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Chapter 1938 – Kill Me!

Unrealistic thoughts!

Yang Ye looked her in the eyes, “You know Xiao Qi!”

She replied indifferently, “I do!”

Yang Ye said, “I don’t have any unrealistic thoughts towards her, and I merely treat her as my younger sister.

She’s like…”

“Younger sister” The woman suddenly interrupted Yang Ye and spoke with ridicule, “Are you even worthy”

Yang Ye suddenly took a step forward, and he was only a hand’s breadth away from her.

Yang Ye looked her in the eyes, “Where does your pride come from Is it your background Or your own strength”

She replied with a question, “What”

Yang Ye smiled, “Nothing.

I just don’t like dogs who look down on others.”

Her gaze turned icy cold, “Do you want to die”

Yang Ye suddenly took another step forward, and then he gazed coldly at her, “Kill me!”

The desire to kill flashed through her eyes, and then a short sword swiped at Yang Ye’s throat.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye had swung his sword too!


An explosion resounded, and then they split apart.

But it only took a moment for a white shadow to appear behind Yang Ye.

However, a ray of light suddenly appeared behind her just an instant later!

Bang! Bang!

Space trembled!

Three breaths of time later, they split apart again and were around 300m away from each other!

She stared at Yang Ye, “Your speed…”

Her pupils suddenly constricted, and her voice stopped abruptly because a ray of light had arrived above her head.

Her reaction was absolutely swift.

She twisted her right foot slightly and transformed into a white shadow that appeared behind Yang Ye.

However, as soon as she appeared behind him, a ray of light suddenly appeared behind her.

Yang Ye was behind her already!


After he learned the Blood Shuttle technique, Yang Ye’s speed was at his own limits.

So, while his current speed couldn’t fully suppress her, he wouldn’t lose to her in speed!

Yang Ye’s sword descended!


A white shadow was blasted away, but it only took a moment for the shadow to stop.

The woman’s white dress fluttered 300m away from Yang Ye while she stared at him.

Suddenly, she pressed her sword against her forehead and started chanting something.

The starlight around her gradually started to warp.

“Myriad Sword Destroyer!” Her voice resounded, and then countless rays of sword energy surged out from around her.

In just an instant, sword energy covered the area in front of Yang Ye.

They were like a dense storm that rained down upon Yang Ye!

Yang Ye didn’t dare act carelessly.

He issued a command in his heart, and then 10 ethereal swords instantly appeared in front of him.

A moment later, the swords started spinning rapidly, and then rays of light appeared around him.

The sword energy around him seemed like a huge barrier that enveloped him.

The sword energy collided in space, and then the surroundings shook violently.

Suddenly, an ear piercing sword howl resounded, and then a ray of light tore through the sword energy.

Everywhere it passed, the sword energy was torn into bits, and it only took an instant for that ray of light to arrive in front of the woman.

The woman’s expression remained calm, but she was extremely shocked in her heart.

She hadn’t expected this human before her to slice through her sword energy with such ease!

She didn’t dare to let herself get careless.

She stabbed Star Destroyed forward!


Her hand trembled, and then a wave of powerful force followed along her sword and struck her, causing her figure to be blasted away.

At the instant her figure flew backwards, another ray of light flashed before her.

Split Second!

The Sword Domain combined with Split Second!

At this moment, it was enhanced by the Blood Shuttle technique too, so its speed and explosive force was even more terrifying now.

The woman in a white dress couldn’t avoid it!

An instant later, the surroundings fell silent.

Yang Ye was standing in front of the woman, and a sword was pressed against her forehead!

She’d lost!

Yang Ye pressed his sword against her forehead and said, “Pride Tell me what you have to be proud about!”

She stared at him and remained silent.

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “Where’s Xiao Qi”

The woman said, “You can’t see her!”


It was the sound of Yang Ye’s sword piercing through her skin.

A drop of blood seeped out from her forehead.

Yang Ye looked her in the eyes, “Do you think I dare not kill you Want to try me”

She remained silent.

A ferocious smile curled up on the corners of his mouth, and he was about to do it.

However, a voice suddenly came from the side, “Do you want to die”

As soon as the voice resounded, a white haired old man appeared not too far away from him.

Yang Ye had met the old man previously, it was the same white haired old man he’d met in the life and death arena.

Yang Ye grinned, and then he gazed at the woman, “Don’t make noise in front of me again, and you have no right to talk about my business with Xiao Qi too!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he lowered his sword and walked away.

Suddenly, the old man appeared in front of him.

Yang Ye asked, ‘What”

The old man stated, “Leave the Sky Dimension! Humans aren’t welcome here!”

“Oh!” Yang Ye vanished into the distance once he finished speaking.

The old man’s face instantly became extremely unsightly.

He was about to chase after Yang Ye, but the woman in the white dress said, “Forget it.

Leave him be!”

The old man’s figure stiffened slightly, and then he said, “Understood!”

The woman said, “Have you found out about his background”

The old man replied, “Young Miss, he’s not someone to be trifled with.

Don’t go look for him on your own again.”

“Why” She gazed at the old man, “What did you find out”

The old man replied, “I don’t know his true background.

All I know is that the Sovereign of Man and Shaman Hunter Clan seem to be pursuing him in the Human Dimension.

It may have something to do with the fact that he possesses the Sovereign of Man’s sword and his bloodline.

Besides that, he seems to know one of the Demon Kings of the Demon Dimension.

In short, he’s not ordinary.”

She looked up at the direction Yang Ye had vanished towards, “Continue your investigation!”

The old man nodded slightly and left.

She continued looking in that same direction, and her eyes narrowed slightly, “You better have no other intentions towards Xiao Qi.

Otherwise, even the entire shaman race won’t be able to keep you safe!”

Yang Ye stopped far away in outer space, and then he immersed his mind into the Primordial Pagoda.

In the 1st level, Snowy was seated on Lei Lin’s shoulder, and they were staring ahead without blinking.

The Sky Dragon!

The Sky Dragon the old man gave Yang Ye was in front of them!

It was quite afraid from being stared at by them, or it should be said that it was afraid of the Primordial Pagoda.

It had just been attached to Yang Ye, but Snowy had forcefully dragged it into the Primordial Pagoda.

As soon as it entered the pagoda, it felt regret.


It was terribly afraid!

That was what it felt as soon as it entered the pagoda.

Suddenly, Snowy flew over to the Sky Dragon.

She touched its horns gently, and then she touched her own head while a questioning gaze filled her eyes.

“She… she…” Meanwhile, Lei Lin translated, “She’s asking you why she doesn’t have a claw!”

The Sky Dragon was at a loss for words.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened.

A wave of terrifying dragon pressure swept out from the Sky Dragon.

Snowy and Lei Lin were blasted over 1km away!

Snowy blinked and gazed at Lei Lin.

She seemed to be asking what the Sky Dragon was doing!

Lei Lin gulped and said, “I think it wants to beat us up!”

Snowy immediately clenched her claws.

Suddenly, the Sky Dragon roared at Snowy and Lei Lin.


Another wave of dragon pressure swept towards the two little fellows.

Snowy was furious when she saw it attack her again.

Snowy glanced at the Sky Dragon, and then she flew up into the air and sucked.

In an instant, countless strands of spirit energy escaped the Sky Dragon and converged towards Snowy.

The Sky Dragon was formerly a True Dragon, and it had evolved after absorbing countless spirit veins.

But Snowy was a Sprite Lord, so she was innately the bane of all Sprite Kings and spirit energy!

At this moment, the Sky Dragon was in panic.

It looked up at Snowy, and then a roar surged up into the sky.

After that, a huge white dragon shot towards Snowy!

Snowy blinked, and then slapped her claw done.

A sword instantly appeared within her claw, but she seemed to feel that it wasn’t enough.

So she raised her right claw, and another sword appeared in her grasp.

Snowy raised the swords in her claws and swung them down.

However, how could she be a match for the Sky Dragon

The sword energy wasn’t even able to get close to the Sky Dragon before the dragon pressure around the Sky Dragon obliterated them.

Snowy blinked.

At this moment, she finally realized that the situation wasn’t very promising.

What to do

Snowy’s eyes rolled in their sockets as she thought.

Yang Ye didn’t help her because he felt that she should suffer a little!

Suddenly, Snowy released the swords, and then she clenched her right claw.


A terrifying aura swept out from within her, and then Yang Ye watched with astonishment as the Sky Dragon was forcefully pushed back by the aura.



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