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Chapter 1845 – The Three Ancient Cultivators!


A mouthful of blood sprayed from the Second Leader, and then his mask cracked open.

The surroundings were deathly silent.

A long time passed before he suddenly said, “From this moment onwards, no one is allowed to investigate his whereabouts.

Calligrapher, tell the Night Emperor that we refuse to continue with his request, and well compensate him according to the rules!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he transformed into a black shadow that vanished on the spot.

After he left Heavens Net, Yang Ye was about to contact Yang Lianshuang and the others when he suddenly frowned, and then he turned around and swung a punch.


The space before him shattered into bits and a huge wave of energy shot forward.

Suddenly, a wave of mysterious energy appeared, and then the energy from Yang Yes fist collapsed and vanished in midair.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye turned around.

A man wearing a golden mask was around 10m away from him.

The man had appeared out of thin air!

A Quasi Enlightened Realm expert!

Yang Ye glanced at the masked man and said, “If Im not wrong, youre the leader of Heavens Net, right”

The man nodded slightly, “I am.”

Yang Ye asked, “Are you here to break the agreement or kill me”

The man shook his head, “Neither.”

Yang Ye asked, “Then what”

The man replied, “I merely wanted to see who was capable of instilling fear in the Night Emperor.”

Yang Ye asked, “Have you seen what you wanted to see”

The man replied, “Id like to see more!”

Yang Ye nodded, “I too would like to see how far my strength is from an expert at your level!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the wooden sword appeared in his grasp.

He pointed it at an angle towards the ground and was ready to attack at any moment!

The man didnt say another word.

He just twisted his right hand slightly, and a black needle appeared between his index and middle fingers.


A moment later, a muffled explosion resounded as Yang Ye suddenly appeared 1km behind the masked man.

As for the masked man, he didnt stop, but another silver needle appeared between his fingers.


After that, Yang Ye suddenly appeared 3km behind him!

Suddenly, another golden needle appeared between the masked mans fingers, and this needle was almost two times longer than the previous needles!

An instant later, the needle vanished.


Yang Ye was blasted over 10km away.

As soon as he stopped himself, the space around him shook violently.

It wasnt just the space around him, even Yang Yes body was trembling violently!

At this moment, Yang Ye had the wooden sword pressed against his forehead, and a golden needle, which was revolving at high speeds, was pressed against the tip of the sword.

Yang Ye had an extremely solemn expression on his face, and there were beads of sweat on his face.

Three breaths of time later, a vicious expression flashed through his eyes, and he grabbed the sword with both hands before shaking it.


The golden needle was blasted back where it came from.

But it only took a moment for it to stop, and then it shot towards him again.

Yang Yes expression changed.

He held the wooden sword with both hands and stabbed it forward.


An ear piercing sound of collision resounded.

Yang Ye was blasted over 3km away!

At this moment, Yang Yes hands were trembling.

He looked up at the masked man, “Youre really strong!”

Hed felt that his own strength was sufficiently strong, but the masked man before him was even stronger.

In the last collision, the energy within his sword hadnt leaked out at all, and it had fully converged onto the golden needle.

However, hed still been pushed back!

The man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and said, “No wonder the Night Emperor is afraid of you.

You possess such strength at such an age, and your attainments in the Sword Dao are extraordinary as well.

If you attain the 6th stage of the True Realm and gain another increase in both your strength and attainments in the Sword Dao, then even Quasi Enlightened Realm experts would probably be no threat to you!”

Yang Ye said, “Quasi Enlightened Realm experts are much stronger than I imagined! A gap still exists between our strength!”

The man fell silent for a long time before he suddenly flicked a golden card to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye gazed at the card and was puzzled, “Whats this”

The man replied, “Do you know how we improve our strength”

Yang Ye replied, “By cultivating”

The man shook his head slightly, “By capturing the demons that come from the large universe, and then devouring their flesh and inner cores.

Or forcefully forming contracts between us and them to make them submit to us and let us use them.

Besides that, another method is capturing the experts that come from the large universe, and then take things like their cultivation techniques and treasures from me.”

He waved his right hand lightly, and then three needles that were around 30cm long appeared before him.

They were the black, silver, and gold needles from before.

The man continued, “I took these from an expert that descended from the large universe.

My own strength wasnt the only reason I was able to push you back just now, they played a part too.

Moreover, that wasnt even their true ability!”

Yang Ye asked, “So, all of you capture the experts and demons that descend from the large universe”

The man replied, “All of them are stronger than us, but they had to get through the barrier by force in order to descend from the large universe.

The moment they arrive here is their weakest moment, and its even to the extent that some get their bodies destroyed and only their souls make it down here.

Situations like that are an opportunity for us.”

He paused for a moment and continued, “Of course, there are some extraordinary experts that we cant do anything to even when they are in a weakened state.

For example, that existence who came down with your wooden sword.

He wasnt in a weakened state, he was heavily injured.

But countless experts hadnt been able to do anything to him, and he was able to escape!”

Hou Qing!

The person the man spoke about was naturally Hou Qing!

Yang Ye glanced at the golden card in front of him and said, “What are you trying to say”

The man replied, “Im inviting you into the inner area of Heaven Pillar Mountain to join forces with us and capture the demons and people which come from the large universe!”

Yang Ye gazed at the man, “Is it dangerous”

“Extremely dangerous!” The man continued, “This danger doesnt just come from those demons and experts from the large universe, it comes from the other experts from our medium universe as well.

You decide if you want to go there or not!”

“Ill go!” Yang Ye took the golden card.

He had to improve his strength right now.

The man nodded slightly, “That card is a proof of qualification to enter the interior of Heaven Pillar Mountain.

The seal above the mountain has started to become unstable lately, and it may be because some extraordinary expert is trying to descend through the barrier.

Thats an opportunity for us.

Ill be waiting for you around this time in two days.”

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “Why me”

The man replied, “Unless your strength is comparable to the top three Ancient Cultivators or four Heavenly Exalts, its best to have powerful companions when going in there.”

“The top three Ancient Cultivators The four Heavenly Exalts” Yang Ye frowned, “Who are they”

The man explained, “The top three Ancient Cultivators are ancient cultivators as their title implies, and the four Heavenly Exalts are the supreme experts of our medium universe.

They arent Quasi Enlightened Realm experts!”

Yang Ye was astounded, “Theyve attained the Enlightened Realm”

The man shook his head, “No, but their strength surpasses the Enlightened Realm!”

Yang Yes face instantly became solemn.

The man said, “Well gather two days from now!”

He vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

Not at the Enlightened Realm, but their strength surpasses the Enlightened Realm!

Yang Ye took a deep breath.

Not to mention the large universe, even if it was in the medium universe, there still were many extraordinary experts whom he was no match for!

The path of matchlessness was far from reach!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and was about to contact Yang Lianshuang, but he suddenly thought of something, and he looked up at the sky.

An instant later, he vanished on the spot.

Crimson Plains!

In a temporarily built pavilion, there were a few dozen people in it.

They were the experts of the Secret Sect, and the person at the seat of the host was the Secret Sects Master, Su Mu.

At this moment, all of them had quite solemn expressions on their faces.

Suddenly, an old man asked, “Sect Master, are you worried about Yang Ye”

Yang Ye!

Everyones hearts shuddered upon hearing that name.

They had heard about Yang Yes deeds in Divine Ruins City.

Su Mu glanced at the old man in silence, but there was a trace of worry in his eyes.

At this moment, he was naturally aware that Yang Yes body hadnt been seized.

Yang Ye was still the same Yang Ye! Based on Yang Yes character, would Yang Ye spare the Secret Sect after what it had done to him Obviously, he wouldnt!

Seek peace

That was impossible.

Now to mention Yang Ye, even he would agree to seeking peace with Yang Ye at a time like this.

Meanwhile, the old man added, “Ive already found out that Heavens Net has started to search for Yang Ye.

If Im not wrong, they were definitely hired by the Night Emperor of the Night Assassins.

Based on their ability, theyll definitely be able to find Yang Ye.

If nothing unexpected happened, I presume that theyve already found Yang Ye by now.

So, I think the Night Emperor should have found Yang Ye by now.

Or perhaps, itll only take a while longer for us to hear about Yang Yes death!”

Su Mu shook his head slightly, “Yang Ye isnt ordinary at all! Send everyone we have to find him.”

The old man nodded, “Alright!”

Suddenly, a black shadow appeared in the hall, “Sect Master, weve found the Yang Clan.

Theyre hiding in an ancient city.

We havent alarmed them!”

Su Mu stood up, “Good! Very good!”

He took a deep breath, “Yang Ye is an extremely loyal person, so those women of his in the Yang Clan will be our final trump card.”

The old man immediately said, “Ill go myself, and Ill capture all of those women and the members of the Yang Clan.


Suddenly, his voice stopped abruptly, and the hall fell silent.

Because a man in green clothes had suddenly appeared before the old man.

At this moment, the man had his hand around the old mans throat.

Yang Ye!

Su Mus face fell when he saw Yang Ye, “Yang Ye, let go of him.”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye slammed the old man against the ground.


The ground cracked open, but the old mans head was completely fine.

Suddenly, Yang Ye stomped on the old mans head, and it exploded apart before the eyes of everyone in the hall.

Blood and brain matter sprayed throughout the surroundings!

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at Su Mu, “What did you say just now I didnt hear you.

Can you repeat yourself”

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