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Chapter 1933 – The Grand Dao is Within Reach!

Once Yin Hou left, Yang Ye sat down cross-legged and entered the Primordial Pagoda.

He stood on a round rock with his sword in hand, and there was a waterfall before him while a forest surrounded him.


Yang Ye was thinking about the battle he just had!


Besides the weapon she used, the main reason hed been injured during the battle was speed.

Her speed completely suppressed him!

Her movement technique was much faster than him!


That battle allowed Yang Ye to realize that he was still quite inferior when it came to speed.

Suddenly, Hou Qing appeared in front of Yang Ye, “You want to improve your speed”

Yang Ye nodded, “Indeed.

But Ive reached my limits.

So, even if I can improve it, it wouldnt change much.”

His current speed was the product of his Sword Control Technique and various other Laws.

Hed utilized them to their limits, so unless he advanced further in his cultivation and allowed them to be improved further, it was impossible to achieve another qualitative leap in his speed.

However, his cultivation was stuck at the 6th stage of the True Realm, and it was difficult for him to rise further!

His cultivation!

It was a problem of his!

Meanwhile, Hou Qing said, “If you want to obtain an increase in speed, I have a method!”

Yang Ye asked, “What method”

“A shaman technique!” Hou Qing continued, “You can combine it with your current speed.

Its called Blood Shuttle!”

“Blood Shuttle” Yang Ye had quite a strange expression on his face because it sounded quite strange!

Hou Qing replied, “The Blood Shuttle uses your own blood as an auxiliary force, allowing your speed to be maximized.

Its actually a very good technique, but very few cultivate it!”

Yang Ye asked, “Why”

“Its dangerous!” Hou Qing explained, “Extremely dangerous.

Because it has a high requirement towards the users control.

The slightest mistake may make your blood explode from within you!”


Yang Ye was stunned speechless.

“However, you dont have to worry about that!” Meanwhile, Hou Qing added, “Because your body is extremely strong, and you have this pagoda.

It can suppress everything for you.

So, you dont have to worry about making yourself explode!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Lets do it!”

It only took a moment for information to appear in Yang Yes mind.

Blood Shuttle!

Simply speaking, it stimulated the energy within a persons blood, and then used that energy as a propulsion force to maximize a persons speed.

With Hou Qing there to guide him and the Sword Domain, it didnt take Yang Ye long to grasp it.

However, his speed wasnt stable.

Because he had to merge the Blood Shuttle technique with his Laws and the Sword Control Technique!

Otherwise, just the Blood Shuttle technique wasnt even as fast as the speed he gained from his existing Laws and techniques!

Over a dozen days passed in the blink of an eye.

Yang Ye stood amidst the clouds with his sword in hand, and his eyes were closed.

There was an ethereal sword below his feet.

Suddenly, Yang Ye opened his eyes, and then a faint red light appeared on him.

After that, a ray of light flashed, and he seemed to have vanished.

At this moment, Yang Ye was 3km away.

Yang Ye glanced at his own body.

He felt like he was being torn apart!

It was because his speed was too swift!

“You cant go any faster!” Suddenly, Hou Qing appeared before Yang Ye, “You cant improve your speed any further until youve attained the Enlightened Realm.

Otherwise, your body wont be able to endure your speed.

Your speed far surpasses a 3rd stage Enlightened Realm expert right now.

Its extremely outstanding.

It can be said that its a very abnormal level of speed amongst True Realm experts!”

Yang Ye nodded.

His current speed was around 30% to 40% faster.

Even though it was only 30-40%, it made him practically capable of instantly killing a 3rd stage Enlightened Realm expert!

Moreover, just as Hou Qing had said, he couldnt endure a further increase in speed!

Increasing it further may cause adverse effects instead!

After cultivating for a few more days in the Primordial Pagoda, Yang Ye left the pagoda and his room.

But he was instantly stunned upon walking outside.

Because a barefoot woman was outside his room—Li Wu.

Li Wu said, “Lady Yin Hou asked me to come get you.

She said that we can set off now if were ascending the Sky Stairs!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Youre going too”

She nodded slightly, “Yes!”

Yang Ye replied, “Lets go then!”

They left Cloud Guest Terrace and arrived at the southern gates of the city.

Yin Hou, Li Jiang, and Li Tong were here waiting for them.

Yin Hou sized up Yang Ye.

Suddenly, she frowned slightly, “The Blood Shuttle technique”

Yang Ye had slight surprise in his eyes, “How did you know”

Yin Hou replied, “The blood within you hasnt calmed down completely.

How could you dare to cultivate it”

Yang Ye smiled, “Its fine.

My body is a little special, so I wont explode!”

She sized up Yang Ye and nodded, “True.

But its best to be careful.”

Yang Ye nodded, “I will!”

Yin Hou said, “Lets go!”

She immediately waved her right hand, and all of them vanished on the spot.

In the clouds outside the city.

Yang Ye asked, “The Sky Stairs aren\'t in the city”

She shook her head, “It is, but its in outer space.”

Yang Ye looked up, but he didnt see anything.

Meanwhile, Yin Hou said, “According to the information I received, the human race, demon race, devil race, and my shaman race have come this time.

Moreover, even the oceanic race and some other mysterious races may send their geniuses.”

Yang Ye gazed at her with curiosity in his eyes, “Mysterious races”

She replied, “Like the spirit race.

Theyre a race whose purity of the body is even greater than the sky race.

However, they have too few members, and theyre practically on the verge of extinction.

Besides that, they dislike battle, so theyve practically gone into hiding and dont come in contact with the other races.”

The spirit race!

Yang Ye recalled the patriarch of the spirit race whom hed met in the lower universe.

The old man whod given him the spirit pearl.

That old man was from the spirit race!

Yin Hou said, “Besides them, the giant race, oceanic race, sky devil race, and many others are considered mysterious races.

Because they arent active in this universe, and they are rarely seen in the outside world!”

“The Sky devil race is here too” Meanwhile, Li Jiang suddenly asked, “Arent they sworn enemies with the sky race”

“Sworn enemies” Yang Ye gazed at Li Jiang with a questioning gaze.

Li Jiang glanced at Yang Ye and spoke softly, “The enmity between them has to be told from 10,000 years ago.

Actually, to put it in simpler terms, they fought for territory.

Havent you noticed The spirit energy here is much, much better than the Human Dimension or Shaman Dimension.”

Yang Ye nodded.

Li Jiang continued, “At that time, both the sky race and sky devil race wanted this place.

This place wasnt created by someone, and it was naturally formed instead.

So, both races wanted it, and a battle was unavoidable.

In the end, the sky race won.

They took this place, and it made enmity form between the two races.

So, friction occurs between them every now and then!”

I see! Yang Ye nodded slightly.

Even the sky race has a sworn enemy.

But it was normal because while the large universe was huge, where there were living beings, there would be conflict.

“Actually, the most mysterious is the god race!” Suddenly, Li Jiang said, “Theyre much more mysterious than any other race!”

“The god race” Yang Ye wanted to ask, but he suddenly gazed at Yin Hou.

She actually had quite a solemn expression on her face.

Li Jiang wanted to say more, but she shook her head, “Its in the past.

Theres no need to mention them again!”

Li Jiang hurriedly nodded and fell silent.

Yang Ye felt speechless.

Yang Ye didnt notice that the jade pendant in his spatial ring had suddenly trembled, and the eyes of the beast on it moved slightly.

But it quickly returned to normal.

Meanwhile, Yin Hou gazed at Yang Ye, “While the sky devil race is a sworn enemy of the sky race, they dont stop the sky devil race from participating.

Because its like a competition, a competition between the geniuses of the two races.

Or perhaps it can be said that the Sky Stairs is a gathering in the large universe, a gathering of geniuses.”

A gathering of geniuses!

Yang Ye nodded.

Alright, let me see how great the geniuses of this large universe are.

It didnt take long for them to arrive in outer space.


Outer space always made people feel tiny before it.

No matter how strong a person was, that person would seem tiny and insignificant before the boundless starry sky!

The universe!

Humans cultivate incessantly with the final goal of uncovering the secrets of the universe!

Two hours later.

Yin Hou stopped, “Were here!”

They looked up, and they saw a stone stairway far away in the sky.

It was extremely tall and wide.

It stood far away in outer space, and it stretched all the way into the pitch black depths of space.

The Sky Stairs!

Yin Hou said, “Thats the Sky Stairs.

They have a saying in the sky race, ascend the Sky Stairs and the Grand Dao will be within reach!”

The Grand Dao will be within reach!

Yang Ye was about to speak when Snowy emerged.

She glanced at the surroundings, and then her gaze descended on the Sky Stairs.

It only took a moment for her eyes to light up.

Her reaction made Yang Ye feel speechless.

Meanwhile, Snowy suddenly gazed at Yang Ye, blinked, and then pointed at the stairs before pointing at herself while a serious expression covered her face.

She was telling him to give that to her!

Yang Ye was stunned speechless.

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