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“Leave!” Yang Ye glanced at the three of them before he spoke indifferently.

The three of them exchanged glances, hesitated for a moment, and then revealed grateful expressions.

Huang Qing said, “Brother Yang, even though we arent strong, we can still be of some help, so why dont the four of us join forces”

Obviously, they felt that Yang Ye had come to help.

Yang Ye was quite satisfied with their reaction.

Even though he wasnt really here to help, based on the fact that theyd offered to help, they were clearly not the type of people that were ungrateful.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Quickly leave this place.

Ill naturally be able to deal with it.”

Huang Qing intended to continue, yet he was stopped by Hai Xue.

She glanced deeply at the Flameroar Lion that was remaining extremely silently at the side, and then she looked at Yang Ye and said, “We wont forget this kindness, and well definitely repay it in the future!” As soon as she finished speaking, she pulled the other two bewildered fellows and flashed towards the distance.

“What a smart girl!” Yang Ye praised in a low voice when he saw her actions.

When the three of them had completely vanished in the distance, Yang Ye finally looked at the Flameroar Lion.

It was completely covered in fiery red fur while its figure was extremely huge, and it was even larger than both Silver and Grey.

At this moment, the Flameroar Lion was emanating sparks from its mouth while it stared fixedly at the violet mink on Yang Yes shoulder.

Moreover, its legs were ceaselessly scraping on the ground as if it wanted to move forward yet didnt dare to do so!

Darkbeasts, especially formidable Darkbeasts were able to instinctively notice when they were facing even stronger Darkbeasts or things that were dangerous to them.

At this moment, this Flameroar Lion sensed danger from the violet mink.

Yang Ye gazed at the violet mink and smiled as he said, “Little Fellow, its up to you!”

The violet mink nodded, and then its figure flashed and instantly arrived above the Flameroar Lion.

Right when the violet mink was about to release its pressure, Yang Yes pupils suddenly constricted.

His expression changed as he raised his head to look at the sky.

At this moment, an enormous being that was over 30m long and over 60m wide was descending down towards him and the violet mink!

It was a flying Darkbeast!

Yang Yes figure flashed to the violet minks side, and he grabbed the little fellow in his arms before he executed the Gale Steps technique and flashed over 30m away.

After that, he gazed at the enormous flying Darkbeast with a solemn expression.

The flying Darkbeast didnt pursue Yang Ye and the violet mink, and it continued descending slowly.

When it came close to the ground, Yang Ye finally saw the full appearance of it, and he recognized it as a Lightning Eagle from the Grand Myriad Mountains.

The Lightning Eagle was enormous and could traverse over 5,000km in half a day of time.

If it was during a lightning storm, then its speed would be even swifter because it could utilize the energy of lightning! As for its combat strength, it was slightly weak.

However, because it could fly, so humans and Darkbeasts beneath the Spirit Realm were helpless against it!

Suddenly, Yang Yes pupils constricted while the profound energy in his body couldnt help but circulate.

Because only now did he notice that a robust violet robed young man was standing on the Lightning Eagles wide back!

The young mans appearance was extremely handsome, and if it wasnt because of his robust figure, one would think that he was a refined scholar!

When the Lightning Eagle descended to the ground, the nearby Flameroar Lion immediately lay prone on the ground.

Of course, it wasnt submitting before the Lightning Eagle, and it was submitting before the young man who stood on the Lightning Eagle!

A Shapeshifted Darkbeast at the Spirit Rank This thought arose in Yang Yes mind when he witnessed this scene.

However, he quickly disproved this thought.

It was impossible for Spirit Rank Darkbeasts to appear on the Ascension Mountain Range because the experts from the six great powers and the Grand Qin Empire werent there for nothing.

Since he isnt a Spirit Rank Darkbeast, then whats going on Yang Ye was sure that this young man was definitely not human!The violet robed young man walked down slowly from the Lightning Eagles back and arrived near Yang Ye.

He glanced at Yang Ye before directly disregarding Yang Ye, and then he looked at the violet mink in Yang Yes embrace.

A wisp of a solemn expression flashed in his eyes when he caught sight of the violet mink, and then his lips parted lightly as silent ripples floated towards the violet mink!

At this moment, the violet mink wasnt playful and mischievous anymore.

It gazed at the violet robed young man, pointed its little claw at the Flameroar Lion by the young mans side, and then pointed at Yang Ye.

It was obvious what it meant.

The young mans expression changed.

He glanced at Yang Ye before he slowly shook his head.

The violet mink was infuriated when it saw the young man shake his head.

With a wave of its little claw, a strand of violet light instantly arrived in front of the young man.

The young mans expression changed once more.

He clenched his right hand into a fist before punching that strand of violet light!


The violet light dispersed.

The little fellow was furious.

Its figure flashed into the air while an invisible pressure covered the heavens and the earth as it enveloped down towards the young man and those two other Darkbeasts.

The violet robed young mans pupils constricted when he sensed this pressure, and he couldnt help but take a few steps back.

He let out a loud shout as he flattened his right palm and pressed it forward, after that, he suddenly twisted his palm and a strand of terrifying aura surged out explosively to resist the violet minks pressure.

However, the violet minks pressure was growing stronger and stronger, and it caused the young man to retreat incessantly….

As for the Lightning Eagle and the Flameroar Lion by the young mans side.

At this moment, both these Darkbeasts were flat on the ground while their bodies trembled violently.

It was like doomsday had descended upon them!

When he saw the violet mink enter into battle with the young man, Yang Ye naturally didnt stand by idly.

He suddenly stomped the ground with his right foot and shot explosively towards the young man, and he didnt hesitate to draw his sword and slash upon arriving in front of the young man!

The young man grunted coldly when he saw Yang Ye shoot over explosively, and a wisp of disdain flashed in his eyes.

He clenched his left hand into a fist before smashing it down towards Yang Ye!


The Violet Spirit sword trembled violently, and then numbness started spreading throughout his arm.

Yang Ye was shocked in his heart.

He was shocked by how formidable this young mans defense was.

Because his attack was actually unable to break through the young mans defense.

Of course, he hadnt utilized his full strength….

The young man glanced at Yang Ye with surprise and said, “The strength of your attack isnt bad, but thats all!” As he spoke, his left hand moved backward, and he was about to launch an attack at Yang Ye.

However, right at this moment, a strand of violet light suddenly appeared in front of him.

This strand of violet light that appeared abruptly caused the young mans expression to change.

This attack is truly too strange, and it just appears out of nowhere!The young man had no choice but to restrain his attack, flash backward, and dodge this strand of violet light.

Right when the young man had just flashed over 10m backward, another strand of violet light appeared in front of him again.

This time, an extremely solemn and shocked expression appeared in his eyes! It wasnt just that, an invisible pressure even forcefully suppressed him.

Even though the strength of this pressure wasnt at an unbearable extent that would cause him to be like the other two Darkbeasts at the side, it caused him to feel extremely uncomfortable as if his arms and legs were tied up!

The young man didnt dodge this time.

He smashed his right fist forward to blast the violet light into pieces.

However, even though the violet light had been blasted to pieces, hed been blasted back by over 10 steps as well.

Obviously, the violet light this time was much stronger than the last!

At the same time, Yang Ye had arrived in front of the young man.

Just like before, he drew his sword and slashed, and unlike the last time, hed utilized his entire strength besides his Sword Intent!

When he saw Yang Ye appear in front of him again, the young man grunted coldly with disdain before he directly blasted his fist towards Yang Ye.


Yang Ye took six steps back while the young man took three.

However, the young mans expression had changed once more because a blood red scar had appeared on his fist….

The violet robed young man gazed at Yang Ye and was about to say something.

However, another strand of violet light appeared in front of him.

No, it was numerous strands of violet light….

The young man was infuriated.

He stomped his right foot on the ground, and the ground beneath his foot directly collapsed.

In the blink of an eye, an area of over 30m with the young man at the center had collapsed into a pit.

Moreover, numerous cracks that were thick as an arm were ceaselessly spreading swiftly towards the surroundings!

The young man, on the other hand, had relied on the counterforce from this to shoot out like a cannonball, and his body directly smashed apart the countless strands of violet light that had appeared in front of him.

After that, his speed didnt reduce at all as he shot explosively towards the violet mink.

Obviously, he knew where the problem was, and he would be eternally restrained unless he dealt with this mysterious little fellow first!

Yang Yes expression changed when he saw the young man attack the violet mink, and killing intent suddenly flashed in his eyes.

He didnt hesitate to increase his speed to its limits, and his sword carries a strand of bright golden light as he stabbed it towards the young man.

The violet mink blinked when it saw the violet robed young man charge towards it, and then its figure flashed and directly appeared where the young man stood just now….


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