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Chapter 1927 – Let Him Go! Right Now!

“Is that so” Gu He suddenly started laughing, “Perhaps what youve said is true, but trust me, your mouth will be split from your head before that happens.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he took a step forward, and then he appeared in front of Yang Ye.

He clenched his right fist, raised it, and smashed it down at Yang Ye like a hammer!

Close quarter combat!

It was exactly what Yang Ye wanted.

Yang Ye didnt dodge and just allowed the fist to descend towards his head while his fist shot towards Gu Hes throat.

If they didnt stop their attacks, there would only be one outcome, both of them would be injured or die on the spot!

Gu Hes expression changed when he saw that Yang Ye wasnt dodging.

He hadnt expected it.

He naturally wouldnt exchange his life for Yang Yes life, so he changed the trajectory of his fist to slam against Yang Yes fist!


As soon as they collided, the space around them cracked apart, and then they were pushed back repeatedly.

However, it only took a moment for Yang Ye to stop himself, and then he appeared before Gu He and slammed his fist at Gu He!

Gu Hes expression changed drastically.

He hadnt expected that Yang Ye would actually be able to counterattack in such a short while! While he was shocked, his reaction wasnt slow at all.

He immediately raised his right leg and stopped himself before slamming a punch at Yang Ye!

He didnt choose to dodge and instead chose to go head-on against Yang Ye!

Just like that, their fists slammed against each other in the most direct manner!


Their fists immediately separated upon colliding against each other!

But it only took a moment for Yang Ye to appear in front of Gu He again, and then he slammed his fist at Gu He again…

Just like that, Yang Ye launched punch after punch.

In the beginning, Gu He was still able to resist Yang Yes punches, but after around 100 breaths of time passed, Gu He started being pushed back repeatedly.

He was suppressed!

He was being completely suppressed by Yang Ye!

Yang Ye had his sword in his left grasp, but he never drew it.

Hed been using just one hand from the beginning.

As for Gu He, hed similarly been using a single hand in the beginning, but as time passed, hed started to use his other hand.

However, he was still completely suppressed!

He was being pushed back repeatedly, and hed been pushed almost 10km back now.

Li Jiang and his sister were flabbergasted by this scene.

They hadnt expected Yang Ye to be that strong!

As for Li Wu, there was a trace of surprise in her eyes.

Obviously, even she was shocked by how powerful Yang Yes body was when he was just a human.

Gu Bang, on the other hand, had quite a gloomy expression on his face.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly stopped.

Its over

Yang Ye glanced at Gu He and Gu Bang, and he said, “Its quite boring to let this continue.

Lets just forget this happened.” They were members of Xiao Qis race, so while it was alright to teach them a lesson, it wasnt necessary to be too ruthless.

“Forget it” Suddenly, Gu He spoke ferociously, “Lowly human, you think we can just forget this You…”

Suddenly, a ray of sword energy flashed.

At the moment it appeared, Gu Hes expression changed drastically, and he instinctively slammed his fist forward.

However, his fist didnt hit another fist this time, it struck a sword, an extremely sharp sword!


Gu Hes arm was instantly sliced into two, and blood sprayed!

But that wasnt the end, Yang Yes sword continued forward and stabbed against Gu Hes forehead, causing the latters figure to stiffen on the spot.

He wasnt dead because Yang Yes sword had merely gone half an inch deep!

The surroundings fell silent!

Gu He stared at Yang Ye.

His fists were clenched tight, but he didnt dare to move.

Yang Ye suddenly removed his sword and slapped Gu Hes right cheek with it, “Come on, tell me how we should deal with this”

Meanwhile, Gu Bang suddenly said, “Youre strong.

My brother lost the battle.

However, its just a spar, so please dont harm him.

Otherwise, all of you may not be able to leave this ocean.

After all, this ocean is huge, and its normal to get lost!”

Suddenly, Yang Ye slapped Gu Hes face with his sword again, causing a blood red mark to appear on Gu Hes face.

However, Gu He didnt move an inch because Yang Yes sword was pressed close to his face.

So long as he dared to move, he didnt doubt that sword would take away half his head!

Gu Bangs face instantly turned gloomy, and the calm and composed smile he previously had was gone.

Yang Ye suddenly gazed at Gu Bang and smiled, “Compared to your brainless and arrogant younger brother, I hate you more.

You clearly came looking for trouble on purpose, so why put on an act Besides that, are you threatening me”

As he spoke, he placed his sword against Gu Hes throat and said, “Come on! Threaten me again!”

Gu Bang stared at Yang Ye but didnt dare to say a word.

“Kill him and youll never leave this ocean!” Suddenly, a voice resounded, and then a middle aged man appeared not too far away from Yang Ye.

Gu Nie!

Meanwhile, Yin Hou appeared by Yang Yes side.

Yang Ye turned to look at her, and she shook her head slightly.

Obviously, she didnt want it to get out of hand.

Yang Ye shrugged and was about to remove his sword.

However, Gu He suddenly laughed fiercely, “Human, Ill remember you.”

“Oh” Yang Ye smiled, “What are you planning”

Gu He spoke fiercely, “You lowly human, you…”


Suddenly, Yang Ye slapped Gu He with his sword, causing Gu Hes voice to stop abruptly!

Everyone here was stunned by this!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly smiled, “I think that we cant just let this go like this.” As he spoke, he patted Gu Hes swollen face lightly with his sword and continued, “Im in an alright mood today, so lets just do this.

Apologize and Ill forget this ever happened.”

“Human!” Suddenly, Gu Nie said, “Ill repeat myself one more time.

Let him go! Right now!”

Gu He gazed at Yang Ye and seemed slightly insane, “Apologize You want me to apologize to a lowly human Dream on!”

The smile on Yang Yes face gradually vanished, “Im in a bad mood now.”

“Kill me!” Gu He laughed with fury, “Come on! Do you dare You…”

Suddenly, a ray of light flashed through his throat, and his voice stopped abruptly.


A bloody head flew up into the air.

Its eyes were opened wide, and they were filled with disbelief.

Yang Ye had really killed him!

He hadnt expected the human before him to dare to kill him!

That was the last thing Gu He thought about.

Li Jiang and the others were stunned, even Yin Hou was stunned.

None of them had expected that Yang Ye would really kill him.

Yang Ye had killed him!

Yang Ye shrugged and said, “Im sure you heard that he asked me to kill him.

Sigh, Ive killed people for years, but its the first time someone has begged me to kill him!”


A powerful aura slammed down in Yang Yes direction.

Gu Nie was attacking!

However, Yin Hou didnt stand by idly.

She waved her right hand, and a cold aura swept out and dispersed Gu Nies aura.

Gu Nia gazed at Yin Hou, “You intend to protect him”

Yin Hou was about to speak when Yang Ye suddenly started laughing, and everyone gazed at him.

Yang Ye gazed at Gu Nie, and there was no fear in his eyes, “What You cant accept defeat”

Cant accept defeat!

Gu Nies face became quite unsightly.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “So this is what the sky race is like.

The young seek a spar from others, yet they are too weak and get killed, so the seniors come for revenge.

Tsk, tsk.

What an embarrassment! What a **ing embarrassment!”

Gu Nie spoke gloomily, “You were just having a spar.

Since its a spar, why did you kill him”

Yang Ye looked Gu Nie in the eyes, “You cant kill in a spar”

Gu Nie spoke coldly, “Youre very good at killing”

Yang Ye looked Gu Nie in the eye without showing a hint of fear, “I once got tired of killing!”

The atmosphere here instantly became tense.

Gu Nie clenched his fists, and a gloomy expression covered his face.

No one knew what he was thinking.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly said, “I know that with the status you possess, you definitely will feel ashamed if you act against me.

However, you definitely wont want to give up on taking revenge.

So, how about we do this Let anyone from the younger generation of the Endless Ocean fight me in single combat until one side dies.


One on one battles!

Yin Hou glanced at Yang Ye and didnt say anything.

Gu Nie stared at Yang Ye.

Gu Bang was about to step forward, but Gu Nie shot a glance at him, and then Gu Bang hesitated for a moment before stepping back.

Meanwhile, Gu Nie turned to look at Yang Ye, “Youre a human”

Yang Ye replied, “What”

Gu Nie smiled, “Its nothing.

You said that I would be embarrassed to act against you.

Indeed, how could I do something like bullying the young However, Ive taken a liking to you, so Id like to provide you with some guidance.

Thats not a problem, right”

Yin Hous face instantly became gloomy.

Gu Nie was trying to bully Yang Ye indirectly!

Yang Ye looked Gu Nie in the eyes, and two breaths of time passed before he asked, “I wonder how many children you have!”

“Two!” Gu Nie smiled, “Why”

Yang Ye suddenly pointed his sword at Gu Bang, “Before you provide me with guidance, allow me to provide some guidance to your son.

Right, let me give you a kind reminder.

Ive provided guidance to many in the past, but all of them might have transformed into dirt by now!”

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