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Chapter 1862 – Stay And Kill!

Yang Ye was quite stunned when he saw Xiao Qi soar off on the black dragon.

Suddenly, Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something, and he suddenly gazed at where the Night Emperor had been.

That spot was empty.

Ferocity instantly covered Yang Yes face, and he slowly glanced at the surroundings, “Dont all of you want to kill me and take this sword Bring it on!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he took the sword in both hands and swung it forward.


A sword howl resounded, and then a ray of golden sword energy flashed and instantly arrived over 10,000km away!

“AH!” A shrill cry suddenly resounded from there.

Everyone here was shocked by this scene, and they shot backwards.

At this moment, Yang Ye was invincible below the Heavenly Exalts while he held the unsealed golden sword! However, they didnt know that Yang Ye was almost completely exhausted!

Suddenly, a black shadow appeared before Yang Ye, and then it instantly enveloped Yang Ye before vanishing along with Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, a voice suddenly came from the sky, “From now onwards, I, Yang Ye, wont go to the large universe.

Ill only kill!”

His voice reverberated like thunder.

A short while later, the surroundings returned to calm once more.

Around a dozen breaths of time passed before a middle aged man suddenly appeared here.

It was the Ancient Emperor.

The Ancient Emperor looked up towards the direction Yang Ye and the black shadow had left towards, and he spoke softly, “That kid wants revenge!”

A smile suddenly curled up on the corners of his mouth, and then he flicked a ray of gold light forward.

It shot swiftly in the direction Yang Ye had left towards.

Two breaths of time later, Yang Yes voice resounded from afar once more, “Thank you!”

This time, his voice was very soft.

Obviously, hed gone very far away.

The Ancient Emperor chuckled.

Suddenly, his smile stiffened, and he looked off towards the side, “Why didnt you do anything just now”

A middle aged man in a luxurious robe suddenly walked out from the space there.

He had hair that hung down to his shoulders, and a white wine gourd hung on his waist.

His entire body had a scholarly aura.

The man replied with a question, “Why would I”

A moment of silence ensued, and then they exchanged glances and smiled.

The Ancient Emperor smiled, “Congratulations.”

The middle aged man replied, “You too!”

The Ancient Emperor looked towards the distant sky, “That fellow, the Night Emperor, is an absolute fool.

Even the three Ancient Cultivators didnt dare to take that sword by force, all those years ago.

But he actually allowed greed to cloud his judgment and try to take it by force.

Hes truly a fool!”

The middle aged man shook his head slightly, “Hes not a fool.

Hes just a pawn of the Red Robed Heavenly Exalt.”

The Ancient Emperor replied, “The Red Robed Heavenly Exalt is an idiot too!”

The middle aged man shook his head again, “Hes a pawn too!”

The Ancient Emperor frowned.

Meanwhile, the middle aged man said, “According to my knowledge, Yang Ye annihilated the clan of that horrible woman from the Ying Clan.

However, do you know why she hasnt stepped forward to kill him”

The Ancient Emperor replied, “I heard about that too.

She sent a clone to the Ying Clan, but I think it still failed to protect her clan.”

The middle aged man looked off into the distance, “What do you think”

A short while passed before a voice came from the space there, “There are many types of karma coiled around him.

At least three people have changed his fate in the past.

All of them… possess the ability to defy the heavens.”

The middle aged man in a luxurious robe asked, “How are they when compared to those three ancient cultivators”

The voice replied with a question, “Why dont they dare to take that sword from him”

The middle aged man fell silent.

Meanwhile, the voice resounded once more, “It isnt fear of Yang Yes potential thats stopping them; its because they dont want to inherit the karma on him and that sword.

However, it doesnt mean that they dont want it! As for the Night Emperor and the Red Robed Heavenly Exalt, they arent fools.

Unfortunately, they had no other choice.”

The middle aged man suddenly asked, “Whos pulling the strings”

The voice replied, “Heavenly Saber, while your attainments in the saber are extraordinary, there are quite a few in this universe who can kill you.

That person just happens to be able to as well!”

The middle aged man in luxurious robes was the Heavenly Saber Exalt!

Meanwhile, the voice spoke once more, “Ancient Emperor, a Heavenly Exalt has fallen.

You can replace him.”

The Ancient Emperor shook his head and smiled, “No, no.

Im far from capable of that.”

The Heavenly Saber Exalt gazed at the Ancient Emperor, “The Seer is the most mysterious amongst the five Emperors, and you, the Ancient Emperor, keep the lowest profile.”

The Ancient Emperor smiled, “The more you know, the more youll avoid attention.

Besides that, titles are worthless, arent they”

He suddenly gazed at the source of the voice and continued, “Actually, Im more curious about your background, Seer.

However, its best if you dont tell me.

Im afraid youll kill me to keep me quiet!”

The person hidden in space was one of the five Emperors, Seer!

The Seer fell silent for a short while, and then he said, “I dont have any background.

Im just a scholar from the upper universe.”

The Ancient Emperor chuckled, “Farewell!”

He vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

Once the Ancient Emperor left, the Heavenly Saber Exalt said, “He seems to be helping Yang Ye.”

“Its a gamble!” The Seer said, “Hes gambling.

There are all sorts of karma coiled around Yang Ye, but theres a lot of fortune too.

People who stay with him either become gods or ghosts.”

“Gods… or ghosts…”

A long time later, Yang Ye opened his eyes slowly.

Suddenly, a voice entered his ears, “Youre awake”

Yang Ye turned to look, and he saw Yang Lianshuang by his side.

The women from the Nether Pavilion were behind her.

At this moment, all of them were looking at him.

Yang Ye was about to speak when the pig-riding young woman walked over to him and punched him in the stomach.


A muffled bang resounded, and Yang Yes body curved.

Yang Ye was furious.

He looked up at her and was about to speak, but there were two streams of clear tears running down her face.

Shes crying Yang Ye was stunned.

Meanwhile, she suddenly grabbed his shirt and spoke coldly, “Yang Ye! Remember that our Second Sister gave her life away to keep you alive.

So, please think of her when you want to risk your life again!”

She glanced coldly at him and left once she finished speaking.

Yang Ye fell silent.

The others fell silent as well.

A short while passed before Yang Lianshuang said, “You were quite rash this time.

Even if you unsealed that sword, if the Night Emperor didnt choose to fight you and chose to flee, then you would be helpless against him.

You must realize that you can fight Quasi Enlightened Realm experts while using divine treasures, and you can even kill them.

However, your real cultivation is only at the 2nd stage of the True Realm!”

Yang Ye nodded, “I know.”

She nodded slightly, and then she gazed at Nether Maiden and the others, “Lets go.

Let him calm down!”

The others nodded and left.

Meanwhile, Nether Maiden walked over to Yang Ye and said, “We know you want to avenge Second Sister, but you cant be impatient about it.

So, put revenge aside for now!”

She turned around and vanished on the spot once she finished speaking.

Yang Ye took a deep breath and entered the Primordial Pagoda.

Hou Qing suddenly said, “Kid, feel that youre really weak”

Yang Ye nodded, “No matter how my strength grows, there are always people stronger than me.

Im still so weak!”

“Isnt that normal” Hou Qing continued, “As your strength improves, the people you come into contact with will change.

For example, if a sheep stays only with sheep, itll think the leader of its flock is the strongest.

But if it leaves and goes deep into the forest, it will realize that there are wolves, tigers, lions, and many other unknown and strong beings throughout the world!”

He paused for a moment and continued, “Thinking youre weak is a good thing.

Because youre comparing yourself to people whore more outstanding and stronger than you.

If you compare yourself to trash, youll naturally think that youre extremely outstanding.

But that would be no different than lying to yourself.”

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly, “I want to become stronger!”

At this moment, he urgently wanted to possess greater strength.

Especially after what happened to Blood Maiden and Zier… If he was strong enough, Blood Maiden wouldnt have died, and Zier wouldnt have had to let Xiao Qi occupy her body.

“Your realm of cultivation!” Hou Qing continued, “Your cultivation is your foundation.

You must improve it as soon as possible.

Youll only be able to improve the other aspects of your strength once you improve your cultivation, and only then will you be able to endure many types of high intensity training.

Especially your soul and mind.”

Yang Ye nodded.

He looked down at his hand.

There was a fruit there.

The True Spirit Fruit!

It was the True Spirit Fruit that the Ancient Emperor had given to him earlier.

He didnt know why the Ancient Emperor gave it to him, but it wasnt important to him.

The important thing was that it could improve his strength!

Yang Ye vanished on the spot with the fruit in his grasp.

The 2nd level of the Primordial Pagoda.

At this moment, only Little Sky and the Divine Yin Flame were here.

As for the bed here, it was empty.

Little Sky walked over to Yang Ye and spoke softly, “You owe Xiao Qi an apology.”

Yang Ye gazed at her, and she said, “Actually, it was extremely dangerous for her to enter Ziers body and use Ziers body to fight.

The reason she was in such a rush to head up to the large universe is that her soul started to disperse slowly after she used her strength just now.

She had to rush back to her home in order to stay alive! She would be dead if she got back too late!”

Yang Ye fell silent.

Meanwhile, Little Sky continued, “Both Xiao Qi and Zier only did that because they wanted to help you.”

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly, and then two streams of tears suddenly flowed out the corners of his eyes.

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