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Chapter 1919 – Sudden Turn of Events!


The sky had dimmed down.

The reason it had dimmed down was because countless rays of starlight were traveling through outer space and arriving above Yang Ye.

Stellar Ward!

Yang Ye didnt use the Invincible Sword Domain because it was his final trump card.

It was only a trump card while others werent aware of it.

If he exposed it here and now, then his enemies would definitely take precautions in the future!

Those enemies included the Sovereign of Man.

Besides that, while theyd joined forces, they werent strong enough to force out his true trump card!

Yang Ye had strengthened his body in three ways.

Firstly, the shaman races Undying Hegemon technique.

Secondly, the modified version of Stellar Ward.

It couldnt be said to surpass the Undying Hegemon technique, but it wasnt weaker.

Most importantly, they could be used together!

He could use the Stellar Ward technique to make his body even more terrifying!

As for the third, it was the Buddhist Gold Form.

It was one of his trump cards too, and he wouldnt rashly expose it!

Countless rays of starlight converged from the distant reaches of outer space before surging into him.

In an instant, numerous crystalline and translucent scales appeared on Yang Ye.

Even his eyes were covered by a thin layer of crystal blue.

Meanwhile, the woman in a black dress whip pierced through space and arrived before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didnt dodge, and he just allowed it to strike him.


It sounded clear and resounding as it struck against Yang Ye, and then it flew back to the woman.

There wasnt even a mark on the crystalline scales that covered Yang Yes body!

The woman and the others had solemn expressions on their faces when they witnessed this.



At this moment, there was fear in their eyes.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he transformed into a ray of light that shot towards the woman.

The woman and the others couldnt retreat now, so they charged at Yang Ye.

Four against one!

Yang Yes cultivation was merely at the 6th stage of the True Realm while all four of them were at least at the 1st stage of the Enlightened Realm, and the middle aged man and woman in a black dress were even at the 2nd stage of the Enlightened Realm.

However, Yang Ye was suppressing all four of them in battle!

Yang Ye abandoned his defenses when fighting them, nor did he even have to.

Even if he allowed their attacks to strike them, his body was forcefully enduring all of it.

As for his sword, so long as it struck its target, then it would at least heavily injure them!

They were helpless!

The more they fought, the more powerless they felt!

As time passed, the desire to retreat grew stronger and stronger.

Because if this continued, it seemed like Yang Ye would be able to just exhaust them to death.

The first to leave was the middle aged man.

After failing to pierce through Yang Yes defenses, twice in succession, the middle aged man decisively left.

While the Sages inheritance was extremely tempting, trying to take it by force when there was no hope was no different than asking to be killed.

Yang Yes strength had cleared the middle aged mans mind, so hed decisively chosen to flee!

Once the middle aged man fled, the pressure the other three faces grew even greater! Of course, it forced them to decide.


That was the decision theyd made!

Four breaths of time later, Yang Ye stopped.

At this moment, only Nansi Yin and him remained.

He hadnt chased after them because his mission was to protect Nansi Yin.

If he chased after them, it would be exactly what the people hiding in the surroundings wanted.

Meanwhile, Nansi Yin walked over to Yang Ye and spoke softly, “Are you alright”

Yang Ye shook his head slightly, withdrew two immortal crystals, and swallowed them.

Actually, he wasnt alright.

Even though the four of them hadnt been able to pierce his defenses, their strength had struck against him.

His body had endured all of it.

While he wasnt heavily injured, his internal organs had been damaged, but it wasnt lethal.

The Stellar Ward technique wasnt invincible.

“Two hours!” Meanwhile, Nansi Yin spoke solemnly, “My father and the others will be here in two hours.”

Yang Ye nodded, “Come on, Ill escort you out of here!”

Yang Ye flickered an energy sword below her feet, and then they transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot.

This time, no one stopped them.

Yang Ye and Nansi Yin arrived above the ancient city which had been held up by a sword.

The city was on the ground and the sword was gone.

Suddenly, Nansi Yin said, “This city isnt ordinary!”

Yang Ye gazed at her, “You didnt make me come here to say that, right”

Nansi Yin spoke softly, “Do you know why my master used that sword of yours to hold the city up”

Yang Ye shook his head.

Nansi Yin explained, “Theres a divine treasure in the city, and its an extremely strong weapon of evil.

Master set up a formation to suppress it within the city so that it couldnt slaughter innocents in the world outside.

The sword you have was the formations core, the core of the formation that suppressed it!”

Yang Ye looked at the city.

It was extremely quiet, and nothing unusual could be noticed about it.

Nansi Yin gazed at Yang Ye, “That weapon has an equipment spirit, so it definitely resents my master.

However, master is dead.

So, its very likely that it will come to seek revenge from us.”

Yang Ye asked, “Can I subdue it right now”

Nansi Yin shook her head, “We cant stop it.”

Yang Ye shrugged.

He wasnt afraid of any weapon of evil.

In any case, if it came for him, he would drag it into the Primordial Pagoda.

No matter what it was, it would have to submit obediently once it was within the Primordial Pagoda!

Yang Ye said, “Lets go!”

Nansi Yin nodded.

Right after they left, the city trembled slightly, and then a ray of red light floated up slowly from the city and vanished into the sky.

Yang Ye and Nansi Yin arrived at Diving Cove Gorge.

Now, they intended to leave the Shaman Dimension and head to Broken Cliff Mountain.

However, a woman suddenly appeared before them.

They knew the woman because it was the woman from the shaman race whom theyd met in the bamboo forest.

Yang Ye glanced at her and asked, “What”

Her gaze fell on Nansi Yin, and then Nansi Yins expression changed drastically.

Blood started seeping out from her eyes.

At the same time, her entire body trembled while the blood vessels beneath her skin started to twitch as if they were about to burst open.

“Thats the Blood Control Technique!” Hou Qings voice resounded in Yang Yes mind, “Hurry! Tap the center of her forehead and three inches below her stomach.


Yang Ye didnt dare hesitate.

He immediately tapped Nansi Yins forehead, but as he was about to tap the next spot, he was slightly hesitant.

The next point was quite an embarrassing one!

Hou Qings voice resounded again, “Hurry! Or shell be heavily injured even if she avoids death!”

Yang Ye stopped hesitating.

He tapped below Nansi Yins stomach.

In an instant, her body gradually started calming down!

Yang Ye was visibly relieved.

He turned to look at the woman while a slightly solemn expression could be seen in his eyes.

He felt that the shaman races techniques were truly strange and mysterious.

Meanwhile, the woman gazed at Yang Ye, “Why do you know how to deal with the Blood Control Technique!”

Yang Ye didnt answer her and tightened his grip on his sword.

He was about to attack when a pitch black command token appeared in his grasp.

It was palm-sized, and there was a strange circle inscribed on it.

It was Hou Qing who had given it to him!

Yang Ye was about to ask when Hou Qing said, “Let her have a look at it!”

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and tossed it over to her.

She glanced at the command token, and then she frowned.

Quite some time passed before she suddenly bowed slightly to Yang Ye and returned the command token to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was stunned.

Meanwhile, she didnt say a word and just left.

Yang Ye asked in his heart, “Why”

Hou Qing replied, “The command token of one of the 12 Shaman Kings.

You had one of those command tokens, so it represents that youre not a bad person to the shaman race, or youre carrying out some sort of secret mission.

So, that little girl gave up on killing this human girl!”

Hou Qing paused for a moment and continued, “Of course, I had my own selfish motives.

That little girl possessed such accomplishments at her age, so shell definitely become an extraordinary expert for my shaman race.

But if she goes head-on against you now, then based on your strength, youre quite capable of killing her.”

Yang Ye smiled, “Her departure is a good thing.

While Im confident that I can kill her, she isnt ordinary.

In short, its a win-win.

So, let me keep that command token.

I can avoid trouble in the Shaman Dimension with that!”

“No!” Hou Qing continued, “Kid, Im not one of the 12 Shaman Kings anymore.

You may bring death upon you if you carry my command token.

Moreover, if a powerful figure of the shaman race comes looking for you and asks you who you are, what will you say”

Yang Ye shrugged, “Fine, so how long will it take you to recover”

Hou Qing replied, “Soon.

I can rebuild my body now.

However, it isnt time to do that.

Im waiting for my soul to recover completely before rebuilding my body.”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he returned his consciousness to the world outside.

He gazed at Nansi Yin, “Lets go!”

They looked up into the distance.

Broken Cliff Mountain was within their gaze, and they would have left the Shaman Dimension once they passed Broken Cliff Mountain!

Suddenly, the Primordial Pagoda trembled!

The Primordial Pagoda was giving him a warning!

Yang Yes expression changed drastically.

He suddenly slapped Nansi Yin on the shoulder, causing her to be slapped 300m away.


At the same time, Yang Ye was blasted away.

He flew extremely far away before slamming against Broken Cliff Mountain.

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