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Chapter 2014 – Im Back!

At the instant that the space there exploded, the black clothed figure by Yu Jings side stretched out his right hand and made a grasping motion.


A wave of terrifying energy swept out from his palm, and the energy surging at him and Yu Jing was stopped.

While space had been obliterated, they were fine.

The middle aged man asked, “Why Is the Yu Clan betraying the sky race”

The black clothed man said, “He saved my nephews life in the Dead Dimension.

Since he needed help today, my Yu Clan had to return the favor.

Thats all it was!”

“What a joke!” The middle aged man spoke coldly, “Returning a favor Dont tell me you dont know what Yang Ye did in Sky City Your Yu Clan actually assisted someone who provoked and insulted our sky race! Thats a truly unforgivable crime!”

The black clothed man was just about to speak when a black robed old man appeared before them.

The old man glanced at the middle aged man and said, “From this moment onward, Yu Jing will cease to be my Yu Clans successor, and well hand him over to you.”

Yu Jings face fell.

Meanwhile, the old man gazed at Yu Jing, “The Council of Elders unanimously agreed that your father isnt suited to be the patriarch anymore, and he has been relieved of his duties.” He gazed at the black clothed man and continued, “As the interim patriarch, I order you to return to the Yu Clan!”

The black clothed man wanted to say something, but Yu Jing shook his head, “Second Uncle, just go back.

My father will be in a worse situation if you dont return.”

The black clothed man shook his head and gazed at the black robed man, “All of youve finally gotten an excuse to do this.”

The black robed man spoke indifferently, “The Yu Clans destruction would only be a matter of time if all of you are allowed to remain in power.”

As he spoke, he turned around and gazed at the middle aged man, “Is this explanation sufficient”

The middle aged man glanced at Yu Jing, “Send him to Sky City.”

The middle aged man vanished into the sky once he finished speaking.

The black robed old man gazed at Yu Jing, “Destroying your future for an outsider… Luckily, my Yu Clan didnt let you become the patriarch.

Otherwise, it wouldnt be long before you lead the Yu Clan to ruin.”

He waved his right hand and vanished on the spot with Yu Jing.

Yang Ye shot swiftly through the clouds on his sword.

Yang Ye immersed his mind into his body.

Zier was lying in front of him, and she seemed to be completely fine on the outside.

Little Sky was standing by Yang Yes side.

Yang Ye asked, “How is she”

Little Sky sized up Zier, and a long time passed before she said, “After letting Xiao Qi enter her body, her soul was suppressed, and so was her consciousness.

While her body and soul have merged once more, shes in a state of suspended animation.

The main reason is that her soul was damaged while it was suppressed, and it was caused by the gap in strength between her and Xiao Qis souls!”

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “Can you help her”

Little Sky nodded her head lightly, “Let her rest here for now.

The violet energy and soul tree here will slowly repair her soul.

So, it shouldnt be a huge problem.

However, I keep having the feeling that something is off!”

Yang Ye asked, “What do you mean”

Little Sky shook her head slightly, and then she scanned Zier carefully once more, “I just have the feeling that something is off, but I havent noticed it.

Give me a little more time!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Alright!”

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and touched Ziers cheek.

He was about to speak when his expression suddenly changed, and he left the Primordial Pagoda.

In the world outside.

Yang Ye opened his eyes and turned around.

A powerful aura had locked onto him from behind, and its owner was rushing over rapidly.

An expert from the sky race!

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time, and then he placed his right hand against his forehead.

A sword slowly emerged from there.


Yang Ye stood in the clouds with judgment in his grasp, and he was looking ahead.

The space there trembled, and it didnt take long for a speck of light to appear in Yang Yes field of vision.

The speck of light grew larger and larger, and the speed it expanded at was increasing too!

Yang Ye slowly closed his eyes and opened his palm.

Judgment started spinning rapidly on his palm while rays of light flashed out incessantly from it.

A breath of time later!

Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes, and then Judgment instantly vanished.

A sword howl resounded.


An explosion resounded far away, and then the sword energy dispersed.

The speck of light in the distance had vanished too, and a middle aged man appeared before Yang Ye.

However, the middle aged mans right hand was gone, and blood was flowing from his shoulder!

The middle aged man glanced at his shoulder, and then looked up at Yang Ye.

He was about to speak when another sword started spinning at high speeds on Yang Yes palm.

The middle aged mans eyes narrowed at the sight of this, and extreme vigilance filled them.

Yang Ye looked the man in the eyes and said, “Go!”

As soon as he gave the command, his sword transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot.


Burial was much more fleshed out now, and it was much stronger too.

Coupled with the fact that he was using Judgment, it could be said that it was capable of posing a threat to Zen Realm experts! Especially because it was Judgment that was being used!

Judgment was a Sage Rank sword!

As soon as the ray of light vanished, the middle aged man took a step back, and then a huge blue shield of light appeared in front of him.

In the end, hed chosen to defend himself instead of counterattack.

If he chose to attack and use force to overcome Yang Yes attack, it would be very dangerous.

Because failure would be equivalent to losing his life.

So, for safetys sake, hed chosen to go on the defensive!

As soon as the shield of light appeared, a sword stabbed against it.


The powerful force of the attack cracked the shield, and the middle aged man was pushed over 300m back as well.

However, the attack had been stopped!

Suddenly, a sword howl resounded from afar.

The middle aged man was horrified.

He looked up and saw a golden sword had appeared on Yang Yes palm, and it was spinning rapidly.

The middle aged mans expression changed drastically at the sight of this, and he planned to retreat.

However, Yang Yes sword suddenly vanished.


A golden sword stabbed straight against the blue shield of light that was protecting the middle aged man!

Another sword!

There were two swords there now!

The shield instantly shattered, and both the swords shot forward and stabbed into the middle aged mans chest.

The battlefield fell silent.

Yang Ye appeared before the middle aged man and asked, “What The sky race refuses to let me go”

The middle aged man glanced at the swords in his chest, and then he looked up at Yang Ye, “I didnt expect you to be this strong.

Im afraid no one in my sky races younger generation is a match for you.”

Yang Ye didnt say anything in response.

He just waved his right hand, and both the swords transformed into rays of light that returned to him.

Yang Ye turned around with the intent to leave.

Now, he had to leave the Sky Dimension, and he didnt want to waste his time here.

Suddenly, the middle aged man asked, “Do you know what happened to Yu Jing”

Yang Ye stopped moving.

The middle aged man said, “The Yu Clan abandoned him and sent him to the Sovereign of Man.

Hes dead if you leave the Sky Dimension.”

Yang Ye turned to look at the middle aged man, “You really want me to stay, huh”

“Yes!” The middle aged man looked Yang Ye in the eyes, “To be honest, you arouse fear in me.

If youre allowed to leave now, youll definitely become a formidable enemy of my sky race in the future.

My sky race cant have an enemy with such potential!”

“An enemy” Yang Ye chuckled, and then he raised his right hand.

It only took a moment for an ethereal dragon claw to cover his hand.

Yang Ye asked, “Do you know what this is”

The middle aged man glanced at the dragon claw.

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something, and his eyes opened wide, “The Sky Dragon! Thats the divine protector of my sky race, the Sky Dragon! What… whats it doing in your possession You…”

The middle aged mans shock made it difficult for him to speak.

Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “An enemy of the sky race I didnt choose to become the sky races enemy, and its the sky race that wants to become enemies with me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

This time, he wasnt heading towards the exit, he was heading towards Sky City.

The middle aged man stared blankly ahead, “So hes the successor of my sky races guardian…”

As soon as he finished speaking, the color in his eyes gradually dispersed.

Yang Ye shot swiftly through the clouds.

He could leave the Sky Dimension.

His confidence came from the Divine Wings and Sword Domain he possessed.

It could be said that so long as he wanted to hide, it would be almost impossible for the experts of the sky race to find him.

Unless experts at the Sage Realm or above were mobilized.

However, he didnt think they would mobilize such experts to deal with him.

Yet now, hed decided against leaving.

Was staying dangerous Of course it was.

Because the sky race wouldnt give him another chance to escape.

However, he had to stay because he wouldnt be able to forgive himself if he just left.

Around two hours later, Yang Ye returned to Sky City.

Yang Ye stood outside the city and gazed at it for a long time before he smiled, “Im back.”

As soon as he finished speaking, ferocity covered his face, and then he stomped his right foot down.

In an instant, the ground quaked, and the entire city trembled.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye walked over to the city walls, “Sky race! Im back! How do you want to do this”

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