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Chapter 1856 – Counterattack!

The monkey suddenly stopped at this point, glanced at Yang Ye, and then turned around with the intent to leave.

However, hed just turned around when he stopped again, and then he gazed at the wooden sword in Yang Yes grasp.

Yang Yes eyelids twitched, “Brother Monkey, you want my sword too”

A wisp of ridicule flashed through the monkeys face, and then he pressed his thumb and index fingers together.

The golden rod instantly appeared in his grasp, and then he tossed it over to Yang Ye.

Yang Yes eyes lit up, “Brother Monkey, are you giving this to me Er… we just got to know each other, so giving me such a precious gift is….

Er… Then thank you!” As he spoke, he hurriedly grabbed the golden rod.

However, he was shocked to notice that he couldnt lift it at all!

Meanwhile, the monkey said, “Take it.

Its yours if you can take it.”

Yang Ye glanced at the monkey and grabbed the rod with both his hands before pulling again.

However, it didnt move at all.

At this moment, Yang Yes expression was solemn.

How strong was his physical strength A single punch of his could collapse a mountain.

However, the strength of both his hands couldnt move the golden rod at all!

Yang Ye gazed at the monkey, and the monkey said, “Its not any lighter than the planet beneath you, yet your strength is still within the scope of Ordinary Strength.

So, how can you possibly lift it”

“Ordinary strength” Yang Ye asked, “What do you mean”

The monkey explained, “Strength is divided into four types.

Ordinary, Divine, Immortal, and Universal! Yet now, your strength is still within the scope of Ordinary Strength.

However, its a rare sight to see someone attaining Ordinary Strength in your realm of cultivation!”

Yang Ye hadnt expected that strength was divided like that, and he was even at the lowest level, Ordinary Strength!

The monkey continued, “Even though your sword isnt bad, this treasure of mine isnt inferior to it at all! Besides that, I dont use the sword!” He waved his right hand lightly, and the golden rod transformed into a ray of golden light which vanished before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief.

If the monkey wanted the wooden sword, then he wouldnt be able to stop the monkey with his current strength.

Its strength was horrifying.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly thought of something.

The monkeys strength was so extraordinary, yet he was heavily injured.

So, who heavily injured him and forced him to flee to a lower universe

Suddenly, the monkey said, “Are you willing to work together with me”

Work together Yang Ye was stunned and asked, “To do what”

The monkey replied, “That fellow has a treasure, and its extremely powerful and is made to counter me.

However, your sword doesnt fear it.

Help me kill him, and Ill help you kill someone as well.


Yang Ye hurriedly shook his head, “Brother Monkey, please stop joking.

It can even kill you, so wouldnt I be courting death”

The monkey replied, “It cant be used without limit, and he will absolutely not use it against you!”

Yang Ye asked, “Why”

The monkey replied, “Because it isnt worth it!”

What the **! Yang Yes face darkened, and he almost cursed out loud.

Do you know how to be tactful What do you mean it isnt worth it!

The monkey continued, “So, you have a chance to kill him, but I dont.

So long as I give him the slightest chance, hell immediately use that treasure to kill me.

Of course, you can refuse.

I wont force you!”

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time and shook his head, “I still cant defeat him even if he doesnt use that treasure!”

The monkey replied, “Im not asking you to kill him now.

His mission is to kill me, and he wont return until he accomplishes it.

But unless he lays an ambush, its impossible for him to catch up to me and kill me!”

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and said, “What is the treasure in his possession”

The monkey spoke solemnly, “A word.”

Yang Ye was stunned, “A word”

The monkey replied, “Its a Truth.

A single word capable of destroying the world.”

A Truth! Yang Ye wanted to ask more, but the monkey shook his head, “I dont like to waste my breath.

So, just tell me if you want to make this deal or not!”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and replied, “Ill do it.

However, Im weak now, so it might take a long time before Im able to kill him.”

Actually, the reason he agreed was mainly because the bald man had wanted to take the wooden sword and kill him.

He was certain that even if he didnt go looking for trouble with the bald man, the bald man would come looking for him!

The monkey shook his head, “It wont take too long.”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “What do you mean”

The monkey replied, “Based on your potential, youll be able to defeat him in 100 years, and 100 years pass in the blink of an eye!”

Yang Ye felt speechless.

Meanwhile, the monkey flicked a strand of hair to Yang Ye, “If you want to kill someone, you just have to activate it, and no matter how far away you are, Ill be there within three breaths of time.”

As soon as he finished speaking, golden light flashed beneath his feet, and then he vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye glanced at the monkey hair between his fingers.

At this moment, he thought of the Night Emperor.

Ask the monkey to kill the Night Emperor Based on the monkeys strength, the monkey would naturally be able to accomplish that with ease.

However, he wouldnt do that.

He intended to avenge Blood Maiden with his own hands!

Blood Maiden!

Yang Yes face fell when he thought about her.

A long time passed before Yang Ye put the hair away.

It was like a talisman that could save his life!

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and looked up at the sky.

A vicious glow flashed through his eyes, “Since all of you pursued me, Ill allow you to experience what its like to be pursued as well!”

He vanished on the spot.

The headquarters of Heavens Net.

In a hall.

Dark gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he asked, “Are you sure”

Yang Ye nodded.

Dark said, “Practically all of them are in the Quasi Enlightened Realm.

It seems quite difficult for you to kill Quasi Enlightened Realm experts with your current strength!”

Yang Ye replied, “Who told you that Im going to fight them openly”

Dark was slightly stunned, and then he seemed to have come to an understanding.

He nodded slightly and said, “I investigated and found out that a total of 27 experts pursued you earlier.

The strongest amongst them was Xiao Hanyi and Gu Huan.

10 low-grade Violet Crystals each for the ordinary experts and 50 each for the two of them! So, its a total of 350 low-grade violet crystals.

If you have more of those violet crystals you previously showed me, then just 30 will be enough!”

Yang Ye flicked a spatial ring over to Dark.

Dark glanced at its contents and put it away.

After that, he said, “Let me confirm it one last time.

Do you really want to do this Its very likely to throw you into a hopeless situation.”

Yang Ye replied, “Im already in one! Moreover, they wont spare me, right”

Dark nodded slightly, “Then go.

Ill send their whereabouts to you later!”

Yang Ye nodded and left.

Once Yang Ye left, Dark fell silent for a long time before he spoke softly, “Chaos is coming….”

Around two hours later.

Yang Ye appeared deep within an expanse of mountains, and he entered a dense forest within it.

He walked along the forest for around an hour before he arrived in front of a huge mountain, and there was a cave at its base.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and then he transformed into a shadow that entered it.

In the cave.

There was an old man seated cross-legged on a huge smooth rock.

Right when Yang Ye entered the cave, the old mans eyes suddenly opened, and then a saber appeared in his grasp.

He raised the saber and swung it forward.

However, his hand suddenly stopped in midair.

It was because a wooden sword had stabbed into his forehead, and his saber was still around half an inch away from the sword.

He could have avoided this lethal strike if he was just a little faster.

The old man stared at Yang Ye, “Youre Yang Ye!”

At this moment, Yang Ye wasnt wearing a black robe, so the old man had recognized Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didnt waste his breath.

He just pulled his sword out, and blood sprayed out from the old mans forehead.

However, a black shadow suddenly flashed out from within the old mans body and shot swiftly towards the outside!

It was so swift that it only took an instant to shoot out of the cave and appear over 10,000km away.

Suddenly, Hou Qings voice resounded in Yang Yes mind, “Kid, thats his soul.

Get him!”

Hou Qings voice had just resounded when Yang Ye vanished on the spot, and then a ray of light flashed.

A spot in space over 10,000km away trembled, and then a black shadow appeared there.

But when the black shadow was about to leap through space again, a ray of light suddenly flashed.


The ray of light pierced through the black shadow, causing it to instantly explode apart and transform into countless pearls of energy that rained down from midair.

The light dispersed to reveal Yang Yes figure.

At this moment, Yang Yes countenance was extremely pale.

Hed executed the Grand Teleportation Technique twice to kill the old man, and both attacks had been very close and dangerous.

Especially the first.

If hed hesitated for just a second upon entering the cave, then that hesitation would have caused him to be unable to kill the old man.

Once he couldnt kill the old man, the old man would be able to escape, even if he could heavily injure the old man!

Fortunately, hed attacked decisively upon entering the cave!


Yang Ye took a deep breath.

This assassination allowed him to realize that while he may not be able to defeat Quasi Enlightened Realm experts in head-on combat, he had a very good chance at killing them if he took them by surprise.

An assassin!

Now, Yang Ye intended to become an assassin!

Suddenly, the space before Yang Ye trembled, and then Yang Ye looked up towards the right.

A moment later, a ray of light appeared over 10,000km away.

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