yourself!”

The middle aged man, Ye Ming, cupped his fist to the black clothed man with a cane, and he said, “Elder Ye Ku, I have two reasons.

Firstly, someone has challenged our organization and killed three members of ours.

Moreover, Ye Mos Ancient Spirit Python has fallen into their hands!”

The black clothed man called Ye Ku asked, “Whats the other reason”

Ye Ming turned to look at Yang Ye, “Hes the other reason.”

Ye Ku gazed at Yang Ye, “What do you mean”

Ye Ming explained, “Elder Ye Ku, hes Yang Ye.

The sword that can pierce the barrier is in his possession!”

Ye Kus eyes instantly narrowed.

The wooden sword.

There wasnt a single expert in Heaven Pillar Mountain who hadnt heard of that sword.

Because countless experts had been alarmed by it when it fell from the large universe.

Unfortunately, it vanished without a trace after it descended, and while countless experts had searched all over Heaven Pillar Mountain, they gave up in the end.

But not too long ago, news that it was in Yang Yes possession had spread, and Yang Ye was right before him!

Ye Ku gazed at Yang Ye and slowly clenched his fist.

Meanwhile, Ye Ming said, “Elder Ye Ku, I think our leader will like it.

I wanted to seize the sword and present it to our leader, but I never expected him to be so strong.

I apologize for my weakness!”

Ye Ku glanced at Ye Ming and said, “Its not your fault.” He gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “I presume asking you to hand it over wont work, right”

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment, and then he suddenly waved his right hand.

The wooden sword appeared on his right.

The gazes of everyone here burned with desire when they saw the wooden sword, and there was undisguised greed in their eyes!

Yang Ye pointed at the wooden sword, “Its right here.”

Ye Ku gazed at Yang Ye for a few breaths of time, and then he waved his right hand.

In an instant, a black clothed man by his side shot towards Yang Ye.

Suddenly, a sword howl resounded.

The Grand Teleportation Technique combined with Split Second!

Along with the sword howl, a strange scene appeared.

The head of that black clothed figure suddenly fell off while he charged at Yang Ye, but his body was still shooting in Yang Yes direction.

It didnt take long for the body to stop around 3m away from Yang Ye.

Blood sprayed all over the ground.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye raised his chin in the direction of the wooden sword and said, “Come get it!”

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