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When Yang Ye held a sword and utilized Sword Intent, his imposing aura became extremely fierce.

A few strands of golden sword lights would occasionally shoot out from Violet Spirit and descend to the ground.

Every single time this happened, a few pitch black holes would appear on the ground!

“Energy Split Sword Technique!” Amidst a loud shout, Yang Ye held Violet Spirit in his hand as he slashed it towards the violet robed young man from afar.

In an instant, two golden strands of sword qi shot out explosively from the tip of Violet Spirit.

At the same time, his figure flashed, and numerous afterimages were left behind by his sword as he flashed towards the violet robed young man.

Perhaps others would wish for nothing more than to have a long distance battle when facing Darkbeasts, but in Yang Yes opinion, he was more suited to close-quartered combat! Why Because his strength could penetrate his opponents defense!

With the boost from his Sword Intent, the golden strands of sword qi grew even sharper and swifter.

In less than the time for a single breath, the sword qi had traversed a distance of around 30m and arrive before the young man.

The young man grunted coldly before executing a simple punch!


Yang Yes golden sword qi instantly dispersed into the air, whereas, the young mans expression changed slightly.

Because two blood red scars had appeared on his fist!

“As expected of Sword Intent, it really is sharp!” The young man spoke in a low voice, and then his figure flashed towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye revealed a ruthless expression when he saw the young man charge over explosively, and he drew his sword and swiftly slashed it at the young man.

At this moment, Violet Spirit revealed truly terrifying might with the boost from Yang Yes Sword Intent and golden profound energy.

It was swift to the point it left behind numerous seemingly material afterimages, and it was formidable to the point even space rippled slightly before it!

The young man didnt dodge this attack, nor did he try to block it.

He allowed it to slash down towards his head while his fist blasted straight towards Yang Yes chest.

He intends to trade his life for mine This question had merely flashed in Yang Yes mind.

He naturally didnt believe that the young man would make such a stupid move.

Since it wasnt that, then the young man was sufficiently confident in his defense.

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye increased the strength he exerted.

He refused to believe that the defense of the young mans head would be so formidable that it could resist a strike from him that was boosted by his golden profound energy and the 1st level of Sword Intent.


Yang Yes sword strike struck directly onto the young mans head.

However, the expected scene of the young mans, head being split into two hadnt occurred.

Conversely, Yang Yes sword was even bounced back!


Right at this moment, the young mans fist struck firmly onto Yang Yes chest.

Yang Yes expression changed violently when he was struck by it, and his body instantly curved like a bow.

His legs scraped the ground as his figure was blasted flying, and he flew almost 60m before he finally stopped.

At this moment, a wisp of blood was slowly flowing down from the corner of Yang Yes mouth!

On the other hand, a one centimeter deep mark had shockingly appeared on the young mans forehead.

However, no blood flowed from it.

The young man gazed at Yang Ye, and for the first time, there was seriousness in his eyes.

He said, “My Steel Apes clan\'s strongest defense lies on our head.

Even a human Spirit Realm expert would find it difficult to harm my head, yet I never expected that you would be able to overcome my defense.

Theres no doubt that its related to the Sword Intent, but I think that your golden profound energy deserves credit as well.

Is that golden profound energy of yours the legendary profound energy of the five elements that humans possess”

While the young man spoke, Yang Ye clearly noticed that the mark he left on the young mans head had vanished.

At this moment, the young mans head had healed completely, and this discovery caused Yang Yes expression to become solemn once more!

So hes from the Steel Ape Clan.

No wonder his strength is so formidable! Yang Ye nodded slightly and said, “My profound energy isnt one of the five element profound energies.

Its a variant profound energy.

But its might isnt inferior to the profound energy of the five elements!”

“It isnt the profound energy of the five elements” The young man was stunned, and then he nodded lightly and said, “It isnt important anymore.

Alright, human, you can ask me a question as well.

I believe that we both have many questions to ask each other!”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “According to rumor, an extraordinarily monstrous genius has appeared in your Darkbeast Empire.

Are you more formidable, or is he”

The young mans eyelids twitched when he heard this.

He remained silent for a short moment before he said, “He is!”

This time, it was Yang Yes eyelids that twitched.

This violet robed young mans strength was already so formidable, and the young man hadnt even returned to his original form.

If the young man returned to his original form, then perhaps Yang Ye would need to utilize the 2nd level of his Sword Intent to be able to go against this young man.

But such an expert actually admitted to being weaker to that other genius!

How formidable is that genius

The violet robed young man glanced at Yang Ye and said, “I know that you didnt utilize your full strength just now.

But I can tell you that if you encounter him, then youll definitely lose.

No, youll definitely die!”

“Is that so” Yang Ye neither agreed nor disagreed.

He wasnt being arrogant but he really didnt have to fear anyone that was at the same cultivation realm as him!

The young man seemed to have thought of something, and he glanced at the violet mink and said, “of course, you have its assistance.

So even he would be unable to do anything to you.

If it kept me busy from the side while you fought with all your strength, then I would probably have no choice but to flee.”

Yang Ye pointed at the violet mink on his shoulder and said, “How is that monstrous genius from your Darkbeast Empire when compared to it”

The violet mink blinked before it gazed at the young man, and then it waved its little claws about while faint violet light flickered on them!

The young mans eyelids twitched.

He pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “If its in terms of strength, then hes more formidable.

But if its in terms of mysteriousness and unusualness, then the little fellow on your shoulder is superior.

But I believe that no matter if its a human or Darkbeast below the Spirit Realm, both would be unwilling to fight with that little fellow on your shoulder!”

Yang Ye couldnt help but chuckled when he heard this.

Indeed, not to mention others.

Even Im unwilling to fight the little fellow.

What a joke! A fight with the little fellow is bound to be one where I can only suffer a bearing.

With the little guys mysterious ability to teleport, only an Exalt Realm expert might be able to catch up to the little fellow.

Right at this moment, the young man suddenly said, “According to rumor, a monstrous genius thats said to be the most likely to become the Martial God has appeared in your human world.

Is this true”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “There is such a person.

Hes a disciple of the Origin School called Yuan Tong.

However, Ive never met him before he walked from the Grand Qin Empire to Ascension Mountain Range, and he didnt utilize the teleportation formation.

As for his strength, I dont know as well!”

The young man said, “I receive news that a human is slaughtering the King Rank Darkbeasts of my Darkbeast Empire at a mountain range around 500km to the south of this place.

Not a single King Rank Darkbeast he encountered was able to survive him, and there were even some that were instantly annihilated.

I presume that hes that genius from the Origin School called Yuan Tong! I was about to rush over, but I never expected that I would encounter you!”

Yang Ye suddenly said, “You dont seem to be really hostile to humans” The relationship between humans and Darkbeasts had always been terrible, and it was common knowledge.

However, this Shapeshifted Darkbeast seemed to have no malice towards him.

The young man glanced at the violet mink, and then he said, “Besides in the legends, Ive never seen a King Rank Darkbeast take the initiative to stay by the side of a human.

Moreover, its such a mysterious and unusual King Rank Darkbeast that even I dont know the background of! Since it has chosen to follow by your side, then I presume youre not a human that kills Darkbeasts indiscriminately!”

“Just because of that” Yang Ye was astounded.

The young man glanced indifferently at Yang Ye and said, “If it wasnt for it, then I would kill you regardless of whether you kill Darkbeasts indiscriminately!”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Thats pretty honest of you.

I have one more question.

Only Spirit Rank Darkbeasts can take human form, yet youve shapeshifted without attaining the Spirit Rank.


The young man glanced at the violet mink, hesitated for a moment, and then said, “Shapeshift Herb.

A Darkbeast can take human form in advance with a low-grade Heaven Rank Shapeshift Herb.”

Low-grade Heaven Rank! The corners of Yang Yes mouth twitched because even he might not be able to obtain such a treasure! Looks like I can only infinitely delay the little fellows transformation into human form.

But its quite a pity.

I want to see how the little fellow will look after it takes human form!The young man asked abruptly.

“Can you tell me where those two fellows went”

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment, and then he shook his head and said, “Im sorry, but I cant tell you that.

But dont worry, being by my side, right, I mean being by the little fellows side is definitely better than being by your side!”


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