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The violet mink flashed and arrived around 10m before Qing Min, and then it waved it little claw.

A strand of violet light directly appeared in front of Qing Min.

This time, the little fellow didnt stop, and it waved its little claw swiftly and incessantly.

In merely two breaths of time, almost 10 strands of violet light had appeared, yet the little fellow still hadnt stopped….

Qing Min was horrified when he noticed the dense expanse of violet light that appeared before him.

Fortunately, he hadnt lost his ability to react, and he hurriedly utilized his Profound Energy Barrier.

After that, the profound energy within his body surged explosively to form a moon shaped energy shield before him.


A world shocking bang resounded.

The moon shaped energy shield trembled slightly before it exploded into pieces in the blink of an eye.

After that, countless strands of violet light blasted directly onto Qing Mins Profound Energy Barrier!


Another explosion resounded, and then a wave of air swept out.

Qing Min was the first to bear the brunt of it, and he was blasted flying.

However, right at the instant Qing Mins figure flew backward, a strand of violet light had suddenly appeared behind him….

Qing Lian was astounded when she witnessed this scene.

“Watch out….”

Qing Min was puzzled by this.

In the next moment, he sensed the aura of the energy within the strand of violet light, and his expression instantly changed violently.

However, he was unable to dodge at this moment, and he could merely use his body to collide directly with it!


Earlier, Qing Min was flying backward, and now, it was forward instead.

However, just like before, another strand of violet light appeared in front of him at the movement his figure was blasted forward….

At this moment, the heavily injured Qing Mins eyes were filled with shock and horror.

He knew that if he was struck by this strand of violet light right now, then he would instantly perish!

However, his time wasnt up in the end.

Because that woman called Qing Lian had arrived in front of him.

The woman held a sword in hand as she transformed into a green shadow, and both her figure and sword emanated a sharp whistle as they tore through the air and stabbed that strand of violet light.


The violet light exploded into pieces.

However, the consequences the woman faced wasnt great as well, and she was blasted flying by the energy within the violet light.

The violet mink blinked.

Right when it was about to wave its little claw once more, it seemed to have sensed something, and it suddenly stopped and looked at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes.

If someone was standing in front of him right now, then that person would notice that a small sword had flashed through the depths of his eyes.

Moreover, the appearance of this small sword was exactly the Violet Spirit sword that circled above him!

When it saw Yang Ye open his eyes, the violet minks body flicked and directly descended onto Yang Yes shoulder, and then it pointed its little claw at Qing Min and Qing Liang!

Yang Ye nodded lightly, and then he walked slowly towards the two of time.

As he moved, the Violet Spirit sword above him actually moved along with him but it didnt circle around as swiftly as it had just now!

When they saw the violet mink descend onto Yang Yes shoulder, Qing Min and Qing Lian exchanged glances, and both their eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

That mysterious and formidable violet colored little guy is actually with a human disciple from the Sword Sect!In next to no time, they didnt have the time to be shocked because Yang Ye had arrived in front of them.

Terror flashed in Qing Mins eyes when he saw Yang Ye walk over.

At this moment, he was heavily injured.

So not to mention that mysterious and formidable violet fellow, he wasnt even a match for this disciple of the Sword Sect who could kill King Realm experts.

It could be said that he didnt even have the chance to flee now!

Yang Ye glanced at the two corpses on the ground that had been blasted into pieces, and then he glanced at Qing Min and Qing Lian.

His gaze stopped momentarily at the symbol on their clothes and said, “The Brightmoon Sect”

Qing Lian took a deep breath, and then she said, “The four of us were in the wrong earlier.

Please spare our lives, Brother Yang!” As she spoke, Qing Lian twisted her wrist, and then four Inner Cores belonging to King Rank Darkbeasts flew towards Yang Ye.

Qing Min hesitated for a moment yet didnt hand over the Inner Cores he possessed in the end.

Because he felt that Yang Ye wouldnt dare to kill them because the Brightmoon Sect was one of the six great powers as well!

Yang Ye took those four Inner Cores, and then he gazed at them as he shook his head lightly.

After that, he looked towards a tree over 60m into the distance and said, “Do you still not intend to show yourself Could it be that you want me to drag you out here”

Qing Lian and Qing Mins expressions changed when they heard this.

Theres actually someone else here!

Moreover, they actually hadnt noticed this! But Yang Ye had….

“Haha!!” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, roaring laughter sounded out from the tree, and then a man that wore a moon white robe appeared beneath it.

His figure flashed towards Yang Ye, and he used less than two breaths of time to traverse the distance of 60m and arrive in front of Yang Ye.

Or to be more precise, hed arrived by the sides of Qing Lian and Qing Min.

An overjoyed expression surged onto Qing Mins face when he saw this person.

“Senior Brother Qing Ming!”

When she saw him, Qing Lian heaved a sigh of relief as well.

Because no matter what, the safety of their lives was guaranteed now!

Qing Ming didnt pay any attention to Qing Min, and he just gazed at Yang Ye and sized Yang Ye up before he said, “That incident from before was the mistake of my junior brothers and junior sister.

Two of them have already perished while youre completely unharmed, and youve even obtained four King Rank Inner Cores.

So, it can be said that youve profited! What do you think about dropping the matter go”

“What if I say no” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.

Qing Ming smiled and said, “Im on quite friendly terms with the leader of the Sword Sects group this time, Situ Rong.

I believe that he would definitely be unwilling for such a trivial matter to destroy the relationship between my Brightmoon Sect and the Sword Sect.

What do you think”

“Youre trying to use Situ Rong to put pressure on me” asked Yang Ye.

Qing Ming shook his head and said, “Theres no need for that.

Im just describing a fact.

Moreover, you cant kill them with me here!”

Right at this moment, Qing Min suddenly interrupted.

“Senior Brother Qing Ming, dont waste your breath on him.

See that violet sword above him Thats absolutely at the Earth Rank.

Moreover, with his strength, he definitely possesses a huge amount of King Rank Inner Cores.

Besides that, hes able to control King Rank Darkbeasts.

King Rank Darkbeasts! If were able to obtain his technique, then well….” When he spoke up to here, the burning desire in Qing Mins eyes seemed as if it had caught fire….

When he heard Qing Min, Qing Ming glanced at the Violet Spirit sword above Yang Ye, and then he looked at the violet mink on Yang Yes shoulder.

After a short while, he took a deep breath before he looked at Yang Ye and said, “Im very sorry but Ive changed my mind.

Hand over your sword and the method you use to control beast kings, and Ill allow you to have a swifter death!”

Qing Lian opened her mouth yet didnt say anything in the end….

She knew that regardless of what she said now, it would be useless, and she could only stand on her senior brothers side!

Yang Ye laughed coldly when he heard Qing Ming, and then he said with ridicule, “What Didnt you say that you know Situ Rong Didnt you say that you refused to spoil the relationship between your Brightmoon Sect and the Sword Sect Why do you intend to make a move against me now”

Qing Mings eyes narrowed slightly as he said in a low voice, “There are no eternal friends between sects.

Only benefits last for eternity.

Right Ill give you one last chance.

Fulfill my conditions, or Ill make living worse than death for you.

Perhaps my methods are inferior to the Ghost Sect, but I believe that you absolutely wouldnt want to try it!”

When hed made it so clear, was there any need for Yang Ye to say anything

Yang Ye shrugged.

With a command in his heart, Violet Spirit transformed into a ray of violet light that flew into his grasp, and then he raised his right hand slightly to tilt his sword towards Qing Ming.

He said, “I just broke through earlier, and I just happen to lack someone to test its might.

Fortunately, I dont lack someone anymore.

A single strike.

Ill finish all of you with a single strike!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Yes imposing aura suddenly changed, and a wave of air swept out from beneath his feet.

The ground beneath his feet instantly cracks apart, and at the same time, a strand of an invisible and terrifying force surged like tidewater towards Qing Ming and the others.

At this moment, Yang Ye was like a sword that was about to be unsheathed, and his imposing aura seemed as if it could pierce a hole in the sky!

When they noticed the sudden change in Yang Yes imposing aura and sensed that invisible force, the expressions of Qing Ming and the others changed violently.

Especially Qing Ming, the disdain and contempt on his face had frozen there.

“Sword Intent….” Qing Ming gazed at Yang Ye with disbelief, and he spoke with shock in a low voice.

“How could this be possible Sword Intent! Youve actually comprehended the Sword Intent of legend….”

Yang Ye didnt waste his breath on them.

The golden profound energy within his body surged explosively and instantly poured into Violet Spirit that resided in the grasp of his right hand, and then he slowly raised it up.

At a certain moment in time, Yang Ye let out a loud shout, and then he suddenly executed a downward slash towards Qing Ming and the others!


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