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Chapter 1958 – I Feel Guilty!

Fight them!

Mad Saber didnt say anything, and he just nodded slightly.

Meanwhile, AMan stood up, glanced at the surroundings, and said, “Everyone! Gather around!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

It only took a moment for people to shoot over and arrive around her.

There were men and women amongst them, and there were over 60 of them!

Everyone gazed at her.

AMan suddenly looked out of the city, “Theyre here!”

Everyone looked over, and they saw a black cloud far away in the sky.

The black cloud was approaching, and it didnt take long for the black cloud to arrive in the sky above Sky Residence City.

The black cloud dispersed, and over 50 devil men appeared in the air above the city walls.

All of them were robust, and their auras were extremely deep.

Especially the devil man who led the ground.

The devil man who led the group wore a black robe.

He was a little different from the others because he had two black horns on his head.

The horned devil man looked down at AMans group, and then he pointed at Yang Ye, “AMan, I want his life!”

He was here for Yang Ye!

Yang Ye glanced at that devil man with a calm expression on his face, and he didnt say a word.

AMan flew up into the air and looked the horned devil man in the eyes, “Black Devil, hes one of my people!”

Black Devil looked her in the eyes, “Looks like you want to fight!”

AMan flipped her palm, and a huge spiked club appeared in her grasp.

She looked him in the eye and said, “Bring it on!”

Black Devil nodded slightly, “Then we shall!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he charged at AMan.

He was so swift that even Yang Ye couldnt see his movements clearly, and Yang Ye could only see a blurry mark.

Hes swift! A solemn expression appeared on Yang Yes face.

Black Devils speed was absolutely faster than his own!

“Black Devil!” Qin Chuan spoke abruptly as he stood by Yang Yes side, “Hes very strong.

AMan hasnt been able to gain the upper hand in all their battles!”

Yang Ye said, “I dragged her into this!”

Qin Chuan suddenly gazed at Yang Ye, “Do you know why were able to survive here”

He didnt wait for Yang Ye to answer him and continued, “Because of unity.

Were able to survive here because were united.

Everyone goes through thick and thin together here.

Youre not the only one.

Even if someone else encounters trouble, we wont abandon that person.

Because if we abandon someone, then we may be abandoned one day.”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, “I understand!”


Suddenly, a loud explosion resounded, and then AMan and Black Devil returned to where theyd been standing a while ago.

They stood 300m away from each other.

Black Devil had his hands behind his back.

He glanced at Yang Ye, and then gazed at AMan, “AMan do you really want more to die for one person”

AMan waved her spiked club and gazed at others down below, “Are you confident in being able to take a devil man down with you”

“Yes!” All of them spoke in unison, and their voices rumbled like thunderclaps.

AMan gazed at Black Devil, “My Sky Residence City never backs down from a fight.

Black Devil, if you want to cause our mutual destruction, then well accompany you until the end.

Im not afraid of death, and none of my brothers and sisters are afraid of death either.

So, let me say one last thing, if you want to fight, then lets fight!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the others shot over to AMan and stood behind her.

The atmosphere here instantly became tense.

Black Devil stared at AMan, and his gaze gradually became icy cold.

He was about to attack when AMan and him suddenly looked up towards the sky.

There was a huge black wolf in the sky, and a man was seated on it.

The man cracked a smile and revealed his teeth when he saw them look at him.

His teeth were red.

His smile was quite gloomy!

The man turned around and left once he finished smiling.

AMan and Black Devil fell silent.

The Dire Wolves!

There were three organizations here.

They were the Devil Cave, Sky Residence City, and the Dire Wolves.

It was impossible to say which was stronger, but Devil Cave and Sky Residence City were exceptionally afraid of the Devil Wolves.

Because the Devil Wolves didnt have a fixed base.

They traveled around and even entered the mountains!

They were quite elusive!

Both the Devil Cave and Sky Residence City hadnt received news about the Dire Wolves for a very long time.

Yet now, theyd shown themselves again.

Once they show themselves, it represents that they intend to cause trouble!

A long moment of silence ensued, and then Black Devil suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Make him fight a one on one battle with one of my people.

If we win, he dies; if we lose, well let the matter rest.

Thats my final offer!”

AMan was about to say something when Yang Ye suddenly spoke, “Alright!”

AMan gazed at Yang Ye, “Are you sure”

Yang Ye smiled, “Were not afraid of a group battle, and we cant be afraid of a one on one battle, right”

Many gazed at him when they heard this, and their gazes became quite amiable.

Yang Yes actions had allowed them to understand that this body cultivator before them was a real man.

He was brave!

AMan sized up Yang Ye and said, “Youre brave!”

She gazed at Black Devil and continued, “You wont fight him yourself, right”

“He isnt worthy!” Black Devil spoke indifferently.

Meanwhile, a devil man who held a huge axe stepped forward, and he gazed at Yang Ye, “Come, let me teach you how to act!”

AMan frowned, “The 3rd stage of the Enlightened Realm”

Black Devil spoke indifferently, “Werent all of you very brave What Youre afraid now”

“Its fine!” Suddenly, Yang Ye flew up into the air and gazed at AMan, “Leave it to me!”

AMan glanced at him and said, “Alright!”

She and the others moved far away once she finished speaking.

Black Devil and the others from Devil Cave moved far away as well.

Only Yang Ye and the devil man with the huge axe remained here.

The devil man didnt say a word.

He just tossed its axe, and it tore through the air towards Yang Ye.

Everywhere it passed, space was torn open in its wake.

A long spatial rift appeared in the sky above the city.

Yang Ye slowly clenched both his fists, and then an ethereal while dragon claw appeared on each of his hands!

Yang Ye slammed his palms down at the axe!


He caught the axe between his palms!

However, the powerful force it carried pushed Yang Ye over 1km back!

At this moment, everyone gazed at the dragon claws on Yang Yes hands!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye raised the axe and flung it at the devil man.


It tore through the air and slammed down upon the devil man.

That devil man had a solemn expression on his face.

But he didnt step back or dodge, and he did just as Yang Ye had.

He stretched out his palms and caught the huge axe.


He was blasted over 3km back!

Once he stopped himself, Yang Ye appeared in front of him, and then a claw shot down at him.

The devil man didnt take long to disperse the energy in the axe, and then he grabbed it with both hands and swung it up.


As soon as their attacks collided, they immediately moved apart.

This time, Yang Ye was blasted 3km away while the devil man was blasted away as well.


It was a competition of strength between them.

Both of them didnt use any techniques or moves, and they were just purely competing in speed and strength.

Such a battle was one where every single attack struck the other!

As soon as they split apart, Yang Ye charged at the devil man.

Meanwhile, the devil man leaped up and swung the axe at Yang Ye.

It seemed like the axe would slash the heavens open! It was extremely terrifying!

Yang Ye didnt try to dodge.

He clenched his right fist and punched it.

A huge tightly clenched dragon claw was around his fist.

This punch didnt just carry his own strength, it carried the Sky Dragons strength, so the space around it was shattered by the energy that leaked out from it.


As soon as they collided, a powerful wave of energy swept out from the point of collision.

Everywhere it passed, space was obliterated, and a huge black hole appeared above everyone.

Moreover, the black hole was spreading rapidly!

AMan suddenly said, “Ling!”

A man in a moon white robe immediately appeared behind her.

It was the man from the spirit race.

Ling stretched out his hand and waved them gently.

In an instant, the black hole vanished without a trace.

At the same time, the powerful wave of energy had vanished as well!

AMan said, “Fortify the space here! Dont let it shatter!”

Ling nodded slightly, and then he started waving his hands.

It didnt take long for something to change in the space around them.

The battle was still going on!

The devil man gradually fell into a disadvantaged state.

The reason this happened was that his strength was inferior to Yang Ye.

Moreover, Yang Yes speed was too extraordinary!

Both of them had suffered injuries during the battle, but Yang Yes healed very quickly while the devil mans injuries were growing worse.

So, as this continued, he was gradually suppressed by Yang Ye.

Around an hour later, the devil man was exhausted, and he could only passively defend himself while Yang Ye was still full of energy!

“Thats enough!” Suddenly, Black Devil spoke abruptly, “Well let this rest for now, and well get even in the future.


Suddenly, a sword howl resounded, and then a ray of light flashed.

It had caught everyone by surprise, even Black Devil.

At the moment that sword howl resounded, the devil mans body had stiffened on the spot.

The devil man stared at Yang Ye, “You… youre not a body cultivator… Youre… youre a sword cultivator…”


As soon as he finished speaking, his head flew up into the air!

Yang Ye lowered his sword, and then he gazed at Black Devil and spoke regretfully, “Sigh, why didnt you say so sooner I wouldnt have drawn my sword if you did, and he wouldnt have died if I didnt draw my sword.

Sigh, what a pity.

Another life has been lost at my hands.

I… I feel so guilty!”

Everyone else was at a loss for words when they witnessed this.

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