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Chapter 1945 – Convince Others with the Fist!

A strand of hair!

There was a strand of golden hair on Yang Ye’s palm!

It was naturally the hair that the monkey had given Yang Ye in the medium universe.

Yang Ye spoke softly as he gazed at the monkey hair on his palm, “Brother Monkey, I don’t want to pull you into a trap, but I have no other choice!”

He squeezed it lightly once he finished speaking.


The golden hair transformed into a ray of golden light and vanished into the sky.

At this moment, everyone became vigilant.

The golden light entered the sky, but nothing happened after that.

A breath of time passed, then two breaths… Ten breaths of time passed…

Nothing happened!

Yang Ye gulped, “Brother Monkey, are you still down there in the medium universe”

How strong was the monkey

Yang Ye didn’t have a clear idea, but he knew that the monkey was very strong, extremely strong! After all, the monkey was a Demon King, and based on what Qiong Qi said, it was obvious that the monkey was no ordinary Demon King!

Of course, the current issue wasn’t the monkey’s strength, it was whether the monkey would come!

If the monkey didn’t come, then everything would be meaningless!

It didn’t take long for 20 breaths of time to pass, but nothing had happened!

“Where’s your help” Meanwhile, Xie Xian suddenly said, “Your help doesn’t seem to dare to show himself or herself!”

Yang Ye fell silent.

“Alright, let’s stop wasting time!” Meanwhile, Xie Xian continued, “Yang Ye, since you’re quite an outstanding genius, I’ll give you a chance.

You can take your own life!”

Take my own life Yang Ye chuckled.

He tightened his grip on his sword, and his profound energy started to surge madly.

Xie Xian spoke indifferently, “Looks like you don’t want this opportunity.

Fine, then we’ll just waste a little more effort!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xie Xian was about to attack.


Suddenly, an explosion resounded far away in the sky.

It was like a deafening thunderclap!

Everyone looked up into the sky, and a golden cloud had suddenly appeared there.

An instant later, a ray of golden light flashed through the sky.

Xie Xian and the others were slightly stunned, and then they suddenly looked over in Yang Ye’s direction.

At this moment, a monkey who emanated faint flames appeared in front of Yang Ye.

Xie Xian and the others had extremely solemn expressions on their faces when they saw the monkey!

The monkey ignored all of them and gazed at Yang Ye instead.

Yang Ye smiled, “Brother Monkey, long time no see!”

The monkey nodded slightly, “You’ve grown very quickly! Not bad!”

Yang Ye smiled, “But I’m still quite weak!”

“It’s a process!” The monkey said, “A process of growth.

Every genius has to go through this process of growth, and it’s that process which is the main reason for their growth in strength.”

Yang Ye smiled and glanced at the people here, “Brother Monkey, it’s not a problem, right”

The monkey glanced at the people here, and he was about to speak when Kuang Shi’s eyes suddenly opened wide.

He spoke in a trembling voice, “You… You are…”

Meanwhile, the monkey gazed at Kuang Shi, “The demon race Which demon king do you serve”

Kuang Shi glanced at the monkey and replied, “Qilian Mountains!”

The monkey said, “Fuck off and tell him not to look for trouble with this kid.

Otherwise, I’ll crush the Qilian Mountains into bits!”

Kuang Shi’s expression changed when he heard this, but he didn’t dare to say a word.

He immediately cupped his fist to the monkey and left.

“You’re a Demon King of the demon race” Suddenly, the middle aged man from the sky race said, “You seem to have forgotten that this is the Sky Dimension!”

“The Sky Dimension” The monkey looked up at the middle aged man, and then he instantly appeared in front of the middle aged man.

A moment later, his rod slammed down.

The middle aged man’s expression changed drastically.

He hadn’t expected the monkey to actually attack him.

He didn’t dare act carelessly, and he hurriedly raised his spear to block the attack.


Everyone watched with astonishment as the middle aged man was obliterated in an instant!

He was obliterated on the spot!

Everyone here was stunned! It only took a moment for their faces to turn slightly pale.

A Demon King!

At this moment, they finally realized that it was a Demon King of the demon race who was standing before them.

Meanwhile, the monkey gazed at Xie Xian.

Xie Xian’s expression changed, “Are you planning on bullying the weak”

The monkey pointed at Yang Ye, “Aren’t you doing the same by ganging up on him”

As soon as he finished speaking, the monkey’s golden rod vanished on the spot, and then it appeared in front of Xie Xian.

Xie Xian’s expression changed drastically.

He waved his right hand, and a black scroll suddenly appeared in front of him.

A moment later, it exploded apart, and then numerous thin barriers of light appeared before him.

There were around 10,000 barriers of light that had overlapped before him!


However, the barriers exploded apart in an instant, and Xie Xian’s figure was transformed into a black dot that vanished into the sky.

He wasn’t dead!

However, he’d clearly suffered a heavy injury.

Because a puddle of blood had appeared where Xie Xian had been standing just now.

The monkey glanced up into the sky.

At this moment, the black dot there had vanished.

Xie Xian had fled!

The monkey waved his right hand, and the golden rod appeared in his grasp.

After that, he flicked it, and it transformed into a ray of golden light that vanished into the sky.

A point in space extremely far away trembled, and then the bloody figure of a man flashed out from there.

It was Xie Xian!

Xie Xian heaved a sigh of relief and was about to continue forward.

However, a ray of light suddenly pierced through the back of his head.

Xie Xian’s figure stiffened, and then his body vanished on the spot like a puff of smoke.

At this moment, the atmosphere around Yang Ye was quite tense.

Everyone was looking at the monkey.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to flee, they didn’t dare to.

The monkey’s strength far surpassed them.

So, if he didn’t want to let them go, then they couldn’t!

The monkey glanced at them and said, “Fuck off!”

It seemed like a heavy burden had been lifted from their shoulders, and they vanished into the sky.

Once all of them left, the monkey gazed at Yang Ye, “If I killed all of them, the people who back them would have shown themselves.

While I don’t fear them, they aren’t existences you can fight right now!”

Yang Ye nodded, “I understand.

I’ll remember all of them, and I’ll pay them a visit in the future!”

A man always gets his revenge!

The monkey nodded slightly.

He was about to speak when he suddenly looked up into the sky.

The space there started trembling, and then a white robed old man appeared before them.

The old man gazed at the monkey, “Did you come all the way to my Sky Dimension to provoke my sky race”

“Provoke your sky race” The monkey looked up at the white robed old man, “Who do you think you are Are you even worthy of talking to me”

The white robed old man’s expression instantly became unsightly.

Meanwhile, the monkey gazed at Yang Ye, “Are you coming with me”

He was extremely grateful to Yang Ye.

After all, he was at his worst when he descended to the medium universe, and if it wasn’t for Yang Ye, he would have been in an absolutely worrying situation.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I want to meet the Sovereign of Sky!”

“You want to meet the Sovereign of Sky” The old man ridiculed, “Who do you think you are Are you even worthy…”

Suddenly, his voice stopped abruptly because a rod had appeared in front of him.

The old man’s expression instantly changed drastically!


The white robed old man was blasted away, and he flew over 30km before he finally stopped himself!

As soon as he did, a mouthful of blood sprayed from him.

The old man looked up at the monkey.

While there was a 30km gap between them, it was actually a really short distance for experts at their level.

The old man stared at the monkey and didn’t dare say anything.

As for the monkey, he ignored the old man and gazed at Yang Ye, “Come, I’ll take you to the Sovereign of Sky!”

He intended to take Yang Ye to the Sovereign of Sky!

The monkey grabbed Yang Ye’s shoulder and vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

At this moment, Yang Ye found out how terrifying the monkey’s speed was.

It took him just ten minutes to travel from the Endless Ocean to Sky City!

10 minutes!

It was beyond superior to Yang Ye’s speed!

Yang Ye and the monkey had just arrived outside Sky City when a middle aged man in golden armor appeared before them.

The armored man shouted, “Name yourself!”

The monkey frowned and was about to swing his rod.

However, Yang Ye suddenly stopped him and said, “Brother Monkey, wait a minute.

Let me try to convince him with words!”

The monkey was speechless.

Yang Ye gazed at the man and said, “Please notify the Sovereign of Sky that we would like an audience.”

“You want to meet the Sovereign of Sky” The man in golden armor frowned, “Who’s the Sovereign of Sky He’s not someone you can meet just because you want to! Go back to where you came from! Otherwise…”

Suddenly, Yang Ye shook his head and gazed at the monkey, “Brother Monkey, I’ve changed my mind.

Let’s just convince him with the fist!”

The monkey didn’t say a single word, and his rod just swept swiftly towards the armored man.

The armored man was instantly swept away.

At this moment, the entire city was alarmed!

Someone’s attacking Sky City!


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