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Chapter 1956 – Night Watch!

Yang Ye gazed at the man again.

The latter seemed to have noticed Yang Yes gaze and looked at him.

The Mad Saver merely glanced at Yang Ye before moving his gaze away.

“Theres one more guy!” Suddenly, Qin Chuan pointed towards his left, “See that fellow covered in spirit energy”

Yang Ye looked along Qin Chuans gaze.

There was a man in a moon white robe there.

The man was very young and around Yang Yes age, and the man was covered in a white mist.

“Hes from the spirit race!” Qin Chuan continued, “That fellows very cold too.

He doesnt speak to anyone except AMan.”

Yang Ye asked, “AMan bashed both of them up”

Qin Chuan chuckled, “Of course.

However, shes very serious when dealing with them.

In short, theyre the strongest here besides her.

Dont offend them, and they will definitely not come for you.

As for AMan, shes usually very easy to get along with!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, “Thanks.

Right, youre the junior city governor here”

Qin Chuan nodded and smiled, “It isnt because of my strength, its because of my social ability.

We need someone to liven up the atmosphere and deal with miscellaneous matters.

So, AMan made it sound good by calling me the Junior City Governor! Actually, its a completely useless title!”

He seemed to have thought of something at this point and added, “Right, I forgot to ask.

Did you come here on your own accord, or…”

Yang Ye replied, “I was forced to come here!”

“You were” Qin Chuan was stunned, and then he asked, “What do you mean”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and replied, “Many people wanted to kill me.

So, I had no choice but to come here and lay low.”

Qin Chuan nodded slightly, “I thought you came here on your own accord.

So, howd the world outside Has our human race entered into war with the shaman race”

Yang Ye shook his head slightly, “No.”

Qin Chuan sighed, “If that happens, who knows how many people from both sides will die!”

Yang Ye nodded, “True!”

After a short chat with Qin Chuan, Yang Ye sat down cross-legged and immersed his mind into the Primordial Pagoda.

“Kid, theres something off about that little girl!” Suddenly, Hou Qing appeared before Yang Ye and spoke in a low voice.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and it didnt take long for him to understand who Hou Qing was talking about.


Hou Qing was speaking about Zhier!

Yang Ye asked, “What happened”

Hou Qing gazed at Yang Ye, “Shes at the peak of the Rebirth Realm now, and shes only a step away from the True Realm.”

The peak of the Rebirth Realm!

An extremely solemn expression appeared on Yang Yes face.

After all, she hadnt cultivated at all before meeting him.

Yet now, she was at the peak of the Rebirth Realm!

Such speed…

A short while later, Yang Ye and Hou Qing went to her.

Just like before, she seemed quite timid.

Yang Ye sized up the little girl before him, and then he gazed at Hou Qing, “Senior, is she a true extraordinary genius, or is there some other reason”

“Theres definitely another reason!” Hou Qing spoke solemnly, “Its impossible for a normal person to be this quick.

But Im unable to discern whats unusual about her.”

Something was unusual!

Yang Ye sized her up carefully.

Just as Hou Qing had said, she seemed very normal, extremely even.

Is she really just an extraordinary genius

“Big Brother…” Meanwhile, she suddenly spoke softly, “What… what is it”

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and said, “Have you noticed anything off while you cultivated”

“Something off” She looked up at Yang Ye with a puzzled expression on her face.

Yang Ye thought for a moment and explained, “Er… What do you feel when you cultivate”

She shook her head slightly, “I dont feel anything.

Oh, thats not right.

I feel like theres so much spirit energy in here!”

Yang Ye asked, “The spirit energy here”

She nodded, “Yes.

I feel extremely comfortable when absorbing the spirit energy here.”

Yang Ye gazed at Hou Qing, and the latter shook his head slightly, “While the spirit energy here is rare and extremely effective, it isnt that good.” He paused for a moment and continued, “Theres definitely something special about her physique, and we just havent noticed it!”

“Big Brother…” Suddenly, she spoke softly, “I…”

Yang Ye gazed at her, “What is it”

She hesitated for a moment and spoke softly, “Some images flash through my mind.

I dont know what they are.”

Yang Ye and Hou Qing exchanged glances, and then silence filled the surroundings.

Meanwhile, she suddenly asked, “Big Brother, you wont make me leave, right”

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and smiled, “Why do you ask”

She spoke softly, “Im afraid!”

Yang Ye rubbed her head and smiled, “So long as you dont choose to leave, you can stay as long as you want!”

She cracked a smile, “Thank you, Big Brother!”

Yang Ye grinned and said, “Go on and play with the others!”

Zhier nodded slightly and vanished into the distance.

Hou Qing spoke solemnly, “Shes not ordinary at all!”

Yang Ye shook his head slightly, “It doesnt matter.

Senior, theres something I want to ask you.

Will there be any side effects from fully merging with the Sky Dragon”

“There shouldnt be any!” Hou Qing explained, “The Sky Dragon is considered an auspicious beast, and it wont try to harm someone unless its forced to.

Moreover, according to my knowledge, the Sky Emperor from all those years ago wasnt a bad person.

Besides that, you dont have to worry about it because you have this pagoda inside you.

Even if the Sky Dragon wants to harm you, it cant do anything while you have this pagoda with you!”

Yang Ye nodded.

He chatted with Hou Qing in the Primordial Pagoda for some time, and then he left.

He was naturally unable to rest at ease and cultivate within the Primordial Pagoda while he resided in the city!

Yu Jing and AMan were back.

Yu Jing spoke solemnly to AMan, “The devil men arent showing any signs of acting against us, but I heard a piece of news!”

AMan asked, “What”

Yu Jing replied solemnly, “The younger brother of Devil Caves leader has died.”

AMan and Qin Chuan gazed at Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Yu Jing continued, “Im sure youre aware how protective that fellow is, and it was even his younger brother who died.

He will definitely not let the matter rest.

I think that we should take precautions in advance and avoid being caught off guard!”

AMan fell silent for a long time, and then she said, “From now onwards, dont rashly leave the city.”

Yu Jing shrugged, “Big Sis, to be honest, we dont have to fear those cannibals.

We can just fight them!”

AMan shook her head slightly, “Dont forget that theres the Dire Wolves too.

Those fellows are usually very elusive, but once theres an opportunity to seize, theyll definitely show themselves.

If we enter into battle with the Devil Cave, they are the ones wholl benefit in the end.”

“Thats true…” Yu Jing continued, “Forget it.

Well just do as you say.”

AMan nodded slightly, and then she suddenly gazed at Yang Ye.

At the same time, everyone gazed at him too.

AMan said, “Introduce yourself to everyone!”

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “Yang Ye! Human!”

Everyone glanced at Yang Ye and withdrew their gazes.

“Dont mind them!” Qin Chuan smiled, “If you want to obtain everyones acknowledgement here, you must have some strength.

While youve gained AMans permission to join Sky Residence City, you have to prove your strength to obtain everyone elses acknowledgement.

That doesnt just apply here, it applies in the outside world too.

You need strength to be acknowledged by others, right”

Yang Ye smiled, “I understand!”

Meanwhile, AMan suddenly said, “According to the rules, you have to be on night watch tonight.

Guard one section of the wall on your own.

Thats not a problem, right”

The night watch!

Qin Chuan spoke softly by Yang Yes side, “Thats the proof.

You arent the only one.

Everyone who just joined Sky Residence City must do this.”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and replied, “No problem!”

AMan nodded slightly, “If you survive tonight, then youre a member of Sky Residence City.

As for the Devil Cave, you dont have to worry about it.

Ill help you deal with them.”

AMan turned around and went back to her spot once she finished speaking.

Many others glanced at Yang Ye and returned to their own spots.

Meanwhile, Yu Jing suddenly asked, “Big Sis, should I continue watching Devil Cave”

AMan shook her head slightly, and then she gazed at the black clothed man with a single arm, “Mad Saber, you go.

If they take action, kill a few and return; if they dont do anything, then just leave them alone.”

Even though the Mad Saber was deaf, he understood what she said by reading her lips.

He immediately nodded and stood up.

After that, Yang Yes face instantly became solemn for some reason!

The Mad Saber was still on the spot!

However, it wasnt his main body.

His main body had vanished a long time ago.

The Mad Saber standing before them was just an afterimage that remained here because he was too swift.

Qin Chuan muttered, “That fellow has grown stronger…”

Time passed swiftly, and the veil of night gradually descended.

Yang Ye went to the city wall above the front gate.

As for the other three sections, there were five people on each side.

But Yang Ye was all alone!

Yang Ye gazed at the sky and took a deep breath, “Bring it on!”

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