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Chapter 1863 – Invincible Below Heavenly Exalts!

Only An Nanjing and Sky Maiden were in the cultivation room.

Sky Maiden’s eyes were closed, and there wasn’t a trace of aura coming from her.

Suddenly, An Nanjing said, “She may be about to wake up!”

Yang Ye gazed at An Nanjing, and the latter spoke softly, “Her aura has been fluctuating lately.

Yet now, it has calmed down completely.

I presume she should have passed the most difficult barrier.”

Yang Ye nodded lightly, and then he gazed at An Nanjing, “You’re at the 3rd stage of the True Realm”

An Nanjing nodded.

Yang Ye glanced at the True Spirit Fruit in his grasp. I should improve my strength too!


Yang Ye swallowed the True Spirit Fruit and started cultivating like a madman.

Hou Qing had mentioned the importance of his realm of cultivation on more than one occasion, but he’d constantly overlooked it.

Because his current strength wasn’t being supported by his realm of cultivation, it was being supported by his physical strength and treasures.

However, just as Hou Qing had said, his cultivation was his foundation.

Only by improving his cultivation would his physical body and every other aspect of his strength had room to continue improving.

Once the True Spirit Fruit entered his stomach, a wave of extremely powerful energy swept through Yang Ye’s body.

It didn’t take long for the tiny vortex to start spinning, and then his entire body started absorbing the energy released from the Primordial Pagoda.

Just like that, time trickled by.

Heaven Pillar Mountain.

Once Yang Ye went into closed door cultivation, Heaven Pillar Mountain welcomed a rare period of extreme calm.

Because no one could find Yang Ye, and ordinary people didn’t dare to look for him either.

After all, that sword in Yang Ye’s possession wasn’t weak at all.

Yang Ye was invincible below the Heavenly Exalts!

No one in Heaven Pillar Mountain denied that fact.

If Yang Ye didn’t possess that sword, then perhaps there were people below the Heavenly Exalts who could defeat him, but when he used that sword, then not to mention those below the Heavenly Exalts, he could even fight Heavenly Exalts!

Equipment was the key to make up for insufficient strength!

In this world where the strong were respected, one’s strength couldn’t be judged solely based on the person’s realm of cultivation.

The person’s equipment and techniques had to be considered as well!

One month later in the outside world.

“AH!” The peace of Heaven Pillar Mountain started to be undone along with a shrill cry.

In a cave within a boundless mountain range, a green clothed man glanced at the corpse before him and said, “One!”

The young man was Yang Ye, of course.

Even though only a month had passed in the outside world, a year had passed within the cultivation room in the Primordial Pagoda.

A year of time had allowed him to fully absorb the True Spirit Fruit, and his cultivation rose from the 2nd stage to the 4th stage of the True Realm.

Moreover, he obtained the True Spirit Energy within the True Spirit Fruit!

It was an extremely powerful form of energy.

If it was used together with his current strength, he was fully confident that he could kill the Night Emperor even without the unsealed sword.

Most importantly, it could be used both offensively and defensively!


After he completed his closed door cultivation, the first thing Yang Ye did was kill.

What happened with Zi’er, Xiao Qi, and Blood Maiden allowed Yang Ye to realize that he was dreaming if he wanted a peaceful and stable life in Heaven Pillar Mountain!

Since they refused to let him be at peace, he intended to make all of them experience the same!

Yang Ye was hunting Quasi Enlightened Realm experts!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and intended to leave the cave.

However, Hou Qing’s voice suddenly resounded in his mind, “Kid, I have a technique, but it’s quite evil.

Do you want to learn it”

“Evil” Yang Ye asked, “What is it”

Hou Qing said, “There are a type of people in this world called Devil Cultivators.

Devil cultivators and evil cultivators are quite similar.

However, devil cultivators don’t go to such extremes like evil cultivators, but their reputation is equally bad.

They are the type that everyone kills on sight.

The technique I want to teach you is a devil cultivation technique.

It’s a technique my Shaman King gave me in the past, but I didn’t cultivate it!”

Yang Ye asked, “Why”

Hou Qing replied, “It’s bad.

Because you have to kill to cultivate it.

You can absorb the blood, energy, and soul of a person after killing them, and then use it to strengthen yourself.

If you target Quasi Enlightened Realm experts, then even attaining the 6th stage of the True Realm would be absolutely easy if you kill enough.

Even attaining the Quasi Enlightened Realm wouldn’t be difficult!”

Yang Ye said, “Senior, as far as I know, you’re not a good person!”

Hou Qing replied, “Fine.

I’ll be honest.

The reason I didn’t cultivate it is that I don’t want to be hunted.

Devil cultivators and evil cultivators are hunted in the large universe.

Not just by humans, even the other races hunt them too.

It’s an agreement everyone made.”

Yang Ye fell silent.

Hou Qing added, “You decide if you’re going to cultivate it or not.”

“Kid, you have to think about this carefully!” Qiong Qi’s voice suddenly resounded, “It’s no joke.

If you cultivate this technique, you won’t just be hunted by the human race, even my demon race, the shaman race, and other races will try to kill you.

You’ll be our common enemy!”

Yang Ye asked, “Senior Hou Qing, has that Shaman King of yours cultivated that technique”

Hou Qing replied, “My Shaman King hasn’t just cultivated devil techniques, he has cultivated evil techniques and even human techniques!”

Yang Ye asked, “Does anyone try to kill him”

“Who would dare!” Hou Qing’s voice suddenly grew louder, “Kid, my Shaman King is one of the strongest experts in the large universe.

Even your master wouldn’t rashly offend him.”

Yang Ye said, “See, there are no so-called common enemies, and only the strong and the weak.

If you’re weak, the entire world may become your enemy because they dare to.

However, if you’re strong, then not to mention cultivating a devil technique, a person wouldn’t dare say a thing even if you engage in mutual cultivation with his mother! This world is like a spring, it’s strong when you’re weak; and weak when you’re strong!”

Yang Ye chuckled at this point and continued, “Besides that, I haven’t even cultivated a devil technique, but isn’t everyone still out to kill me”

Hou Qing fell silent for a short moment and asked, “Are you sure”

Yang Ye nodded, and he spoke fiercely, “If men go against me, I’ll kill men; if demons go against me, I’ll kill demons; if devils go against me, then I’ll kill devils too!”

Meanwhile, Qiong Qi said, “Kid, if you cultivate this technique, then there might really be no place for you in the human race.”

Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “If the humans reject me, then I’ll go to the shaman race!”

“Alright!” Hou Qing suddenly said, “Kid, I welcome you on behalf of the shaman race!”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something and asked, “Senior Hou Qing, is there a difference between the human race and shaman race”

Hou Qing explained, “Strictly speaking, there’s no difference.

Because you’re human, and so are we.”

Yang Ye felt speechless.

Hou Qing added, “It’s a difference of culture, belief, and method of cultivation.

In any case, I don’t really understand the reason as well.

The answer is, even though we’re all human, there’s a difference.

Think about it yourself!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Hou Qing said, “Close your eyes! I’ll transfer the cultivation technique to you!”

Yang Ye nodded and closed his eyes slowly.

Suddenly, a strand of information appeared in his mind.

“The Devourer Technique.

Devour the blood, devour the energy, devour the spirit, devour the soul…”

A long time passed before Yang Ye opened his eyes slowly, and then he looked down at the corpse before him.

After that, he raised his right palm in its direction..

In an instant, the corpse started to dry up rapidly at a visible rate.

An instant later, Yang Ye actually revealed a slightly intoxicated expression!

Meanwhile, Hou Qing suddenly asked, “How do you feel”

Yang Ye replied, “Very comfortable!”

“Of course it is!” Hou Qing continued, “The reason it’s heaven defying is that it doesn’t rely on seizing the spirit energy in the world, and it relies on seizing from others.

It can take a person’s cultivation… No, I should say that it can take everything from another.

Once you absorb the energy within a person, you just have to circulate the cultivation technique, and the cultivation technique will separate the different energies that you absorbed.

For example, the soul will be absorbed by your soul, the spirit will be absorbed by your spirit.”

Now, Yang Ye understood why devil cultivators were pursued and killed.

Actually, it wasn’t that others wanted to kill devil cultivators; it was that devil cultivators had to kill in order to improve themselves.

For example, once he cultivated the Devourer Technique, he felt like killing more and devouring them!

Absorbing a single Quasi Enlightened Realm expert was at least comparable with three months of bitter cultivation for him! Some were even comparable to six months of cultivation!

So, he had to kill incessantly if he wanted to grow stronger.

This just happened to be very suitable for him right now.

Because he intended to kill now!

Yang Ye left the cave, and then a ray of light flashed through the sky.

Once his cultivation improved, Yang Ye noticed that his speed, body, and soul had all been improved tremendously.

This wasn’t a slight improvement; it was a huge improvement.

The only regret he had was the holy sword.

He couldn’t fully control it now.

Even if it was cooperating with him, it still wasn’t possible.

However, he could still use it, but he could only use it around three times at most.

Because every single attack he executed with the sword would draw upon the energy of the stars and the ground.

It was too terrifying, and even his body wasn’t really able to endure it.

As more and more Quasi Enlightened Realm experts died without making a sound, throughout Heaven Pillar Mountain, many people finally realized that something was off.

Especially the Quasi Enlightened Realm experts, they started to feel a sense of danger.

Because only Quasi Enlightened Realm experts had been killed.

A man held a spear in his hand as he sat cross-legged at the bottom of a gorge.

It was Xiao Hanyi, the man said to be closest to becoming an Emperor!

Suddenly, Xiao Hanyi opened his eyes, “All the people who died recently were killed by you”

“Yes!” A voice resounded around 1km away from Xiao Hanyi.

Xiao Hanyi frowned slightly, “I’ve given up on seizing that sword.”

“It’s too late!” As soon as the voice finished speaking, a sword howl resounded.


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