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Chapter 1872 – In A Group!

Even Heavenly Exalts would be ants!

Yang Lianshuangs words made Yang Yes blood boil a little.

Hed always overlooked their presence a little.

But they were extraordinary geniuses too!

Their potential and natural talent werent inferior to him at all.

If they attained the 6th stage of the True Realm too, then besides the ancient cultivators, they really wouldnt have to fear anyone throughout Heaven Pillar Mountain!

Besides that, some of the incidents of the past allowed him to realize that it was good to have more friends in this damnable place.

Moreover, Yang Lianshuang and the others werent just ordinary friends to him, they were friends whod gone through thick and thin with him!

So, if they attained the 6th stage of the True Realm, it would be a huge help to him!

Meanwhile, Yang Lianshuang asked, “So”

Yang Ye nodded, “Ill go get more for all of you.

Focus your efforts on improving your cultivation.”

Suddenly, Nether Maiden asked, “Can Second Sister really be brought back to life”

The pig-riding young woman and the others gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye had told them about the Night Emperor and Blood Maidens Quintessence Blood Pearl, but they were still quite worried and afraid that it wasnt true!

Yang Ye glanced at them and nodded, “She can, but its quite difficult.

Dont worry, though.

Ill revive her no matter how difficult it is.”

Nether Maiden nodded slightly, “So long as theres a chance, then we cant give up.”

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “Of course!”

After chatting with them for a while, Yang Ye left and headed for Heaven Pillar Mountain.

As far as he was concerned, the important matter at hand was to improve his strength as soon as possible.

Besides that, he had to help Yang Lianshuang and the others improve as quickly as possible!

Because he had a feeling that chaos was about to descend to Heaven Pillar Mountain!

Once Yang Ye left, Yang Lianshuang gazed at the Sprite Cores and said, “Lets begin!”

Nether Maiden and the others nodded, and then they started swallowing the Sprite Cores…

After he parted ways with them, Yang Ye immediately went to Heaven Pillar Mountain.

He was just about to enter the interior when an old man appeared before him.

Yang Ye flicked over a violet crystal to the old man.

The old waved his hand lightly, and the violet crystal flew back to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why”

The old man replied, “My Lord ordered that you dont have to pay any fees to enter the interior of Heaven Pillar Mountain.

You can come and go as you please from now on!”

His lord Yang Ye frowned, “Whos your lord”

The old man nodded slightly, “One of the four Heavenly Exalts, the Elegant Exalt! And the owner of Treasure Paradise!”

At this moment, Yang Ye felt quite ignorant, “Treasure Paradise Ive never heard of it.”

The old man explained, “There are countless organizations throughout Heaven Pillar Mountain, and the most mysterious and strongest amongst them is the Heaven Pavilion, then its the Underground, and below them is our Treasure Paradise.

Im sure youve heard of the Prodigy Alliance, right”

The Prodigy Alliance!

Yang Ye nodded.

Hed heard of it, of course.

One of them had even given him a command token and asked him to join the Prodigy Alliance once he got to Heaven Pillar Mountain.

Unfortunately, hed completely forgotten about it after he got here.

The old man said, “The Prodigy Alliance belongs to our Treasure Paradise as well!”

Yang Ye was stunned speechless.

The old man continued, “The Prodigy Alliance is filled with geniuses.

Perhaps they arent very strong right now, but the future of Heaven Pillar Mountain belongs to them.

The thing they lack the most right now is resources, cultivation resources, and my Treasure Pavilion just happens to be able to provide that to them.”

Yang Ye said, “You can be frank if you have something to say!”

The old man nodded, “My Lord would like to meet you!”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and replied, “Lead the way!”

The old man nodded and shot off towards the distant sky.

Yang Ye looked up and followed immediately.

It didnt take long for them to enter the boundless starry sky.

The boundless reaches of outer space were deep and mysterious, and one could feel how tiny one was when standing within it.

Around two hours later, the old man descended on a star, and Yang Ye was behind the old man.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings.

It was covered in lush greenery and flowers, and there was a bamboo house surrounded by flowers around 300m ahead.

“Please go ahead!” The old man gestured at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye nodded and walked towards the bamboo house.

It didnt take long for him to arrive before it.

Suddenly, its door opened, and then a voice came from within, “You truly are a young genius.

Youre just a little inferior to me in my youth!”

It was a womans voice!

Yang Ye walked into the house.

There was only a single bamboo table and two bamboo chairs within the house.

Besides that, there was a woman in a white dress.

She looked very young.

She had large eyes, a slender figure, and a carefree smile.

Yang Ye said, “I didnt expect one of the Heavenly Exalts to be female!”

“Whats wrong with that” The Elegant Exalt said, “According to my knowledge, you have many female friends.

Moreover, all of them are extraordinary geniuses, and some arent inferior to you at all.

Youve only taken the limelight away from them because of your deeds!”

Yang Ye walked over to her and sat down cross-legged, “I presume you brought me here for a reason.

Just be frank!”

She grinned, “Youve been to the 10th level!”

Yang Ye nodded.

She suddenly asked, “Wheres the Asura Exalt”

Yang Ye looked her in the eyes and remained silent.

The Elegant Exalt raised her cup and drank all the wine within it, and then she smiled, “Both of you went in together, but he didnt come out.”

Yang Ye asked, “You brought me here because of that”

She raised two of fingers and shook them, “Of course not.

I only asked out of curiosity!”

Yang Ye said, “You think I killed the Asura Exalt”

The Elegant Exalt replied, “You dont have the strength to do so.

Your current strength combined with that sword can allow you to fight a Heavenly Exalt and even defeat one but killing them isnt very realistic.

Moreover, you have no reason to kill him.

So, I asked out of curiosity!”

Yang Ye stated, “Hes dead!”

Her eyes narrowed slightly, “How did he die”

Yang Ye gazed at her, “Greed!”

The Elegant Exalt asked, “Can you tell me about it in greater detail”

Yang Ye stood up and looked her in the eyes, “I dont care what your relationship with him was.

I just want to say that his death had nothing to do with me.

I advised him to leave.

Unfortunately, he refused to listen!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and walked away.

Suddenly, the Elegant Exalt said, “He is my elder brother!”

Yang Ye stopped, and the Elegant Exalt continued, “Not long ago, he wanted me to go somewhere with him.

Unfortunately, I was at a critical moment in my cultivation, so I didnt agree to go with him.”

“Youre lucky you didnt!” Yang Ye continued, “Otherwise, you may have vanished from this world.”

She asked, “Was the other party very strong”

Yang Ye nodded.

She asked, “How strong”

Yang Ye turned around and looked at her, “The Asura Exalt couldnt even fight back!”

Her face fell when she heard this, “Then why are you fine”

Yang Ye replied, “I dont know how to explain that to you.

In any case, if you think that I caused his death and want to take revenge on me, then I have nothing to say.

Feel free to do it!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and walked towards the exit.

Suddenly, the Elegant Exalt appeared before him.

Yang Ye asked, “What”

The Elegant Exalt said, “Besides my desire to get answers, theres another reason why I brought you here today.

Youve been to the 10th level, but if Im not wrong, youve never been to the 11th level, right”

Yang Ye nodded.

She smiled, “Do you know whats there”

Yang Ye asked, “What”

She replied, “Youve killed many Quasi Enlightened Realm experts.

Most of those experts were able to flee with their souls once their bodies were destroyed.

Do you know why”

Yang Ye asked, “Go on!”

She said, “Theres a type of being in the 11th level.

Sky Devils.

If you devour them, your soul will be improved tremendously.

Its extraordinarily beneficial for the soul! Most importantly, itll help you temper your heart!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Temper my heart”

She nodded, “Because the way Sky Devils attack is slightly special.

If youre able to ceaselessly defeat them, then your heart will certainly arrive at a terrifying level.”

Yang Ye asked, “Why are you telling me all of this”

“The Quasi Enlightened Realm!” The Elegant Exalt continued, “Attain enlightenment of the heart to become enlightened about all things.

Its a place that countless 6th stage True Realm experts go to.

Because it may allow them to get to the Quasi Enlightened Realm, and those at the Quasi Enlightened Realm will have a very good chance to attain the Enlightened Realm earlier.

Even if they arent able to attain the Enlightened Realm, their strength will still improve!”

Yang Ye nodded, “I see!”

As soon as he finished speaking he vanished on the spot.

After she watched him leave, her face gradually turned gloomy, “Youll definitely go… If you do… youll definitely die…”

After he left the bamboo house, Yang Ye went to Heaven Pillar Mountain again, and then he entered the 10th level.

Hunting Xenosprites!

Yang Ye started hunting Xenosprites like a madman.

Now, he didnt just want to improve his own strength, he intended to improve the strength of Yang Lianshuang and the others.

Just as shed said, once all of them grow to the 6th stage of the True Realm, even Heavenly Exalts would just be ants before them!

Besides that, Yang Ye didnt plan to go up to the large universe on his own; he intended to go in a group!

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