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Chapter 1959 – Genius Concentration Camp!


Everyone had a weird expression on their faces.

Because Yang Ye didnt look like he was guilty at all.

Black Devil stared at Yang Ye from high above in the sky.

A long while passed before he suddenly grinned, “I didnt expect you to be a sword cultivator too.

Good, very good.” He glanced at AMan and the others, “Well remember this.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and left with the others from Devil Cave.

Meanwhile, AMan appeared before Yang Ye, sized him up, and asked, “A sword cultivator”

Yang Ye nodded.

AMan asked, “Youre a body cultivator at the same time”

Yang Ye nodded again.

She asked, “Which one is auxiliary”

Yang Ye glanced at her and asked, “Why”

She sized up Yang Ye and explained, “If your body cultivation is your main method of cultivation and the sword is auxiliary, then I have to tell you that you have a problem with your body; but if your sword is the main method of cultivation while your body is just auxiliary, then its fine.”

Yang Ye replied, “My body is auxiliary.

However, I want to know whats wrong with it!”

AMan suddenly tapped Yang Yes chest.


Yang Yes chest cracked open, and blood instantly seeped out.

Yang Ye was stunned.

AMan said, “If Im not wrong, you mostly used external forces to forcefully improve your body!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Yes!”

AMan explained, “That can provide you with formidable physical strength and defenses in the short term, but do you realize what kind of disadvantages it brings”

Yang Ye shook his head.

Hed always been discovering his way of cultivating the body on his own.

AMan didnt answer him.

She gazed at Qin Chuan and the others instead, “All of you come over here!”

Qin Chuan and the others went over to AMan and surrounded her.

AMan glanced at them and spoke seriously, “There are no shortcuts when it comes to cultivating.

Even if there are shortcuts, you shouldnt rashly take those shortcuts.

Because they arent worth it! As far as Im concerned, the most terrifying thing isnt the ability to smash a rock with one punch, its that dripping water will one day pierce through a rock.”

Qin Chuan suddenly asked, “Why”

AMan replied, “The process!”

AMan glanced at them and continued, “Most of you pay too much attention to the outcome and overlook the process.

You dont realize that the most important part in cultivation is the process.”

“The process” Yu Jing suddenly asked, “Can you make it simpler for us to understand”

AMan explained, “You should be aware that Im at the Hear Dao Realm, but do you know that if I want, I can actually attain the Know Dao Realm or go even higher!”

All of them were stunned speechless.

She continued, “There are many reasons why I dont charge up intentionally.

One of them is this process.

I dont want the outcome, I want the process.

The process of cultivation allows me to comprehend a lot!”

Meanwhile, Mad Saber suddenly said, “Gradual improvement!”

AMan glanced at Mad Saber and nodded slightly, “In short, its gradual improvement.

Or it should be called an advancement that comes naturally! For example, a cup is only half full, but in order to fill that cup and make it overflow, water isnt even the first thought that comes to many.

They think of other methods instead.

For example, putting a rock in or something else.

While the water will still overflow like that, its not real.”

She gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “Your body seems strong, but its actually very weak.

Because you used external forces to improve it.”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a long time and nodded, “I understand!”

“As for your Sword Dao…” She suddenly stopped when she spoke up to this point.

Yang Ye gazed at her.

She shook her head slightly, “I dont know anything about the Sword Dao, so I cant help you.”

Yang Ye smiled, “No matter what, thank you! But is there a way to mend my body”

AMan nodded slightly, “Your bodys foundation is terrible.

If you want to improve it and fortify your foundation, then theres only one way to accomplish that!”

Yang Ye asked, “What is it”

AMan looked Yang Ye in the eyes, “Suffer a beating!”

“Suffer a beating” Yang Ye was slightly stunned, “What do you mean”

She explained, “Do you know how metal is tempered”

Yang Ye nodded.

AMan said, “Your current body is a rough outline of a sword, and it hasnt been fully formed into the shape of a sword.

Moreover, its filled with impurities.

So, it needs to be tempered.

Its the simplest method, and the simplest is usually the most effective.

However, its very painful!”

Qin Chuan and the others chuckled when they heard this.

Suffer a beating!

Very few took the path of body cultivation because it was too painful, and it grew more and more painful as one progressed further.

Moreover, a body cultivators strength was quite weak.

Especially those who werent very accomplished, they were usually just useless sandbags!

Of course, true body cultivators were extremely terrifying!

AMan said, “Just think about it.”

She turned around and left.

The others dispersed as well.

Yang Ye sat down cross-legged and sent his mind into the Primordial Pagoda.

Yang Ye asked, “Senior, is she right”

“Very much so!” Hou Qing spoke solemnly, “Kid, that woman isnt ordinary.

I heard a similar theory from the Shaman Progenitor.

However, I didnt pay too much attention to it.

Moreover, the shaman races methods of body cultivation arent inferior to the demon race or devil race.

So, just do as she said and get beaten up!”

Get beaten!

Yang Ye laughed bitterly.

While his body was strong, he didnt want to get beaten up for nothing!

Moreover, even if he wanted to, he had to find someone who possessed an extremely strong body… like AMan!

But her strength was a little too strong!

After playing with Snowy, Baoer, and the others in the Primordial Pagoda, Yang Ye returned to the outside world.

Night had arrived, and the surroundings had fallen silent.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings.

Besides those who were on night watch, the others were seated cross-legged and resting.


As far as they were concerned, resting was extremely important.

However, they didnt sleep like ordinary people, and they were regulating their breathing and keeping themselves at a peak state.

Yang Ye looked up.

Suddenly, a black dot appeared in the sky, and then a few wyverns appeared above the city walls.


Yang Ye fell silent for a moment.

Suddenly, he leaped up and went up the city walls.

The five men there gazed at him, and he said, “Let me do it! I want to train! Thanks!”

They exchanged glances, and then one of them smiled, “Of course!”

As soon as they finished speaking, he leaped off the wall with the others.

Only Yang Ye remained there.

Yang Ye took a deep breath as he gazed at the wyvern which had arrived above him, and then he stomped his right foot down and shot up at it.

Hed benefited tremendously from the last battle he had with a wyvern.

Now, hed just attained the Enlightened Realm, so he naturally couldnt charge into a higher realm of cultivation.

While he couldnt improve his cultivation for now, he could still improve himself in other aspects.

For example, his body and speed.

The fastest method to improve his body and speed was battle!

These wyverns just happened to be great sparring partners!

AMan suddenly opened her eyes on the ground below, and she looked up at Yang Ye.

A short while passed before she nodded slightly and withdrew her gaze.


In the next few days, Yang Ye took the night watch.

In the beginning, the others helped him, so only a single wyvern went to him.

But now, there was one more wyvern in front of him because AMan told them to let one more get to him.

Two wyverns!

Yang Ye was completely suppressed in battle while facing two wyverns!

He almost died on many occasions!

He knew that it was impossible to fight two wyverns while using just his body, but right when he was about to use his sword, AMans cold voice resounded, “Youre not allowed to use your sword!”

He wasnt allowed to use his sword!

A bitter expression covered Yang Yes face, “I cant hold on!”

If he could use the Gold Form, then he could fight them.

However, AMan didnt let him use that either!

So, at this point in the battle, his entire body was covered in injuries.

It wasnt just his body, even his face had quite a few deep marks.

“You cant” Suddenly, AMan appeared in front of him, and then she waved her right hand.

A wave of powerful energy blasted both the wyverns away, but it only took a moment for them to dive down towards her and Yang Ye.

AMan looked him in the eyes and said, “Watch carefully! Gu Li, show him how its done!”

A comparatively robust man suddenly leaped up the city wall.

Meanwhile, AMan brought Yang Ye off the city wall.

AMan looked up and said, “Watch carefully!”

Yang Ye looked up.

The two wyverns had arrived before Gu Li.

Suddenly, Gu Li roared with fury, and then he slammed his body against them!

A head-on collision!

Gu Li fought two on his own, but he wasnt disadvantaged at all, and he even showed signs of suppressing them in battle!

“His name is Gu Li, and hes a human body cultivator too.” AMan suddenly said, “Just like you, hes at the 1st stage of the Enlightened Realm.

Since he can do it, why cant you”

Yang Ye fell silent.

AMan gazed at Yang Ye,Youre a sword cultivator.

You can fight two of them with your sword, but youve chosen the path of body cultivation too.

Since youve chosen that path, you should cultivate it well too.

Otherwise, just cultivate your sword well and dont think about anything else.

Because if you do, you wont be accomplished in anything.”

Yang Ye looked up at Gu Li whod suppressed both the wyverns, “How did he accomplish that”

AMan replied, “Since he arrived here, he lingered between the border of life and death at least three times every single day.”

She glanced at Yang Ye and continued, “The most terrifying thing a person can face is death.

However, at most times, a person will erupt with boundless potential when facing death.

You were at the border between life and death earlier, but the first thing which came to mind for you was your sword.

Let me ask you something, what would you do if even your sword cant stop them”

Yang Ye didnt know how to answer her!

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