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Chapter 1928 – Immortal Armament Pavilion!

Let Gu Nie provide him with guidance

Yang Yes brain was still functioning.

Gu Nie clearly wanted to kill him.

Gu Nies cultivation was much higher than his, so he was definitely unable to resist Gu Nie with his current strength.

Thus, Yang Ye challenged Gu Bang!

Since Gu Nie wanted to bully him, he intended to bully Gu Bang! No, he wasnt really bullying Gu Bang.

Gu Nies face turned gloomy when he heard Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “So long as you let me guide your son, Im willing to let you guide me; if you refuse, then just forget I ever said anything!”

Gu Nie gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, and then he gazed at Yin Hou, “Yin Hou, if Im not wrong, youre here to buy Nebula Warships from my sky race.

But according to my knowledge, there are many in my sky race who oppose it.”

Yin Hou spoke indifferently, “Youre one of them, right”

Gu Nie smiled, “Ill get straight to the point.

Hand him over to me, and Ill side with the shaman race to convince the Sovereign of Sky to sign the agreement to sell Nebula Warships to the shaman race.


Yin Hou frowned, “Why stood down to the level of a junior”

Gu Nies smile became slightly cold, “It was my son.

Even though he was a useless son, he was still my son.


Yin Hou glanced at Yang Ye and shook her head, “I refuse! If theres nothing else you need, then well be bidding our farewell!”

She waved her right hand and vanished on the spot with Yang Ye and the others.

Gu Bang spoke in a low voice, “Father, are we letting them go just like that”

Gu Nie gazed coldly in the direction Yin Hou had left, and he remained silent.

Amongst the clouds in the distant sky.

Yin Hou spoke abruptly, “You were rash!”

Yang Ye smiled, “I know!”

Yin Hou asked, “You knew yet you still killed him”

Yang Ye replied, “Did you not want to kill him too”

“I did!” She continued, “But I wouldnt!”

Yang Ye said, “I didnt think too much about it.

My thoughts were very simple.

I would feel unhappy if I didnt kill him, so I killed him!” Hed intended to make a compromise and seek reconciliation because he didnt want to create trouble for Yin Hou.

However, he really couldnt stand to see how arrogantly Gu He was acting.

Yin Hou suddenly gazed at Yang Ye.

She gazed at him for a long time before she shook her head slightly, “Young, hot blooded, and frivolous.

All of that is fine, but never be rash.

Because youll pay for being rash!”

Yang Ye didnt refute it and just nodded, “Ill remember that!”

Meanwhile, Yin Hou added, “However, I have to thank you.

If it wasnt for you, my shaman race would have been utterly disgraced.

Because their people were secretly recording it!”

She gazed at Li Jiang at this point, “Do you know that if you really agreed to make that bet with Gu He, then you wouldnt have just lost face for our shaman race, even my mission would definitely end in failure.”

Li Jiang instantly broke out in cold sweat.

Meanwhile, Yin Hou said, “However, its fine.

At the very least, you dared to step forward when being insulted.

You havent lost your courage and desire to protect the shaman race.

Insufficient strength can be trained, but if you lose your courage, then youll be trash even if you possess formidable strength!”

Li Jiang nodded, “I understand!”

He gazed at Yang Ye and hesitated for a moment before he said, “Thank you for just now!”

If it wasnt for Yang Ye, he would have fallen into a dilemma without a way out of it!

Yang Ye nodded slightly and gazed at Yin Hou, “Senior, Gu Nia will definitely not let the matter rest.”

Yin Hou said, “I know.

However, you dont have to care too much about it.

After all, Gu Nie isnt the one who really makes the decision in the sky race, its the Sovereign of Sky!”

The Sovereign of Sky!

That was probably Xiao Qis father!

Their group sped up.

Around six hours later, they saw a city in front of them.

The city was completely white.

It stood amidst the clouds in the distance, and there were huge cranes that soared by it.

It was like an immortal paradise!

Theyd never seen an immortal paradise, but as far as they were concerned, it would be something like that!

Meanwhile, Yin Hou asked, “Shocked”

Yang Ye and the others nodded.

Yin Hou said, “Sky City.

Its made from special materials, and theres an extremely terrifying formation within it.

It was jointly set up by five Sages.

It can be said that experts below the Sage Realm are ants before the city! Even a Sage would find it impossible to destroy on their own!”

Experts below the Sage Realm are ants!

Suddenly, a ray of white light appeared in the distance, and then it dispersed to reveal a middle aged man.

The middle aged man gazed at Yin Hou, “Youre Yin Hou, right”

Yin Hou nodded slightly, “Yes I am!”

The middle aged man said, “The Sovereign of Sky is entertaining guests.

So, he has ordered me to take all of you to the Cloud Guest Terrace.

Please come with me!”

Yin Hou replied, “Thank you!”

The middle aged man nodded slightly, and then he transformed into a ray of white light that vanished into the distance.

Yang Ye curiously sized up the surroundings all along the way.

A paradise for immortals!

It was a true paradise for immortals.

The spirit energy here wasnt just extremely abundant, it was very pure.

It could be said that the spirit energy here was the purest hed ever seen besides the Primordial Violet Energy!

Cloud Guest Terrace!

Besides that, the people in the city really werent very different from humans.


The people here seemed extremely intelligent, and they would definitely be geniuses amongst geniuses in the human race.

They were an extremely special race of beings!

It didnt take long for them to arrive at Cloud Guest Terrace.

Once the middle aged man left, Yin Hou gazed at Yang Ye, “Do you know where your friend is”

Yang Ye shook his head.

Yin Hou asked, “Do you know your friends name”

“Xiao Qi!” Yang Ye continued, “It may be her nickname!”

Yin Hou nodded, “Ill try to get some information about her.

If you want, you can go look for her yourself, but dont cause trouble.

You cant act rashly here.

Especially when youre a human.


Yang Ye asked, “They looked down on humans”

Yin Hou shook her head slightly, “Not really, humans are just not very welcome here.

Actually, humans arent the only ones, besides a few races of living beings, the sky race doesnt really welcome any of the other races!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Dont worry, Senior.

I normally dont cause trouble!”

Yin Hou nodded slightly, “All of you can go to your rooms and rest.

Therell be an event in two days.

Ill take all of you to join it, and then well leave the Sky Dimension!”

She vanished on the spot once she finished speaking.

In his room, Yang Ye sized up the surroundings.

At this moment, he noticed that these rooms were actually made from jade, and the jade emanated faint warmth.

It made the occupants of the rooms feel extremely comfortable.

“Xiao Qis family is really rich!” Yang Ye shook his head.

He was about to cultivate when Snowy suddenly appeared on his shoulder.

Snowy pointed out the door.

She was telling him that she wanted to go out and have fun!

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and nodded.

Baoer, Zhier, and the others were frequently cultivating in the Primordial Pagoda, so they didnt have much time to play with Snowy.

As for Snowy, once she became bored in the pagoda, she would become extremely terrifying!

Of course, it was to the Divine Yin Flame and Hou Qing.

Because she was capable of anything when she was bored!

Hou Qing had once thought of a method, and it was to make Snowy cultivate.

In that way, everyone could have some rest.

However, he failed.

This little fellow practically never cultivated, and even if she did, it never lasted for long!

Yang Ye left his room and went to the streets with Snowy in his arms.

The streets were very wide.

There were jade white buildings on both sides.

Some were tall, some werent, but they didnt seem messy at all.

There were quite a few people on the streets.

In this world where the strong were respected, if it wasnt due to physical limitations, everyone cultivated.

So, there were no ordinary people here.

Snowy sized up the surroundings with curiosity in her eyes.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up, and then she pointed towards the right.

Yang Ye looked over to the right, and he saw a shop there—Immortal Armament Pavilion!

Immortal Armament Pavilion

Yang Ye sized up the shop, and then looked at Snowy, “There are treasures in there”

Snowy hurriedly nodded.

Yang Ye smiled, “Then lets have a look.

However, you cant try to steal anything or act rashly.


Snowy blinked and acted like she didnt understand him.

A serious expression covered Yang Yes face, and she immediately nodded to display her understanding.

Yang Ye grinned, and then he walked into the shop.

As soon as he walked in, a woman in a green dress moved over to greet him, “Welcome! Do you need something”

Yang Ye sized up the surroundings.

There were a few dozen white pillars of light, and he could faintly see all sorts of treasures in them.

Meanwhile, Snowy suddenly pointed upwards.

Go up!

Yang Ye gazed at the woman, “There are more upstairs, right”

She glanced at Snowy and nodded, “Yes.

However, you must pay ten immortal crystals to enter the 2nd floor.”

Yang Ye hadnt even said a word when Snowy had waved her hands, and then ten immortal crystals appeared before the woman.

Yang Ye was stunned speechless.

The woman gazed at Snowy and smiled from ear to ear, “How cute! Come with me!”

Yang Ye followed the woman up to the 2nd floor.

Yang Ye was about to speak upon arriving at the 2nd floor, but the tiny vortex within him suddenly started to spin rapidly!

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