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Chapter 1875 – Sword!

Snowy blinked in midair, and then she suddenly gazed at Yang Ye.

At this moment, Yang Ye was crawling up from the ground.

Snowys eyes opened wide at the sight of this, and then she flashed over to Yang Ye and hugged his head while ceaselessly rubbing her furry head against his forehead.

Yang Ye patted her gently, “Dont worry, Im fine!”

“Youre fine, but we arent!” Suddenly, a displeased voice came from the side.

Yang Ye turned to look towards the source of the voice.

Hou Qing and Qiong Qi were there.

At this moment, their bodies were trembling incessantly as if electricity was surging through them.

Yang Yes eyes were filled with bewilderment, “What happened”

Hou Qing glanced at Snowy and was about to speak when Snowy suddenly gazed at him.

She didnt wave her claws and just gazed at him while blinking in a nave and innocent manner.

The corners of Hou Qings mouth twitched, and then he gazed at Qiong Qi, “You tell him!”

Meanwhile, Snowy gazed at Qiong Qi.

Qiong Qi glanced at Snowy and said, “It was nothing.

We were just sparring and werent able to stop in time, so this happened.”

Hou Qing was stunned speechless.

Meanwhile, Qiong Qi glanced at Hou Qing, “What Isnt that what happened”

Hou Qing glanced at Qiong Qi, and then he gazed at Snowy.

In the end, he nodded unwillingly, “Of course…”

Even though Yang Ye felt that there was something off, he didnt pursue an answer.

Meanwhile, Hou Qing asked, “Kid, what happened just now”

Just now! Yang Yes face became solemn.

Earlier, hed formed 36 swords within the Sword Domain.

He hadnt just wanted to control those swords, he wanted to form a connection between the swords!

A sword formation!

He wanted to create a sword formation!

It was a sword formation he wanted to build with the Sword Domain as its foundation.

Simply speaking, he could control the 36 swords to kill his enemies within his Sword Domain, but its strength would be limited.

He wanted to form a connection between those swords.

Every sword was an independent object, and he intended to string them up.

So, it was like how a single finger wasnt very strong, but when five fingers were clenched together to form a fist, it was powerful!

The Sword Domain was that string!

Hed tried it, and it was possible.

However, he hadnt controlled it well, allowing energy to leak out, and it almost obliterated his mind.

It was difficult, and it was quite difficult at that.

However, Yang Ye didnt give up.

He played with Snowy for a while and continued again.

If he failed once, then he would try a second time; if he failed twice, he would try even 20,000 times!

Finally, after trying over and over again like a madman, Yang Ye gradually gained some skill, skill in balancing everything.

When he used the Sword Domain to link the swords together, he didnt use force like he had in the past; he did it gently, and he linked them up slowly.

The results were very promising!

Time flashed by.

Three months passed in the blink of an eye.

Besides taking some time to play with Snowy, Yang Ye spent all of his time on the sword formation.

After months of bitter cultivation, hed achieved something.

Yang Ye stood above a boundless ocean, and the calm and waveless ocean was below him.

His eyes were closed, and the space in an area of 500m around him was trembling.

The Sword Domain!

The area was enveloped by the Sword Domain.

At this moment, Yang Yes senses were at their limits, and even an ant would appear clearly within his senses.

“Sword!” Suddenly, Yang Yes voice resounded, and then 36 ethereal swords appeared within the Sword Domain.

“Slash!” Yang Yes voice resounded once more.

As soon as that happened, the swords suddenly started spinning rapidly, and then an area of 500m was instantly covered in rays of light.

It was fully filled with rays of light!

Sword howls resounded incessantly, and the sword energy in the area became sharper and fiercer…

Qiong Qi and Hou Qing exchanged glances from over 500m away, and there was undisguised surprise in their eyes.

No, it was shock.

Meanwhile, Hou Qing suddenly said, “It can kill a Heavenly Exalt in an instant!”

Qiong Qi nodded, “Its a sword formation he made by merging countless techniques, and the Sword Domain is acting as the core of the formation.

Its strength is truly capable of obliterating anything within it.

Unfortunately, that kid isnt able to fully control its might yet!”

The light dispersed, and Yang Ye was lying on the ground.

At this moment, Yang Yes eyes were blood red, and his countenance was pale as a sheet.

He seemed like he was terribly ill, and it was quite shocking.

Hou Qing went over to Yang Ye and asked, “Kid, are you alright”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Ill survive.”

Hou Qing said, “It looks like that sword formation exhausts a huge amount of energy!”

Yang Ye nodded.

The reason it exhausted so much energy was that hed used too many times of energy.

The Laws, physical strength, mental energy, soul energy, the Sword Domain…

While utilizing all these types of energies at once made it powerful, he wasnt really able to endure it.

It was like while a man might be able to run a few kilometers continuously when running for his life, he would definitely drop weakly to the ground once he finished running!

However, Yang Ye did understand that everything had a price, and it wasnt realistic to hope for everything to be favorable.

Hou Qing spoke solemnly, “That sword formation of yours was strong enough to instantly kill a Heavenly Exalt.”

It can instantly kill a Heavenly Exalt! Yang Ye took a deep breath.

In the past, his strength was only comparable to a Heavenly Exalt at most.

Yet now, his sword formation was capable of instantly killing a Heavenly Exalt.

Of course, it was only an estimation.

Heavenly Exalts were strong, and they had their own trump cards too.

So, perhaps one of the Heavenly Exalts had a trump card better than his

So, Yang Ye didnt look down on Heavenly Exalts because of what Hou Qing said.

After resting for around four hours, Yang Ye finally recovered completely.

Four hours was an extremely terrifying amount of time for Yang Ye.

After all, he had Primordial Violet Energy.

However, hed still taken so long to recover.

So, it was obvious how exhausted hed been after utilizing that sword formation!

Hou Qing suddenly said, “Your sword formation had a huge amount of space to grow!”

Yang Ye glanced at Hou Qing and smiled, “Of course!”

He could only control 36 swords with his current strength, but that wasnt his limit.

As his cultivation rose, his spirit, soul, and body would improve.

At that time, the number of swords he could control would grow higher and higher, and as that happened, the strength of his sword formation would grow stronger and stronger!

Most importantly, his Sword Domain would grow along with his cultivation!

This time, Yang Ye finally had a clear direction to develop his Sword Domain towards!

Meanwhile, Hou Qing suddenly asked, “Whats that sword formation called”

“Its name” Yang Ye was slightly stunned because he hadnt thought about that.

Hou Qing said, “It has to have a name, right”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and replied, “Ill call it the Invincible Sword Domain!”

“Invincible” Hou Qing was stunned, and then he shook his head, “Kid, your sword formation is very terrifying, but its not invincible.”

Yang Ye gazed at Hou Qing and smiled, “Invincibility isnt given by a name, its the heart and aura.

If a persons heart is without fear, he is invincible.”

Hou Qing looked down and seemed to be lost in thought, “The heart…”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “Life should be lived with dignity and honor.

No matter who tries to bully us and insult us, we must dare to fight back even if they are stronger than us.

Everyone dies.

So, one can die, but one cant be a coward!”

Hou Qing gazed at Yang Ye, “Rather die than be a coward!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Have you ever been a coward”

Hou Qing hurriedly said, “Of course not!”

Meanwhile, Qiong Qi suddenly said, “He was a coward just a while ago!”

Hou Qings face darkened.

He naturally knew what Qiong Qi was referring to.

It was what happened between them and Snowy just now.

Was that considered being cowards

Of course not.

He was a dignified figure of the shaman race, so how could he stoop down to Snowys level

However, he still had to complain a little.

Hou Qing hesitated for a moment and gazed at Yang Ye, “Kid, that little fellow of yours.

Shes… shes so mischiev…”

Suddenly, Snowy looked up at him.

Hou Qings face stiffened when he saw this, “You understand”

Snowy nodded, and then she started waving her little claws.

She was asking him what he wanted to say.

Hou Qing gazed at Qiong Qi, “Isnt she unable to understand us”

Qiong Qi spoke indifferently, “If she wants to understand, then she will; if she doesnt want to understand, she wont no matter what you say!”

Hou Qings face twitched, and he said, “What a trap…”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye asked, “Senior, what did you want to say”

Hou Qing glanced at Yang Ye, and then he gazed at Snowy.

At this moment, Snowy was staring at him, and her gaze was absolutely innocent and pure.

However, Hou Qing felt an indescribable threat coming from it.

He hesitated for a moment and replied, “I wanted to say that this little fellow of yours is very cute.

Yes, extremely cute…”

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