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Chapter 1912 – Drag It Into The Pagoda!

Come with me!

That was what Snowy was telling it.

Snowys eyes had lit up upon laying eyes on the multicolored snake.

Because she felt it was amazing.

At the very least, she couldnt do what it had done.

She could devour spirit energy, but not sword energy.

It was fun!

Very fun!

That was what Snowy was thinking, so she stopped Yang Ye from attacking.

Because she was afraid Yang Ye would kill it in an instant!

Only Snowy was capable of enticing someone elses pet while the person watched, and she even did it so boldly!

The multicolored snake glanced at the immortal crystal, and then it gazed at Snowy.

It didnt attack Snowy and just shook its head.

It refused!

Snowy blink, and then she glanced at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye shrugged to convey that he could do nothing to help.

It didnt take long for Snowy to gaze at the woman from the shaman race.

She hesitated for a moment before withdrawing two immortal crystals and making them float in the air.

After that, she pointed at the multicolored snake.

She spoke indifferently, “I refuse to sell it!”

Snowy didnt give up.

She flipped her palm, and then two fruits appeared there.

“Fruits of Rebirth!” Surprise flashed through Nansi Yins eyes, “You actually have Fruits of Rebirth.

Theyre precious treasures!”

Yang Ye nodded and looked towards the distance.

The woman shook her head again, “I refuse!”

Snowy blinked, and then she put the fruits and immortal crystals away.

After that, she gazed at the small snake, hesitated for a moment, before raising her claw to grab it.

She intended to drag it into the pagoda!

Because anything that went into the pagoda would be hers!

Yang Ye naturally understood what she was planning, so he hurriedly appeared before her and stopped her.

After that, he spoke seriously, “You must always be reasonable, understand” At this moment, hed decided to teach Snowy well.

Otherwise, shed be absolutely lawless!

Snowy blinked and shook her head.

Yang Ye took her in his arms and spoke seriously, “That snake is hers, right”

Snowy nodded to display that she had no objections towards that statement.

Yang Ye continued, “Since its her, how can you take it from her”

Snowy blinked.

She thought for a moment, pointed at the multicolored snake, and then pointed at herself.

She was saying that it would be hers once she dragged it into the pagoda.

Once he realized what she was saying, Yang Yes face darkened.

When did she learn the logic of bandits

Yang Ye organized his thoughts and said, “Another persons belongings belong to that person.

We have to be reasonable.


Snowy scratched Yang Yes hand gently, and then she clenched a fist.

After that, she started waving it…

She was telling Yang Ye that hed told her the fist was all the reason a person needed.

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

She was impossible to educate!

Yang Ye had a headache at this point.

He gently pinched her cheek and said, “Head inside for now.

Ill teach you later.”

Snowy glanced at the multicolored snake with slight reluctance, but she didnt try to take it by force again.

She flew over to Yang Yes face, rubbed her forehead against his nose, and then flashed into the Primordial Pagoda!

Once she entered the Primordial Pagoda, Yang Ye looked up at the woman.

Meanwhile, she suddenly said, “I sense the aura of the shaman race coming from you!”

The aura of the shaman race!

Yang Ye glanced at her.

No wonder she hasnt attacked.

She sensed the aura of the shaman race that I have.

But Ive concealed it so well, so how did she notice

“Its because of that python!” Hou Qing suddenly said, “It possesses a consciousness of its own.

It should have sensed it when you attacked just now!”

Yang Ye glanced at the multicolored snake, and then he gazed at her.

He was about to speak when Nansi Yin suddenly said, “Hes half man half shaman!”

Half man half shaman!

Yang Ye gazed at Nansi Yin.

Whats she up to

Nansi Yin continued, “He doesnt just possess the shaman races bloodline, he has cultivated the techniques of the shaman race!”

The woman from the shaman race glanced at Yang Ye, and a wisp of pity flashed through her eyes.

A moment later, she turned around and vanished into the distance.

Yang Ye asked, “Why did she look at me like that”

Nansi Yin replied with a question, “Do you know what it represents”

Yang Ye shook his head.

Nansi Yin explained, “A half man half shaman represents that the person is the fruit of the union between someone from the human race and someone from the shaman race.

Such people arent tolerated in the human race and rejected by the shaman race.

Theyre very pitiable.

Forget it, lets hurry up!”

Yang Ye nodded.

He didnt want to waste more time here.

They sped up, and it didnt take long for them to leave the bamboo forest.

All along the way, they saw many corpses, and all of them belonged to humans.

Obviously, it was the woman from the shaman race whod killed them!

“If the Sage Ruins appeared in the Human Dimension and members of the shaman race went there, they would be treated the same way!” Nansi Yin spoke as she traveled by Yang Yes side, “So long as they have the smallest chance, the experts of both races will try to kill each other.

Youll get used to it soon!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, and then he looked forward.

Numerous mountains stood before them.

A mountain range!

Yang Ye frowned.

How do we find the actual inheritance and treasures


Yang Ye immediately thought of Snowy, so he hurriedly called out to her.

Yang Ye grinned as he gazed at her, “Snowy, quickly look around and tell me where the treasures are.”

Snowy blinked and started waving her claws.

It didnt take long for Yang Yes face to darken.

Snowy was saying that it belonged to someone else so they couldnt take it!

This little fellow…

Yang Ye had an absolute headache.

How am I supposed to explain this to her

He thought for a moment and said, “This isnt the same as before.


Snowy blinked and shook her head.

Yang Ye suddenly took her in his arms and said, “In any case, if I say its right, then its right; if I say its wrong, then its wrong.


Snowy was speechless.

Yang Ye patted her lightly on the butt and said, “Hurry up and find the treasures.”

Snowy cracked a smile and sniffed.

A moment later, her eyes lit up, and then she pointed towards the right while excitement filled her eyes.

Shed found the treasure!

Yang Ye gazed at the direction she was pointing towards, “Lets go!”

Yang Ye grabbed Nansi Yin and vanished into the distance.

All along the way, they didnt encounter anyone else.

Obviously, the path they were taking was a remote one.

Around two hours later, they stopped.

There was a mountain in front of them.

It wasnt tall, and it was just around 300m tall.

Snowy pointed at it and gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment, and then he started walking slowly towards it.

Suddenly, the mountain trembled, and then the bottom of it shook.

It only took a moment for the mountain to start shedding its walls.

Yang Ye tightened his grip on his sword while a trace of vigilance appeared in his eyes!

The mountain walls were shedding at an increasing pace.

It didnt take long for a barrier of light to appear before them.

The barrier of light was shaped like a door!

A door!

Yang Ye glanced at Nansi Yin, and she spoke solemnly, “Be careful!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he walked over to the barrier and stabbed it.


The barrier shook slightly, but nothing happened!

Yang Ye frowned slightly.

He fell silent for a moment, and then he stomped his right foot down and transformed into a ray of light that slammed against it.


The barrier shook once more, but it still remained completely unharmed!

Yang Ye couldnt help but frown at the sight of this.

He fell silent for a moment and was about to use the Sovereign of Mans sword.

However, Snowy suddenly went over to the barrier of light, and then she was about to touch it with her little claw.

But Yang Ye stopped her.

Snowy glanced at Yang Ye, cracked a smile, and then pressed her little claw down.

As soon as her claw touched the barrier of light, it shook slightly, and then the barrier of light slowly split apart.

Yang Ye and Nansi Yin exchanged glances.

In the end, Yang Ye gazed at Snowy, “Why”

Snowy blinked and started waving her claws.

It was just a feeling!

Snowys ability to communicate was still quite bad, but Yang Ye still understood her.

Snowy was very sensitive towards danger.

So long as it was dangerous, she would absolutely not touch it.

However, she didnt sense any danger just now! As for why it split open once she touched it, even she didnt know the reason.

Yang Ye rubbed her head and smiled, “Lets go in!”

“Be careful!” Nansi Yin spoke solemnly, “A Sage Ruins will definitely not be that peaceful or safe.”

Yang Ye smiled, “Of course!”

It didnt take long for them to walk in.

As for Snowy, Yang Ye had sent her into the Primordial Pagoda.

It was very dangerous outside, so it was safer for her to be within the Primordial Pagoda.

Right when they stepped foot into the mountain, Yang Ye suddenly stopped.

Nansi Yin turned around and gazed at Yang Ye, she was about to speak when a voice suddenly came from behind them, “Hehe! I knew following you would be fruitful.

As expected, thank you for leading us to the true Sage Ruins!”

Theyd been stalking Yang Ye and Nansi Yin to reap the rewards of their efforts!

Yang Ye tightened his grip on his sword and turned around.

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