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Chapter 2015 – So Weak!

How do you want to do this!

His voice rumbled like a thunderclap through the city.

Countless people charged outside, and their faces instantly turned extremely unsightly when they saw him.

Yang Ye!

Yang Ye was back!

Someone spoke softly, “What does he mean by that Whats he doing back here”

“Who knows what he wants now.”

“He doesnt plan on challenging all the geniuses in our races younger generation again, right If he is, who will even fight him”

“How did the human race get such a monstrous genius”

Suddenly, a white robed old man appeared in front of Yang Ye.

It was Elder Zhu from before.

The old man stared at Yang Ye, “Wheres he”

Yang Ye replied, “I dont know what youre talking about!” He naturally knew what the old man was asking him about.

However, he absolutely couldnt admit it.

He couldnt give the sky race an excuse to use their senior experts against him!

The old man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he said, “Amazing!”

At this moment, hed guessed what had happened.

Since the expert the sky race sent to kill Yang Ye hadnt returned, but Yang Ye had, it was obvious that the expert of the sky race was dead.

The old man felt extremely shocked.

Because he hadnt expected this young man before him to actually be able to kill a Zen Realm expert.

If Yang Ye had really done so with his own strength, then it was a terrifying feat!

An absolutely terrifying feat!

Even he felt quite fearful at this moment!

Yang Ye glanced at the others in the surroundings and smiled, “What The sky race cant accept defeat”

Suddenly, someone asked, “What are you trying to say”

“What am I trying to say” Yang Ye chuckled, “I was leaving, but I didnt expect the sky race to capture a friend of mine and force me back here.” A ruthless expression flashed through his eyes, “Now, Im back.

Come at me if you want! Im standing right here!”

Everyone gazed at the white robed old man when they heard him.

The old man spoke in a low voice, “I dont know what youre talking about!”

“You dont” Yang Ye walked over to the old man, “Lets not play these games.

Just tell me what you want!”

The old mans gaze was murderous at this point.


The sky race had never been provoked like this.

Especially while countless people of the sky race were watching.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye added, “Didnt you want me to come back Im back now.

What Arent you going to say something”

He was being overbearing!

The old man said, “Are you trying to challenge the entire sky race”

“Challenge the entire sky race” Yang Ye chuckled, “I never had such a thought.

Look, Im all alone.

So how would I dare to challenge the entire sky race I just want to say that if youre unhappy about anything, just come at me.

It has nothing to do with my friends.

Moreover, I think the sky race can accept its defeat, right If the other races hear of this, Im sure itll be a huge blow to the noble sky races reputation, right”

The white robed old man was about to speak when a middle aged man in luxurious robes appeared by the old mans side.

Everyone was shocked when they saw the middle aged man, and they hurriedly said, “Sovereign of Sky!”

The Sovereign of Sky!

The middle aged man was the leader of the sky race, the Sovereign of Sky!

The white robed old man bowed slightly, and then he moved behind the Sovereign of Sky.

The Sovereign of Sky gazed at Yang Ye.

He sized up Yang Ye and said, “You really surprised me.

I didnt expect you to become so strong after making a trip to the Dead Dimension.”

Yang Ye didnt reveal any fear when facing the mysterious Sovereign of Sky, “Is that so Actually, Im quite surprised by the sky races actions as well.”

The Sovereign of Sky spoke indifferently, “I captured him because his clan broke my sky races rules, and it has nothing to do with you.

Of course, youre the reason he broke the rules.

So, youre mainly responsible for it!”

Yang Ye smiled, “Lets not talk about that nonsense.

Sovereign of Sky, Im here right now.

Feel free to do what you want.

If you plan to attack me yourself, you can do that too.

In any case, I cant resist you.

After all, this is the sky races territory!”

Suddenly, the Sovereign of Sky took a step forward, and then a wave of terrifying energy instantly pressed down upon Yang Ye, rendering Yang Ye immobile.

The Sovereign of Sky is attacking

Everyone here gazed at the Sovereign of Sky.

If the Sovereign of Sky killed Yang Ye, it would be quite an inadvisable course of action.

At the very least, it would seriously affect the sky races reputation.

Who was Yang Ye Who was the Sovereign of Sky If the Sovereign of Sky attacked Yang Ye, he would really be bullying the young, and it was beneath his status.

Moreover, even if the Sovereign of Sky killed Yang Ye, it would do nothing to restore the sky races reputation.

It was for this exact same reason that the Sovereign of Man hadnt acted against Yang Ye as well.

A person had to act according to their status.

Simply speaking, Yang Yes status wasnt sufficient to make them personally act against him!

Yet now, the Sovereign of Man was attacking himself.

Suddenly, the Sovereign of Sky started chuckling, “See If I wanted to kill you, its actually very easy.

I really dont want to interfere in these games youre playing, but youve gone too far.”

Yang Ye looked the Sovereign of Sky in the eyes, “So”

The Sovereign of Sky smiled, “I came here to give you a chance, a chance to save your friend.” He looked up towards the distance and continued, “A Sage Ruins appeared in the Devil Dimension, and that sage was once an expert of my sky race.

I dont know how he died in the Devil Dimension, but I hope you go there and find out the reason.

Of course, the most important thing is that I dont want his inheritance to fall into the hands of the devil race.”

Yang Ye asked, “What Does the sky race have no one capable”

The Sovereign of Sky replied, “What You dont want this opportunity”

Yang Ye looked the Sovereign of Sky in the eyes, “Let him go first!”

The Sovereign of Sky shook his head slightly, “I cant, but I will once youve brought the inheritance back.

Dont worry, I disdain to play tricks on you.”

Yang Ye fell silent.

He was being used! The Sovereign of Sky clearly wanted to use him!

However, he couldnt refuse because the Sovereign of Sky had Yu Jing.

Meanwhile, the Sovereign of Sky added, “Ill ask you one last time.

Will you go or not If you refuse, dont worry, I wont kill you.

If you want to continue your challenge, then go ahead.

My sky race is filled with geniuses.

Theyll fight you every day! Even doing that for 100 years wont be a problem!”

Yang Ye replied, “Of course Ill go.

Why wouldnt I”

The Sovereign of Sky gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, and then he flicked a ray of light into Yang Yes forehead, “Thats the location.

Ill be waiting for the good news.”

Yang Ye didnt say anything and just left.

The white robed old man spoke solemnly, “I suggest we annihilate him.

His talent is truly shocking, and his strength is terrifying.

Its so terrifying that even I cant kill him.”

The Sovereign of Sky said, “Its shocking indeed.

Its surprising that geniuses have been arising one after the other in the human race! Fortunately, there seems to be deep-rooted enmity between him and the Sovereign of Man.”

The white robed old man asked, “Is that why youre not killing him”

The Sovereign of Sky smiled, “Kill him Why should I The problems that come after his death will never end.

Moreover, we arent the only ones who want to kill him.

Since thats the case, why dont we let the others kill him If were able to make him and the Sovereign of Man fight and kill each other, then wouldnt it be even better”

The old man nodded slightly, “I understand!”

The Sovereign of Sky looked up into the distance.

It was in the direction Yang Ye had left towards.

He fell silent for a long time, and then his gaze gradually became icy cold, “Those little fellows in the Sky Guard should have understood what its like to always meet someone stronger in this world, right”

The old man laughed bitterly, “Those fellows are complaining because we didnt let them fight him.”

“Fight him” The Sovereign of Sky spoke coldly, “They would only be asking for insult.

Even ordinary Zen Realm experts cant do anything to him now!”

The old man nodded, “Hes a monstrous genius indeed!”

The Sovereign of Sky laughed coldly, “But its the Sovereign of Man whos going to have a headache.

Theyre sworn enemies now, and the Sword Supreme is in his hands.

So, its impossible for there to be any reconciliation between them, and the Sovereign of Man wont choose to try either.”

The old man said, “What about Yu Jing”

The Sovereign of Sky closed his eyes slowly, “Leave him alive for now!”

Because Yang Ye had left, Sky City returned to calm once more.

However, everyone remembered him.

Or it should be said that the entire sky race would remember the human who came to the Sky Dimension on his own and challenged the younger generation of the entire sky race!

Moreover, the sky race wasnt the only one.

All the other races remembered what Yang Ye had done, so Yang Yes name swept through the entire large universe.

There was another monstrous genius in the large universe, and his name was Yang Ye! Moreover, some even spread false and exaggerated rumors about Yang Yes deeds in the Sky Dimension and his strength, making him seem like the number one genius in the large universes younger generation.

Yang Ye shot through the sky on his sword.

The Devil Dimension!

He had to travel to the Devil Dimension for Yu Jings sake.

He openly left through the Sky Gate, and the guards there didnt stop him at all.

Obviously, they recognized Yang Ye.

One of the guards heaved a sigh of relief, “That fellow has finally left!”

The other guard glanced at the portrait in his grasp, “Luckily, the higher-ups told us not to stop him.

Otherwise, we really would have suffered.”

“Doing this work is really scary.

We always have to worry that well stop the wrong person and die in an instant!”

After he left the Sky Dimension, Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and intended to leave.

However, his expression suddenly changed, and then a sword pressed down against his forehead.

At the same time, a voice resounded, “The number one genius of the large universe The number one sword cultivator So youre that weak!”

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