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Chapter 1950 – The Enlightened Realm!

Eating people!

Even though Yang Ye had killed countless, hed never eaten anyone! So, while he wasnt terrified by this, he was shocked by it.

The devil men were shooting towards him.

Yang Ye noticed that the ground shook with every step they took, and it was obvious how terrifying their strength was!

There werent many devil men.

There were just around 10 of them, but Yang Ye knew that he had to run!

The weakest amongst them was at the Enlightened Realm while two of them were at the 3rd stage of the Enlightened Realm.

He may give it a try if it was a one on one battle, but would they fight him in single combat


He immediately fled!

Yang Ye turned around and vanished into the distance.

The devil men were stunned, and then they vanished on the spot and shot after Yang Ye.

Yang Yes eyelids twitched when he saw them pursue him.

Why are they chasing after me

Yang Ye sped up, but they still refused to let him go.

Around two hours later, Yang Ye was still running, and the devil men were still chasing him without showing any signs of giving up.

Yang Ye was furious.

Yang Ye was overjoyed when he arrived before a forest.

So long as he entered it, he could use the Sword Domain to conceal himself.

However, his expression suddenly changed drastically, and an arrow suddenly struck his chest.


It forced him to a stop!

The devil men behind him had stopped as well.

However, they didnt attack, and they just gazed at the forest with vigilance in their eyes.

Yang Ye glanced at his chest, there was a pitch black arrow stuck in his chest!

Yang Ye grabbed the end of it with his right hand, and then pulled it out.

After that, he looked up towards the forest in the distance before tossing the arrow forward.


It tore through the air!

However, nothing happened after it entered the forest.

Yang Ye took a step forward, and then another arrow suddenly descended to his foot.

It had just appeared out of thin air!

Even he had merely sensed a little fluctuation and only really noticed after it struck him.

“Step back or die!” A voice suddenly came from within the forest.

Step back

Yang Ye glanced at the devil men behind him.

Step back in their direction Those fellows clearly dont intend to give up!

He couldnt go forward or backwards!

Suddenly, one of the devil men stepped forward and walked over to Yang Ye.

He was holding a bloody head, but it was completely unrecognizable now!

Yang Ye glanced at the devil man.

He was at the 2nd stage of the Enlightened Realm.

The devil man walked towards Yang Ye with a ferocious smile on his face, and it seemed like hed laid eyes on a delicacy!

Yang Ye asked, “You want to fight me in single combat”

The devil man didnt say anything.

He just stomped his right foot down and slammed his body at Yang Ye like a mountain!

Yang Yes gaze gradually turned icy cold.

He slowly unfurled his right fist, and then an ethereal dragon claw appeared around his hand.

After that, he slapped it forward.


The devil man was instantly blasted away, and he slammed against the ground.

His entire body had cracked apart, and he looked like a porcelain vase that had been struck by a hammer.

While his body hadnt shattered, it was covered in cracks.

All the other devil men were stunned.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye glanced at them and roared with fury, “Who else wants to try”

He couldnt fight them if they ganged up on him, but who did he ever fear if it was a one on one battle

One of the devil men walked out from the group, and Yang Yes gaze instantly descended onto that devil man.

He raised his hand and pointed the dragon claw at the devil man, “Ill slap you to death in an instant…”

He was about to attack while he spoke, but that devil man suddenly waved his right hand.

In an instant, the others behind him charged at Yang Ye.

Yang Yes face stiffened at the sight of this.

An instant later, he turned around and ran towards the forest.


Suddenly, an arrow appeared in front of Yang Ye.

This time, it shot straight towards his forehead!

If the previous two were warning shots, then this was a lethal shot!

Fortunately, Yang Ye was ready this time.

The arrow had just arrived a few inches away from his forehead when he grabbed it with his right hand, and then he flung it towards the depths of the forest!

This time, hed used his full strength!

Everywhere it passed, space wasnt the only thing which was torn open, the powerful force within the arrow even obliterated the trees around it.

A long pathway appeared before Yang Ye, and at the end of the pathway, Yang Ye saw a man with a bow on his back.

Their gazes met, and then the man knocked another arrow.

A moment later, it appeared in front of Yang Ye!

Yang Ye raised his hand and slapped it down.


The arrow was instantly obliterated.

However, another arrow had appeared before him, and there were three more arrows behind it!

It was a string of arrows!

Yang Ye still did the same thing and slammed his palm down.


An explosion resounded and Yang Ye was forced to a stop.

But it only took a moment for his figure to shoot forward again.

This time, he was less than a kilometer away from the man with the bow!

Meanwhile, the man drew his bow again.

However, a cold smile curled up on the corners of Yang Yes mouth, and then he instantly appeared before the man and slammed his palm down.

Meanwhile, a round golden shield appeared in front of the man.


The golden shield shook violently, and then the man behind it was blasted over 3km away.

Yang Ye was about to attack again, but the man had flicked repeatedly as his figure flew backwards, and then a few dozen arrows formed a storm that instantly rained down upon Yang Ye.


Suddenly, the arrows were obliterated by a wave of energy, and then a figure shot towards the man.

It was Yang Yes figure!

The man frowned, and then he drew his bow and released it!


A ray of golden light flashed!

However, the golden light hadnt even arrived before Yang Ye when he obliterated it with a swing of his palm.

Meanwhile, the man with the bow appeared 1km away, and then another arrow shot towards Yang Ye!

If one watched from the side, one would notice that there were 10 more arrows behind the first arrow!

It was a string of 11 arrows!

Yang Ye clenched his right fist and slammed it forward.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The arrows were blasted into bits, but Yang Ye was pushed backwards repeatedly for a distance of over 1km.

Meanwhile, the devil men had chased up to him and obstructed his path!

Yang Ye stopped and glanced at the man with the bow.

There was a small city around 3km behind the man, and there were many standing on its walls.

At this moment, all of their gazes converged in Yang Yes direction.

Yang Ye moved his gaze towards a devil man who stood not too far away from him.

That devil was much larger than the others.

Obviously, he was their leader.

Yang Ye slowly clenched his right fist and said, “Do you plan to fight me in single combat Or one on one battles”

The devil man who led the group shook his head, “We wont fight in single combat, were going to gang up on you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he shot towards Yang Ye, and the others behind him attacked as well!

They were ganging up on him!

Yang Yes face was extremely unsightly, but it didnt take long for ferocity to cover his face!

Yang Ye placed his right hand on his chest and pulled.


His clothes were torn apart, and then faint golden light appeared on him!

The Gold Form!

It was one of his trump cards.

He hadnt expected that while he hadnt been forced to use it in the world outside, hed been forced to use it right after he got here!

But it couldnt be helped.

If he didnt use it now, it would be buried with him!

Once he activated it, Yang Ye took a deep breath.

At this moment, he felt like boundless strength filled him!


In next to no time, he slammed his right hand forward.


A 1st stage Enlightened Realm expert at the front of the group was instantly slapped over 10km away, but the other devil men in the surroundings had arrived around him.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Palm and fists descended incessantly towards Yang Ye from various different angles, and they pushed him backwards repeatedly.

But during this process, Yang Ye ceaselessly swung his fists.

Especially his right first, every single swing of it would kill or injure its target!

As for the attacks from the devil men, while his body was enduring them, blood had started to seep out from both corners of his mouth.

He was being surrounded and attacked by around 10 Enlightened Realm experts!

But Yang Ye was only at the 6th stage of the True Realm!

Just like that, Yang Ye was pushed back repeatedly.

In just around 10 minutes, hed been pushed over 30km back.

Besides that, many parts of his body had been severely warped!

The man with the bow and the others on the city walls watched coldly from afar.

Around 15 minutes later!


A terrifying aura erupted from the battlefield, and all the devil men around Yang Ye were pushed back.

“HAHAHA!!” Suddenly, Yang Yes roaring laughter resounded amidst the devil men, “Im at the Enlightened Realm! Im finally at the **ing Enlightened Realm!”

Everyone else was stunned speechless when they heard this.

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